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The Death of Mozgovoi & Battle at Mariinka

        The Assassination of Alexei Mozgovoi and the Battle of Mariinka

       Dedicated to my friend and comrade Luci Frank aka @Falluja05 on twitter

   In my last article I lamented having to go on break as I was certain events would accelerate as summer approached both in the War in Ukraine and Globally.  Unfortunately I was proven tragically correct as within days the terrible news arrived that Alexei Mozgovoi had been assassinated. Terrible but not unexpected news. Often when watching his statements which denounced not merely Fascist Kiev Junta, but also the appeasement of the phony Minsk  ceasefires, and even the corruption within Novorossia itself I worried he would be killed. Speaking the truth is a dangerous business after all. His loss was a terrible tragedy not just for supporters  of Novorossia but for all who dare to dream of a better world. It is our duty to keep his memory alive as an inspiration to continue the battle against Fascism, Imperialism and Capitalism. They can kill a man but never the revolutionary ideas which inspired him. Since his death the war in Ukraine has continued to escalate. The Kiev Junta has been mercilessly shelling the people of Novorossia after brazenly breaking the Minsk 2.0 agreements by moving their heavy weaponry back up to the front lines. At Mariinka the NAF (Novorossiyan Armed Forces) managed to inflict heavy losses when they launched a Counter attack on the UAF (Ukrainian Armed Forces) attempting to capture the town.

   First I'll discuss the sad details surrounding the murder of Alexei Mozgovoi simply to inscribe them in the pages of history since they are doubtless known to most of my readers already. Returning from a meeting with the LPR (Lugansk People's Republic) government a mine exploded in front of his SUV and then multiple gunmen sprayed the car with bullets. Mozgovoi was not the only victim also killed were his Press Secretary Aseeva  Samelyuk "Anna", His Bodyguards Alaexei Kalascin, and Anrdej Rjajskih, as well as his driver Alexander Yuriev nicknamed "Song" The assassins also killed two innocent civilians who just happened to be in the car behind them a pregnant woman and her husband. The circumstances of his death were eerily similar to the previous attempts to kill him which both occurred when he was returning from meeting with the LPR government along the same stretch of road. In the Second attempt only  months earlier ( See my March 2015 Article Venezuela and Novorossia defying the Empire where I discussed this attempt) the mine had exploded too soon injuring but not killing him. This time unfortunately no one escaped alive.

   We may never know who was really behind this terrible crime. The previous 2 attempts were widely believed to be have been ordered by someone with connections to the LPR. This attack thus could have emanated from some corrupt and reactionary element within the LPR. After all things are known to be rather chaotic there for example the notorious battle waged between cossacks and the government over the black market coal business which resulted in actual fighting. There was also the Murder of Commander Bedonov aka Batman earlier this year widely suspected to have been ordered by the head of the LPR Plotnitsky. However it is also possible that he was killed as part of of a Psy-op by Ukraine and it's CIA masters. This would take advantage of the previous two attempts because many would assume LPR was responsible thus sowing dissension in the ranks of Novorossia and demoralizing their supporters worldwide. This is the official story and even Mozgovoi's successors at the ghost brigade have endorsed it. For those interested in learning more about both possibilities Colonel Cassad english translated two extremely in depth articles on the topic. After reading the first article I was certain the LPR was responsible after reading the second I was not so sure anymore. I'll post the link in the sources section below if your interested. Unfortunately we'll probably never know the real truth.

    More important then the question of who Killed Mozgovoi is remembering what he lived for and what he was quite clearly ready to die for. He was a larger then life figure there was something Iconic about him. You only had to look at his face to see the toughness there he had that infamous 1000 yard stare of people who have been through the hell of war and survived. Yet there was also a warmth, a gentleness about him. I'll never forget the thank you he received when delivering food to an elderly woman in a newly liberated area somewhere near Debaltsevo she showered him with hugs and kisses thank you's while he humored her smiling although he doubtless was eager to make his next delivery. Mozgovoi decided to film the Ghost brigade food deliveries not merely for good P.R. but he also wanted people to know that their donations really were going to help people. It was meant as a rebuke to some who used their positions to steal humanitarian aid and sell it for profit. He challenged everyone involved in distributing aid to film their activities. It was this defiant attitude attitude that was his essence. Not only did he work to fight corruption in the distribution of aid He also came up with other innovative ideas to help feed the people. For example he set up social Canteens where his men and women would eat together with the local civilian population so that as long as the ghost brigade had food so too  would the people they were defending. He also set up farms to help grow food so that the locals would not have to rely on outside aid. This is actually a strategy that people outside of Novorossia should be emulating. People should be starting farms whose sole purpose is to feed the hungry. That was also part of Mozgovoi's philosophy when he saw a need for something he would just go out and build it whether it was a school a farm or a playground.

   Mozgovoi's Ghost Brigade got it's name because it was reported destroyed so many times by the pathological liars in the Ukrainian media. However they would always re-emerge earning them them the nickname of the Ghost Brigade. Like so many famous commanders he fought at Slavyansk where a small force managed to hold off the much larger UAF besieging the town earning the city it's title of the Heroic City. The Ghost Brigade Motto was "Don't fear for your hide, care for your honor" Mozgovoi certainly managed to live up to this. He played a major role in the victory at Debaltsevo. But he was equally courageous off the battlefield always willing to voice the harsh truth and willing to make powerful enemies in his defense of the people's interests. It is the death of Mozgovoi the revolutionary that is the greatest loss. Novorossia has many brave fighters and commanders. What made Mozgovoi special was the power of his speeches on behalf of a better world. His demand that society must provide free Helathcare, and Education and make sure that no one starves or goes homeless. He demanded an end to Oligarchs those billionaires whose fortunes constantly grow in direct proportion to the growing  misery of everyone around them. It was this that made him beloved around the world. Revolutionaries around the world were inspired by his example and within the Ghost brigade there was a special battalion composed of internationalist communist fighters who traveled from around the world to join the fight against fascism. Thus while Mozgovoi may have died the Ghost Brigade will live on and will carry on fighting inspired by his revolutionary example.
   The war in Ukraine continues. The Kiev Junta has increased it's shelling of civilians. They favor using ammunition that sprays shrapnel everywhere when it explodes ammunition meant to kill and wound as many people as possible. In just one recent memorable example they killed a woman's husband and daughter and also managed to blow her arm off. In another they killed a small girl. These are the results whenever Kiev decides to send a message to Novorossia by terrorizing the civilian population.

   Unfortunately the War looks like it will be a long one. Last year the war moved quickly with  decisive battles every couple of months. However after their humiliating defeats last year the kiev regime has learned a little more caution in launching huge offensives. In addition Ukrainian forces are tougher and more battle hardened after a year of war. The NAF was able to inflict a major defeat on the UAF at Debaltsevo but it was at the cost of many lives. Russia seems intent on freezing the lines of conflict and the NAF have been restrained from retaliating. Thus currently the war is taking the form of a probing for weak spots. Ukraine is trying to find a weak spot in the Novorossian position to aim their next big offensive.

   Mariinka was the site of the biggest battle since Debaltsevo when the UAF attempted to capture it on the night of June 2-3. recently translated Col. Cassad's analysis of the battle on which I will base this simplified version of events. (See Sources Below) The battle began with intense Shelling of the town by the UAF followed by an attack made up of elements the 28th brigade, territorial battalions and reserve units. The NAF were having difficulty repulsing the attack and so 1,500 NAF reinforcements and 40 armored vehicles were sent to counter attack the town. They shelled the UAF then sent in their infantry. The UAF were caught by surprise, sustained heavy casualties and were forced to retreat leading to overoptimistic reports of the capture of the town by the NAF. However the NAF counter-offensive later met fierce resistance and stalled. The UAF shelled the NAF in their newly captured positions and the NAF decided to withdraw. Both Sides suffered heavy casualties one DPR special forces Unit Cassad spoke to lost 25 people. In the end the battle was indecisive both the UAF offensive and the NAF counter-offensive failed to gain control of the town although the in the end the NAF had made a small but costly advance.

   The war continues. The Ukrainian Rada recently voted to allow foreign troops to be permanently stationed in the country. They also hope to station Nuclear weapons there. Let's hope not even the empire of chaos (Aka America and it's allies) are crazy enough to give nuclear weapons to the delusional fascists who reign in Kiev. The Empire of Chaos is however planning to station nuclear weapons in other countries on Russia's borders. Apparently the US puppets there have forgotten what everyone used to know stationing Nuclear weapons in your country doesn't make you safer instead it means that those sites are sure to be targeted for attack by nuclear missiles in the event of war.

   However in the midst of these revived cold war games our thoughts are with the civilians of Novorossia trapped in this frozen conflict facing danger every day merely trying carry on with their lives. When will some new Mozgovoi arise to speak on their behalf?


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  1. The death of such a great person as Mozgovoi is an injurious loss.Yet unknown are the heroes of the future,inspired by his example.I am certain there will be more than a few.Viva Novorossiya!