Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Chaos and Capitalism in Ukraine

           All the Evils of the World: The destabilization of Ukraine

   For those who study the history of American foreign policy one fact becomes apparent. America always manages to side with the worst possible elements in any country. The comprador class those wealthy elites who live in luxury while everyone else struggles to survive are traditional allies. No surprise since we are ruled by just such a class. Fascists, terrorists, torturers, and gangsters are also frequent agents of America's empire. Ukraine provides an interesting case study. America and NATO have gone all out and now Kiev is filled with imperial agents that can provide interesting insights into how America and the west destabilize target countries.
    First I can't resist commenting on the current situation. Crimea has voted for independence a move America and the EU decried. They show a sudden interest in territorial integrity in a brazen hypocrisy reminiscent of Kerry's hilarious comments on Crimea. In Europe they oversaw the dismemberment and colonization of Yugoslavia.  America and NATO have sought to redraw the map of the middle east and central Asia inspired in part by Israel's infamous plan Yinon. In Africa they have carved off South Sudan from Sudan. Elections are undemocratic only riots like those in Kiev are acceptable. Is what they imply. Democracy is code for "our economic and strategic interests. If elections threaten those goals they are branded Anti-democratic. The whole thing may be backfiring eastern Ukraine is in revolt. The transdniester has sought to follow Crimea's example. Nato has been shifting forces into Eastern Europe and menacing Russia's ally Belarus. At the very least a proxy civil war is likely Nato will try to get Russia embroiled in an ugly Counterinsurgency. Over the weekend two attempted provocations were foiled. First a group trying to blow up a pipeline pumping station were foiled. Also a group impersonating Russian soldiers was captured before it could carry out attacks and blame them on the Russians. Clearly the situation is dangerous, First with NATO and Russia staging military exercises which are veiled threats. Second things could escalate between crimea and Ukraine or the government in Kiev could act too brutally in putting down pro-Russian demonstrations in the East leading Russia to intervene yet again with the inevitable western over reaction.
     Still let's return to our theme who destabilized Ukraine. The first element is the IMF in nearly every country where ethnic nationalism or religious extremism are on the rise their is first an IMF structural adjustment program. Yugoslavia is a prime example. IMF policies in the 80's would lead to the civil war in the 90's. Hitler arose during a depression, when jobs are scarce the populace can be made to turn on each other. In America this takes the form of a war on immigrants, plus other minorities under cover of war on crime or war on drugs. In these countries things are made a lot less covert by the presence of western NGO's that preach identity politics. In Sudan NGOs taught black to hate arab splitting the country into a fabricated conflict since Arab and African elements have been mingling in East Africa for a thousand years. They also turn Shiite against Sunni. They can even manufacture ethnic Identities. All this is on full display in Ukraine what exactly seperates the Russians from the Ukrainians is unclear with a lot of grey area. The media worsens this by reporting things as Russian vs Ukrainian when it is not only ethnic Russians that support good relations with Russia. Many Ukrainians oppose ultranationalism.
    NGO's are the favorite cover of the CIA an extension of their infamous partnership with USAID. Humantiarian agencies have even been caught smuggling weapons. One important NGO to keep an eye on is CANVAS formerly Optor of Serbia the US was so happy with their work overthrowing Milosovic that they are permanently employed teaching activists how to whip up angry mobs to topple world leaders with vague slogans. In the end every color revolution ends with the looting of the country by Multinational corporations in EU countries and the US. America loves a rebel without a cause or rather ideology.
    The fascists in Ukraine are allied with more covert and sinister forces. Nameley they are the tools of western intelligence a continuation of Gladio. As i pointed out soft imperialism in the form of central banks and NGOs lay the groundwork. These groups are Paramilitary forces that do much of the dirty work. However Sovoboda and Right Sector are not the only violent elements. They were reportedly joined by over 700 Islamic extremists. The Ukrainian fascists are extremely opportunistic by tradition in World war 2 they first pretended friendship with then slaughtered Jews, and Poles, they even attacked their german patrons on occasion when they didn't get their way. Now although preaching hate against muslims they are allied with jihadis a relationship that goes back to America and NATO's various covert wars in central Asia.  In fact Russia has declared two high ranking fascists wanted men for their war crimes involving torture and murder in Chechnya.
     Even stranger is the relationship between Israel's supporters and the Fascists. Many of their Oligarch allies are dual Israeli citizens. In addition John McCain is with Joe Lieberman the voice of Israel in American politics. He along with Victoria  Nuland wife of Prominent neocon Robert Kagan played a major role in encouraging the coup by showing open support for the protestors including the most extreme elements. Plus of course she was caught determing the compostion of the government in advance. Their are many photos on the internet that could come back to haunt them.  Yet despite their clear allegiance to Israel these individuals are supporting avowed anti-Semites. Yats as Nuland calls him better watch his back or he could end up like the TNC in Libya helpless against the militias. A jewish president terrorized by the Neo-Nazis who brought him to power. Israel may even have played a covert military role. A group of former Israeli soldiers helped train demonstrators in urban combat. Based purely on speculation perhaps Israel hopes to Embarrass Obama and Putin at the same time, Obama for backing down in Syria and opening negotiations with Iran. Putin they blame for preventing wars against Syria and Iran. The current crisis will both isolate Russia but will also show Obama to be ineffectual. Perhaps they along with elements of the American military industrial complex hope for another Bush someone who will Invade and occupy rather then merely bomb into submission as in Libya or support a proxy force like in Syria, or wage covert war. The neo-cons no longer dominating foreign policy hope another crisis could increase their influence. No doubt there will be attempts to put some more overtly hawkish in the whitehouse. A mood of hysteria already reigns in the American Media. Beware the next president. Not that Obama isn't an imperialist but he is an imperialist who must play to his Anti-War base. The wars are secretive not loud like Iraq.  Thus while his crimes in Libya, Syria, and Afghanistan are monstrous it could be worse. Attacking Iran, Russia, or China would probably lead to Nuclear war.
    Plus one should add that there were and are foreign mercenaries operating in Ukraine. These firms are among the most sinister on the planet. They routinely engage in mass murder of Indigenous people around the world in the service of Mining companies. In Africa they have been involved in wars for over 50 years. In Iraq it was standard practice to fire at anyone they saw on the streets as their convoys passed. Obviously the topic for a future article. Nor are they the only outside invasion. Nazis and Fascists from all over Europe are migrating to Kiev. Plus Ukrainian organized crime were also involved in destabilizing the country. In Kosovo NATO put organized crime directly into power, the new leader was implicated in heroin smuggling, selling the organs of his captives, and mass murder. A criminal link in a chain that stretches from Afghanistan the rest of the world. It's not the Afghani's fault before the CIA arrived Afghanistan was not a major producer of Opiates within a year they had a 60% market share now it's 95%.
    Lastly we have of course the respectable face of the opposition billionaire crooks. As I mentioned it has been standard imperial practice to ally with the rich of a country against the poor. They alone may be able to get rich as Ukraine enters the EU. For anyone else well major cuts in pensions and subsidies have already been announced.  Austerity is on the way. Like a snake eating it's own It begins with foreign banks and ends with Billionaire presidents money makes the world go round. Capitalism certainly makes for strange bedfellows as you can see. It's as if all America's past sin were on parade alliance with Fascists, Terrorists, Mercenaries, Capitalists, Israel, Technocrats, and Organized Crime and of course the west couldn't do it without Idealistic dupes in Ukraine plus back home. We can only wonder what the Ukrainians must think of this rogues gallery that rules them. Unlike Crimea they haven't been allowed to vote yet. Premature elections would be Undemocratic.


  1. You have got it all said neatly here. I hope Putin gets 1/2 of Ukraine before it becomes awash in innocent blood. Those Blackwater Nazis kill anything that moves.

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  3. very informative & true ...love to see it posted front page of NY times or wsj