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"Democracy" in Ukraine

    Ukraine's Orwellian "Democracy"

Has any word been so abused as "Democracy" it has been used as a justification for poverty war and injustice. That is because it was co-opted long ago by the Corporations, Intelligence Agencies, Lying politicians. It has lost all meaning Ukraine is only the latest example. Democracy means rule by the people. It's greek in Athens those qualified to vote a small proportion of the populace as women, slaves, and foreigners were all disqualified, actually did make decisions.  Modern historians dwell on the undeniable hypocrisy of all those it excluded just like say America or Britain which only slowly allowed the majority of the population to vote. Instead one should point out that in Athens at least those allowed to vote were able to actually make the decisions in society. In Athens they decided whether to go to war or not. In a true democracy the rich walk around in fear read Ancient Philosopher/Historian Plutarch's life of Nicias for one example. Failure to properly contribute to society could lead to expulsion or Death. Any one individual with to much power could be voted into exile. This is the origin of the word Ostracism.
   Contrast this with life in one of our sham modern democracies the rich and powerful have complete impunity. We don't even know their names in most cases. In America the endless series of wars are consistently unpopular but there is seemingly nothing the majority can do to change the countries course. The Rich loot everyone with impunity. We are given the choice between bad and worse. It's the same through out the so called first world democracies. No matter what the people want or think every country is becoming a neo-liberal police state. These are the lucky countries not targeted for complete destruction and failed state status like Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, Syria, the Congo. Or living in Western Backed Dictatorships like Uganda or Rwanda praised by the state department as one party democracies. You have to Laugh. Democratic seems to mean little more then that the US State department approves of the subservience of a nation. Anything they don't like is Undemocratic especially any form of direct democracy. Democracy has thus become a word for Oligarchy (rule by the few) or Plutocracy (Rule by the rich).
    This brings us to Ukraine. The people of Crimea voted in massive numbers to secede. The west shook it's head in horror. The people of Eastern and Southern Ukraine voted massively in favor of Autonomy from the Oligarchs and Nazi's in Kiev. Again this was condemned. Now the people of Ukraine will be given the chance to choose between 2 billionaires who took part in overthrowing of Ukraine's legitimate Government. 1st the Mad Gas Princess Yulia Tymoshenko who was caught on tape threatening to assassinate Vladimir Putin and Nuke Eastern Ukraine and Russia. The other Choice is the so called Chocolate billionaire Poroshenko long time Friends with Milheil Saakashvili the president of Georgia who nearly started World War 3 by Launching an unporovoked attack on Russian Peace Keepers in South Ossetia. They have  both been looting the country for years Tymoshenko was in Jail for good reason.  It's sort of like if Obama was overthrown in a coup by the republicans and the American's held an election a couple of months later between two republicans. At least the old system gave some balance between those oligarchs with ties to  Russia representing eastern and southern Ukraine, and those who take orders from the IMF and CIA. It shouldn't be forgotten that this is the second Ukrainian color revolution so the both the Oligarchs have twice taken orders from the US and EU to overthrow the government. In a genuine democracy they would be shot as traitors. Unfortunately there are no genuine democracies. Thus one of them will be rewarded with the Presidency instead.
    Of course the phony elections are the least of the problems with Ukraine's sham democracy. Not only are the people of Ukraine given no real choice in the elections. They are being Butchered in retaliation for having voting against the Neo-Colonization of Ukraine. Voting is an act of terrorism in the new Ukraine. At least that Dangerous sort of Voting that allows the people for once to say "NO!" NO to Fascism, No to IMF Structural Adjustments that will impoverish everyone, NO to becoming just another Pawn on the US-NATO grand chessboard. We should learn from their example it is long past time we had a chance to say NO to the future they have planned out for us. NO more race to the bottom and social disintegration. NO more spreading death and destruction all over the Earth. Obviously the referendum can be a dangerous tool in the hands of the people.
    All over the south and East People voted NO. Now they are being murdered by their own government for it. The media brand them Pro-Russians, or worse still Militants. Meanwhile Fascist murderers are referred to as Activists. It's starting to sound a lot like Syria. Unfortunately their situation is worse. In Syria Assad has not fallen there is a Military to protect the people against the US Israel NATO GCC backed death squads. The people of Eastern and Southern Ukraine have no one to rely on but themselves. Their self defense forces are outmatched by the fascist forces. Cities are being shelled with artillery and attacked with mortars. Many Ukrainian Army units have refused to murder Civilians. The government has increasing come to rely on the recruitment of Neo-Nazi thugs into the So called National Guard. These Fascist butchers not only slaughter Civilians they have also been murdering Police and Military units that have refused to kill Civilians.
   Shortly after Hitler's rise to power he staged what is known as the night of the long knives.  The Ruling elite in Germany had brought him to power and now wanted proof he was not some rabble rouser. Like the Kiev government he had a band of thugs known as the Brown shirts instrumental in his rise to power. Like Right sector in Kiev today they went about Bullying anyone who dared to Criticize their insane views,  and attacked anyone working for genuine social change. However unlike the Kiev Government these days he decided that he would demonstrate his Reliability by eliminating them after all he had a regular army at his command now. In a single night he launched a brutal crackdown. The Kiev government by contrast has launched a reverse night of the long knives. It has been Murdering it's own troops for refusing to commit war crimes. Instead it has come to Rely on the Fascist National Guard. If it happened in Syria it would be front page news but since the new Government is aligned to the US and NATO interests they have been given free reign. In Lugansk a column of troops was stopped by some protestors and they began to talk. Their innate Humanity triumphed and they decided not to wage war on their own people. Instead they decided to dessert and defend their people not attack them. In Ukraine's Orwellian democracy this is terrorism. As they left in a bus with some of the local people they were treacherously machine gunned to death.  
     Even more dramatic events took place outside of Donetsk. Video has emerged of Ukrainian troops being Murdered by a helicopter assault by their own Government. This time they were not even deserting. They had been assigned to man a checkpoint a couple of days before. Upon discovering that Ukraine's war on terror was nothing more then an attack on the local population they refused orders to attack a nearby town. The government decided to make an example of them. It used it's Fascist National guards unit to attack the Unit. Like the Odessa Massacre it was caught on Video. In one video Government helicopter gunships can be seen firing missiles at the checkpoint. Another shows National guard stationed outside the burning wreckage. So far the government has proven competent at only one thing staging memorable and well documented atrocities. Like Odessa the corporate media tried to pretend it was unclear what happened. In other words they tried to blame the local people for the whole thing. Yet the video evidence is clear in Ukraine it is a Crime not to be a bloodthirsty Fascist. It is a crime punishable by death. Welcome to Nulandistan. This is the new face of "Democracy" in the 20th Century.
    Meanwhile the Kiev Governments war continues. Every day more people are killed for the crime of Saying NO! Children huddle in basements while their own government shells them with artillery. The people have had some victories. Early in the conflict they shot down 4 helicopters. Fascist National Guard Units have been ambushed. Still they are outgunned. Foreign mercenaries are being used to train and Coordinate Fascist National Guard Units. No doubt western special forces are secretly in the country. This is sort of situation is what they were created for Covert dirty War. Bloody counter insurgencies. Just a guess though unlike the mercenaries they haven't been caught yet to my knowledge. Wouldn't want to imitate the new york times by turning mere suspicion into indisputable fact. Either way ex  special forces are employed in and often even run mercenary firms. Training right wing death squads is their stock and Trade. Expect more atrocities.
     Not content with waging war on their own people, the Kiev regime is also waging a war on free press. The same week as the massacre three Journalists were arrested. Actually talk about Irony just as I went to check the spellings on their names I discovered that in an unrelated incident 2 journalists had just been killed. Such is the Nature of the escalating Terror in a US funded CounterInsurgency War. Everyday some new outrage until we loose track of all the horror and merely count the massive numbers dead. After a year or two the only question  will be have hundreds of thousands died or was it millions.  Who even Remembers Indonesia where Millions perished. Who Pays attention to the Congo where millions have perished and continue to perish. But more Irony still like the Universe telling me not to be so grim the two Russian Journalists still being held have just been released. Graham Phillips, Oleg Sidyakin, and Marat Saichenko were arrested on phony charges and held for days. Graham Phillips was first to be released. The two journalists from life news were released a couple days later. Unfortunately on  May 24 the day of their release Italian Journalist Andrea Rochelli and his Russian interpreter Andrey Mironov were shot and killed by the Ukrainian Army in Slavyansk French photographer William Roguelon was wounded by a mortar in the same incident. In democratic Ukraine it is a crime not to kill. It is also now a crime to report on the killing. I salute all the journalists risking their lives in Ukraine to tell the truth. Go find Graham Phillips Blog. Check out his YouTube Channel for raw footage of what's going on in Ukraine.
    Whatever the Outcome the Elections will be a Sham. Choosing between two Billionaires is no choice. Since the elections give no chance  for the populace to vote on whether they think the new government is legitimate or not they do not Make the coup appointed regime any more legitimate. Real democracy is the right to say NO! In the west we have lost that right. In most countries opposition parties sold out long ago. We must start all over again with the task of creating a genuine opposition in our countries. Meanwhile we must stand together and support the people of Eastern and Southern Ukraine as they shout NO.  Abandoned by the World they stand alone against the forces of war, Fascism and Greed. We too must shout NO in the Face of this Unfolding horror story and in the face of the disgusting lies from the Media and the Politicians. Fascism is not Democracy. Oligarchy is not Democracy. The people have allowed the rich few to steer the world towards disaster for far to long.
Tony Cartaluccis excellent account of the massacres of troops
This article by Mahdi Darius Nazemroaya contains some great footage of Nazi National Guard Units shooting people for crimes like Voting or Protesting.
Mahdi Darius Nazmeroaya just released a documentary on Ukraine

Friday, May 16, 2014

The Destruction of Iraq

     How to Destroy a Nation: Iraq

    The invasion and destruction of Iraq in 2003 enraged the world. No event since the Vietnam War probably inspired more anti-war opposition or alternative media or underground press  as it was known in the Vietnam Era. I was among those steadily radicalized. The Orwellian idiocy of the Bush administration and the Media which labeled an invasion a liberation, created massive opposition. Little appreciated at the time was that the invasion was only the latest phase in a long term plan to destroy Iraq. It's no exaggeration to call it a plan either or rather plans, Iraq is only one piece on the chessboard of Southwest Asia (the Middle East) plans with Names such as the Yinon Plan, the Clean Break, made by such infamous groups as PNAC. Unfortunately studying the plans in depth would require an entire article in themselves. I highly recommend you search for Mahdi Darius Nazemroaya's work on the subject he has a genius for deconstructing attempts to stir up ethnic and religious rivalries. Here is one classic example

    Basically these plan's call for redrawing the map of the middle East along sectarian and Ethnic lines. They originated in Israel. Divide and conquer was a maxim developed by the Romans to destabilize the people along their boarders much like the Americans, NATO and Israel today they sent out cash to stir up trouble. The European imperialists adopted similar strategies to maintain control of their overseas empires. Israel paranoid about it's small geographic size and frankly hungry for expansion became even more obsessed with this strategy. Most empires have more interests in stability but Israel and increasingly the US seek to sow Chaos and failed states all over the world. Ukraine is only the latest example. The plan in Southwest Asia is to break up Iraq, Iran, Syria, even allies like Turkey or Saudi Arabia into smaller warring states. Despite being Targets the Saudi's and Turkey are major partners of Israel the US and NATO in sowing hatred and chaos in the region and in fact in an Arc of crisis stretching from Africa throughout Eurasia and involving covert NATO wars on Russia and China. (See Christoph Germann's indispensable New Great Game Roundup site for weekly updates on these little known events in Central Asia.)

   Destroying Iraq was thus part of a much greater plan. It had a central importance in this attempt by Israel, America, NATO and the GCC monarchies like Saudi Arabia and Qatar to stir up Conflict between Sunni and Shia between Arabs, Kurds, Turks, Baluchs, Persians, Baluchis, Pashtuns etc. Iraq's fate was interwoven with that of Iran. An important start for the destruction of Iraq was 1979. The shah fled on January 16, 1979. The Iranian revolution came to power. Saddam Hussein also came to power in 1979 he had been an important Baath party official and cousin of Iraq's ruler Ahmed Hassan al Bakr. There was some opposition within the Baath party to his rise to power on August 8 1979 he crushed that opposition in a brutal and theatrical purge. The CIA and the US made him a close ally. The next year with American support he launched an invasion of Iran. The Israeli's doubtless rejoiced the utility of the Iran Iraq war in stirring up Shia and Sunni tension in the region was explicitly stated in Plan Yinon which came out in early 1982. Before we see the complete destruction of Iraq now would be the appropriate time to discuss the state of Iraq on the Eve of War. Although the Baath party was brutal and ruthless with any challenge to it's rule, It also ruled over an Iraq that was the most educated in the region, Health care was also the best in the region. Iraq was a secular country it's people were fond of drinking and they remain notorious chain smokers. Women were well represented in the professions and Iraq had a large and educated middle class. Thirty years later education has been decimated, health is in ruins, starvation violence and chaos reign.

    The war Iran Iraq war played a vital role in this plan to destabilize Southwest Asia. It went on for almost a decade.  A million people died. Tensions were stirred between Shia and Sunni in Iraq as some prominent clerics openly supported Iran. Brutal repression by the regime created lasting hatreds. The long war doubtless demoralized the Iraqi army which was to fold so quickly in 1991 and 2003. Iraq was able to win using chemical weapons supplied by American and European corporations. The CIA provided satellite intelligence on where and when to deploy chemical weapons. Meanwhile they had also begun to sell Israeli weapons to Iran in the hopes that american hostages might be freed. Israel had been supplying Iran all along part of their traditional strategy of allying with non arabs in the region. Iran had managed to alienate the Soviets and the US. Secretly  of course the Iranian revolution and the Nicaraguan revolution also in 1979 probably served a vital role in then US national security advisor Zbigniew Brzezinski's great game scheming.  Thus the US supplied one side of the conflict while it's supposed ally supplied the other. This served to weaken both states. There was a tremendous amount of death and destruction.
    No sooner had Iraq won the war then the US began scheming to provoke another one this time with Kuwait. Kuwait had been created by the British solely to steal Oil and weaken Iraq strategically. The British and French literally  redrew the Map of the Middle east during World War One.  I'm reminded of the arrogance of the renaissance pope who divided Africa and the Americas up between Spain and Portugal (Portugal got Brazil and Africa Spain the rest of the Americas.) Like the Pope they didn't bother to consult or even inform the local inhabitants. Now the US pushed the Kuwaiti's to act in a provocative manner. They sabotaged Oil prices when Saddam needed the revenues to rebuild, they demanded payment for debts while refusing to pay their own debts. They also drilled into Iraqi territory to steal Oil. They refused any attempt at negotiation a standard US proxy game (Syria, Venezuela, Ukraine )  what Pepe Escobar calls "The Drop Dead School of Diplomacy". Meanwhile US Ambassador April Glaspie (who would go on to supervise dirty wars in Africa) basically  told Saddam that the US wouldn't care if He invaded but in Diplomatese for the sake of plausible deniability. Saddam took the bait and did what every Iraqi leader had wanted to do since the 1958 revolution overthrew the british Puppet king Faisal.  He invaded Kuwait, probably he planned to give most of it back except certain disputed areas, after he had wrung some concessions out of the Kuwaitis.
   Instead of course he was vilified as the new Hitler. America's cold war rival The Soviet Union had  now Fallen and Russia was  receiving A first hand  lesson in how to destroy a nation from the new Hyper-Power the US's economic advisers and intelligence agencies. President Bush wanted to demonstrate his "new world order" (a phrase popular among so called  foreign policy experts like the CFR and Conspiracy theorists) Basically the complete destruction of Iraq would show the world what would happen to them if they got out of line, also allowing the Military Industrial Complex to demonstrate it's value in the post cold war world. Of course secretly it was also a war on behalf of the Israel Lobby. Saddam had the largest military in the region of course it's power was an illusion but that's never stopped what I like to call the "Hysterical school of politics" as practiced in Israel where years of Media brainwashing have convinced the Israeli public that they are liable to exterminated at any moment.  For example the furor over Iran's nonexistent Nuclear weapons (Israel is One of the worlds top Nuclear Powers) or the infamous nonexistent Iraqi weapons of Mass Destruction. Whether or not Iraq truly posed a threat Israel wanted it destroyed. It wants all it's neighbors destroyed eventually.
   Iraq was subjected to a 3 month attack by much of the world. New military strategies were played out where vital civilian Infrastructure was destroyed. Nafeez Ahmed has documented in his "Behind The War on Terror" how the Pentagon did studies on the effects of destroying Iraq's water Sanitation facilities discovered millions would die then deliberately destroyed the water sanitation facilities. All of the elements of Civilized life were attacked and in 3 months the war did more damage then the entire 9 year Iran Iraq War. Targeted were Hospitals, Civilians packed  air raid Shelters, apartments, Food warehouses  the Electricity Grid, and everything else. Meanwhile the media with it's talent for turning truth on it's head pretended that the US and it's huge alliance of countries used their precision weaponry, to avoid harming civilians. The smart bomb was the Hero of the Day.
   After the war there were US Inspired uprising by the Shia in the South and the Kurds in the North. The US cynically abandoned the Shia uprising to it's fate they didn't want to tip the balance of power in Iran's direction. The kurds on the other hand they protected and Israel and America began to feed their dreams of a Kurdish homeland. The Kurds have the tragic history of constantly being used and abandoned by various powers in the region. Most recently America and Iran had abandoned them in the mid 70's after Iran had been using them as a proxy force against Iraq. Iraq agreed to the Shah's terms in a boarder dispute and the Kurds were brutally suppressed with thousands killed. This inspired Kissinger's famous understatement "Covert action should not be confused with Missionary work." Of course unfortunately I must observe that often Missionary work is Covert Action whether of the traditional religious sort or their NGO "humanitarian" descendants. In any case the nearly independent Kurdish region would be a valuable asset in attempting to split up Iraq and was Used as a base in attempts to Destabilize the Iraqi government. The Iraqi  Kurds would become clients of the US and Israel. Despite being betrayed yet again in the mid 90's they remain valuable US allies. The Kurds can be used to destabilize Syria, Turkey, and Iran as well as Iraq. Of course that doesn't mean that all Kurds in the region are US allies it depends on the country and faction.
    More important for the immediate future of Iraq were the brutal sanctions imposed. They aimed to prevent the repair of Iraq. Through sheer ingenuity the Iraqi's managed to get their electricity back up in only 3 months by Canibalizing old parts. Their water treatment system could not be brought back. Food could not be imported. Disease and starvation ran rampant over 2 million people died. The economy was destroyed and the educated began to flee the country. Economic hardship increases tensions in society, the IMF was just as vital in destabilizing Yugoslavia,  Rwanda, or today Ukraine as the CIA and the NED. What was imposed on Iraq resembled a medieval siege not mere Austerity, Nafeez Ahmed includes an Amazing alphabetical list but it's 2 pages long so You'll forgive me for not reproducing it here just a few examples: books, pencils, baskets, spoons, telephones, toothbrushes, watches, dishwashers, hats, music cds, trash cans. Most importantly they banned chlorine needed to purify the water. Just imagine every item in your house and or work and you'll have a good idea of what  was banned.
    Under the influence of the sanctions Iraqi society rapidly changed. Before the war Iraqi children's major health problem was obesity now it was malnutrition. That and the effects of treating water tainted with Raw sewage. The sanctions continued up until the 2003 invasion and Occupation. By the time of the invasion a new Iraq had increasingly taken shape. From secular it had become far more religious. This could have unintended consequences this was when Moqtada Al Sadr's father Mohammed Sadiq al Sadr. was allowed to establish a mass movement by Saddam before being brutally executed the second of the Sadr Martyrs the first was his Father in Law Muhammed Baqr al-Sadr. Muqtada would play a major role in forcing the US to abandon it's plan's to permanently occupy Iraq. There is a tendency to demonize all islamists even in the alternative media. Not all islamists are head chopping Tafkiri pawns of the US Israel and the GCC. Hezbollah, Iran and the Sadrists have provided effective resistance to empire. Still the general trend was towards more sectarian tension. After the invasion although Muqtada would denounce it he would be unable to stop his followers from being involved in the sectarian cleansing of Baghdad.
   Iraq was also poor desperate, with Crime on the rise. It was a hollow shell. This did not stop it being portrayed in the Media as a threat to the world once again Saddam Hussein was portrayed as a new Hitler about to blow up New York or Washington with an Atom Bomb. The media did not point out the absurdity and yet another war began. They called it a war even though the Iraqi army made secret deals not to fight. Pepe Escobar who bravely was in Iraq shortly after the invasion observed that if only the American's had agreed to leave within six months and to hold elections their might not have been the massive resistance that emerged. But America thought out of the chaos it could create an Iraq to it's liking or at least that's what they pretended. Personally I think the Goal was simply to Create a massive disaster in Southwest Asia that would destabilize Iran, Syria, Turkey in accord with the Yinon Plan and other such plans.
    Amazingly despite pouring Billions into the country the economic situation got even worse then it was during the sanctions period. Actually not amazing the corporations and Iraq's new and typical puppet government simply stole all the money. Amazingly despite all the troops of the sole hyperpower the country careened into chaos. Actually not amazing America's Saudi Allies were funding the Sunni Resistance, doubtless with secret CIA, Mossad involvement. Meanwhile the US was training and funding the Shiite Death Squads of the Badr brigade. The US military was just another particularly viscous faction that shot any Iraqi it came across this is not an exaggeration they warned everyone to stay out of their path or die. They also destroyed whole cities like Fallujah. Like Vietnam Iraq became an Overt and Covert battlefield. The same Phoenix program tactics of death lists and Death squads. Combined with good old fashioned American firepower the death toll was over a million. Casualty numbers have always been politicized in the Ancient world the enemies casualties were exaggerated your own played down.  Today enemy Casualties are always reduced allied proxies casualty numbers (like Syrian rebels) increased and labeled civilian casualties. Special forces and mercenary deaths are omitted. They also love to blame the people their proxies kill on the enemy.  Thus any Casualty number is always unreliable. Still by my rough estimates at least 3 and half million Iraqis have died as a result of the wars and sanctions. Millions more became homeless refugees.
    Three years after the end of the occupation the covert war continues. The US NATO Israel and the GCC are funding Sunni terrorists to destabilize Iraq, Syria and Lebanon. They also supply the Maliki government with weapons although he is to close to Iran for their liking. The Kurds continue to seek to Break away. The disintegration of Iraq continues and I wouldn't be surprised to see yet a third invasion some day. For now our crazy strategic goals have been achieved from a strong State Iraq has become weak, an Educated country has become ignorant, a secular country has become a hotbed of intolerance, an orderly albeit Tyrannical country has become totally Chaotic. a prosperous country has become poor, a healthy country has become sick. Here it should be remembered that every country that the US and NATO attack they leave behind a radioactive legacy from their depleted Uranium munitions literally waging war on the populations genes causing massive increases in deformity, disease and infant mortality.  Imperialism is waging war on humanity itself. We must fight for a future in which their are no more destructions of entire nations like Iraq. Unfortunately all over the world from Venezuela, to Thailand, to Syria, Afghanistan, the Congo and Ukraine more nations have been targeted for complete social destruction.

Sources    I read Patrick Cockburn's Iraq trilogy Out of the Ashes, The Occupation, and Muqtada al Sadr they have major mainstream Biases (For example throughout Out of the Ashes written in 1998 he gives the impression that Iraq really did still have weapons of mass destruction) still they paint a vivid picture of the Chaos that ensued. Nafeez Ahmed gives an excellent account of the Period between 1991 and 2003. He also correctly pointed out before the invasion that there were no weapons of mass destruction. Pepe Escobar's Iraq reports are both Beautiful and Terrifying available free on Asia Times website. He was there in 2003 then again during the surge. He also wrote a book on Iraq called red Zone Blues. Read every article of this modern Day Marco Polo. And of course read Mahdi Darius Nazemroaya for a deep Geopolitical and sociological view of things. I'm almost done reading all of his articles in the archives of Global Research they provide a real education on geopolitics. I apologize for oversimplifying his complex views.

Thursday, May 8, 2014

Ukraine, Lies, and Death

    Ukraine's Civil War From Comedy to Tragedy

American wars always begin as comedies with the cheap actors (If they had talent or charisma they would have gone to Hollywood not Washington) spouting absurd lies, logical impossibilities and turning Truth on it's head with a willfulness bordering on Madness.  While declaring a desire for Peace they instead make war. The victim is portrayed as the aggressor, helpless countries are portrayed as threats. In the end one laughs or one would go Crazy. Thus I'll start with the embarrassing comedy of the New York Times and the State department passing off CIA black Propaganda as inviolable Truth. Shouldn't be a surprise the New York Times has been covering for the CIA since the start, many of it's reporters doubtless were the CIA. As for the state department well it's the CIA's biggest open secret that half the State Department are really CIA. Still aren't they they concerned for their credibility?
   First concerned that increasing numbers of people were aware of the Fascist nature of the coup which in Orwellian fashion is painted as a democratic uprising. Clearly they miss the old days when their was no Internet no Press Tv, and especially no RT blasting Images around the world of Fascists throwing Molotov Cocktails at Police, Beating and kidnapping journalists and launching brutal Mob beatdowns of opposition Presidential Candidates. It should be remembered that the CIA has had a presence in Ukraine since the 40's and is responsible for keeping the Fascist movement alive there till the present day. However CIA director Brennan's visit upped their numbers, in addition to brutal counterinsurgency experts they apparently included, experts in media manipulation. They concocted a flier calling on Jews in Donetsk to register in a manner evoking the holocaust. First they had some masked Nazis masquerade as Donetsk self defense forces and hand out the fliers. Unfortunately before the media uproar could begin the flier was debunked. That didn't stop Kerry from going in front of the world and denouncing the phony Document. Then the New York Times ran with the thoroughly debunked story. After spending months pretending not to be able to see any evidence of Nazis in Ukraine despite the fact that they are in the Cabinet, they printed a story that had been thoroughly debunked. They were forced to retract the whole story.
    Next the CIA in liaison with Ukrainian came up with some transparently phony intelligence claiming to show Proof that the demonstrations demanding referendums, were masterminded by Russian special Forces. The State department vouched for them and the New York Times ran with the story. Earlier they had produced a fantastical article about Putin's mysterious invisible shadow army which had supposedly invaded Eastern Ukraine. They Ignored the endless reports that after the Kiev Coup many in the armed forces who are poorly paid by Ukraine's Kleptocrats had been deserting. Instead in our age of Spy satellites, and total NSA electronic surveillance Putin supposedly managed to launch a special Forces invasion invisible to Western Intelligence. Now they had proof that Putin's invisible army existed. Except before printing the pictures they must have noticed something strange the people in the pictures only looked similar So they decided to downgrade the resolution of the photos in a word they made them blurry. In blurry pictures one guy with a beard looks like another someone with a mustache looks like someone else with a mustache. Within days they were forced to retract this story as well. Veteran journalist Robert Parry was exiled from the Mainstream press for reporting honestly about the Iran Contra scandal. He pointed out that the New York Times may be abandoning their absurd accusations about Putin's invisible army. Recently they printed interviews with self defense forces revealing they were not Russian Special Forces but Ukrainian Veterans. I doubt if they will change their policy of blaming Putin for the predictable results of Installing Nazis and Plutocrats into power in a violent coup.  Such however is the Arrogance of empire they are always shocked that there is anyone courageous enough to resist them. It's the same from Vietnam to Iraq. In their shock and surprise that any one would dare to resist them they concoct all sorts of silly theories about what is going on. In Iraq they blamed Shadowy remnants of Saddam's Regime. The Russians were traditional scapegoats. Wherever people in the world rose up against Poverty, Racism or Injustice Moscow was always to blame. I guess some things never change.
   The civil War began with comedy. For once soldiers allowed their humanity to overcome their training and refused to open fire on protestors. The government in their arrogance had sent them off to kill their fellow citizens on an empty stomach. The people of Slovyansk fed them and Instead of using their APC's to crush dissent as ordered the army let the people use them for Joy rides. Such moments are all too rare in History.  It is all too common for Armies to wage war on their own populace. Hardly a day goes by for example when the American police don't murder someone. For one brief moment humanity prevailed. The initial counter terror campaign collapsed thousands of troops deserted. The regime in Kiev seemed on the brink of collapse. At the very least it was clear that it had no legitimacy in the eyes of many of it's military.
    To buy time the brief appearance of diplomatic tactics were necessary. Technically it was not an agreement merely a joint statement the geneva accords. Apparently everyone signed hoping to interpret it differently. The Russians pretended it was a Peace agreement forcing both sides to refrain from conflict and eventually disarm. They also hoped to slyly make the point that they couldn't stop what was happening in Ukraine if they wanted to. The Kiev Junta pretended it was an agreement of total surrender for the Protestors. They cynically continued launching attacks despite the easter holidays. Not only did they not restrain their military they openly continued recruiting Right Sectors Nazi Paramilitaries into their forces. America pretended the agreement meant that Russia would use all of it's influence to force the protestors to stop Protesting their Fascist new government. Russia supposedly could convince all those workers that were about to be fired that it was all for the best. Supposedly they could convince them not to worry about being persecuted by Bloodthirsty Nazi thugs or Moderate politicians who talked about Nuking them. The people of Eastern Ukraine were not asked what they thought of course the people seldom are when it matters.
    Obviously the people of Eastern Ukraine were not foolish enough to disarm the self defense groups that protected the protestors when they were about to come under attack from Fascist Paramilitaries and the Ukrainian Army. Low intensity war began within a few casualties. Then the first great War Crime in the Ukrainian civil war. Took place. Odessa, in world war II it was the site of brutal Massacres by the Ukrainian fascists. Over 30,000 died at the hands of people celebrated today by Right Sector and Svoboda. Now Odessa will live in infamy again at least until something even more terrible happens. The CIA's dirty hands were all over this I suspect. It's a part of psychological operations it's called exemplary terror. Doubtless it's as old as history the Egyptians and the Assyrians engaged in it. It was standard Policy in Greece and Rome. You publicly massacre a large group of people to send the simple message this is what will happen if you resist. It's been part of American Counterinsurgency doctrine since the spanish American war in the Philippines. In Iraq to give one recent example they destroyed the most of the city of Fallujah after it successfully forced America to withdraw it's forces. Western public opinion wouldn't tolerate a whole Ukrainian city being punished that way yet.
    Instead we have this smaller scale Odessa Massacre. The details that have emerged regarding  provocateurs cooperating with Police plus the actions of the police on the day show the whole thing was carefully coordinated. Protestors were attacked and forced into a Union building. Initially it seemed that they then died after the fascists lit the building on fire and prevented them from leaving. However new photographic evidence shows that many were brutally slaughtered inside and that the fires were lit to cover up the evidence. One particularly terrible image shows a strangled pregnant woman. Other photos show that people were shot and their bodies doused with gasoline. See these gruesome photos if you want here you'll probably regret it though.

The only response the Mainstream Media and World leaders have is to pretend that what happened was unclear. The Wall Street Journal even claimed that the protestors lit themselves on fire by accident. Unfortunately for them the entire event was caught on Video and is readily available online. We have a responsibility to never let the world forget this first great crime of the Ukrainian Civil. Remember Odessa. Fascist mobs cheered as their fellow Ukrainians were burned suffocated and shot.

New crimes by Ukraine's Fascist Junta continue. Independent journalist  Graham Philips whose work you should definitely follow has been targeted with a 10,000 dollar bounty for his kidnapping and execution. He is charged with being a Russian Spy. Reports in Fars new Agency claim that Saudi Arabia is sending Jihadi's from Syria to Kiev. As if Nazi thugs weren't brutal enough. Kiev was caught preparing to create a false flag attack on their border with forces masquerading as Russian troops. Over 30 people have been killed in Slovyansk. The Ukrainian military is spraying peoples neighborhoods with bullets from helicopter gunships. Graham Philips tweeted photos showing the streets literally red with blood, houses and shops covered with bullet holes.

From it's absurd beginning with first the failed propaganda offensive in the press, and the collapse of it's first "anti-terror" campaign things are now becoming deadly serious. The Nazi's have literally lit the fires of civil war. The tragedy has only just begun.