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Iran/Contra pt 4 WACL 2

   Beyond Iran/Contra Part 4 World War WACL

   With a special thanks to @arrghshell of https://n0p3.net

   In my last article in this series I traced the multiple origins of The World Anti-Communist League or WACL from British master spy Sidney Reilly's Anti-Bolshevik League, The largely unknown promethean league, and finally Hitlers Anti-Comintern Pact which absorbed both it's predecessors. I should also have mentioned Hitler's Committee of Subjugated Nations which was the precursor to the ABN branch of WACL. All were absorbed by western intelligence agencies recruited as allies to wage Covert and psychological warfare on the Soviet Union.  In Asia the US installed rightwing dictatorships in Taiwan, South Korea, South Vietnam, and other countries who joined together to form the Asian People's Anti-Communist League or APACL in 1954 (under the Guidance of notorious CIA officer Ray Cline who would go on to play a key role in GLADIO)  which would become another major power in WACL and which was closely allied to the eastern european fascist elements of the future WACL. That same year of 1954 in the wake of the coup that overthrew Arbenz in Guatemala the Latin American branch of WACL was formed. At it's founding were three of the most notorious members of the Secret Team E. Howard Hunt,  Lucien Conein, & Mitch WerBell III, It would take a book on each of these shadowy figures to do them justice. Hunt was most famous for his role in Nixon's plumbers, Conein a CIA agent with close ties to the corsican Mafia would play a pivotal role in the history of the international drug trade, WerBell (A "White" Russian) trained mercenaries and death squads and dealt weapons. All three were veterans on the infamous OSS operations in Kunming China which would evolve into 70 years of CIA control of the international drug trade as I discussed in "Iran/Contra Part 1 The Secret Team" All 3 also had close ties to international fascism. Latin America would prove to be one of WACL's main battlegrounds and the Latin American Branch would carry out decades of genocidal dirty war on the people of Central and South America. In Brazil, Guatemala, El Salvador, Argentina, Chile, Paraguay, those carrying out the dirty wars were all active WACL members and WACL conferences became centers from which they could mobilize for whatever horrors they planned to bring next upon their people. Behind it all pulling the strings were of course the CIA.

   WACL became a center for fascism, terrorism, drug dealing, death squads, racism, war, genocide and assassination. It's members included gangsters, cultists, war criminals, politicians, bankers, bank robbers, scholars, media people. It had branches all over the world in over 70 countries. Plus it was aligned with hundreds of other groups and fronts. It was involved in the Vietnam War, the Bay of pigs and the covert war on Cuba, Operation Condor, the assassinations of John Kennedy, Olof Palme and Ben Barka. It backed the wars in Angola, and Afghanistan, it fueled the rise of Nixon, Reagan, and Bush I. Most importantly it was deeply involved in the destabilization and destruction of the Soviet Union and the Wars in Yugoslavia and Ukraine that followed. The War on Drugs, The War on Terror, Cold War 2.0, the Long War  all different names for what I dub World War 4 and WACL can clearly be seen involved in all of them. It helped create Al Qaeda, it flooded the world with drugs, It kept Ukrainian Fascism alive for decades so that it could be re-installed in Ukraine provoking cold war 2.0. And yet despite the massive role it has played in shaping the events of the past 60 years it remains largely unknown. Most of America's most unsavory allies all gathered together in one place a topic which is apparently too scandalous for most historians to bother to discuss. The Study of WACL forces the abandonment of myths about the "cold war" having anything to do with "preserving democracy" instead it had to do with preserving fascism as a useful weapon in the US quest for global domination.

   Unfortunately I'll only be able to scratch the surface of WACL's long and sordid history in this article. To write the history of WACL would involve writing a history of the wars stretching from World War 1 to world war 4. As we saw last time even the origins of WACL with it's many and complex precursors could probably fill a library since it would be a history of fascism, counter-revolution and world wars stretching across the world. The task of chronicling it's exploits through the past 70 years and World Wars 3 and 4 would be even more complex. Thankfully however WACL's activities often intersect with my prior research and so while I have rarely mentioned WACL itself I have written about it's effects or it's component parts. Thus WACL is not only a continuation into my Iran/Contra research it is also a continuation of my research on the CIA and fascism (America the CIA, and Fascism, Nazis and the CIA, Operation Gladio) as well as the trilogy I wrote on Korea and Vietnam, the series on Angola, and my article on Operation Condor. WACL backed those wars and CIA operations. For example many of the most infamous GLADIO terrorists like Stefano Delle Chiaie, or Yves Guerin-Serac were WACL members. Those who carried out the bloody crimes of operation condor like Jose Lopez Rega or Pastor Coronel were WACL members. Diem America's right wing puppet in Vietnam was a APACL founder. Reinhardt Gehlen the infamous Nazi spy chief recruited by the CIA and founder of West Germany's postwar intelligence agency the BND was a major WACL backer. And of course WACL was behind the scenes causing the war in Ukraine which I've written so much about. WACL was used to tie everything together to coordinate the actions of fascists, terrorists and death squads as they waged war on behalf of the CIA across the planet. So while I'll only be able to deal with a few highlights of the history of WACL I have dealt elsewhere with some of the wars, assassination programs, and terrorism that WACL was involved in.

   First there is the massive WACL connections to the death of JFK first discovered by legendary researcher Mae Brussell and also explored at length by Dave Emory one of the few to give WACL the attention it deserved. Peter Dale Scott has also written on the topic. There was the strange coincidence that Stephan Bandera was killed on October 15 1959 the same day that Lee Harvey Oswald pretended to defect to the USSR. Kennedy angered the ABN branch of WACL by publicly disavowing the notion that the US planned to dismember the Soviet Union. When Oswald returned to the US he was greeted by an ABN member and all his friends were white Russian Fascists like George de Morenschildt. WACL connected groups helped set up the cover story that Oswald was a communist. Plus they played a major role in framing him for the assassination Those are only a couple of examples I'll put some links to Mae Brussell and Dave Emory's work on the topic in the sources. Not only were european fascists involved in the kennedy assassination but also of course the CIA's army of drug dealing cuban exiles were also involved of course. They too were closely tied to WACL as we shall see. In fact the bay of pigs was in many ways a WACL operation tied both to Somoza in Nicaragua, and to Taiwan among others. Through WACL they would merge into a "China"(Taiwan)/Guatemala/Somoza/Cuba lobby as Peter Dale Scott points out.

   Another assassination accompanied the final official coalescing of the various WACL branches into WACL itself in 1967. This was the murder of Morrocan revolutionary Ben Barka in France. Barka had been working on Fidel Castro's behalf to organize the Tri-Continental Congress. The Tri-Continental sought to the third world Latin America, Asia, and Africa in opposition to imperialism. The official creation of WACL was as Henrik Kruger points out meant to counter the Tri-Continental just as Hitler's Anti-Comintern Pact had been formed to counter the Comintern (short for communists international) the Third International which sought to unite all the revolutionary communist parties in the world. WACL sought not only to stop the third world from becoming independent or socialist it sought to "Rollback" communist or independent nationalist countries everywhere in the world. Hence Ben Barka an ally of de Gaulle was kidnapped and murdered by treacherous SDECE agents  (French foreign intelligence) in defiance of de Gaulle's wishes but in accord with their allies in the CIA who were desperate to sabotage the Tri-Continetal Congress. Also involved was Mohammed Oufkir the Moroccan Minister of the Interior who had his own reasons for wanting Barka dead another agent of the CIA. The American Ambassador to Morroco at the time Henry J. Tasca would go on to support the Colonels coup in Greece. In France it became a major scandal and an enduring mystery and de Gaulle fired the SDECE head and purged the agency in revenge. De Gaulle himself nearly ended up a victim of the CIA aligned fascist french OAS in a number of assassination attempts and had also narrowly  an OAS coup. Henrik Kruger discusses the death of Ben Barka in his newly republished cult classic "The Great Heroin Coup" which I'm currently reading and highly recommend for it's fascinating discussion of the phony war on drugs and it's material on WACL and the secret team. It was at the Tri-Contintental that Che would give his famous speech calling for 1,2,3 many Vietnam's to bring the empire to it's knees. Today the legacy of the Tri-Contintental lives on thanks to Sukant Chandan check out the youtube channel of that name to find a bunch of great conferences of Anti-Imperialist activists on a variety of topics. The other most famous WACL connected assassinations were the death of Pope John Paul I who was planning to reform the vatican bank which would have exposed the P-2, Mafia, GLADIO, and other WACL connected groups. John Paul II was shot but survived another WACL connected event as the Grey Wolves of which the shooter Mehmet Ali Agca was a member had long been connected to WACL. Ironic given that the pope was also an ally of WACL playing a role both in the rollback of communism and even their war on liberation theology.

   Just as the foundation of the Latin and Asian WACL branches were the same year as the coup in Guatemala so too the 1967 WACL conference was the same year as the fascist Colonels coup in Greece which of course WACL was deeply involved in. Fascists from across Europe went to Greece to take part in the dirty war on Greece's people and many future GLADIO terrorists would gain experience in the tide of torture and murder that followed the coup. It was a case of history repeating itself and many CIA counter-insurgency experts and european fascists had also participated in the dirty war in Greece in support of fascism during the 40's. Just one of many coups both successful and failed that WACL would be involved in.

   Having introduced the Central and Eastern, European, The Asian, and Latin American WACL branches the story of Roger Pearson will serve to introduce both the North American and Western European Branches. The Year was 1976 George H. W. Bush was CIA director and it is amazing how much mayhem went on during his brief reign. The fascist military coup in Argentina was the same year for example. Someone should write a book just on this one year as I constantly come across new crimes that took place during Bush's brief tenure as head of the CIA. CORU the Cuban Terrorist group was formed in June 76 (The same month as the Argentina Coup) after it's predecessors had assassinated most of Orlando Bosch's opponents in the Cuban Exile community. They launched a wave of terror bombings across the world all in quick succession. In Miami alone there were over 700 bombings in 1976; it's amazing what get's left out of the history books. CORU also carried out major attacks in Jamaica, Barbados, Colombia, Mexico, Argentina, Panama, and Spain. The most infamous was the blowing up of a cuban airliner in Barbados which killed 73 people. The most famous was in Washington, DC itself with the car bomb that killed Orlando Letelier and Ronni Moffit. The cubans were acting on behalf of Chile's DINA and the victims were part of the list of tens of thousands killed by Operation Condor. The cubans would also play a major role in Operation condor joining death squads in Guatemala, Argentina, and Brazil.

   But as if all the Mayhem carried out by the Cuban WACL members based in Miami wasn't enough Bush who's family ties to Nazi's and other Fascists went back to before WW 2 and who personally was in charge of organizing the fascist supporters of the GOP through the "Ethnic Outreach" program (Nixon had also been a major backer of this program) Bush 1 decided to appoint an outright fascist Roger Pearson to head the american branch of WACL. Pearson then attempted to force the more "mainstream" elements out of the western european WACL branches and replace them with outright Fascists many who were Waffen SS veterans others part of Europe's Neo-Fascist Euro-Right scheme. He would fail to force the conservatives out but he did manage to get all the neo-fascist's and SS men in. Most of the names will probably be unknown to you  but I'll include a few in case you want to conduct some further research. There was Swedish Fascist Per Engdahl, Belgian St. C. de Berkelaar, Norwegian Tor Hadland, German Heinrich Hartle, Austrian Wilhelm Landig and Italian Giorgio Almirante. Pearson would by 1978 become the worldwide head of WACL especially beloved by the Central American death Squads who drew inspiration from Mexico's Nazi Tecos and Of course even more so by the fascists of the ABN who were mostly former SS men themselves. Of course the most notorious german member had been a member long before Theodore Oberlander who had lead the Ukrainian Fascists on their murder spree and organized turkic battalions of chechens, crimean tatars, Azeri's and other disaffected groups into brutal death squads. They took part in smashing the Warsaw uprising among other crimes. In Postwar Germany Oberlander became minister for the strongly pro-fascist expellee movement.

  Pearson was a strange character he was British not american and became a fanatical racist while serving in the British army in India which is a surprisingly common detail in the lives of american fascists as  I've discovered listening to Anti-Fascist Researcher Dave Emory. Is it merely another example of the racism inspired by the settler colonial mindset or was India a hotbed for British Fascism? Pearson became a firm believer in eugenics and "scientific racism" he published a number of "scholarly" journals and lead a dual life both as a respectable "conservative" and an ardent racist. He was a member of the Heritage Foundation, the American Security Council, he founded the Council on American Affairs. Thus top politicians wrote for his journals and Reagan sent him a letter of praise long after he was replaced as head of WACL for being too overtly fascist (which was quite an accomplishment given the membership). As President Reagan put it in 1982 "your substantial contributions to promoting and  upholding those ideals and principles we value at home and abroad are greatly appreciated." Pearson made great use of this quote when soliciting donations. Reagan that old Fascist was doing his part as well at promoting american values by backing racist apartheid in South Africa and the genocide of Indians in Guatemala affirming his commitment to the racism and genocide upon which america was built.Needless to say WACL was deeply involved in both places as well.  Meanwhile at home his war on drugs was imprisoning ever more black men for selling tiny amounts of drugs while the contras were given total impunity to fly drugs in by the ton. To return to Pearson not only was he close to the republicans he was also a lifelong fascist who started the Northern League for Pan Nordic Friendship which united fascist SS veterans with white supremacists in the US, Canada, Great Britain and Australia. Pearson was also close to all the segregationist forces in the US along with the fascist Liberty Lobby who's journal he edited. He was also chairman of the council on American affairs, and was a member of the heritage foundation and the ASC. When he resigned as chairman of WACL in 1980 he gave the job to a southern segregationist. Of course it was under the control of the shadowy retired General John K. Singlaub the secret team member and one of the major players in the genocidal wars in Korea and then Vietnam that WACL would rise to it's greatest power.

   Through WACL Taiwan would play a fascinating role in Latin America's dirty war. In an early article "Israel Supported [Death Squads] in Nicaragua, El Salvador, and Guatemala" I talked about the little discussed role Israeli advisers played in training latin American death squads. The Israeli role was actually even greater then I suspected also extending to Chile, Colombia (Where Mossad agent posing as a private mercenary Michael Harari trained and supplied the Medellin Cartel death squads for their reign of terror and assassinations as a favor to the CIA) and Mexico where they helped suppress the Zapatista's. However what is even less well known is the role of Taiwan in training latin american death squads. Taiwan became the center of what became known as "Political Warfare" Political Warfare included all the tactics of dirty war usually called psychological operations, counter insurgency etc. However it was also a method for fascists to infiltrate and control their countries armed forces. The Taiwanese model involved creating a fascist political party and having it take over the armed forces and police. Members were to be deeply indoctrinated in a fascist brand of fanatical anti-communism. Ironically all this was adapted from the system of political commissars used in the Soviet Red Army. Chiang Kai Shek's son Chiang Ching Kou had been sent by the KMT to the Soviet Union for his military education since they were then allies of the communists. However Chiang would later instead seek the backing of the west turning on the communists using Triad gangster death squads to smash the communists in Shang Hai in 1927. Political warfare was thus an attempt to adapt soviet methods into the service of his anti-communist counter-revolution. Just as the soviets used commissars to teach the troops the marxist ideology, political warfare would instead indoctrinate it's members in an Anti-Communist fascist Ideology.   As one Student was qouted in "Inside the League"

"We Were taught that to defeat communism we had to be cruel. We were told to watch our commander, that if he showed weakness or indecision in combat, we were to kill him. They also had us watch our classmates who of course were watching us."

Incidentally all Taiwanese foreign exchange students were kept under constant surveillance for any signs of subversive thought let alone any political activity to expose the situation in their country.

   In Cooperation between Chiang Ching Kou Ray Cline of the CIA the Political warfare Cadres academy was  built in Peitou just outside the capital of Taiwan . There many of the Condor Network were trained. Peitou was also where the Guatemalan and El Salvadoran death squads were trained. Guatemala became a highly successful example of the Taiwan model. Mario Sandoval Alarcon created the MLN on the Taiwanese model and used it along with help from the CIA of course to create a parallel state in Guatemala that would carry out the usual death squad horrors. Taiwan's political warfare had also been used as a model for the phoenix program in Vietnam. Guatemala and Vietnam had a great deal in common corrupt and brutal military dictatorships that were constant prey to new right wing coups. In 1968-1971 Guatemala experienced a mini Vietnam as veterans of the CIA phoenix program arrived to put an end to the small simmering revolution in the countryside that had begun when a left wing coup by junior officers was put down in 1960 with CIA assistance. The surviving junior officers had linked up with the peasants who lived in dire poverty and were desperate for reforms. Sandoval one of the CIA's proteges in Guatemala put the lessons he learned in Taiwan to use massacring the peasants. His Protege in El Salvador Roberto D'Aubuisson also trained in Taiwan and was a fan of the Taiwan model. He started the parties PCN and it's successor ARENA based on the model of the KMT. The infamous argentine death squad Triple A would also train at the political warfare academy at Pleitou as would the Brazilians AAB. Both death squads WACL connections were obvious in their names Which roughly translate to Argentine Anti-Communist Alliance and Brazil Anti-Communist alliance. Taiwan's role in Latin America during World War 3 is yet another example pf both how much more interconnected these wars were and the role WACL played in uniting fascists of different countries in their war on their own population. In fact the official formation of Operation Condor was first publicly proposed at the 1975 WACL conference held in Brazil. Of Course yet again behind WACL and behind Taiwan we find yet again the hand of the CIA.

    The 1976 coup in Argentina that overthrew the government of Isabel Peron was another example of the dangerous influence of WACL. Actually both sides competing for power in Argentina had deep WACL connections. On the peronists side there was the shadowy figure of Jose Lopez Rega known as El Brujo (The sorcerer) for his control of the Perons he co-founded the murderous Triple A or AAA death squads, he was a P-2 member connected to the even more shadowy and infamous Licio Gelli and was even connected to "Hitler's Favorite Commando" Otto Skorzeny. Lopez Rega brought GLADIO style tactics into Argentine politics confusing things so much that historians have difficulty distinguishing between real and false flag terror attacks during the era. To further complicate matters Lopez Rega was at war with both left wing peronists and the neoliberal fascists who would launch the 1976 coup driving the peronists from power and targeting them for assassination. For example when Peron returned home he had AAA machine gun Peron's left wing supporters that had shown up to welcome him back.

The Neo-Liberal fascist coup which installed General Jorge Videla and his successors strongly reminded me of the coup that took place in Ukraine since they basically were selling Argentina off to the highest bidder and foreign multi-nationals rushed in to loot the country sending the economy into free fall. The IMF rewarded their insanity by giving them a 300 million dollar loan the largest credit they had ever granted a latin American country. But as terrible as the economic consequences of the coup they paled in comparison to the murderous rampage the junta undertook torturing and killing 30,000 people in attempt to cut out the "sickness" of "subversion" from Argentina. Their main goal was to break the powerful Argentinian unions but they targeted anyone especially students who showed the slightest signs of resistance. As one Officer told his subordinates "If We exterminate them all, there will be fear for several generations...All... About twenty thousand people. And their relatives too-they must be eradicated- and those who remember their names...not a trace or a witness will remain." (qouted from "Incomplete Transition: Military Power and Democracy in Argentina by J. Patrice McSherry) The crimes of the Junta aroused a major outcry and WACL became one of Argentina's principle defenders. In Fact Argentina had become by 1980 along with Guatemala and Taiwan one of the 3 key WACL members who used the organization to lobby on their own behalf. Argentina lead CAL the latin american WACL branch.  All 3 countries employed Reagan's campaign manager Michael Deaver as their Lobbyist.  Illegal donations from these 3 WACL countries helped Reagan win the election forcing out Jimmy Carter. WACL of course hated Jimmy Carter for his ineffectual efforts to rein in Fascist countries like Guatemala and Argentina who waged US backed dirty wars on their own people as I discussed in Iran/Contra part 1. Argentina would play a role similar to that of Israel, Taiwan, and of course the US in sending advisers to train latin American death squads in the Condor Network countries and also in central america where they trained the death squads of El Salvador, and Guatemala to be even more brutal and sadistic in their dirty wars. They were also used as the primary trainers of the Contras in Nicaragua acting as proxies for the US. The "Argentine solution" as WACL dubbed it was thus exported all over latin America.

    The Bolivian Cocaine coup of 1980 was perhaps the ultimate example of a WACL backed coup. The Argentines, and Chileans, were involved of course along with the other Operation Condor Countries. So were the moonies whose political wing CAUSA was central to organizing and funding the coup. Infamous Nazi war criminal Klaus Barbie was also a major player in the coup. So was infamous GLADIO terrorist Stefano Delle Chiaie leader of the Italian Fascist Avanguardia Nazionale another of the most fascinating WACL members. Delle Chiaie was involved in the infamous Piazza Fontana bombing in Milan(16 dead 80 injured) , A failed Italian coup, and the Bologna bombing that killed 85 and injured 200 in Italy. He helped set up death squads in Spain, and Portugal. He was a member of Aginter Press a fascist terror group. He trained latin american death squads for the Condor network and in Central America and was a close friend of Turkish Grey wolf/Gangster Abdullah Catli the two were spotted in Miami on their way to meet the Cuban terrorists.

   The Cocaine coup in Bolivia installed Luis Garcia Meza as president and he installed cocaine  kingpin Roberto Suarez's cousin Col Luis Arce Gomez as interior minister assuring immunity for the drug cartels. Klaus Barbie had been busy in Bolivia training death squads for the Bolivian Drug lords, and inducting them into his nazi secret society "The Fiancees of Death". During the coup they seized the radio station and broadcast Nazi propaganda then Barbie's nazi followers were allowed to go on a murderous rampage. Another death squad was dubbed the phoenix commando which may have had something to do with the fact that many nazis and fascists had fought in Vietnam under both the french (many joined the foreign legion) and the Americans. In fact half the green berets were recruited from veterans of fascist death squads. Many air america pilots were also recruited from the fascist exiles. Bolivia in 1980 became strongly reminiscent of Nazi Germany in the 30's and 40's. All the gangsters were released from prison and allowed to go on a rampage. The explosion in cocaine coming out of Bolivia is what lead to the massive expansion of the cocaine cartels in Colombia who also formed fascist death squads.

   John Singlaub the Secret veteran of the genocidal wars in Korea and Vietnam had been fired by Carter in 1978 for criticizing plans to reduce US forces in Korea where Singlaub headed the UN forces. This elevated him into a second MacArthur the fascist Korean War general who was fired by Truman for wanting to start a nuclear war. Given his long ties to the CIA and the US's right wing allies in Korea and South Vietnam Singlaub's connections to WACL probably went back much further but it was in this period where he began to play an increasingly public role in WACL. He was sent by the WACL allied ASC to Guatemala with former DIA head General Daniel O. Graham to drum up illegal campaign contributions for Reagan and to plot the intensification of Central America's dirty wars. Next he founded a new US WACL branch the US council for  World Freedom to replace Pearson's disgraced Branch. Then Singlaub became the World Chairman of WACL recruiting a bunch of other high ranking dirty war vets into WACL. WACL was to become the coordinating center for Low Intensity conflict and World War 3 a term WACL like me used to refer to "the cold war." Luckily I have already written about the many dirty wars of the 1980's in Iran/Contra Part 2 World War 3 (although I forgot to mention the Ethiopia Somalia war that lead to Somalia becoming a failed state in which Cuba and the USSR backed then socialist Ethiopia against former Soviet Ally turned western Proxy Somalia.) WACL was involved in all these wars.

  WACL raised money for the contra's in Nicaragua and the Mujahadeen in Afghanistan. It raised money for UNITA in Angola, and Renamo in Mozambique. It supported the genocidal wars in El Salvador and Guatemala on their own people. Of course in both those countries WACL members actually carried out the war themselves and in many other places. WACL backed the covert wars in Cambodia, and Vietnam. WACL was tied to Soldier of Fortune Magazine which was used both to recruit mercenaries and indoctrinate the american public in the WACL world view. John Singlaub wrote frequent columns for the magazine which was in many ways a precursor to todays VICE magazine. The Magazines founder Robert K. Brown was practically a member of the Secret team himself and held fundraisers on behalf of the Contras and the Afghan "Freedom Fighters" that would morph into the Taliban and Al Qaeda.

   Soldier of Fortune was merely the most outrageous of WACL's  american allies. There were a number of American organizations with interlocking membership with WACL. There was Singlaub's Refugee's Relief International a cover for supplying the dirty war since by refugees they meant CIA exile armies like the cubans or the contras. There was Western Goals founded as a privatized method of keeping track of American Subversives funded by the infamous Nelson Bunker Hunt and staffed by ex FBI men. There was The Council For the Defense of Freedom which launched propaganda campaigns about six world war 3 battlegrounds Afghanistan,  Angola, Cambodia, El Salvador, Nicaragua and Vietnam. There was the American Security Council (ASC) often described as the American WACL branch that lobbied on behalf of the war profiteers. ASC had a spinoff the committee on peace through strength which Singlaub with former DIA chief Gen. Daniel Graham also ran and which like WACL brought together western politicians and military men with their fascist allies like the Bulgarian National Front. WACL was also closely allied to the powerful conservative caucus which brought in both the republican party and the Fundamentalist Christians. Thus televangelists like Pat Robertson would act as WACL propagandists especially on behalf of Guatemala's Born Again Christian Dictator Rios Montt who loved to give bizarre sermons as he waged his genocidal war on the Mayan Indians and even attempted to force Guatemala's largely catholic populace to convert to evangelical style protestantism. American Born again preachers would even fly down to help hunt down subversives and supervise torture under the cover of charity. By the Reagan Era WACL despite it's scandalous history had become a part of mainstream american society. Another powerful friend of WACL my older readers will remember was Senator Jesse Helms whose "aides" (from their behavior it's clear they were actually intelligence agents of some kind) flew all over the world to various WACL countries plotting coups and dirty wars.

   Of course as I dealt with in part one WACL's greatest role would be in the destruction of the Soviet Union. An important victory for their strategy of "Rollback." WACL was not the only element but it clearly played an important role. Unfortunately I'll have to deal with this topic in the future it is obviously too big to go into here. However there are a few clues to WACL's role I can add here. During the Reagan era the ABN regained control over Radio Liberty and were already in the 1980's beaming their revisionist view of Ukrainian history heroizing the genocidal OUN/B. They would later gain increasing influence as they returned to Ukraine leading to the current fascist state of Ukraine. In Croatia the Ustashe terrorists also played a vital role in the destruction of Yugoslavia in fact Milo Baresic (the probable assassin of Olof Palme) would die fighting in the war to dismember Yugoslavia and was declared a national hero. He had been released from Swedish prison in 1987 the year after the Palme Assassination returning to Paraguay. The WACL connected free congress foundation would even be behind the rise of Boris Yeltsin. In an unrelated to WACL note I also recently discovered in an old Doug Valentine Interview that CIA director Bill Casey had recruited a bunch of KGB agents which he used to destroy the Soviet Union from within. I turned up other clues on the destruction of the USSR from my reading of Peter Dale Scott and Fletcher Prouty during my Iran Contra research with Prouty points to the importance of "the USA-USSR trade and economic council" in the subversion and destruction of the USSR. Peter Dale Scott offers a cryptic hint about how "detente" was a cover for the destabilization of the USSR. Bringing us back to WACL anti-fascist Researcher offers many hints to the role of WACL in the destruction of the soviet union and the Warsaw pact. Clearly however what was then labeled the mysterious rise of "ultra-nationalism" was in reality the behind the scenes influence of WACL and the CIA spreading their fascist propaganda. Without WACL Ukrainian and Croatian Fascists could never have accumulated the necessary power to seize control of their countries sparking the wars in Yugoslavia and Ukraine. WACL was also used to funnel money to the terrorists in Afghanistan leading to the creation of Al Qaeda and the Taliban.

   Thus we are still living with the legacy of both the Iran Contra Scandal and WACL. The Current Wars in Libya, Iraq, Syria, Ukraine, Afghanistan, Somalia were direct products of WACL and have their roots in the Iran Contra Scandal. WACL was linked to hundreds perhaps thousands of assassinations and terrorist attacks. Millions would die in WACL supported wars. Drugs, Terrorism, and Fascism would spread across the globe thanks to WACL. Now with fascism on the rise throughout the world it is important that we understand it's true origins and above all it's true sponsors. We must oppose this new rise of fascism remembering the millions who have already died as victims in this insane anti-communist crusade part of the unending war on the third world merely a cover for the evils of Capitalism, Racism, Imperialism, and Fascism as even a brief study of the history of the World Anti-Communist League makes clear. In Europe, in Latin America, in the Middle East, in Africa Fascism is on the march. The people of the world must unite and fight back because our enemies did so long ago.


My Main Sources were "Inside the League" By Scott Anderson and Jon Lee Anderson and "The Great Heroin Coup: Drugs Intelligence & International Fascism." "Inside the League" is great despite it's limitations I'd love to know the behind the scenes reasons for the book at one point the co-author visits Guatemala in the company of the infamous Mitch WerBell. "The Great Heroin Coup" should be read by anyone interested in the CIA drug connection, the Mafia, or international Fascism. I read the updated version with 75 pages of new material. I'm currently reading the excellent "Incomplete Transition: Military Power and Democracy in Argentina" by J. Patrice McSherry which I highly recommend for more on Argentina's complex history. For more on Operation Condor I recommend her definitive "Predatory States: Operation Condor and Covert War in Latin America"  For more on Soldier of Fortune and the madness of the Reagan Era check out "Warrior Dreams: Paramilitary Culture in Post-Vietnam America" by James William Gibson. And of course yet again I relied on "The Iran Contra Connection" By Jonathan Marshall, Peter Dale Scott and Jane Hunter.

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I did an interview on SOTT on Iran Contra and WACL also with links to their version of my Iran Contra series with great photos added


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America the CIA and Fascism (My whole Iran contra series evolved out of a simple plan to expand the section on WACL into an article as I did for Nazis and the CIA, and Operation Gladio)


Nazis and the CIA


Operation Gladio


Operation Condor


My Vietnam Series

The Origins of the Wars in Korea and Vietnam


The Phoenix Program


Genocide in Vietnam



  1. Another great article.

    Just a quick word on the WW page cited for Mae Brussell's works. If you haven't yet done so, check out Dave Emory's interview with Mae's daughter (should be the first link after searching "Mae Brussell"). Creeped me out after I listened to it. Afterward I visited that WW site and noticed some dubious links and subject matter so I briefly corresponded with Mr. Emory about it. His advice to me was to keep a "wide berth" from Mae's work through that channel. Just an FYI.

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  3. via Adel Battergee and his race IQ journal

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