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Victory in Palmyra

         Victory in Palmyra

   The Syrian Arab Army has achieved yet another major victory. Palmyra the ancient city captured last summer by ISIS has been liberated. A victory not just for Syria but for humanity which nearly lost a priceless piece of cultural heritage to the evil schemes of the Empire of Chaos to erase the worlds history. Not content with waging war on the Syrian people, destroying, schools, hospitals, power stations, food, and anything else necessary for the survival of Syria's people they even waged war on Syria's ancient monuments. Given Syria's incredibly rich history which spans thousands of years and included many ancient civilizations the Assyrians, Hittites, Phoenicians, Persians, Greeks, Romans, and later it's glorious role in the medieval christian and Islamic world; a war on Syria's history is a war on world history both western and eastern. During the reign of Zenobia one of the great women of the ancient world Palmyra became the center of some of the most beautiful art of the classical world. Of course the reason for Palmyra's rich history was it's vital strategic position sitting atop the trade routes which ironically in our own day have been replaced by the weapons pipelines to the death squads. The victory at Palmyra represents a major strategic gain disrupting flows of weapons and supplies to terrorists all over Syria. It is thankfully a sign of even more victories in the coming months. Syria may one day be reunited and freed from occupation by the terrible NATO backed death squads who have inflicted so many terrifying horrors on the Syrian people. Already the liberation of Palmyra has lead to plans for new offensives.

    But before I return to the liberation of Palmyra and it's wider implications there were other important events that I must deal with as well. Most important NATO has stepped up it's war on  Libya and has managed to spark a full scale civil. The war on Libya never ended with Libya becoming a playground for the CIA and other axis of chaos (US-Israel-NATO-GCC) intelligence agencies, along with the special forces, mercenaries, and terrorists of half the world. They are there to ensure that Libyans never regain control of their country. However there is every sign that by basically announcing a second Libyan War (or 3rd or 4th.. if you count Reagan's murderous attacks in the 80s) they have pushed things too far and have provoked fierce resistance. The struggle for freedom will continue in Libya where ignored by the world the people of Libya continue their war of liberation against NATO and it's terrorist proxies.

   Of course their was other big news more well known to the world. The Brussels attacks provoked yet another round of racist hysteria against muslims. When will the ignorant west learn to distinguish Takfiri terrorists of the wahabi sect from Muslims in general? However for those familiar with the workings of the Gladio and the Gladio B networks the attacks were blatant staged provocations. The only thing more obvious would be to stage an ISIS attack in Langley Virginia where the CIA is based because Brussels is the headquarters not just of the EU but of NATO. NATO headquarters is where the Gladio network is controlled from. Check out my June 2014 article on Operation GLADIO for more info. Sibel Edmonds exposed the whole absurd nature of the attack laughing at the terrorists "costumes" for there is no other word to describe their outfits which included each terrorists wearing a single black glove. The whole ISIS phenomenon seems to owe a lot to thirty something CIA agents who watched too many bad 80's action movies as kids. ISIS is the poisonous fruit of the Reagan era,  part Cobra (from G.I Joe), part ninja b movie, part over the top Friday the 13th style slasher movie.  I strongly suggest the people of Belgium follow the french example and evict NATO headquarters from their land. After all  GLADIO was also caught staging mass shootings in Belgian supermarkets during the 80's as Daniele Ganser explained in his definitive book "NATO's Secret Armies." How many more people will be sacrificed in the name of this "strategy of tension."

   Just days prior to the Brussels attacks Russia announced that it was withdrawing it's forces from Syria. Once again Putin had pulled off one of his big surprises unfortunately this time causing initial shock and concern among supporters of Syria. Thankfully on closer examination this was no more a real withdrawal then the cessation of hostilities was an actual cessation of hostilities. In reality Russia is not leaving Syria merely reducing their forces in response to the successes that have already been achieved. Of course in the wake of the victory at Palmyra this became obvious as Russia had mercilessly bombed the road leading to Palmyra assisting the SAA in their advances. And Russia's aid was not merely in the air. The role of the legendary Spetsnaz special forces in the role was again revealed when the heroic Alexander Prokhorenko was killed in Syria. He had been working behind ISIS lines helping to guide the Russian airstrikes. ISIS discovered him and surrounded and outgunned he called in an airstrike on his own position rather then surrendering. The brave Spetsnaz soldiers played a vital role in allowing Russia to target ISIS while avoiding further damaging Syria's archaeological heritage. In the wake of the victory in Palmyra Russia has generously agreed to send it's bomb disposal teams with their robots and bomb sniffing dogs to help defuse the many booby traps the terrorists left behind. This is a favorite tactic of the death squads whenever they retreat they leave all sorts of explosives behind. Many civilians have been killed when cunningly hidden devices in their homes explode after they return. It says a lot about the rebels not content with reducing Syria to ruins it then fills those ruins with mines and IEDs turning the whole nation into a death trap.

   There were also some sinister diplomatic games going on but we can only hope it will all be rendered meaningless by this continued offensive by the SAA which is retaking more and more of the country. As Syria expert Tim Anderson explained recently the plan to balkanize Syria and Iraq to create a "new middle east" seems to have had the opposite effect of that planned. Anderson points to creation of a new power bloc the 4 + 2 Russia,  Iran,  Iraq, Syria being the 4 and Hezbollah and the Palestine resistance groups like PFLP and the PLA that sided against the Axis of chaos backed invasion being the 2. If they can remain united the balance of power will forever change in the middle east bringing a long dreamed of stability. Needless to say the empire of chaos will stop at nothing to destroy this new alliance and are using all their diplomatic, media, and economic weapons to bear on spreading mistrust and division with the CIA and a host of other intel agencies pulling the string. Obviously their allies in the Axis of Chaos are even more intent on disrupting this new alliance. Luckily both the Russians and the Iranians are also masters of devious diplomatic games. Luckily the arrogance of the Axis of Chaos only serves to delay progress on the negotiations which will only make Syria's negotiating position stronger as time goes on.  Still we must beware of any attempts to sacrifice the interests of Syria in the name of some illusion of a deal with the west who never give up their schemes to destroy Syria or Iran, Russia and China for that matter. It is the Syrians who have lost 75,000 soldiers battling the terrorists ultimately this is Syria's victory however valuable the support of it's allies. It was their sacrifice that ensured the survival of Syria.

    Now to return to the battlefields of Syria. The capture of Palmyra by ISIS last year was a major loss for Syria forcing it to divert forces east allowing the death squads to make dangerous gains in Lattakia. Of course the US which had begun illegally bombing Syria on the excuse of "fighting ISIS" did nothing to prevent this offensive because they had doubtless secretly given the green light for it to take place in the first place. Once in control of the city which luckily had been largely evacuated in time ISIS killed countless civilians in the nearby town of Tadmur. ISIS destroyed priceless archaeological treasures they murdered the Archaeologist Khaled-Al Assad and staged a mass execution of the SAA in Palmyra's ancient amphitheater. They made a fortune looting the oil and artifacts.

   The city was recaptured after an epic battle in which the SAA, NDF, and their allies Hezbollah, Iraq, Iran, and even Russian special forces took a terrible revenge on the ISIS death squads who after being cut off from supplies, bombed by the Russian and Syrian air forces and surrounded were killed without mercy. Hundreds of them died. The whole operation was very precise skillfully avoiding damaging the ruins or killing civilians trapped in the area. In one dramatic episode the terrorists who had wired the ruins to explode were killed before they had a chance to detonate their explosives in a daring surprise attack. Once again the Dessert Falcons distinguished themselves in the fighting adding Palmyra to the list of their victories in Lattakia, and Aleppo. The fighting was brutal and many brave Syrians gave their lives to liberate the city. In addition to the terrorists they faced the dangers of the thousands of mines and IEDs they had rigged the area with.

  Now To give a brief account of the battle based on Ziad Fadel of Syrian Perspectives more detailed day to day version. A couple of days before the offensive campaign began the SAA in the area received massive reinforcements including many Desert Falcons and Syrian special forces as well as some help from their allies. The Russians mounted a stepped up air campaign launching hundreds of airstrikes at defensive positions and destroying anyone attempting to bring supplies to the ISIS forces. Then the offensive began from the East, West, And South. They also managed to capture important strategic mountains near the city that provided valuable access routes into the city. Then the SAA managed to seize the strategic points that ISIS had occupied at Syria Tel tower and the Citadel at Palmyra ISIS were trapped and slaughtered. The Citadel was itself an important part of Syria's historical heritage. This was the most dramatic moment of the battle and the people of Syria rejoiced at this victory. The SAA also managed to capture the Hotel District. With the capture of Al' Amiyrah "the pincers began to close" The Syrian Armies victories had been slow and costly ISIS had rigged car bombs along all the main and secondary roads. Because of their losses they held back and allowed ISIS to flee defying the orders of their commanders in al Raqqa. However the only places to escape to are the future targets of the SAA's next offensives Al Sukhna, Al Raqqa and Deir Ezzor. Once they had fled the city the Russian and Syrian air force bombed any stragglers they could find. Hopefully the survivors will spread panic and confusion to the ISIS strongholds they flee to. It is part of a strategy to tame the terrorists in the west the terrorists are being taught to stop fighting, while in the East they are being taught to flee or to die.

   Palmyra became an important center of trade because of it's strategic position and it is just as strategically important today. Like the victory at Aleppo the Victory at Palmyra will cause major disruption in ISIS supply lines. It will also cut off a valuable source for their black market funding from the sale of oil and antiquities. This victory will pave the way for new victories and already the SAA are laying siege to the terrorist stronghold of al Sukhna. They are also planning the liberation of the ISIS capital at al Raqqa. They also plan to finally lift the Siege at Deir Ezzor where for years the SAA and the civilian militias of the NDF have heroically refused to surrender despite being deep in ISIS held territory and under constant attack. The victory at Palmyra was also a product of the coordination of the 4 + 2. By keeping pressure on the Iraqi front which has also seen important recent victories they were able to prevent ISIS from reinforcing Palmyra. We can only hope that the SAA is able to continue it's victorious series of offensives only then will the people of Syria know some form of a well earned peace. Victory to Syria!



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