Wednesday, March 2, 2016

"Ceasefire" in Syria ?

          The War in Syria Continues Despite "Ceasefire"

   With the aid of it's allies Syria continues to make dramatic advances on the battlefield while the terrorist death squads are in a panic.  The shift has become so dramatic that even in Washington perpetually disconnected from reality they began to realize that they have lost this war. Of course the Empire of Chaos has already shown that it will never actually give up it's efforts to destroy Syria an important front in it's endless war on the planet. For the moment however it has decided against backing the plans of Turkey and Saudi Arabia to invade Syria which would probably have resulted in a humiliating defeat. Instead they have accepted Russia's face saving offer of a "ceasefire." I was initially shocked by the news fearing a repeat of  2014's Minsk Agreement which stopped the NAF (Novorossiyan Armed Forces) from exploiting their hard fought victory over the Ukrainian forces by liberating any more territories from the fascist Kiev Junta. However those fears proved groundless as this "ceasefire" excludes al Nusra and ISIS allowing the Syrian Arab Army to continue their efforts to liberate the country from terrorist death squads. Instead this "ceasefire"  is intended to be the initial stage of surrender for some of the smaller groups of terrorist death squads. It is mean to neutralize some groups while allowing the Syrian Arab Army to concentrate on destroying other groups. Of course it is only the first stage and so long as the Axis of Chaos (US-NATO-GCC-Israel) continues to flood the terrorists with weapons and supplies the war will never actually end. In addition the Empire of Chaos will doubtless use the ceasefire to regroup their forces and plan to smuggle in vast amounts of weapons to the death squads. However Russia, Syria, and the rest of the 4 + 1 (Iran, Iraq, and Hezbollah) are well aware of the treacherous intentions of the Axis of Chaos and will keep guard against such schemes. The tide of the war has already decisively turned the death squads desperate recent counter offensives have again ended in disaster. Turkey continues to shell Syrian territory but doesn't dare to invade. The "Ceasefire" will not alter the direction of the war. The SAA continue house by house, village by village to liberate their country.

   First the "Ceasefire" the ominously named Munich agreement. It basically boils down to an agreement with 97 groups (the number is constantly changing) They agree to stop fighting and in exchange Russia agrees not to bomb them. A system has been set up where the Russians and Americans have set up separate headquarters with hotlines to monitor the ceasefire. The Russians are based in Hmeimim Syria since unlike the Empire of Chaos they are there at the invitation of the Syrian Government. The Americans are based in Jordan one of their major terrorist launching pads into Syria as Sibel Edmonds revealed a year before anyone else. Jordan created as a British puppet state  has somehow managed to escaped the infamy of it's allies the Saudi's and Turks as sponsors of terrorist death squads. An amusing part of the ceasefire agreement is that it exposes this Jordanian role but even more so that of the United States as the prime backer of these death squads. It likes to blame it's friends for the endless atrocities of the terrorist death squads and is now officially responsible for their good behavior. For now Russia and Syria are turning a blind eye to the many ceasefire violations 7 on the first day, 15 on the second, 21 on the the third. (Syria 360 Publishes a daily report) For after 5 years of war the people in Syria are doubtless happy to experience even relative calm. It also allows supplies to enter long besieged towns and helps spare the lives of civilians trapped in terrorist occupied areas. And after 4 months of heavy losses even some of the death squads are relieved and in fact they are surrendering in increasing numbers. 1,200 agreed to lay down their arms in Hama a couple days ago for example. Others have decided to switch sides and fight their former allies. In the chaotic war the death squads have often battled each other for the right to loot Syria and Syrian and Russian intelligence doubtless have plans to use the ceasefire to infiltrate and manipulate the death squads against one another. The recent string of successful assassinations of top death squad commanders demonstrates they are already having some success in placing spies and buying traitors within the death squads. This has the added bonus of inducing paranoia in the terrorists ranks as they begin to execute each other on suspicion of treachery. The ceasefire will help to neutralize some groups, subvert others, while freeing the SAA up for it's planned offensive to liberate the eastern half of the country from ISIS. Meanwhile  it's current string of victories in Latakia and  in Aleppo will cut off the flow of supplies to the death squads meaning that the terrorists will be in a much weaker position when the ceasefire eventually collapses. Clearly the ceasefire not only marks a major victory in the Syrian war it also offers many opportunities to spread demoralization and confusion in the ranks of the NATO death squads.

    Despite or perhaps because of the announcement that the "Ceasefire" was soon to come into effect the terrorists launched major counter offensives. They launched yet another failed attempt   to seize the Deir Ezzor a government held territory deep in ISIS controlled eastern Syria a vital strategic point. The Heroic City and airabase of Deir Ezzor so long as it survives foils the long held schemes to break off the lightly populated but oil rich area and join it with a chunk of western Iraq to create a saudi style Al Qaeda state between the two allies. I should mention that Iraq has also been making major gains in forcing ISIS out of it's territory. Obviously one of the most important details of the "Ceasefire" is that it allows the war on ISIS and Al Nusra to continue hopefully the SAA and it's allies in the air Russia, and on the ground Russian and Iranian advisers along with the legendary Hezbollah, and the feared Iraqi Militias will be able to liberate the entire eastern half of the country, before the US can try to recognize any future "wahabistan". Thankfully even the outrageous liars in corporate media would have trouble selling the idea of ISIS as moderate rebels after spending years hyping them up as a major threat to justify their launching of a third Iraq war and an expanded war on Syria back in the fall of 2014. Yet that fact hasn't stopped them from stubbornly refusing to abandon these plans to break up Syria. Instead it is the heroic defenders of Deir Ezzor who have withstood years of siege and attacks to maintain a presence in the area. Recently they sent hundreds of ISIS terrorists to their graves as they smashed yet another major attack. I look forward to the day when the siege of Deir Ezzor is finally lifted after the SAA liberate the territory that separates  them.

    The SAA also foiled a major counter-attack meant to slow their offensive in Aleppo province. The terrorists siezed the strategic town of Khanaasir temporarily cutting off the road to Aleppo slowing the progress in evicting the terrorists who have been laying siege to the city for years. Luckily the terrorists achieved only a temporary victory and the SAA and it's allies managed to retake the town killing hundreds of terrorists in the process. As South Front recently revealed while the worlds attention was focused on the Russian airstrikes Russian advisers were secretly providing valuable assistance in rearming and retraining the Syrian Arab Army. Thus this counter offensive was smashed by the SAA with much greater ease then the counter-offensives last fall that also seized strategically important roads but which took longer to evict. Thus their earlier counter offensives stalled things for weeks while this latest attempt was foiled in mere days. The terrorists were caught between two SAA pincer movements and were slaughtered by Syrian Special forces who ambushed them as they attempted to flee. This is a major sign that the tide has irrevocably turned in this war. Of course the axis of chaos continues to pour men and weapons into the country but the SAA is getting more effective with every passing day.

  With their series of defeats on the battle field the death squads cowardly response has been to step up their terror attacks on civilians a long series of car bombings continue to take a heavy toll in civilian lives. Sadly Syria has been a victim of these attacks for so long that what would be front page news if it happened anywhere else is quickly forgotten when it happens in Syria. In any case hundreds of Syrian civilians were killed in senseless bombing attacks no doubt ordered, by the Empire of Chaos and it's allies in a spiteful revenge for the terrorists losses. Turkey is also launching attacks in it's impotent rage over the defeat of it's terrorist proxies and of course their covert forces disguised as terrorist proxies. It has been shelling Syria from across the border harassing the YPG/SDF with Russian air support and weapons from their Syrian allies have been attempting to close the border into Aleppo. The Kurds have stubbornly continued to advance despite the shelling. Maybe that's why the turks escalated towards nearly killing 30 foreign journalists covering the conflict who of course caught the whole thing on video tape. According to Pepe Escobar the US saved the turks and the saudis from themselves by forbidding an invasion. This must be why the turks are starting to go a bit crazy. An amusing detail according to Syrian Perspective a bunch of Saudi generals wrote in to their mad king begging him not to launch an invasion of Syria given that they were already losing badly in Yemen. Rumor has it Turkey's generals also had to explain to Erdogan the Sultan of Chaos why an invasion would be disastrous in the face of overwhelming Russian air superiority. This whole episode has exposed yet again why NATO must be disbanded before it plunges the world into disaster one crazed NATO member could easily drag the world into a nuclear war. Especially as Washington insists on installing fanatical anti-Russian  governments throughout eastern Europe some with openly fascist sympathies.

   Thus despite the ceasefire the war will continue. The SAA is on the offensive throughout the country. Once Aleppo is liberated they will begin the offensive on Raqqah. They are also preparing to liberate the ancient city of Palmyra once home to Queen Zenobia during roman times. Although Turkey and Saudi Arabia have not been allowed to invade they will continue to try to desperately flood the country with weapons and terrorists. Meanwhile the Empire of Chaos will continue to plot some new strategy to keep the war going. However there is every reason to believe that these plans will end in humiliating defeat. Thanks to the tremendous courage of the SAA, Hezbollah, Iranians and the Iraqi Militias, and thanks to the timely intervention of Russia the course of the war has irrevocably changed. There is good reason to hope that the death squads will in the end be forced to flee, surrender or die. Long Live Syria!


I recently read two great books that are extremely valuable for understanding both the Warbin Syria and America's Imperial strategy. First the "Globalization of War" By Michel Chossudovsky which analyzes americas strategy of endless war as well as providing great short exposes on the past 15 years of wars From Yugoslavia to Syria. Plus an interview with Fidel Castro! Second there is "Divide and Ruin: The West's Imperial Strategy" by Dan Glazebrook a collection of articles which provides a brilliant analysis of why the west is attempting to create failed states and why there is a seemingly endless economic crisis.

A Heartbreaking Report from Eva Bartlett on one of the latest victims of the years long siege of Foua and Kafarya a 10 year old Child

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A South Front Video on Russian advisers I advise you to subscribe to their you tube channel as they provide valuable short video reports on Syria vital for understanding the geography of the war. An animated map is worth a thousand words

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And an Interview with Eva Bartlett on the war in Syria and the Doxxing of the brilliant Emma Quangel by hipster imperialist Molly Crabapple

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