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Fascist Terror in Ukraine

           Fascist Terror in Ukraine

   The recent murder of journalist Oles Buzina has once again reveled the horrific nature of the Fascist US installed government in Ukraine. Not only is this Government waging a brutal Terror campaign on Novorossia constantly shelling civilians and unleashing Fascist death squads on the populace,  It is also conducting a terror campaign in the territories it still controls targeting not just "separatists," and communists but anyone advocating a peaceful solution to the war. Kiev is waging a terror campaign against it's own citizens no one knows how many ordinary people have been tortured and murdered so far. In addition Ukraine passed draconian laws legally punishing dissent people have been sentenced to 10-15 Year prison terms on the suspicion of "separatism" laws that target any one who expresses sympathy for Novorossia or Russia. People have been sentenced to long prison terms merely for liking a post on Facebook.   Torture has become systematic among the police military and the Fascist volunteer battalions like Azov and Aidar. Murders and disappearances are widespread. As I said we will never know how many ordinary people have perished but in their arrogance the Kiev regime has also been assassinating public figures opposition politicians and journalists. A string of murders have taken place which the Kiev regime transparently labeled suicides. Ukraine has also been intensifying attacks on Novorossia.
    First I'll discuss two recent political developments in Ukraine. First several weeks ago notorious gangster oligarch Igor Kolmoisky engaged in a failed power struggle with President Petro Poroshenko over an oil company. Kolmoisky is infamous for many reasons. His business methods involve sending armed gangs to seize competitors factories and that was before the Maidain coup pushed Ukraine into total lawlessness. Today he is known for his support of infamous Neo-Nazi volunteer battalions like the Azov and Aidair battalions. Ironically he is also a staunch supporter of Israel with which he has close ties and dual citizenship. The paradox is explained by the fact that the Ukraine conflict began partly as revenge for Russia's support of Syria, and the new regime is closely allied to Israel which is why notorious neo-cons like John Kerry and Victoria Nuland played such a public role in the Maidan coup last year. This is not the first time Israel has openly collaborated with Fascists the most infamous example being the massacre at Sabra and Shatila by Fascist Phalange militias during Israel's invasion of Lebanon in the 80's which took place under the approving eye of future Prime Minister Ariel Sharon. Actually pre-state Israel had dealings with the Nazis themselves on occasion. In any case with Ukraine rapidly disintegrating and Poroshenko having suffered a string of humiliating defeats at the hand's of Novorossia's Armed Forces, Kolmoisky apparently grew overambitious.     Kolmoisky who funds Dmitry Yarosh's Right Sector may have hoped he could seize power for himself using the fascists under his control. However the US backed Poroshenko to avoid further alienating the europeans. Kolmoisky was forced to back down. Poroshenko announced that the Fascist militias would be forced to join the regular army. At first the Militias who wanted access to better weapons appeared to agree but then they reversed themselves. They have since been doing their best to sabotage the Minsk 2 protocols by launching constant attacks against Novorossia. The independent fascist militias are useful for maintaining plausible deniability since they often defy orders. They are also valuable for doing the regimes dirty work eliminating political opponents as I'll discuss later.  They could also be used to overthrow Poroshenko when Washington tires of their puppet. Thus it will be interesting to see if Poroshenko will eventually attempt to bring them under control. Unfortunately even if these units did get integrated into the Ukrainian army that would only give them the chance to indoctrinate their fellow soldiers who would all the more inclined to listen to fascists if they were fighting side by side in the same units. A similar process has already taken place in the national guard battalions which recruited heavily from neo-nazi paramilitary groups. Those who weren't Fascists prior to joining these units were quickly converted.
   The second political event was a recent law which was passed in the Rada the Ukrainian Parliament banning  all Communist imagery. Prior to the coup last year the Communist Party was one of the most popular in the country. Of course the party was more akin to a European Social Democratic Party rather then a radical party advocating a return to the soviet era. It was so moderate and corrupt that genuine radicals were forced to split off and form Borotba (Struggle) which since the coup has been forced underground, if discovered Borotba members face prison, torture and or death.  The more Mainstream Communist party was also made illegal. Now all symbols  as well as all communist books and imagery have also been banned despite the fact that Ukraine was once an integral part of the soviet union. There is now a complete ban on "Communist Propaganda Symbols" and "Glorification of Soviet History. The Communist Party  was already defacto illegal just like the party of regions facing constant harrasment from the Neo-Nazi street Gangs who have been given free reign to terrorize the opposition often under direct orders from the ministry of the interior. This is a Crucial feature of Ukraine's Fascist "Democracy" Parties that a large portion of the population supported before the coup have been ruthlessly suppressed. It was the soviets who so generously gave Ukraine Donetsk and Lugansk and the Crimea in the first place incidentally. Despite this Ukraine has banned all reference to it's history as part of the Soviet Union all positive reference in any case. Just like in Iraq and Syria the US is waging war on history itself and the cultural monuments that preserve it's memory.
    On the other hand the Verkhovna Rada (Ukraine's Parliament) Simultaneously voted to glorify the memory of Nazi collaborator Stephan Bandera and his Terrorist Fascist army. They have been officially dubbed "Freedom Fighters" Their horrific war crimes have long been amply documented. To save bullets they loved to hack their victims to pieces or strangle them. Women volunteers were often tasked with murdering children. However for Ukraine's Fascists they have long been venerated as heroes. Bandera has seemingly been elevated into semi-sainthood his portrait treated like a Religious Ikon. Thus it should come as no surprise that Ukraine's parliament has voted him open honors.
   On the same day as both bills were passed a battalion of US troops arrived to train Ukraine's Fascist National Guards units like the notorious Azov battalion which has revived the atrocities of world war 2 committing a rampage of torture rape and murder since the conflict began. This training mission has already gotten into trouble drunkenly terrorizing a nightclub and allegedly some of it's members were involved in a rape. Apparently they completely despise the locals. I doubt if their bad behavior will keep them from accomplishing their mission of making the Fascist Militias even more dangerous. Appropriately this program is based in the most intensely pro-Fascist city in Ukraine Lvov. On the positive side it is in the far west of Ukraine far from Novorossia so hopefully the Americans will be able to avoid accidentally starting World War 3 by getting killed in the war zone by the NAF (Novorossiyan Armed Forces) which given the hysterical western media would inevitably be blamed on Russia. One american Azov Battalion volunteer and avowed Bandera supporter was already killed last fall and rumor has it an American Special forces trainer was killed last summer. Given the US desire to escalate the conflict it's only a matter of time before US special forces and Russian Spetsnaz will be battling each other in Ukraine. In fact I wouldn't be surprised to learn such battles had already taken  place last year. What is certain is that all sorts of foreign mercenaries working for US military contractors have been involved since the beginning of the conflict. In gratitude for this latest show of support from the US the Azov battalion has taken to flying the American flag which is now destined to join the Wolfsangel and swastika as symbols of a revived 21st century Fascism.  A fitting tribute to the empire of Chaos how long before the American Flag flies as well next to the black flag of Al Qaeda I can't help but wonder.  Of course the US has been working with Ukrainian Fascists for 70 years so it is only fitting that they should be the first to so openly express their gratitude.
     Which brings us to this string of murders many of which were sloppily arranged to look like suicides. There have been over a dozen high profile murders in recent months. Victims included Journalists like Sergei Sukhobok and Oles Buzina. They also included politicians like Peklushenko, Chechetov, and Oleg Kalashnikov. Ironically all three politicians had agreed to go along with the Maidan coup which apparently didn't save them. It seems from the translated interview with Oles Buzina published at Slavyangrad after his death that Buzina's only real crime was a desire for peace. His views were seemingly quite moderate although doubtless he had to guard his words since dissent is illegal in Ukraine while Murder of critics can occur with impunity. However even self censorship couldn't save him and he was shot. Sinister details have emerged about the murder. First their is the role of Website which exists solely to provide lists of targets to death squads. Oles Buzina is only the latest to be murdered after apearing on this Called Mirotvorets which translates into "the peacekeeper" The People over at  did some digging and discovered the site was based in Texas and apparently belonged to NATO directly. Computers loaded with death lists have been a common feature of America's dirty wars although the public nature of these death lists is new. In addition Cyber Berkut a russian hacker group (probably an intelligence front) managed to discover who was responsible by hacking into government account. It was revealed that the murder  was ordered by Kharkov regional deputy head Vyascheslav Abbakumov. Well actually as the hacked emails revealed he wanted Oles Buzina beaten but the militia he tasked murdered him instead. When he complained about the scandal that was sure to ensue the militia commander warned Abbukumov never to criticize him or his men again for carrying out their sacred duty to cleanse Ukraine I might as well qoute the whole exchange since it's impossible to capture it's craziness.

A critical Abbakumov email to one of the alleged state-sponsored assassins said:

"You bastards, what are you doing? You consider this to be an intimidation measure?"

"Do you know how much barking there will be on Moskal TV (a Ukrainian ethnic Russian slur) after this?"

"I understand that this bald head murdered journalist (Oles Buzina) had been asking for a brick to the head for a long time, but it was supposed to be a brick, (not a gun) understand?"

"You were given license to shut this trash up, but not permanently. You had told me about knocked out teeth, broken fingers."

"As for the fate of your team of thugs: Dublon (a nickname for Ukrainian Security Service Major General A. Dublik), called me personally three times."

"Now get back to Kharkov and return to base. The remaining orders are canceled for now."

The alleged assassin responded as follows:

"Do not ever dare to humiliate me or my boys again! We took up arms in order to clean our native land of garbage and traitors to the national idea, and not in in order to make you sad about the fact that another traitor to Ukraine went to a place from where he will never bark again!"

"We will not come back (from Kiev) - and why did your poem-reciting Dublon give us the authority then?"

"We have money, weapons, and allies in every corner of the country. We will return (to Kharkov) once we finish the job."

"And as you know, we have a lot of work yet to be done! Glory to Ukraine!"

   Once again the western media revealed itself as a nothing more then a propaganda outlet in the their handling of the string of murders. When Boris Nemtsov was shot in Russia the media went into overdrive vilifying Putin for the crime. Yet the many journalists and politicians who have been murdered in Ukraine have received zero coverage. Just the latest example of the massive suppression of news coming out of the Ukraine. Not even the lure of ratings can tempt the media to expose Ukraine's year long  fascist terror campaign. If mentioned at all fascism in Ukraine is still mentioned only in passing inevitably buried deep in the article and never a headline.
    In a recent article (the April 2015 "The Phoenix Program") I discussed the notorious CIA terror campaign in Vietnam aimed at murdering those opposed to the brutal American occupation there. The CIA trained death squads to hunt down all opposition. Later these programs migrated to Central America where hundreds of thousands would perish at the hands of death squads in El Salvador, Guatemala, and Nicaragua. Then the Phoenix Program moved to Iraq and Syria. With this string of murders in Ukraine clearly the Phoenix Program has arrived in Ukraine. Now once again the US will be openly training death squads. It has been over a year since the CIA director arrived in Ukraine in the week before the outbreak of the civil war. Unfortunately my dire predictions at the time (see my April 2014 "War in Ukraine") about this visit have been amply born out. Wherever the CIA sets out to fight it's dirty wars  there inevitably follows the same pattern of torture, Murder and the inevitable reign of the Death squads. Now they have moved from the covert training of theses death squads, which began long before the Maidan Coup, to the Overt training of these groups by the US military. Canada and the UK have also decided to openly train these groups. In Fact Ukrainian Fascists form a powerful lobby group in Canada which recently flexed it's muscles by getting Musician Valentina Lisitsa banned from playing in Toronto for the crime of supporting Novorossia and opposing the Fascist Kiev regime. According to Canada's Orwellian laws if You oppose ethnic cleansing and racism in Ukraine (or Palestine) that means that you are committing hate speech. In other words if you oppose racism that means you must be a racist a masterpiece of doublethink copied from the Ukraine Lobbies  friends in the Israel Lobby.
    Ukraine's attacks on Novorossia have increased over the past couple of weeks. Yet for now Novorossia has been forced to continue pretending the ceasefire is still in effect. Like the last ceasefire this one has been marked by constant shelling by the Ukrainian side. They even made a failed attempt to recapture the airport which ended in disaster. Novorossia expects a possible major offensive to coincide with the May 9th victory day celebrations marking the 70th anniversary of the final defeat of Nazi Germany. Contrary to what Hollywood would have you believe it was the Soviet Union which deserves most of the credit for this victory. The Russian's were already advancing steadily towards Germany by the time the Normandy invasion occurred.  Germany had been stopped in front of the Gates of Moscow back in 1941 after inflicting a series of disastrous defeats on the soviets. Then the Nazi forces had been surrounded and Crushed Outside of Stalingrad after their army had been bogged down in failed attempts to seize the city in brutal urban combat. After that the Soviets dealt them another decisive blow in Histories greatest tank battle in Kursk. Over 25 million Russians died in the war. 90% of German casualties occurred on the eastern front. Sorry for the long Tangent but it is a disgrace the way that the US and Britain have refused to give proper credit over the years and now this has evolved into something far more sinister with the US putting pressure on countries not to celebrate victory day in Moscow this year. Apparently the US seemingly now regrets fighting on the right side of that war and wishes that Nazi Germany had won or at least the soviet union had lost. I'm Half Joking but this must be what many Russians are thinking. Of course I'm only half joking because a sector of the American Elite really did think this way. In fact I learned yesterday that future CIA head Alan Dulles would during the war be engaged in secret negotiations with the Nazi's in which Germany would potentially overthrow Hitler and ally with the US and UK in a war against the Soviets. In Greece, Britain Cynically switched it's support to the Fascists against the Communists years before the war would even end. It was this type of thinking that would lead to recruitment of thousands of Fascists at wars end by the UK and US  setting in motion the cold war. After the Cold War the fascists were sent back to Ukraine with the disastrous results we see today. (See my June 2014 "Nazis and The CIA" for more on this topic) Yet this alliance with Fascism was always a dirty secret not something the average american would ever even suspect. Now by Publicly boycotting the May 9th Victory Day celebrations and pressuring others to do the same America's dark side is on full display. Especially since while Russia will be celebrating it's victory over Fascism It's former allies will be openly training what even the New York Times has admitted in the past are  Neo-Nazi battalions.
   In Novorossia as I mentioned they are expecting a massive attack from the Fascists in Ukraine. Doubtless Novorossia hopes to celebrate victory Day with a New victory of their own. The Fascists will doubtless be tempted to attack both to avenge their heroes Ukraine's Fascist OUN-B and to get revenge for their own more recent string of defeats. It must be humiliating for those pumped up by crazed notions of Ukrainian superiority to subhuman moscals as they refer to their Russian cousins. This is the comedic part about Ukrainian Fascism. Nazi Germany was initially successful conquering France and forcing the British to flee back across the channel. Their attack on the Soviet Union was initially very successful conquering Ukraine and Belarus and pushing deep into Russia nearly capturing Moscow and Leningrad. Thus their arrogant conceit about their innate superiority would initially be born out by events and only the immense sacrifices of the Russian people would eventually be able to disabuse them of these illusions. Ukraine on the other hand has no reason for soaring fantasies of superiority. They have suffered one humiliating defeat after another. Who can forget the wars beginning when Ukrainian troops decided to desert when faced with opposition from unarmed civilians. Actually this was one of the wars only bright spots when humanity briefly triumphed over the madness the US had planned for the region.
   Shortly thereafter there was the Odessa Massacre the Anniversary is Fast approaching May 2. Officially 48 people died although rumor has it was closer to 150. In a further example of life in Fascist Ukraine the government has been arresting the families of victims in the hopes of preventing protests to mark the anniversary. In addition it is still holding 20 anti-fascist demonstrators arrested on the day of the massacre and they have all suffered torture awaiting trial for the crime of surviving the massacre. However repression will not be enough to stifle dissent and Odessa is home to a powerful anti-fascist resistance movement. Those who oppose Fascism in Ukraine will never forget this Vile massacre in which a pregnant woman was strangled. The fires were actually set to cover up the brutal massacre fascist paramilitary gangs carried out inside the building. We must continue to keep the memory of this terrible event alive. With The Odessa massacre the War truly began. (See May 2014 Ukraine Lies and Death for more on the Odessa Massacre)
    Now to briefly further recap the events of the war. Next there was the months long battle of Slavyansk where a tiny force under Igor Strelkov managed to hold off a massive part of the Ukrainian army inflicting a series of defeats against all the odds. Then as they were about to be trapped and cut off they managed a surprise withdrawal. The Veterans of Slavyansk would form the backbone of the NAF defending Novorossia. Famous NAF commanders who fought at Slavyansk include Givi, Motorola, and Alexei Mozgovoi among others. With the Fall of Slavyansk Ukraine launched a major offensive in an attempt to crush Novorossia. Instead they were surrounded and forced to surrender. Another major offensive would meet the same fate a defeat so decisive that Ukraine was only saved because Russia ordered the advance halted and negotiated the Minsk agreement instead. The first "ceasefire" would end with the capture of Donetsk Airport by the NAF and their crushing of the Ukrainian counter offensive to recapture the airport. Next the NAF would capture the enormous bridgehead at Debaltsevo at enormous cost in lives leading to the latest Minsk 2.0 Ceasefire. My point being that clearly the Ukrainians need to rethink their delusions of grandeur. My other point is to wish the people of Novorossia a well earned and happy Victory Day. Their string of victories surprised the world their courage and sacrifice have given birth to a new nation, a symbol of resistance against fascism, oligarchy and the American Empire. We can only hope that one day they will be allowed to liberate the rest of Ukraine or at least bring it back to it's senses. Hopefully one day we will be able to celebrate Victory in Ukraine day.
    Until then Ukraine will live under a US backed reign of fascist terror. For now it appears that the Fascist militias will be allowed their independence so long as they continue to be useful cannon fodder in the war on Novorossia and so long as they keep doing the regimes dirty work by eliminating all dissent. The awful legacy of such infamous CIA programs as Project Paperclip, Operation Gladio and the Phoenix program will continue to wreak horror and terror in Ukraine.


First in Celebration of the upcoming Victory Day let me recommend two documentary series available for free on YouTube chronicling the epic war between Russia and Nazi Germany. First there is the "The Uknown War." Produced in the 70's by the Soviet Union and hosted by Burt Lancaster it contains rarely scene archival footage of the war on the eastern front. I highly recommend it. There is also the newer Soviet Storm which often goes into more detail but often relies on recreations and computer animation. I learned of the Dulles brothers connection with the Nazi's while reading the excellent "The Old Boys: The American Elite and The Origins of the CIA" by Burton Hersh which I started yesterday.

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