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Freedom for Saif al-Gaddafi in Libya, Failed Coup in Turkey, War, Escalating War in Ukraine, & The Battle For Aleppo

   Sometimes events speed up and begin to spiral out of control. This is definitely one of those times. So much has happened since my last article on Syria that I'll never be able to do it all justice. The Battle for Aleppo continues of course a brutal struggle for the future of Syria and the world. There was the failed coup in Turkey. There was good news from Libya where Saif Gaddafi was finally released raising hopes that Libya may someday regain it's independence. In Crimea there was a failed terror plot that was narrowly foiled.

    First I'll deal with Libya. Last year Saif al-Gaddafi was sentenced to death by the Libyan Dawn faction of Libya's then 2 competing governments locked in civil war. This provoked protests by supporters of the Libyan Arab Jamahiriya the government overthrown by NATO's criminal 2011 war that installed Al Qaeda death squads as the new de facto government. Thousands of loyal Libyan's were killed thousands more rounded up imprisoned and tortured in the wake of NATOs victory. There are still over 7000 people being held at the mercy of the death squads. But since 2011 the forces loyal to the Libyan Arab Jamahiriya known as the Green Resistance have only grown in strength. Thus last year's attempt in July 2015 to sentence Saif to death resulted in massive protests by supporters of the Green Resistance as I discussed in my August 2015 "Wars on Syria Libya Yemen" They risked death and a more then a dozen were killed protesting the unjust sentence against Saif whose only crimes were his refusal to betray his family and nation during NATO's war on Libya. Now a year later not only has Saif not been sentenced to death he has been freed a victory greeted by thousands of green resistance supporters with protests in celebration. The Green Flags of the resistance were displayed all over the country as people came out to celebrate. All over Libya millions now hope for the return of the Libyan Arab Jamahiriya. Meanwhile the US/NATO have stepped up their attacks on the country as part of their phony war on the very terrorists they still back. Alexandra Valiente of Jamahiriya news, and Libya 360 calls it the most sophisticated psychological warfare campaign in history. The US has also continued it's phoenix program style assassination campaign aimed at supporters of the green resistance and the Libyan National Army. The war in Libya continues but the fact that Saif is now free gives reason for hope that one day all of Libya may be liberated from the terrifying occupation by the Empire of Chaos. Meanwhile in Lebanon Hannibal Gaddafi who was kidnapped by Hezbollah is still being held for a crime he couldn't possibly have committed since he was only 2 years old at the time of the mysterious assassination of Musa Sadr in 1978. Sadr's real killers were the Ed Wilson Theodore Shackley "Secret Team". The world must demand Hannibal's release. He was finally supposed to be freed last week when the court invented new trumped up charges to hold him.

   While Saif's release was met by a deafening media silence the whole world has by now heard of the failed coup in Turkey. NATO and the CIA foolishly tried to overthrow their unpredictable ally Erdogan. Unfortunately for them the wily and paranoid Erdogan was expecting something like this after attempting to entice Russia into re-establishing the economic ties they broke after Turkey shot down the Russian fighter last fall and turkish grey wolves killed the pilot and blew up the rescue copter killing another. Rumor has it that Russian intelligence warned him of the impending coup worried that the CIA had an even worse candidate in mind. In any case their was a brief hope that Erdogan would reduce his support for the war on Syria but that seems unlikely. Instead yet again Erdogan has managed to play his unpredictable balancing act between Russia and the West. Turkey is a sort of swinging pendulum first swinging towards Russia over the turkish stream pipeline, then towards the west by shooting down the fighter and now back to Russia. Meanwhile the war on Syria remains as intense as ever. At most there will be increased trade between the two countries Erdogan seems as unwilling as the US to end the war on Syria. Thus his recent visit to Russia failed to produce any agreement on Syria. Back in Turkey Erdogan is busy purging all his opposition in a massive crackdown. The one consolation is that in crushing the coup Erdogan also killed some of those responsible for planning the dirty war on Syria.

   Crimea is now reunited with Russia due to the votes of the vast majority of it's citizens and the heroic actions of the spetsnaz "polite men in green" back in 2014 in the wake of the fascist coup in Ukraine. Officially a part of the Russian federation it's citizens have been largely spared the fascist terror campaign that Novorossia (Donbass) has been subjected to in the east. The main exception was last winter when Ukrainian fascists and their Tartar allies blew up the electricity pylons to the island plunging the people of crimea into darkness and cold. Now with the empire of chaos upset over the recently intensifying Russian support for Syria they gave their fascist allies in Ukraine the green light to launch more terror attacks on Crimea. A team of commando infiltrators was sent into Crimea but luckily the locals were able to tip off the authorities in time. In the town of Armyansk the Russian FSB surrounded a team of 20 people unloading weapons and explosives. The fascists opened fire killing an FSB agent but were eventually captured with at least one of them kill and several wounded. Two more teams of infiltrators were caught trying to enter Crimea and a Russian soldier was killed by the Ukrainian army which was giving them covering fire with an APC. They were plotting to blow up infrastructure and also had a plan to blow up a bridge assassinating both local officials and federal authorities. Ukraine also attempted to assassinate the President of the Lugansk peoples republic Igor Plotnitsky who was injured when a bomb exploded near his car. Ukraine has also been escalating the war on Donbass continually shelling civilians and probing for weak spots in their defenses. Clearly the war in Ukraine is intensifying.

   Meanwhile in Syria the epic battle for Aleppo continues. For a while things were going well for the Syrian forces they achieved their goal of capturing the Castillo highway cutting off the terrorists supply route after weeks of hard fighting. The terrorists laying siege to the city in Eastern Aleppo had their supplies cut off. The terrorists desperate attempts to recapture the road failed. However the terrorists were able to launch a massive counter-attack with 7,000 men in south west Aleppo breaking through Syrian defenses seizing the Ramoosa artillery base, an air force technical base and the 1070 apartment blocs. Now Southwest Aleppo is the scene of brutal fighting as the SAA have slowly been recapturing these sites from the terrorists. Thus the terrorist victory may lead to a disastrous defeat as they are being heavily bombed by the Russian and Syrian air forces losing 1000 men according to the Russians. The death squads and their NATO advisers staked a lot on this counteroffensive opening a narrow path into the city. Now they will hopefully be cut off, surrounded and destroyed. However the battle for Aleppo is far from over all we can do is wish the SAA another Victory in Aleppo. Russia has thankfully continued to increase it's support bombing the terrorists besieging the heroic defenders of Deir Ezzor from bases in Iran and moving it's naval forces in position for an attack on the NATO death squads. In fact Lavrov even publicly admitted that the ceasefire was a mistake that allowed the terrorists to rearm.

   With the provocations in Crimea and treachery in Syria hopefully Russia will get it's revenge by helping Syria crush this NATO terrorist invasion. Syria is on the offensive seizing back the most of the 1070 apartments and the air force technical college. They made other important gains in Damascus, Latakia, and Deir Ezzor but of course the war continues. In Libya the power of the green resistance continues to grow despite the dirty war being waged on the country by NATO. In Turkey Erdogan is on the rampage purging his opponents. In Crimea the situation is tense but thankfully the people have been spared a wave of terror bombings and assassinations thanks to the quick response of the FSB and the Russian military. Donbass remains under fire it's plight forgotten by the outside world which continues to ignore the menace of fascism in Ukraine. America continues it's war on the planet spanning at least 4 continents not counting the low intensity counter-insurgency it has waged on it's own territory for hundreds of years. For now though it's schemes in Libya, Turkey, Ukraine, and Syria have all met humiliating setbacks.



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