Saturday, April 6, 2019

Venezuela Under Siege

        Venezuela under Siege

    America’s war on the world continues to escalate. The arrogance of mad emperor Trump and his minions seemingly knows no bounds. The cowardice and insanity of the “resistance” is revealed yet again in their support for Trumps plot to destroy Venezuela. Fake socialists like Alexandria Occasio-Cortez made laughingstocks of themselves by supporting the coup in words  that made clear they were either shameless liars or completely ignorant of the history of America’s centuries long war on Latin America. This history extends from the time of the Monroe Doctrine, through the endless invasions and coups of the 19th and early 20th century. To the more recent history of coups followed by bloodbaths as in Guatemala, Chile, and many more countries culminating in Operation Condor and related schemes to rule all of Latin America through torture terror and assassination. The United States has brought untold misery and horror to it’s neighbors. But even in those dark times when hundreds of thousands were murdered, raped, tortured and the vast majority of hundreds of millions more were kept in crushing poverty and misery America did not claim the right to appoint the presidents of the nations in it’s “backyard”. Instead it overthrew them in secret. It is even more alarming since for 70 years nearly the entire world has been absorbed by the American empire the whole world is now “America’s Backyard” as they mockingly refer to Latin America how many more countries will have fake governments appointed for them as an excuse for America to seize their assets? The people of Venezuela are no longer fighting just for the future of socialism in their country. They are not only fighting for the liberation of Latin America from the tyranny of the American Empire. They are now battling for the freedom of the entire world. Mad Emperor Trump has already extended the principle by giving Syria’s Golan Heights to Israel which has been illegally occupied by Israel since 1967. In addition to torturing and imprisoning the local population Israel used the Golan Heights to funnel terrorists into Syria. America like Israel is a rogue state in violation of international law and acting in defiance of the whole world and even of it’s own agreements.

    Venezuela has faced a seemingly endless series of coup plots since Hugo Chavez came to power 20 years ago. Nothing so enrages the empire as the attempt to improve the lives of ones’ people.  The Bolivarian revolution provided the people of Venezuela with housing, healthcare, subsidized food, cheap fuel and perhaps most importantly a chance to shape their own destinies. For the first time Venezuela’s poor were free to hold their heads up with pride, they were mobilized to demand a better future and were empowered by Venezuela’s brand of direct democracy. It was the people of Venezuela not a bunch of slave owning imperialists who wrote their new constitution. In response to US attempts to launch a coup or plunge the nation into a CIA backed civil war President Nicolas Maduro called on the people of Venezuela to once more rewrite their constitution to enable them to meet these new threats. Venezuela began to recover to  the horror of the empire and last year Nicolas Maduro won the Presidential election yet again. The opposition had so thoroughly discredited itself that America ordered it’s pawns to boycott the elections since they stood no chance. The empire has responded to this turn of events by redoubling it’s efforts. Last fall it attempted to assassinate President Maduro with a drone bomb utilizing it’s Colombian and Venezuelan proxies. It was yet another insane precedent as if it’s criminal global torture and assassination program was not bad enough (90% of it’s victims being innocent civilians)  now the US claims the right to openly assassinate any head of state that does not bow to it’s will. 

When that didn’t work convicted criminal Elliot Abrams was brought in to design a full on covert war against Venezuela. Abrams became infamous in the 1980’s for his attempt to cover up the brutal dirty wars the US was fighting in El Salvador and Guatemala in defense of fascist regimes that murdered, raped and tortured their people. All so that american corporations would have cheap labor and access to the regions rich natural resources. 70-80,000 were killed in El Salvador 100,000 people were killed in Guatemala during the Reagan era. Elliot Abrams job was to turn truth on it’s head claiming that the human rights situation was gradually improving while it was actually growing steadily worse. When anyone in the press dared to expose the slaughter Elliot Abrams would try to get them fired or would try to discredit them with blatant lies. Abrams work in the 1980’s played no small part in forever destroying mainstream investigative journalism ruining the careers of Raymond Bonner who exposed the El Mozote massacre.  El Mozote where El Salvadoran troops trained by the US killed 1,200 people on orders “to kill anything that moves.” The same strategy the US had used in Vietnam, Korea, Greece and other countries. He was also involved with smuggling weapons in to the Contras and drugs out with his good friend Oliver North. Convicted of lying to Congress during the Iran/Contra affair when he denied soliciting funds for the contras but was revealed to have personally asked the Sultan of Brunei  for 10 million dollars which mysteriously disappeared. He was pardoned by Iran/Contra mastermind then President George H.W Bush. He floated around Academia and think tank land working for the CFR and PNAC where he lobbied for the Iraq war during the 90’s. After George W. Bush stole the 2000 elections Elliot Abrams was once again back in government. In the brutal Iraq war the “El Salvador option” was employed brutal death squads were trained by Abrams colleagues from Central America in the 1980’s and Iraqis faced a campaign of torture and assassination. Abrams launched coups in Venezuela and Haiti. In Venezuela however the people rose up flooding the streets demanding the return of Hugo Chavez. Haiti was not so lucky in 2004 President Jean Bertrand Aristide was kidnapped by the US military and since then Haiti has been ruled by a succession of corrupt puppets.

     Haiti and Venezuela are far more interconnected then most people realize. It was Haiti which was the site of the first anti-imperialist revolution and had defeated the French, British, and Spanish empires after Haiti’s  slaves rose up and liberated their country. Haiti supplied weapons, ships, troops and advisers to Simon Bolivar “the Liberator” who sought to liberate and unite Latin America. In exchange for this invaluable assistance Bolivar promised to abolish slavery. Simon Bolivar would be the inspiration for Hugo Chavez’s Bolivarian revolution who for a time came close to realizing Bolivar’s dream of a united and liberated Latin America. Chavez’s vision embraced not just Latin America but the islands of the Caribbean like Cuba and Haiti which Venezuela hoped to help unite and develop. In truth Chavez’s vision embraced the whole world and one could write a whole book on his work to support Iraq, Libya, Palestine, and Syria. However returning to Haiti America had invaded and occupied the island shortly before WW1 and later installed brutal father and son military dictators Francois “Papa Doc”  Duvalier and Jean Claude “Baby Doc” Duvalier who ruled through torture assassination and death squads a familiar pattern. Incidentally at the same time America invaded Nicaragua in an attempt to capture the revolutionary General August Sandino who would later inspire the Sandinistas to overthrow Nicaragua’s version of the Duvalier family the Somozas. The same Sandinistas Elliot Abrams was waging covert war on in the 1980’s and which america targeted with a failed coup attempt last year. Aristide in Haiti would come to power through elections not a revolution but America would still target him with two coups and unleash death squads to massacre his supporters. The latest episode occurred last October through November 2018 in the Lasalin neighborhood 231 people were killed over a month long period with most killed on November 13 2018. Lasalin which has been targeted with a half a dozen of these massacres since the 1950’s the last following the 2004 coup against Aristide masterminded by Elliot Abrams. The massacre was in revenge for the massive uprising against President Juvenal Moise who the US helped steal the 2017 election through massive fraud and vote suppression causing people to rise up in 2017 as well. On July 6 2018 the people rose up again to protest fuel price hikes and demand Moise’s resignation. In revenge the people of Lasalin were massacred. The US and UN  are  waging a brutal dirty war on Haiti training police to torture and murder and bringing in shadowy mercenaries to help their Haitian death squads suppress a revolution. Now the people of Haiti are rising up again in response to the theft of 3.8 billion in petrocaribe funds that Venezuela had given to their impoverished country. In response the US has been ordering it’s haitian proxies to wage a terror campaign on the people of Haiti. The world must demand an end to the UN occupation of Haiti and the looting of the country by American and Canadian businessmen. 

   Returning to Venezuela with the failure to Assassinate Maduro and the installation of infamous war criminal Elliot Abrams a plan was hatched to wage everything short of full scale war on Venezuela. A media war, an economic war and an escalation of the covert war using Colombian death squads and Venezuelan fascists to murder loyal Venezuelans. A war of sanctions that seek to strangle the country and prevent it from selling it’s oil. On January 23 the US declared a parliament member who had not even run in the election Juan Guaido as the President of Venezuela convincing a dozen countries to go along with the farce and ignoring the rest of the world who refused to support this latest outrage. They had been grooming Guaido for years through various CIA/NED funded NGO’s. The vast majority of Venezuelans completely rejected this american appointed puppet nor did the military commit treason by backing Guaido. However by pretending Guaido was president the US now had an excuse to seize CITGO the Venezuelan state owned oil company in the US with assets  worth 30 billion. After robbing the people of Venezuela the US now offered them charity in the form of “humanitarian aid” which included equipment the opposition has used to murder their fellow Venezuelans. The US demanded Venezuela let the “AID” in threatening war otherwise. The opposition then burned their own AID trucks in a failed attempt to justify a war. USAID has long been used as a CIA front used as a cover for both the Phoenix program in Vietnam and Operation Condor in Latin America and is  thus implicated in the torture and murder of hundreds of thousands if not millions of people a fact that should always be remembered whenever the topic of American “Humanitarian Aid” is brought up.

    However thanks to the bravery of the Iraqi resistance which inflicted a humiliating defeat on the US military 2003-2011 it is unlikely the US will actually invade Venezuela which is roughly the same size as Iraq with a huge city Caracas full of armed Chavistas who could be counted on to resist any occupation for years. Worse for the empire Chavez the internationalist long ago forged friendly military ties with Russia who have provided S300 air defenses, Russian fighter jets, trainers, and advisers. America’s fascist puppets Colombia and Brazil would prefer to use their militaries to murder defenseless peasants and labor leaders not risk a military disaster by invading Venezuela at least for now. Thus Mad Emperor Trumps hopes for a full scale war on Venezuela have been rejected by his own military. However they will continue to wage a covert war on Venezuela involving sabotage assassination and terror.

     As a punishment for the Venezuelan people for failing to rise up and overthrow their own government and install an American puppet the US launched a much more ruthless strategy. The whole country is being put under siege as the electric grid is being sabotaged through cyberwarfare, electromagnetic warfare, bombings, and sabotage. Like the people of Gaza or of Iraq the entire country has lost power with the first attack occurring on March 7. The empire hoped the country would be plunged into chaos but instead the people of Venezuela have largely united to meet this new challenge. This attack on Venezuela’s electricity is utterly criminal and has deprived many Venezuelans not just of power but of water, money, transportation, and food. Thankfully many of the revolutionary socialist projects that Chavez and Maduro have set up have moved in to deal with the crisis. Collectives are growing their own food. Neighborhoods are already organized to meet the challenge. The people of Venezuela have provided an example of cooperation and heroism to the entire world.

    America’s war on the planet continues around the world in Iraq, Libya, Syria, Palestine, Yemen, the Philippines, the Congo, Afghanistan, Haiti,  Venezuela and many other places. Defeated in Syria the empire seeks to recolonize the entire western hemisphere so it can rob the people blind and reduce them to misery. At home the country is falling apart, the populace has been driven insane by years of propaganda. Prisons, immigrant detention camps, police murdering with impunity, ever escalating internet censorship, total surveillance, tent cities, corrupt, cowardly, dishonest politicians, poisoned water and air, ignorance, poverty and homelessness ever on the rise. This is the wonderful system that must be exported to every corner of the globe at the cost of millions of lives and trillions of dollars. A system that robs the poor to give to the rich and rolls on endlessly like a juggernaut destroying country after country. 


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