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Israel, Apartheid, South Africa

    Israel's Special Relationship with South Africa's Apartheid Regime

   Recently Israel has increasingly come under fire for the similarity of it's policies to those of South African Apartheid. These similarities are even more ironic when one considers Israel's past relations with South Africa. It also highlights Israel's now forgotten role in stepping in to help those regimes that because of international pressure the United States could no longer openly support. Perhaps it will build some solidarity with the Palestinian people when the world realizes that like it's allies the US, Britain, and France and the rest of  NATO Israel is an imperial power that oppresses people all over the world. This article will examine the Israeli role in Southern Africa. It should be noted that the US, UK, and France were also allies of the Apartheid regime who only cut aid because of strong organized domestic opposition. However Regan and Thatcher were strong supporters of Apartheid. This is appropriate after all the US Jim Crow laws helped inspire Apartheid. UK and France founded colonies all over the world where the local inhabitants were second class citizens in their own lands. Still they went through a process of decolonization. Subtler forms of oppression were installed Neo-Colonialism. Israel is the last bastion of the old style Colonialist mentality in it's overt form.  A state where by law all people are unequal. Hopefully once again an organized movement by the public can force an end to the racist and oppressive regime in Israel.
   There are many similarities between Israel and the Apartheid regime. The Afrikaners were what we would call today fundamentalist Christians and like the pilgrims in America identified with the old Testament seeing themselves as a righteous people surrounded by Heathens ie their less fanatical countrymen. Once in Africa also like the American Pilgrims they demonized the African inhabitants. This demonization process seems to be increasing at an alarming pace in Israel. Unreported  in the western Media angry Israeli mobs launch daily attacks on Palestinians often targeting schoolchildren in scenes reminiscent of the American South in the 1950' s. Recently these attacks have spread to assaults on Israel's African Migrant workers. Besides vehement racism both countries must deny equal rights to their populations to maintain control. An explicit system of discrimination with Jewish only areas and Jewish only roads has been established. Palestinians spend hours crossing various arbitrary checkpoints. It is illegal for them to build homes in order that Israel can regularly demolish homes in Palestinian areas under legal cover. South Africa attempted to set up so called bantustans a false form of independence. Blacks were given fake independence under black puppet regimes such as that of Buthelezi Brutal ruler of KwaZulu who was invited to Israel for a state visit where he was lauded as a moderate reformer. Israel has taken a similar strategy with the illegitimate Palestinian puppet Abbas. The chief similarity however is that both states wage a brutal endless counterinsurgency war on the native population. Arbitrary arrests, beatings and systematic torture these are what the palestinians deal with in periods of relative calm.  That and both random and selective murder. Periodically they are subjected to all the horrors of invasion with bombs, tanks, and machine guns.  In addition both states were hated by their neighbors for their oppressive policies and responded with aggressive wars.
    A little known fact is that the State of Israel might have been built in Africa in Uganda a large Jewish Colony was founded. Israeli business interests are major players in the modern genocide in the Congo (10 million dead so far) Along with european, american, Canadian and asian corporations. Israel has also been involved with destabilizing Sudan since the 1950's along with the British. Thus there is a little mentioned but extensive Israeli role in the exploitation of Africa. Israel trained Mobutu's personal security, it also put Idi Amin in power. In South Africa after diamonds were discovered along with a large number of british settlers a number of jewish settlers arrived. This south african jewish community became enthusiastic supporters of the idea of a state of Israel long before jewish communities in Europe or America. Thus Israel's special relationship with South Africa began because of the importance of their south African supporters. The south African president Jan Smuts was a strong advocate of the  Balfour declaration. On the South african side the elites there identified with the situation of Israel outnumbered and surrounded by Arab States with their own  surrounded with Africans. The paranoia of invaders. Israel's military success impressed them. However because Israel had it's own plans in Africa it kept the unpopular south African regime at arms length. However the Israel's 1967 war changed things. First it turned the newly independent African states against Israel. More importantly it led France to halt an important weapons shipment to Israel. Israel decided it needed to vastly expand it's arms industry. To defray costs it needed to start exporting weapons. Since this was the cold war most countries weapons were suppled by Nato countries or the Eastern bloc. Israel decided to sell to the countries no one wanted to supply because they were too controversial mostly Latin American, African and Asian dictators. In addition they provided advisers to train the security forces of these dictators. Yacov Meridor the chief economic coordinator in the Israeli cabinet explained
  "We are going to say to the American's "Don't compete with us in South Africa don't compete with us in the Caribbean or in any other country where you can't operate in the open" Let us do it. I even use the expression "You sell the ammunition and equipment by proxy. Israel will be your Proxy" and this would be worked out with a certain agreement with the United States where we will have certain markets...which will be left for us." (Hunter P.16)
   South Africa because of it's unpopularity worldwide became a major client for Israel. Israel would supply weapons and advisers. The techniques they used in occupied Palestine they taught to South Africa so it could refine it's Apartheid. In addition they could use places like South Africa or Guatemala as giant laboratories for testing the science of counterinsurgency and even in the case of Guatemala Genocide. This support was under tacit American approval.
    South Africa provided Israel with Diamonds, an important Israeli export bought indirectly through London diamond exchanges. South african coal was important for the Israeli power industry. Also south Africa provided Uranium for Israel's massive secret nuclear program.  Israel provided weapons and technical knowhow. They sold them stolen American technology so they could get around sanctions. They helped south Africa build fighter planes, tanks, and even nuclear devices. In 1979 they held a joint atomic test on a remote island belonging to South Africa. They helped South Africa create a defense electronics industry. Infamously South Africa used sophisticated electronics in the assassination of Mozambique's internationally  revered president Samora Machel. They were able to send out false signals that led the plane off course and caused it to crash. Ironically weapons embargoes led South Africa to expand it's weapons production and just like Israel it became a major worldwide arms dealer.
   Not only did Israel help South Africa technologically advance, it also provided important military advisers. One senior South african officer said to Uri Dan  an aide to then defense minister Ariel Sharon "Don't underestimate the influence that the example of the Israeli army as a fighting army has on us" Uri Dan was so impressed by the similarities that he claimed he expected the South African officers to "begin giving orders in hebrew" From Israeli foreign policy South Africa and Central America by Jane Hunter  (the source for most of the information in this article) p.56. 100s of Israeli advisers were active in training South African Forces "in the arts of suppressing a captive population and keeping hostile neighbors off balance" in the words of Jane Hunter. Israel was also actively involved in helping South Africa's attack it's neighbors supplying arms and training to US/South African Proxy armies like UNITA in Angola or MNR in Mozambique. Like it's Patron the united states Israel has allied with some of the most brutal death squads in the world.
    Israeli guidance and influence was not only tactical but strategic. According to Jane Hunter A strange mirroring effect between the two nations foreign policy took place. Israeli actions would be mirrored by South Africa. Israel's invasion of Lebanon inspired South Africa to attack Mozambique and Angola. Israel's attack on the PLO in Tunisia inspired South Africa to attack Zambia, Botswana, and Zimbabwe. They even claimed to be attacking international terrorism in imitation of Israel. Like Israel, NATO, and the US they blew up hospitals and schools they falsely labeled terror training camps.
   Politically Israel helped South Africa as well. For instance it set up a system to train "moderate" activists to undermine the genuine opposition of groups like the ANC and the UDF. It gave legitimacy to South Africa's Bantustans. When the state department was about to open contact with the ANC Nelson Mandela's party, while pressure was building for Mandela's release, Israel had it's allies in the ADL circulate information on capital hill pointing out the ANC alliance with communists. The ADL was also caught spying on the anti-apartheid movement in the US. Israel helped South Africa funnel money to defeat  certain American politicians who were Anti-Apartheid. When sanctions threatened South African exports Israel found a loophole whereby it would finish assembling south African goods and sell them as Made in Israel in the US Tariff free. Israeli athletes and entertainers were among the few not to boycott South Africa.
    Thus not only is the Israeli system similar to apartheid, Israel was vital in aiding, shaping and protecting the South African Apartheid regime. Israel's crimes are far more international in scope then is commonly realized. Like it's allies the US, UK, and NATO Israel is an imperial power. South Africa was an Apartheid state, Israel still is. Unfortunately the fall of the Apartheid was not accompanied by the necessary radical economic change. Like the MPLA in Angola and SWAPO in Namibia the ANC in South Africa betrayed it's promise of economic liberation. Injustice remains. Poverty is widespread. Something for Palestinians to keep in mind if by some miracle they should ever achieve liberation. Neocolonialism is far harder to throw off then colonialism.

For more information I recommend Jane Hunters excellent book Israeli Foreign Policy: South Africa and Central America.

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Chaos and Capitalism in Ukraine

           All the Evils of the World: The destabilization of Ukraine

   For those who study the history of American foreign policy one fact becomes apparent. America always manages to side with the worst possible elements in any country. The comprador class those wealthy elites who live in luxury while everyone else struggles to survive are traditional allies. No surprise since we are ruled by just such a class. Fascists, terrorists, torturers, and gangsters are also frequent agents of America's empire. Ukraine provides an interesting case study. America and NATO have gone all out and now Kiev is filled with imperial agents that can provide interesting insights into how America and the west destabilize target countries.
    First I can't resist commenting on the current situation. Crimea has voted for independence a move America and the EU decried. They show a sudden interest in territorial integrity in a brazen hypocrisy reminiscent of Kerry's hilarious comments on Crimea. In Europe they oversaw the dismemberment and colonization of Yugoslavia.  America and NATO have sought to redraw the map of the middle east and central Asia inspired in part by Israel's infamous plan Yinon. In Africa they have carved off South Sudan from Sudan. Elections are undemocratic only riots like those in Kiev are acceptable. Is what they imply. Democracy is code for "our economic and strategic interests. If elections threaten those goals they are branded Anti-democratic. The whole thing may be backfiring eastern Ukraine is in revolt. The transdniester has sought to follow Crimea's example. Nato has been shifting forces into Eastern Europe and menacing Russia's ally Belarus. At the very least a proxy civil war is likely Nato will try to get Russia embroiled in an ugly Counterinsurgency. Over the weekend two attempted provocations were foiled. First a group trying to blow up a pipeline pumping station were foiled. Also a group impersonating Russian soldiers was captured before it could carry out attacks and blame them on the Russians. Clearly the situation is dangerous, First with NATO and Russia staging military exercises which are veiled threats. Second things could escalate between crimea and Ukraine or the government in Kiev could act too brutally in putting down pro-Russian demonstrations in the East leading Russia to intervene yet again with the inevitable western over reaction.
     Still let's return to our theme who destabilized Ukraine. The first element is the IMF in nearly every country where ethnic nationalism or religious extremism are on the rise their is first an IMF structural adjustment program. Yugoslavia is a prime example. IMF policies in the 80's would lead to the civil war in the 90's. Hitler arose during a depression, when jobs are scarce the populace can be made to turn on each other. In America this takes the form of a war on immigrants, plus other minorities under cover of war on crime or war on drugs. In these countries things are made a lot less covert by the presence of western NGO's that preach identity politics. In Sudan NGOs taught black to hate arab splitting the country into a fabricated conflict since Arab and African elements have been mingling in East Africa for a thousand years. They also turn Shiite against Sunni. They can even manufacture ethnic Identities. All this is on full display in Ukraine what exactly seperates the Russians from the Ukrainians is unclear with a lot of grey area. The media worsens this by reporting things as Russian vs Ukrainian when it is not only ethnic Russians that support good relations with Russia. Many Ukrainians oppose ultranationalism.
    NGO's are the favorite cover of the CIA an extension of their infamous partnership with USAID. Humantiarian agencies have even been caught smuggling weapons. One important NGO to keep an eye on is CANVAS formerly Optor of Serbia the US was so happy with their work overthrowing Milosovic that they are permanently employed teaching activists how to whip up angry mobs to topple world leaders with vague slogans. In the end every color revolution ends with the looting of the country by Multinational corporations in EU countries and the US. America loves a rebel without a cause or rather ideology.
    The fascists in Ukraine are allied with more covert and sinister forces. Nameley they are the tools of western intelligence a continuation of Gladio. As i pointed out soft imperialism in the form of central banks and NGOs lay the groundwork. These groups are Paramilitary forces that do much of the dirty work. However Sovoboda and Right Sector are not the only violent elements. They were reportedly joined by over 700 Islamic extremists. The Ukrainian fascists are extremely opportunistic by tradition in World war 2 they first pretended friendship with then slaughtered Jews, and Poles, they even attacked their german patrons on occasion when they didn't get their way. Now although preaching hate against muslims they are allied with jihadis a relationship that goes back to America and NATO's various covert wars in central Asia.  In fact Russia has declared two high ranking fascists wanted men for their war crimes involving torture and murder in Chechnya.
     Even stranger is the relationship between Israel's supporters and the Fascists. Many of their Oligarch allies are dual Israeli citizens. In addition John McCain is with Joe Lieberman the voice of Israel in American politics. He along with Victoria  Nuland wife of Prominent neocon Robert Kagan played a major role in encouraging the coup by showing open support for the protestors including the most extreme elements. Plus of course she was caught determing the compostion of the government in advance. Their are many photos on the internet that could come back to haunt them.  Yet despite their clear allegiance to Israel these individuals are supporting avowed anti-Semites. Yats as Nuland calls him better watch his back or he could end up like the TNC in Libya helpless against the militias. A jewish president terrorized by the Neo-Nazis who brought him to power. Israel may even have played a covert military role. A group of former Israeli soldiers helped train demonstrators in urban combat. Based purely on speculation perhaps Israel hopes to Embarrass Obama and Putin at the same time, Obama for backing down in Syria and opening negotiations with Iran. Putin they blame for preventing wars against Syria and Iran. The current crisis will both isolate Russia but will also show Obama to be ineffectual. Perhaps they along with elements of the American military industrial complex hope for another Bush someone who will Invade and occupy rather then merely bomb into submission as in Libya or support a proxy force like in Syria, or wage covert war. The neo-cons no longer dominating foreign policy hope another crisis could increase their influence. No doubt there will be attempts to put some more overtly hawkish in the whitehouse. A mood of hysteria already reigns in the American Media. Beware the next president. Not that Obama isn't an imperialist but he is an imperialist who must play to his Anti-War base. The wars are secretive not loud like Iraq.  Thus while his crimes in Libya, Syria, and Afghanistan are monstrous it could be worse. Attacking Iran, Russia, or China would probably lead to Nuclear war.
    Plus one should add that there were and are foreign mercenaries operating in Ukraine. These firms are among the most sinister on the planet. They routinely engage in mass murder of Indigenous people around the world in the service of Mining companies. In Africa they have been involved in wars for over 50 years. In Iraq it was standard practice to fire at anyone they saw on the streets as their convoys passed. Obviously the topic for a future article. Nor are they the only outside invasion. Nazis and Fascists from all over Europe are migrating to Kiev. Plus Ukrainian organized crime were also involved in destabilizing the country. In Kosovo NATO put organized crime directly into power, the new leader was implicated in heroin smuggling, selling the organs of his captives, and mass murder. A criminal link in a chain that stretches from Afghanistan the rest of the world. It's not the Afghani's fault before the CIA arrived Afghanistan was not a major producer of Opiates within a year they had a 60% market share now it's 95%.
    Lastly we have of course the respectable face of the opposition billionaire crooks. As I mentioned it has been standard imperial practice to ally with the rich of a country against the poor. They alone may be able to get rich as Ukraine enters the EU. For anyone else well major cuts in pensions and subsidies have already been announced.  Austerity is on the way. Like a snake eating it's own It begins with foreign banks and ends with Billionaire presidents money makes the world go round. Capitalism certainly makes for strange bedfellows as you can see. It's as if all America's past sin were on parade alliance with Fascists, Terrorists, Mercenaries, Capitalists, Israel, Technocrats, and Organized Crime and of course the west couldn't do it without Idealistic dupes in Ukraine plus back home. We can only wonder what the Ukrainians must think of this rogues gallery that rules them. Unlike Crimea they haven't been allowed to vote yet. Premature elections would be Undemocratic.

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Forgotten African Empire

Forgotten African empire: The conquest of Kilwa.
First hand accounts of an episode during the birth of modern Imperialism

Today one endlessly hears hype about globalization and the worlds new interconnectedness. If globalization as practiced today seems to have few merits for either the first or third worlds; creating joblessness, poverty and hunger in both the "underdeveloped" and developed worlds; at least it can be made to sound new and exciting. As we shall see global trade is nothing new. 500 years ago trade flowed between the Arab world, East Africa, China and India. My source for this article is a book published in 1964 but even back then archaeologists had discovered greek, roman, arab, and byzantine, Chinese and Indian coins in east Africa. Thus east Africa had been an important center of trade between southwest Asia (the middle east) Africa, China and India. In China the aristocracy did not dare to appear before the Emperor without being carried in chairs made of African Ivory. In India african Ivory was imported too make wedding bangles for brides only the african elephant had wide enough tusks. In addition Africa exported gold, Iron, and complex and colorful fabrics, among other things. Thus massive global trade had been ongoing for almost 2000 years when the Portuguese arrived in 1497. They were on their way to India (unlike Columbus they succeed) and  had sailed along the west coast of Africa and around the cape of good hope.  Columbus had discovered some islands off the coast of the Americas, and the Portuguese were to begin the process to subjecting the real Indians to yet another foreign conquest. But while the conquest of the new world is fairly well known and most have heard of the Aztecs or the Maya Kilwa has been largely forgotten. I find it interesting that imperialism in Asia, Africa and the Americas all began around 500 years ago. It may have something to do with the fall of Constantinople 40 years earlier when Europe lost valuable access to  the eastern trade routes. In any case I think it shows the ways in which undevelopement is imposed from outside. Where there could be an African, Hong kong or new york there are now ruins. Centuries later Europe would pretend that Africa had never known civilization, forgetting what they had once known. Thus presented below with a few comments are some first hand accounts intended to rescue Kilwa from obscurity. It was one of a number of such cities in Africa now forgotten. They come from the book "The African Past: Chronicles from Antiquity to Modern Times" by Basil Davidson.

We are lucky enough to have an account of what the Kilwa themselves thought of the Portuguese. From the Kilwa Chronicle. But first a brief description from Ibn Battuttah a north African who was the Greatest medieval traveler going not merely to China like the more famous Marco Polo but India and Africa as well.

Kilwa is one of the most beautiful and most well constructed towns in the world. The whole of it is elegantly built.- Ibn Battutah

During al-Fudail's reign there came news from the land of Mozambique that the men had come from the land of the Franks. [A blanket term for europeans in arab and byzantine accounts acquired during the crusades] They had three ships and the name of the captain was al-Mirate. [Admiral Vasco da Gama] After a few days there came word that the ships had passed Kilwa and had gone on to Mafia [another island] The lord of Mafia rejoiced for they thought they [the Portuguese] were good and honest men. But those who knew the truth confirmed that they were corrupt and dishonest persons who had come only to spy out the land only to seize it. And they determined to cut the anchors of their ships that they should drift ashore and be wrecked by the Muslims. The franks learned of this and went on to Malindi [A trading city on the Kenya coast] When the people of Malinindi saw them, they knew they were bringers of war and corruption, and were troubled with very great fear. They gave [the Portuguese] all they asked, water, food, firewood, and everything else. And the Franks asked for a pilot to guide them to India, and after that back their own land - God curse it! - The Kilwa chronicle
I can't resist juxtaposing the description of the Malindi's views with this Portuguese account of Malindi
The king and people of this place ever were and are friends of the king of Portugal, and the Portuguese always find in them great comfort and friendship and perfect peace, and there the ships when they chance to pass that way, obtain supplies in plenty.

Also notice that the Portuguese were able to "discover" India soley thanks to help from Africa. This is a seldom remarked aspect of imperialism stealing the technical expertise of a population. This remanins Ongoing as pharmaceutical companies try to steal indigenous medical secrets, and agricultural products.

Here is a beautiful account of life in Kilwa by a Portuguese sailor.

Going along the coast from this town of Mozambique, there is an island hard by the mainland which is called Kilwa, in which is a Moorish town with many fair houses of stone and mortar, with many windows after our fashion, very well arranged in streets with many flat roofs. The doors are of wood, well carved with excellent joinery. Around it are streams and orchards and fruit gardens with many channels of sweet water. It has a Moorish king over it. From this place they trade with Sofala [another prosperous african trading city] whence they bring back gold, and from here they spread all over Arabia Felix...
    Before the King our lord sent out his expedition to discover India the Moors of Sofala, Cuama, Angoya and Mozambique were all subject to the king of Kilwa, who was the most mighty king among them. And in this town was great plenty of gold, as no ships passed towards Sofala without first coming to this island. Of the moors there are some fair and some black, they are finely clad in many rich garments of gold and silk and cotton, and the women as well; also with much gold and silver in chains and bracelets, which they wear on their legs and arms, and many jeweled earrings in their ears. These Moors speak Arabic and follow the faith of al koran, and have great faith in Muhammed.
   This town was taken by from it's king by the Portuguese, as, moved by arrogance, he refused to obey the king our lord. There they [meaning WE the portuguese] took many prisoners and the king of Kilwa fled from the island, and his highness [the king of Portugal] ordered a fort to be built there, and kept under his rule and governance. Afterwards he ordered that it should be pulled down, as it's maintenance was of no value nor profit to him, and it was destroyed by Antonio de Saldanha. -Duarte Barbosa

The last part about the fort is revealing, due to the sophistication of it's merchants and rulers who were able to tax a large portion of east african trade  Kilwa became incredibly wealthy but once the portuguese sacked the city (among others) all the trade dried up. The island became worthless which is why the fort is destroyed. There is a long and boring portuguese account in the same book describing in detail how. The kilwa tax system and their methods for enforcing it as well as lamenting that since the conquest it is no longer in operation. However I will not reproduce it here. The projection onto the other prevalent in the media today is priceless it is not the Portuguese who are arrogant for demanding obedience rather it is the king of Kilwa for refusing it.

Here is a second account of Kilwa and it's destruction.

The introduction by Basil Davidson is worth qouting first.
Early Portuguese intentions on the East coast may be fairly summarized as being, first to plunder the Indian Ocean trade; secondly to put the seaboard towns in tribute; thirdly, to accumulate personal loot. In one way or another all these designs were briefly realized.

In Kilwa there are many strong houses several stories stories high. They are built of stone and mortar and plastered with various designs. As soon as the town had been taken without opposition, the Vicar-General and some Franciscan fathers came ashore carrying two crosses in procession and sing the Te Deum. They went to the palace and there the cross was put down and the grand Captain prayed. Then everyone started to plunder the town of all it's merchandise and provisions. [Two days later D'almeida fired the town, destroying as the account in de Barros explains, "the greater part of this city of abomination"]-Hans Mayr.

   This requires comment how bizarre these portuguese seem to us engaging in a religious ceremony before pillaging Kilwa. But today we still bow down before our ideal blessing ourselves with terms like Democracy, Human rights, or slightly more honestly free trade before proceeding to pillage some country whether it be in Africa or even Europe. Also the reader will have to imagine for themselves how much murder, rape enslavement ,and mindless destruction went on summed up in the simple word plunder.

The conquest of Kilwa was only one such episode in the history of European "Exploration" modern Indian scholars more accurately label Vasco de Gama as a Pirate. The portuguese would move from looting the wealth of the islands  to enslaving the people of the mainland a topic I may deal with at a future date. There are many forgotten cities like Kilwa. The portuguese would maintain their African possesions until the 1970's. Most of Africa would remain unconquered until the late 19th century. Instead Europeans would establish trading posts along the coast to sell slaves to replace those who died as a result of the conquest of America either inadvertently through disease or as a result of the cruel slavery imposed by the spanish and portuguese. A new global trading network founded on genocide and slavery had been born. Scholars believe that the gold and silver looted from America using african Slaves allowed the birth of Capitalism and the Industrial revolution. Ironically today America is still interfering with the renewed Trade between Africa and Asia with it's wars in Africa and Naval provocations in the South China sea. And it is still using murder and robbery to seize Africa's resources. Once again the west has lost it's trade advantage over the East relying instead on brute force. The hypocrisy and brutality of the empire live on 500 years later.

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America, The CIA, and Fascism

America, the CIA, and Fascism a Brief History

    With the recent overthrow of the Ukrainian government of Yanukovych images of Neo-nazis have been all over the alternative media. Svoboda and right sector openly nazi in style and belief  have been included in the new Ukrainian Government even being given charge of defense. These groups which are anti-Russian anti-communist and ironically considering the role played by Neo-cons in the coup anti-semitic. They trace their origins to Stephen Bandera who in collaboration with the Nazi SS killed tons of Poles Russians, Jews, and Ukrainians. Their emergence has provided either the pretext according to the state department or the justification according to the Kremlin for what  has been labeled an invasion. What's actually going on in crimea is sort difficult to discern either a Russian proxy army, or the Russian army itself has taken over with wide popular support. Probably these self defense forces are made up of concerned civilians, former Ukrainian police and military plus some Russian army in disguise. Comparing it to the shock and awe of the Iraq invasion is absurd so far no one has been killed despite violent provocations by  anti-crimean infiltrators. Still for a while things looked dangerous although the west appears to be backing down. But this is hardly the first time America supposed champion of democracy has allied itself with fascists, so here is a brief history of a few episodes in that relationship.
    First there were the ties between big American corporations and the Nazi's some like Ford a notorious anti-semite were enthusiastic supporters. Others merely hoped to use fascism to prevent communist revolutions and to attack the soviet union. A similar divide existed in Britain as well. All of course wanted to make a buck. Probably the most notorious of these businessmen was Prescott Bush father of Bush I and grandpa of Bush II. He was in business with the man who funded Hitler's rise to power Fritz Thyssen. Even during the war these business dealings continued American corporations owned parts of the german war machine and even had enough influence to make sure their factories were not bombed.
    Even before the war ended the OSS the precursor to the CIA began to collaborate with Nazis and Fascists against various communist resistance movements to Fascism. In addition they recruited various fascist groups to launch future destabilization against the soviets. In Ukraine for example they waged a failed guerrilla war against the soviets well into the 50's  using SS trained guerillas. Some Nazis were brought to America in Operation paperclip either because of their scientific expertise or because of experience with intelligence. Thus Reinhardt Gehlen former high ranking Nazi intelligence had a major impact on both the formation of the CIA and in creating the whole cold war paranoia with his trumped up intel. As a reward he was reinstalled in Germany to head German intelligence.  Some went to south America and allied with right wing forces getting into all sorts of trouble. Klaus Barbie for instance would participate in a a successful Bolivian coup on behalf of a drug cartel in the early 80's. In Chile a colony of ex nazis would run a torture center and helped the new Pinochet regime make an exact replica of a concentration camp to put Allende supporters in.
    That story is fairly well known at least the scientist part. What is less well known at least in America is the story of operation Gladio. America created a stay behind army of fascists both behind the iron curtain where they engaged in a destabilization campaign and in western Europe. The ones in western Europe would be exposed in an Italian scandal when it was discovered they had been carrying out a terror campaign that was blamed on the left. These included massive bombings killing hundreds as well as the kidnapping and murder of major politicians. This was known as the strategy of tension. Yesterday a conversation secretly taped by Ukrainian intelligence emerged revealing that the protestors were killed by snipers employed by the opposition which also was responsible for shooting police. Somethings never change. Actually these sorts of incidents are common in color revolutions.   In Belgium it emerged that this Gladio network was responsible for a  series of seemingly random attacks at grocery stores. Most shocking of all was this the shift by NATO to gladio B inspired by the success of the mujahideen in Afganistan and the balkans. Gladio B to simplify is none other then Al Qaeda as revealed by former FBI translator Sibel Edmonds. Most of it's attacks have traditionally been in Russia China and central Asia. It has also been used in Bosnia, Chechnya, Kosovo, Iraq, Libya and Syria. It has already made it's appearance in the maidan protests in Ukraine and is no doubt already operating among the Crimean tartars.
    One little remembered CIA partnership was with the world anti-communist league, although founded by right wing dictatorships in south Korea and Taiwan by the 70's many of it's european branches had been taken over by former Nazis and fascists and in America it was run by white supremacists. This organization was involved in major drug dealing, weapons smuggling and terrorism. It was allied with some of the worst dictators in latin America. It helped in the creation of death squads.
    Like the use of islamic extremists America's relationship with Fascists did not end with the Cold war. Especially relevant is what happened in Yugoslavia. Although seldom discussed in the Western Media where we were told that the Serbs were the new Nazi's in reality it was the people the west brought to power in Croatia that best fit that title. During world war 2 the Nazi's created a Croatian state. It was run by the Fascist Usatshe party. It slaughtered thousands of Serbs as well as the usual Nazi enemies Jews, leftists, and Gypsies. It's policy towards the serbs was kill a third convert a third, expel a third. In 1990 Franjo Trudjman became president of Croatia he adopted the old Ustashe flag and many former Ustashe members smuggled to the west in operation paperclip returned home in triumph. Like today the western media refused to say a word about any of this. Nor did they say anything when the Croatians ethnically cleansed the country of Serbs with the assistance of the CIA and MPRI a mercenary firm. For more On  the complex wars in Yugoslavia read Diana Johnstone's "Fools Crusade." It will become increasingly relevant in the weeks ahead.
  Thankfully in this Internet age these things are harder to cover up and forced by alt-media reports and Russian state Television the BBC recently did a story on Nazi's in Ukraine. As revealed by William Engdahl  Nato intelligence and the CIA have been supporting these Nazis since at least the 90's. Given CIA involvement with these groups in the 40's and 50's it's tempting to believe that America may have been supporting Fascists in Ukraine for over 70 Years. No doubt calling them freedom fighters all along. If you haven't heard about the Nazi's this article sums up recent events and has a link to the BBC video. For everything else just do a search on paperclip or gladio they are open secrets.

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America's global military empire

Global domination how the American military sees the world.

As you can see the military has carved up the world into a number of Commands.
 Southcom despite the fact that most of Latin America is no longer under total US control Southcom remains. US military influence is largely based in failed narcostates like Columbia, Guatemala and Honduras this should come as no surprise to those familiar with America's longterm alliances with drug traffickers all over the world from the KMT in the 40's to Al Qaeda today. Today America is using Columbia in an attempt to destroy Venezuela. Guatemala and Columbia also have some of the worst human rights track records in the world. Guatemala laboratory of imperialism was the victim of a CIA coup in 1954 the reason the government under Arbenz  was attempting to buy unused land from United fruit (which owned a large portion of Guatemalan  land) and give it to peasants. Unfortunately for him the Dulles brothers a CIA Director and Secretary of state were closely connected to United Fruit. He was overthrown and replaced by a series of  military dictators who waged a war of extermination on the Guatemalan people especially the Maya. This sort of thing happened a lot. America provided training and indoctrination to all of Latin America's military forces then it let them loose to overthrow their own  governments, torture, kill and terrorize their populace. In Chile for example it could be fatal for a man to have long hair (it was the 70's) or for women to wear pants.

Africom was founded in 2007 to train the military forces of African nations and turn the entire military of the continent on it's own people. Of course this process went by other names prior to 2007. For example the US provided training to the RPF before their invasion of Rwanda, and also before their invasion of Congo. Death toll so far 10 million. One way to spot a future hotspot is any country like Libya or Eritrea that is not part of Africom.

It says alot about America's relationship with it's allies that the head of Eucom is almost always promoted from Southcom. Who knows those Europeans might get funny ideas like flirting with communism better safe then sorry. In Greece for example the US backed a murderous Junta known as the cololonels.  Thus a tour of duty supervising torture and murder in South America is rewarded with the Command of Eu forces. Also notice the 3 separate commands covering Eurasia the major goal of US policy is to prevent Eurasian integration. Also note how Russia is covered even though they are not our allies. I guess even Imperialists have gotta dream sometimes.

Centcom is the one that get's all the press, well not the command itself but all it's wars. It is responsible for intervening in the US created arc of crisis. This arc stretches across southwest Asia (the middle east) and through central Asia. In other words from Egypt in north Africa (for some reason imperialists hate the idea that Egypt is in Africa.) all the way to Pakistan in the east. Centcom is responsible for waging war on Iraq, Afghanistan, Yemen. In the great game this is the big Prize. According to strategic thinkers whoever controls central Asia can control Eurasia. Whoever can control Eurasia controls the world island (Europe, Asia, Africa.) Whoever controls the world island controls the world.

Next we have Asia-pacific command. Obviously this is meant to counter the growth of China and India and our primary pawn is of course Japan. These are the countries that give the imperialists nightmares about being left behind. China is on the rise and America is in decline, everyone knows that. But the US still spends 7 times as much on our military. Will America go to war with China,  in an attempt to prevent any challenge to our global dominance as stated in the Bush doctrine?

The last area covered is Northcom. So far they've managed to turn Mexico into a war zone. If the Canadians, Americans or Mexico ever rise up against their economic exploitation you can be certain that Northcom will do what Southcom is famous for killing a bunch of people to prevent progress.

It doesn't end there. There are 3 additional commands.

There is US transport command, responsible for moving troops weapons and supplies around the planet.

There is USSOCOM they are in charge of America special forces. They go around the planet training Proxy armies to destabilize countries like Syria or the Congo. They also train death squads in the arts of torture and pacification (mass murder). Did you know that the original green berets were trained by former nazi SS officers. Those are their traditional functions. Today special forces  are the CIA's own private death squad traveling the world on a massive unreported assassination spree. They have their own command so that even the area commands don't know what they are up to. They answer only to the white house and the CIA. All we can know for sure is that they are conducting a covert war in over 120 countries.

Last but definitely not least is USSTRATCOM. The strategic command is responsible for fighting Nuclear wars. In addition they are also responsible  for cyberspace war and space wars. There is a semi-secret military space program with spaceplanes able to reign destruction on our future victims. Plus satellites, hypersonic launch vehicles etc. The cyberspace war is one of the reasons the US is able to bully everyone. They simply attack their command and control using cyberwarfare. In the event of war with Russia or China they hope to be able to destroy their ability to resist before unleashing a nuclear holocaust upon them. But unfortunately since Russia and China know about these plans it increases the possibility that they will attack the US before it can render them defenseless during one of these episodes of Nuclear brinksmanship American Presidents love to engage in. So watch the Ukraine and the south china Sea and hope the west isn't really as crazy as it has been acting of late. Acting crazy is another strategic doctrine known as the madman theory. Convince the Russians that you will start a nuclear war if you don't get your way. A product of the Nixon years. So if you have the illusion that all this is about defense remember the american military and NATO are putting the life of everyone on the planet at risk.

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