Sunday, March 2, 2014

America's global military empire

Global domination how the American military sees the world.

As you can see the military has carved up the world into a number of Commands.
 Southcom despite the fact that most of Latin America is no longer under total US control Southcom remains. US military influence is largely based in failed narcostates like Columbia, Guatemala and Honduras this should come as no surprise to those familiar with America's longterm alliances with drug traffickers all over the world from the KMT in the 40's to Al Qaeda today. Today America is using Columbia in an attempt to destroy Venezuela. Guatemala and Columbia also have some of the worst human rights track records in the world. Guatemala laboratory of imperialism was the victim of a CIA coup in 1954 the reason the government under Arbenz  was attempting to buy unused land from United fruit (which owned a large portion of Guatemalan  land) and give it to peasants. Unfortunately for him the Dulles brothers a CIA Director and Secretary of state were closely connected to United Fruit. He was overthrown and replaced by a series of  military dictators who waged a war of extermination on the Guatemalan people especially the Maya. This sort of thing happened a lot. America provided training and indoctrination to all of Latin America's military forces then it let them loose to overthrow their own  governments, torture, kill and terrorize their populace. In Chile for example it could be fatal for a man to have long hair (it was the 70's) or for women to wear pants.

Africom was founded in 2007 to train the military forces of African nations and turn the entire military of the continent on it's own people. Of course this process went by other names prior to 2007. For example the US provided training to the RPF before their invasion of Rwanda, and also before their invasion of Congo. Death toll so far 10 million. One way to spot a future hotspot is any country like Libya or Eritrea that is not part of Africom.

It says alot about America's relationship with it's allies that the head of Eucom is almost always promoted from Southcom. Who knows those Europeans might get funny ideas like flirting with communism better safe then sorry. In Greece for example the US backed a murderous Junta known as the cololonels.  Thus a tour of duty supervising torture and murder in South America is rewarded with the Command of Eu forces. Also notice the 3 separate commands covering Eurasia the major goal of US policy is to prevent Eurasian integration. Also note how Russia is covered even though they are not our allies. I guess even Imperialists have gotta dream sometimes.

Centcom is the one that get's all the press, well not the command itself but all it's wars. It is responsible for intervening in the US created arc of crisis. This arc stretches across southwest Asia (the middle east) and through central Asia. In other words from Egypt in north Africa (for some reason imperialists hate the idea that Egypt is in Africa.) all the way to Pakistan in the east. Centcom is responsible for waging war on Iraq, Afghanistan, Yemen. In the great game this is the big Prize. According to strategic thinkers whoever controls central Asia can control Eurasia. Whoever can control Eurasia controls the world island (Europe, Asia, Africa.) Whoever controls the world island controls the world.

Next we have Asia-pacific command. Obviously this is meant to counter the growth of China and India and our primary pawn is of course Japan. These are the countries that give the imperialists nightmares about being left behind. China is on the rise and America is in decline, everyone knows that. But the US still spends 7 times as much on our military. Will America go to war with China,  in an attempt to prevent any challenge to our global dominance as stated in the Bush doctrine?

The last area covered is Northcom. So far they've managed to turn Mexico into a war zone. If the Canadians, Americans or Mexico ever rise up against their economic exploitation you can be certain that Northcom will do what Southcom is famous for killing a bunch of people to prevent progress.

It doesn't end there. There are 3 additional commands.

There is US transport command, responsible for moving troops weapons and supplies around the planet.

There is USSOCOM they are in charge of America special forces. They go around the planet training Proxy armies to destabilize countries like Syria or the Congo. They also train death squads in the arts of torture and pacification (mass murder). Did you know that the original green berets were trained by former nazi SS officers. Those are their traditional functions. Today special forces  are the CIA's own private death squad traveling the world on a massive unreported assassination spree. They have their own command so that even the area commands don't know what they are up to. They answer only to the white house and the CIA. All we can know for sure is that they are conducting a covert war in over 120 countries.

Last but definitely not least is USSTRATCOM. The strategic command is responsible for fighting Nuclear wars. In addition they are also responsible  for cyberspace war and space wars. There is a semi-secret military space program with spaceplanes able to reign destruction on our future victims. Plus satellites, hypersonic launch vehicles etc. The cyberspace war is one of the reasons the US is able to bully everyone. They simply attack their command and control using cyberwarfare. In the event of war with Russia or China they hope to be able to destroy their ability to resist before unleashing a nuclear holocaust upon them. But unfortunately since Russia and China know about these plans it increases the possibility that they will attack the US before it can render them defenseless during one of these episodes of Nuclear brinksmanship American Presidents love to engage in. So watch the Ukraine and the south china Sea and hope the west isn't really as crazy as it has been acting of late. Acting crazy is another strategic doctrine known as the madman theory. Convince the Russians that you will start a nuclear war if you don't get your way. A product of the Nixon years. So if you have the illusion that all this is about defense remember the american military and NATO are putting the life of everyone on the planet at risk.

If you want to keep up to date on Ukraine I highly recommend the stop Nato website. Or follow me on twitter @hugoturner1969. For more on special ops listen to empire power and people episode 89
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