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Long Live Syria !

        Long Live Syria the Center of Resistance to Imperialism

   Syria continues to survive against the odds. In the year 2015 there is no more heroic people on the planet. Since 2011 they have fought to defend their country against a seemingly endless stream of foreign terrorists financed by the old imperial powers like France and the UK who arrogantly redrew the map of the middle east 100 years ago robbing Syria of much of it's territory to suit their own convenience. The war is financed and lead by the backwards GCC monarchies like Qatar and Saudi Arabia. They founded schools across the planet bringing their own various insane brands of islam useful for inspiring terror and genocide across the planet. All done to further the interests of the CIA and of infamous schemers for global domination from  "realists" like Zbigniew Brzezinski to crazed neo-conservatives like Richard Perle. Thus the US and Israel are both major funders of the terror groups waging war on Syria. Both suffered embarrassing recent disclosures about this to the delight of the alt media. Syria has been targeted by the corporate media and the chorus of phony "humanitarians" like Human Rights Watch which are waging a propaganda campaign against Syria. They have exposed their complete moral bankruptcy by covering up the endless crimes of Al Nusra, the Free Syrian Army, and ISIS. Of course Human Rights Watch is no stranger to turning truth on it's head to name only one example they provided cover for Paul Kagame's genocidal rise to power when with US backing he invaded Rwanda, assassinated the president, seized power and then invaded the DRCongo killing 10 million people. Yugoslavia and Libya are other examples of their propaganda handiwork. Thankfully in the internet age such propaganda masterpieces are no longer so easy and the truth about the war in Syria is well known to at least the people who are paying attention and know where to look for information. On that note I can't resist mentioning Alexandra Valiente's great site on Syria: Syria 360

It's Definitely required reading for anyone following the war in Syria.

To sum up my introduction almost the whole world has targeted Syria for destruction. Thankfully it has allies like Russia and China who have blocked attempts to expand the war through their seats on the UN Security Council. Thankfully it also has allies like Iran and Hezbollah who are fighting side by side with the Syrian people in defense of civilization. It also has friends like Venezuela which provided crucial humanitarian aid, fuel and even provided an oil refinery I discovered recently. However other then these allies the entire world seems bent on destroying Syria turning it into a failed state ruled by death squads. This was the tragic fate of Libya where the horrors seem never ending torture, murder, and rape occur daily with no consequence and almost no outcry. A land of endless war and injustice. For the US, NATO, the GCC monarchs, and Israel Libya is the ultimate success story a blueprint for the whole future of the middle east. It is only the brave resistance of the Syrian people that prevents Libya from becoming the blue-print for the entire middle east and central Asia. Only their unity and solidarity in the face of the attempt to balkanize the country along ethnic and sectarian lines have prevented the country from becoming another Iraq. It is this unity which should be an example to the middle east and indeed the rest of the world. Sunni, Shiite, Druze, Christians, Kurds, Alawites, and Yezidis are fighting side by side to save Syria. We the people of the world must also unite in Syria's defense.

    I'd like to return briefly to the topic of funding the terrorists although I'm sure most of you already know all about it merely to record two embarrassing incidents that happened recently. Well actually there were 3 with the mainstream media reporting on the Saudi role in funding terror but of course that's news to no one. It's all related to the shifting alliances in the middle east, the Iran deal, the war on Yemen, the oil war on Russia etc. In the world of geo-politics everything is connected, and things are not always as they seem. Actually the US has long considered dumping it's embarrassing and backwards allies the Saudi Royal family. In fact Kissinger even drew up plans to invade and occupy the country as a contingency plan in response to the 70's oil price crisis. Ironically he had himself intentionally engineered the crisis with Saudi cooperation for the benefit of wall street and the petrodollar. The point is there is no telling when America might decide to betray Saudi Arabia so occasionally the Media remind everyone that Saudi Arabia is funding Al Qaeda just in case at some future date they decide to declare war on Saudi Arabia. It could mean the end of the war on terror but most likely Qatar, and the UAE, Turkey and Libya would merely expand their role to compensate. The war on terror is too valuable to end that is the whole point, a war that can never be won allowing the military industrial complex to get rich off the tax revenues of not just America but all it's allies as well. The only problem is that it requires willful ignorance after the war in Libya and now in Syria to believe in this nonsense. Yet they still try to foist this absurdity on people and in the insane narrative of the American Media the US is allied with Saudi Arabia, the UAE, and Qatar in a fight on ISIS despite the fact that they also admit these countries train and fund ISIS. In fact Obama even announced that he planned to fight terror by funding terrorists. (See my September 2014 article "War on Syria and Iraq "Peace in Ukraine" )  American Journalists are paid a fortune not to laugh out loud at such absurdities but instead to report them with a straight face and hope no one is paying attention. I'll mention in passing the recent Saudi publicity campaign to announce their desire for nuclear weapons. In fact they may already have bought nuclear weapons on the black market. I hope I don't need to explain why this is a very bad idea.

    Of course the US role in funding, training, and founding such groups should also be well known by now. After all the largest CIA covert operation in history was the funding of terror groups to destabilize first Afghanistan, then the USSR itself and none other then Zbigniew Brzezinki openly bragged back in 1999 that contrary to popular myth the US began funding terrorist groups to provoke the intervention of the USSR, not in response as the Media generally still pretends. They are experts at ignoring with practiced ease the actual facts. This began the rise of the Mujadeen, Al Qaeda, Al Nusra, and the many groups spread across the whole arc of crisis part of NATO's secret war on Russia and China for control of central Asia. Actually it's worse then that since this covert CIA war also greatly expanded in Africa helped along by the destruction of Libya this synthetic terror network is now spreading throughout Africa. Even in Europe this network of terrorists has worked on behalf of the CIA. Inthe War on Yugolsavia Al Qaeda was allied to both the Bosnian Muslims, and later the Albanian KLA terrorist gangsters. They also operate with increasing visibility in Ukraine. They even hoped to start a branch in Venezuela to terrorize that people already under siege from Colombian death squads CIA assassination, economic warfare and endless failed coup attempts. These groups are thus part of a plan to literally destabilize the entire planet spreading chaos and destruction in nation after nation. This is why Pepe Escobar invented the term the Empire of Chaos. Only through the heroic resistance of the Syrian people has the chaos been held at bay there. Talk about david vs goliath where ever the empire spreads it's tentacles from Chechnya to Afghanistan wherever it sows poverty ignorance and chaos it has a hotbed of terrorists to funnel into it's war against Syria. No doubt some fourth generation warfare theorist in the pentagon is gloating about the sheer genius of it all. Everywhere on the planet the US spreads poverty and war. Now it can turn the wreckage it creates into a valuable military resource the more chaos and poverty is spread the more potential recruits it can turn on it's enemies. All the is required whether in Ukraine, Iraq, or America itself is an ignorant and indoctrinated public. Ironically even in America itself it's the chief victims of unrestrained america style capitalism who provide the chief pool of recruits to join the military and go off and destroy other countries in the name of "freedom" and "democracy." All the same who can forget when America was on the verge of attacking Syria blaming Assad for actions carried out by US supported terrorists members of the American military protested by taking photos of themselves in uniform holding signs concealing their faces that read "I won't serve as Al Qaeda's airforce" thus however slowly people are definitely figuring out what is actually going on. Still it is a slow process which is why it was great to see the leaked document from the DIA that predicted the rise of islamic state and admitted our allies were working towards that goal while failing to mention of course their own role in the rise of the islamic state. Rumor has it that the DIA has been involved in even more evil covert ops then the CIA running secret special forces dirty wars across the planet under CIA guidance.

   The Israeli role in supporting these groups has also been further revealed thanks to the brave resistance of the Druze community in the town of Hadar in the Israeli occupied part of Syria in the Golan heights. Israeli media (Channel 10) admitted Israel is coordinating attacks with Al Nusra on the village because of it's support for Assad and it's support for resistance against the occupation. Then the role was further exposed when villagers mobbed an Israeli ambulance carrying a wounded Al Nusra member pulled him out and killed him. Israel promised harsh punishment but they had been caught yet again providing medical treatment to anti-Syrian terrorists. Of course Israel has also made it's support obvious by acting as an air force for the terrorists launching unprovoked bombing raids against Syria in aid of the terrorists. In the latest incident they killed a senior Hezbollah commander because he was too effective in battling the terrorists. Just the latest illegal act of war from the Israeli rogue state. Not so surprising when you consider how many Israeli leaders have been admitted terrorists (Begin) or war criminals (Sharon).

Of course America's NATO allies are also involved in funding these groups as well as the so called five eyes countries like Canada and Australia. The most interesting and infamous european source is Georgia which funnels Chechen terrorists from the pankisi gorge to Chechnya, Syria and Ukraine. But I don’t want to risk a long tangent on Saakishvili attempting to instigate a major war with Russia over Transnistria from his new post in Odessa Ukraine just like he did over South Ossetia when he was in charge back in Georgia. Instead lets move from the funders of the war on the Syrian people to the war itself.

The war in Syria is complex taking place on multiple fronts. Seemingly however many terrorists the Syrian Arab Army, the National defense militias, Hezbollah and the Semi autonomous kurdish region kill there are always more for reasons that should be clear. The Saudis have had decades to set up their schools teaching wahabi madness while the US has made the ground fertile by spreading poverty, ignorance, and war. Thus from all over the world they come to wage war on Syria some are no doubt naive fools in the beginning others are cynical mercenaries who are already veterans of a number of these dirty terror wars. In an added bonus for the empire of chaos once recruits gain experience fighting in Syria they can then be sent home to destabilize their own countries.

Currently the Syrian Arab Army and it's allies are trying to cut off the terrorists supply lines at the border regions. At the farms of Qalamoun and Arsal near the Syrian-Lebanon border the SAA and Hezbollah  have been battling for weeks to destroy terrorist hotbed there and to secure the border. In the north near the Syrian Turkish border the kurdish YPG fighters have been trying to push ISIS back but after capturing their strong hold at tel abayd they angered Erdogan the turkish leader and ISIS loosed a massive counter attack on the city of Kobane made famous last year for it's resistance to a months long ISIS siege from which it emerged victorious (See my October 2014 article "ISIS in Retreat, Fascism on the March") Now in revenge for the fall of Tel Abayd ISIS launched a major revenge attack first it detonated massive truck bombs then in the confusion that followed carried out a brutal massacre. 120 people were killed just another day of horror in the endless series of crimes that make up the war on Syria. Actually the easiest way to do the conflict justice is to take a look at a single day in the war on Syria so I'll merely reproduce here a part of a todays daily report courtesy of the excellent Syria 360 website originally released by Syria's state news agency SANA

Provinces, SANA- Units of the army and armed forces carried out Saturday special operations against terrorist organizations’ positions and dens in many areas across the country, inflicting heavy losses upon them in personnel and equipment.
The army destroyed an armored vehicle and a rocket launching-pad for Takfiri terrorist organizations in al-Naema in Daraa countryside, a military source told SANA.
The source added that an army unit also destroyed a vehicle, leaving all the terrorists inside dead while targeting a hideout in the western side of al-Bajabja neighborhood in Daraa al-Balad.
The army also destroyed dens for Jabhat al-Nusra terrorists and killed large numbers of them, among them leaders, in Naseeb in Daraa countryside.
It killed 7 terrorists from Jabhat al-Nusra and destroyed 3 vehicles equipped with machine guns in al-Yadouda town in Daraa countryside.
Meanwhile, units of the army foiled attempts by terrorists to attack many military posts in Daraa and its countryside, killing large numbers of them and destroying their weapons.
Army units also destroyed a vehicle, leaving all the terrorists onboard dead on Alma road and inflict heavy losses upon them in al-Neima town, al-Naziheen Camp and Sawame’ al-Hoboub in the countryside of Daraa.
Damascus countryside
Meanwhile, army units destroyed dens of Jabhat al-Nusra terrorists in Damascus southwestern Countryside.
The army unit carried out concentrated operations against dens of Jabhat al-Nusra terrorists in Khan al-Sheih farms, adding that many terrorists were killed and others injured during the operations.
Meanwhile, an army unit killed ISIS terrorists in Jarm al-Dawla village in Southeastern countryside of Sweida province.
In central Syria, the army air force destroyed several terrorists’ hideouts, killing and injuring large numbers of them and destroying a number of their vehicles, in al-Qastal, Hammadi Omar, al-Hadaj, Um Edoul and Eidoun in the countryside of Hama province.
The army foiled an attempt by terrorists to infiltrate from Wadi al-Ameriya into Homs-Salamiya highway in Homs countryside, killing a number of terrorists.
Meanwhile, army units killed and injured members of an armed terrorist group and destroyed their weapons in Sariko street in al-Rastan city to the north of Homs city.
The army destroyed dens and vehicles for terrorists in Dir Hafer, Banan al-Hiss, Khan Touman and killed terrorists from the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria (ISIS) in the surrounding of the air force academy in Aleppo countryside.
Meanwhile, army units confronted Jabhat al-Nusra terrorists in al-Lairamoun, al-Ansari and Jub al- Qebba neighborhoods in Aleppo , where many terrorists were killed, others were injured and their vehicles were destroyed.
The army air force killed a number of terrorists in blows carried out against their hideouts in Izaz and Fafin in the countryside of Aleppo province.
Army units also targeted terrorists’ hideouts and concentrations in Binan al-Huss, Maghirat al-Shibli and Khan Touman, killing and injuring a number of terrorists and destroying their weaponry and vehicles.
An army unit targeted and destroyed terrorists’ hideouts and vehicles in the areas of Deir hafer, Tallat al-Sanobar and Kherbat al-Maasir in Aleppo countryside.
In the northern Idleb province, the army air force killed large numbers of terrorists and destroys their vehicles in Abu al-Dohour, al-Majas, Tal Salmo and al-Rueifiyeh in the countryside.
The army air force destroyed hideouts for terrorists and killed a number of them in al-Saraya, al-Houlwa, Beit Ablaq and al-Rawda in the countryside of Lattakia coastal province.

As you can see the Syrian Arab army is involved in a tireless effort both to defend areas under their control from terrorist attacks and also battling to liberate those areas still under the control of ISIS, Al Nusra, and the FSA. Every day the war goes on like this and they have been fighting it for 4 years. This is why I have written this article to celebrate the courage of the Syrian People. No one thought Syria would last this long. After witnessing the complete destruction of Libya even I never expected Syria to hold out so long. Nor did the imperial leaders they thought Syria was on the verge of collapse years ago and foolishly announced that Assad would fall any day. However Assad did not fall because the Syrian people united behind their government. Who could have expected Bashar al-Assad a mild mannered doctor to earn himself the title of the lion with his firm defense of Syria. Yet against all the odds Syria survives Syria fights on.

    A month ago things looked grim for Syria with ISIS making a number of advances. Thankfully according to Eric Draitser of Iran came to the aid of Syria thus turning the Tide and now Syria is once again on the advance. Iran a prime example of America's arrogant and delusional foreign policy. The US is pursuing a peace deal with Iran while simultaneously waging war on Iran's allies in Yemen, Iraq, Lebanon and Syria nor are the Iranians fooled for one moment by the US claim to desire the end of ISIS Iran's leaders have publicly announced that the US is among ISIS's chief sponsors. Thus this peace deal is pointless if the US actually expects Iran to become it's ally. There is no way Iran will ever be foolish enough to trust a country allied with the lunatics in Tel Aviv and Riyadh that is waging war on them on every front imaginable. Now Iran has proved once again that it will not sell out it's friends in exchange for a peace deal and apparently both sides are so eager to sign it anyway that just as Iran hasn't pulled out over Yemen the US probably won't pull out over Iran's increased assistance to Syria. Of course I could be wrong and the US may find some way to sabotage itself, or some new outrage to inflict on Iran. The whole thing is a sham after all as informed observers know Iran was never pursuing a nuclear weapon they merely demanded their right to a peaceful nuclear program which as signatories to the NPT treaty they were entitled to. Yet thanks to the war mongering media, the baseless accusations of Israeli and American politicians are treated as reality not fantasy. Despite the fact even their own intelligence agencies publicly contradict them. Meanwhile US lapdog Saudi Arabia may already have nuclear weapons. And Israel already has hundreds (plus in the fascist political climate there Israeli politicians have been known to joke about nuking western Europe) but the world continues to obsess over the nonexistent Iranian nuclear weapons program.

    In Syria the war will go on. Syria's enemies will continue to flood the nation with terrorists set loose to bomb everything of value from food stores to power plants, destroying hospitals and schools, blowing up cultural landmarks. They will continue to chop off heads, torture people, rape, murder and they have even revived slavery. America and it's allies have unleashed all the evils of the world on Syria.More then  A quarter million people have been killed, and more then a million  refugees have been forced to flee. Yet despite all the horror and tragedy Syria will fight on. Despite all the forces arrayed against them they will fight to the end. This is why Syria is today the most heroic nation in the world. The people of the world must support their struggle. It is an outrage that the west still dares to openly fund terrorists groups whose crimes by now are  infamous around the world. We must never cease to expose the criminal nature of the war on Syria. However Syria's fate is in the hands of it's people whether fighting on the battlefield or braving the horrors of war to keep society running. Their bravery their unity should become an inspiration to the whole world. United and brave we can accomplish the impossible. Long Live Syria!



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And a special thank you to Luci Frank currently in twitter exile as @justfightX

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