Friday, May 22, 2015

Summer Break

Announcement/ Summer Break

My Apologies I haven't been able to work on my blog recently. I am in the process of moving and there will probably be no new entries until late June. Terrible timing as world events always seem to heat up during the summer. Since I don't have time to write an article I thought instead I would briefly list all the things I'm unable to write about. 

   Baltimore erupted in an uprising against police brutality, racism and the disastrous economic policies of the past thirty-five years. I lived for many years in a suburb about an hour away from Baltimore incidentally. 

   In addition to random police murder conducted with impunity the american injustice system apparently has even greater ambitions. It is apparently reviving the practice of murdering black political leaders. A new name may soon be added to the list of such figures as Martin Luther King, Fred Hampton, and Malcolm X assassinated by the American deep State. The Prison system has been attempting to murder America's most famous political prisoner Mumia Abdul Jamal. The methods intentional medical malpractice and the strong likelihood of the use of some unknown toxin or poison. Meanwhile America has the gall to lecture other nations on the need to release their "political" prisoners who have often committed murder or stolen billions. It was recently the Anniversary of the Infamous "Move bombing" of men women and children in Philadelphia by the city's Fascist police. I recommend the documentary "Let the Fire Burn" about this tragic event. This Crime by the City went completely unpunished and should never be forgotten. One MOVE member Phil Africa was killed in January by the same methods now being used in the current attempt to kill Mumia. We must remind them that the whole world is watching their criminal schemes.

   Speaking of dangerous criminals John Kerry and Victoria Nuland were recently in Moscow according to Pepe Escobar they seek to temporarily de-escalate the conflict although diplomacy bares little relation to reality as Ukraine continues to increase the intensity of their attacks on Novorossia. Obviously I doubt if the US has any actual interest in de-escalating a conflict which they themselves engineered. However some speculate that the sight of Chinese troops marching beside the troops of their Russian allies through red square on victory day may have brought on a bout of temporary sanity in the empire of chaos.

The Saudi role in 9/11 and in funding terrorism is making an appearance in the mainstream media. Seymour Hersh was recently savaged in the media for releasing the latest revised version of the probably unreal story of the Bin Laden killing in 2011. Cynics like me suspect that he was already dead as he was already an invalid back in 2001. Sibel Edmonds speculates this renewed coverage of what everyone who's done ten minutes of research already knows is meant to pressure Saudi Arabia to continue it's cowardly and brutal war on the people of Yemen. The new king was deeply involved in funding Al Qaeda (at CIA request) in aid of America's covert wars in Afghanistan, Chechnya, and Yugoslavia.

Speaking of Covert wars ISIS recently made new advances in Syria and Iraq. In Syria they threaten one of the most important sites from the classical world Palmyra. For those interested in the ancient world I suggest you do some research on one of the great women in ancient history the Queen of Palmyra Zenobia. Yet again the US is waging a horrifying proxy war not only on the people's of Iraq, Syria, and Lebanon but is waging war on all of humanities heritage even elements central to western civilization. How much has already irreparably lost, losses that will be mourned for centuries to come. America is sponsoring not only the destabilization and  impoverishment of the planet but it's barbarization. Meanwhile the bloodbath continues. Congress has openly announced plans to fund the partition of Iraq (as I discussed in my May 2014 article "the Destruction of Iraq) Also a document leaked from the Defense Intelligence Agency which prove that the Rise of ISIS was all according to plan. Mahdi Nazemroaya predicted all this nearly a decade ago.

In Burundi there was a failed coup attempt aimed at preventing a third term for Burundi's president Nkurunziza. The Issue of a third term is being used by the US and it's genocidal allies Uganda and Rwanda in an attempt to install a puppet in Burundi. It is all related to the Genocidal Proxy war the US is waging through it's allies Paul Kagame dictator of Rwanda, and Yoweri Museveni Dictator of Uganda on the people of the Democratic Republic of the Congo. This War has killed 10 million people so far but continues to be largely ignored. 

Museveni is also waging a war on South Sudan with US backing although the US itself created South Sudan to split up what was Africa's biggest state Sudan. Well actually the UK and Israel are equally to blame the covert war on Sudan began back in the 1950s.

In Libya Europe is planning to wage war on the refugees of it's wars of Destabilization in Africa. Wars conducted in conjunction with their imperial masters in Washington. The latest tragic chapter in the horrifying fate Libya suffered as a result of the NATO GCC campaign to bomb Libya into chaos, handing the country over to a bunch of Al Qaeda linked death squads to fight over for who knows how long. 

Elections are approaching in Venezuela and the mainstream media is bandying about phony reports claiming that the Fascist Venezuelan opposition may win. They ignore other polls showing that Maduro will win. The Venezuelan people have voted in favor of the Venezuelan Revolution 18 out of the past 19 times.

I also won't be able to write about the historical topics I have been researching lately. First there was Douglas Valentine's Brilliant expose of the phony war on drugs and the connections between the political and economic elites and organized crime. For those interested Read his "Strength of the Wolf"  and "Strength of the Pack." Nor will I be able to write about the Origins of the CIA as revealed in Burton Hersh's Classic "The Old Boys: The American Elite and the Origins of the CIA" I can only mention that the Dulles brothers had deep business connections to Nazi Germany before and during World War 2. Future CIA head Allen Dulles also was collaborating with the Nazis against the Soviets long before the war ended. "Why America Fights" By Susan A. Brewer was a great study of the way America's overt wars are sold to the public through the media. Lastly I Have been researching the Russian Revolution reading the excellent Three Volume "The Bolshevik Revolution from 1917-1923" By E. H. Carr. I'm also reading the classic first hand account "Ten Days that shook the World" By John Reed.

Obviously there are many things I wish I could write about and I look forward to a time when circumstances will allow me to return to work. Meanwhile I'll continue my research because I can't really help myself at this point. Check out My February 2014 "Alternative Media Spotlight" and my June 2014 "Alternative Media Spotlight 2" for some recommendations on where to go for news.  Eric Draitser has returned to the World of Podcasting he now does the podcast for the Counter Punch Website. Also Check out the Tri-Continental You Tube channel for some great conferences on Anti-Imperialist Themes with great speakers like Sukant Chandan, Carlos Martinez and Marcel Cartier. I discovered it through Alexandra Valiente's new site Revolutionary and Strategic Studies that I also Highly recommend along with Her other Sites Libya 360 and Syria 360 here it is

I don't have Time to engage in my usual hunt for sources so instead I'll just list the some of the Authors I read who deserve some credit. Eric Draitser, Mahdi Darius Nazemroaya, Pepe Escobar, Gleb Bazov And the Site Runner Alexandra Valiente.  

Also thanks to @RedKahina who recommended the "Bolshevik Revolution" books by E. H. Carr Follow her on twitter as she wages a war of Criticism on the Phony Celebrity Left and it's support for the American Empire. 


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