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Allen Dulles & The Birth of the CIA

    Allen Dulles and the Birth of the CIA

     Dedicated to the Memory of William Blum

   With Special thanks to Doug Valentine
    Allen Dulles embodied the dark forces that have shaped the past hundred years or so of world history. He was the monster at the heart of the American century. His crimes were so great they echo into our own time through the chain of consequences he unleashed. The world is trapped in a paranoid new Cold War Allen Dulles was there from the start of the old Cold Wars whether one means it’s true origins in 1917 or the more commonly known one that began in 1945 in the wake of World War II. In Yemen and in Syria, and Libya hundreds of thousands have died, millions are going hungry in wars unleashed by America and it’s Saudi allies. Allen Dulles was there at the birth of the American and Saudi alliance working in partnership with the man behind the saudi throne british spy Jack Philby.  In the Congo 10 million have died in a brutal imperialist war. It was Allen Dulles who destroyed the Congo’s future by sending in the CIA to oversee the overthrow and brutal murder of Lumumba.  In Ukraine a coup was launched putting a fascist regime in power and setting off a second cold war. For decades Allen Dulles worked closely with the Nazis before during and after the war.  It was also Allen Dulles who played a pivotal role re-organizing the fascist emigres through the Orwellian named National Committee For a Free Europe and through his alliance with Nazi spymaster Reinhard Gehlen who controlled the Ukrainian fascists of the OUN/B as they waged a forgotten covert war in Ukraine that lasted into the fifties. Allen Dulles a man who died 50 years ago is still as relevant today because of his monstrous creation the CIA. As long as the CIA lives on so will lies, endless wars, coups, assassinations, torture, terrorism. Europe, Asia, Africa, Latin America, the Middle East, and the United States itself there is not a corner of the world that Allen Dulles and the CIA did not leave permanently scarred. Millions died and millions are still dying while billions live in misery and poverty.

   Of course the CIA was not Allen Dulles sole creation and he was not even it’s first director; but he drew up the plans and manipulated congress into creating this monster that will live on long after the illusion of american democracy disappears. Allen Dulles was also not some aberration he was one of hundreds of ruthless imperialists that dominated the government and the corporate world then as now. Corporate lawyers and investment bankers with their revolving door employment at the CIA, pentagon and State Department were the architects of the cold war.  Men like his friend and rival “Wild  Bill” Donovan the founder of the OSS or his right hand men like Frank Wisner and James Angleton. There is a seemingly endless supply of ambitious and ruthless men and women eager to carry out any policy no matter how monstrous. In my last article “Sullivan & Cromwell: Capitalism, Intelligence and Fascism” I used the law firm as an example of the intersection between corporate and state power and discussed the Dulles Brothers seemingly endless web of business connections between american corporations and Nazi Germany. Even as World War II raged the Dulles Brothers were busy sabotaging the war effort and making secret deals with the Nazis. This article will focus on Allen Dulles career in intelligence.

    The Dulles family was founded by Joseph Dulles who fled Ireland in 1778 to escape anti-presbyterian repression. He settled in South Carolina and made a fortune as a wealthy slave owner. His descendants would move north becoming pastors to the wealthy and academics for a couple generations. The family was deeply involved in the missionary movement. In many ways missionaries served a similar function as the CIA would later. They were sent in ahead of the colonialists gathering information and creating a flock of followers that would serve as a 5th column once the missionaries home country decided to absorb the new territory. That at least is how the european imperialists did things leading to that African proverb “When they arrived all they had was the bible and we had the land but soon they had our land and all we had left was the bible.” America did things a bit differently but missionaries and their children would become favorite recruiting grounds for the OSS and the CIA Henry Luce was one famous example the OSS psychological warfare expert who would run the Time-Life media empire with his equally sinister OSS veteran wife Clare Booth Luce a common background that made them close friends and allies of the Dulles Brothers. As children the Dulles brothers hosted missionaries who had traveled the world filling their heads with tales of foreign lands. From their missionary upbringing the Dulles brothers gained a particularly virulent form of the mental illness known as “American Exceptionalism” As Americans they were everything that was right and good and the rest of the world were morally backwards and racially inferior. It was america’s duty to conquer the world on behalf of free enterprise.

    Allen Dulles father was Allen Macy Dulles a pastor who married Edith Foster the daughter of John Watson Foster a diplomat who served in Mexico, Spain and Russia. John Watson Foster covert warrior who launched a coup in Hawaii overthrowing Queen Liliuokalani in 1893. His career began on the frontier exterminating Indians and stealing their lands and continued as America became obsessed with establishing an overseas empire. He built up built up the state department intelligence before becoming a wealthy corporate lobbyist and political fixer. Allen was born on April 7 1893 Allen’s older brother John Foster Dulles born February 25 188 would overshadow him his whole life and was the family favorite. John Fosters cold stiff manner was mis-interpreted as moral uprightness in reality John Foster Dulles was just as ruthless and even more fanatical then his brother and although of opposite temperaments they saw the world the same way.  Allen was born with a clubfoot which his father interpreted as a bad omen of Allen’s poor character it was removed in a secret operation. While his brother John dreamed of becoming a corporate lawyer Allen dreamed of a life of adventure. Allen appeared to exhibit sociopathic qualities even as a child once seemingly ready to stand idly by while a sibling drowned. This was on one of the many family vacations to the country on the lands owned by their grandfather John Watson Foster who would mentor them from childhood in power politics and introduce them from an early age to all the top washington power players. Allen Dulles loved to joke that his love of espionage grew from his love of fishing as a child. Both brothers would choose to enter their grandfathers world and Allen Dulles especially longed to escape his fathers dreary world where he was always under suspicion. The Dulles brothers had three sisters Margaret who married a clergyman and Natalie who became a nurse. The third Dulles sister Eleanor Dulles worthy of her own book would also play an influential and sinister role in world affairs a publicist for the Nazi bank in Switzerland the Bank of International Settlements where American and German bankers funneled money into and later out of Nazi Germany and looted the occupied territories via currency manipulation. She would later handle West Germany for the State department during the Crypto-fascist Adenauer years before being fired by the Kennedy brothers when her brother Allen fell into disfavor. She also got future Gehlen handler James Critchfield recruited into the CIA.

   Allen Dulles would attend Princeton two years after his brother Foster graduated a school the Dulles family had long ties too and which like many universities would later have close ties to the CIA. Allen Dulles went wild as soon as he was free partying, womanizing but managing good grades through last minute cramming. His bad behavior outraged his father. His brother was respected but unlikeable while Allen was charming and mischievous. As world War one was breaking out Allen Dulles got a job teaching english in India at Ewing Christian College. He met future Indian independence leaders like Nehru when he was visiting his father. His uncle Robert Lansing was undersecretary of state soon to be promoted to head the State Department once William Jennings Bryant resigned after Woodrow Wilson entered the war. Wilson had a special bond with the Dulles brothers and then held the record for most invasions launched to date. Wilson waged war on Cuba, Haiti, the Dominican Republic, Mexico, Nicaragua, and Soviet Russia in addition to entering World War I. Robert Lansing or “Uncle Bert” as the Dulles Brothers called him had married John Watson Foster’s other daughter Eleanor and mentored the Dulles Brothers along with John Watson Foster. Allen toured Asia dining at American embassies collecting information. He met many future world leaders. Even as a child Allen Dulles had acted like a spy writing lengthy reports on the dinner conversations at his fathers or grandfathers tables. Soon Allen was heading home and after taking a foreign service exam was accepted into the State Department. His uncle introduced him to british spy Captain Alex Gaunt who was Allen Dulles first mentor in espionage and psychological warfare. Allen’s brother Foster as he was called was working at the corporate law firm Sullivan and Cromwell strong arming Latin American governments and like his brother touring around and collecting intelligence. 

    Allen Dulles’s first assignment was Vienna where he was the lowest ranking member of the staff and attended the funeral of Emperor Franz Josef the old world was passing away much to the regret of Allen Dulles and his state department friends who gloried in the chance to hobnob with monarchs and aristocrats looked with envy on the feudal order and treated the common man with complete contempt. The State Department of the time is  masterfully described in Martin Weil’s classic “A Pretty Good Club.” Most were the children of elite businessmen attending prep school at Groton and then going on to Harvard, Yale or Princeton.   Allen Dulles next assignment was Bern Switzerland where his career as a professional spy began. His uncle Robert Lansing gave him his orders and sent him extra money to supplement his State Department salary.  While his countrymen were fighting and dying in brutal trench warfare cold, muddy and plagued by rats and lice Allen Dulles’ “battlefield” was a luxury hotel. His weapons bottles of champagne and tennis balls he had smuggled in diplomatic pouches to ingratiate himself with the wealthy and powerful. Allen Dulles collected information from the many emigres from central and Eastern Europe Czechs, Ukrainians, Russians, Hungarians etc. Famously just as Lenin was about to leave for Russia he tried to contact Allen Dulles who ignored his request to meet in favor of a date with two blond swiss twins. Another Allen Dulles mistress turned out to be a german spy and Allen Dulles loved to tell the story of how he turned her over to the british and she was killed. According to a different more embarrassing version MI6 raided the couple when they were in bed and blackmailed Allen Dulles into working for them after exposing the stolen documents she’d taken. Allen Dulles was a master of conning journalists and historians with his semi-fictional anecdotes knowing a good story will be repeated wether or not it is true. A tactic most CIA men and women are masters of when dealing with the press or historians concealing some shocking truth by misdirecting attention to some scandalous half true episode.

   After Bern Allen Dulles was assigned to Paris for the Versailles conference. Allen Dulles was assigned to the boundaries commission he helped draw up the borders of Czechoslovakia that Hitler would later use as his excuse to annex first the Sudetenland then the whole country with the secret support of the British Foreign Office. At night Allen Dulles partied with celebrities at Paris’s most expensive brothel Le Sphinx a favorite haunt of Ernest Hemingway, Henry Miller, Pablo Picasso, Cary Grant and even the future King Edward VIII. Allen Dulles created a minor scandal after installing a prostitute in her own apartment as his mistress getting her pregnant and nearly marrying her. His brother Foster arrived to talk him out of the marriage and pay off the prostitute. The cold War had already begun with the horrified response of the western elites to the Russian Revolution. The Dulles Brothers were already at the center of it maneuvering to build Germany into a bulwark against Communism. Foster helped enforce an embargo on Soviet Russia. In Hungary Allen Dulles convinced president Woodrow Wilson to back the fascist Admiral Horthy who had crushed the Hungarian revolution led by Bela Kuhn. While serving at Versailles Allen Dulles was also working for state department intelligence. In 1920 Allen Dulles was in Berlin during the failed right wing  Kapp Putsch which attempted to overthrow the infant Weimar republic. 

   Three months later he returned briefly to America marrying the wealthy Mary Clover Todd. His brother had married one of Allen’s ex-girlfriends Janet Avery. Allen’s marriage would reveal yet again his sociopathic tendencies as he delighted in torturing his wife with tales of his infidelity, bullying her into submission and ignoring his children. Clover was already tormented by her brothers suicide while she was on honeymoon. After Allen Dulles Jr was brain damaged by a shell in Korea after joining the marines in a failed attempt to impress his distant father Allen Dulles would turn him over to MKULTRA linked doctors who subjected him to hellish experimental treatments like insulin shock treatment. His son had made the mistake of angrily denouncing Allen Dulles ties to the nazis which the family pretended was a paranoid delusion instead of the truth. Privately his wife liked to joke that the Dulles Brothers were both “Sharks.”

    After marrying Clover Allen Dulles was assigned to Istanbul Turkey working under Ambassador Mark Bristol his assignment was to cover up the Armenian genocide and forge closer ties on Kemal Ataturk in the hopes that Standard Oil could gain access to the Mosul oil fields of Iraq which Turkey still controlled. While in Turkey Allen Dulles met Jack Philby father of Kim Philby the famous soviet mole in MI6 who would help sabotage many of Allen Dulles schemes for rollback in eastern europe. Unlike his son Jack Philby was a fascist. He was a master manipulator and schemer who helped Ibn Saud conquer what became known as Saudi Arabia. He and Allen Dulles formed a secret partnership Jack Philby provided Allen Dulles with valuable intelligence from MI6 that Dulles took credit for while Allen provided connections through his brothers clients to the American business elite especially the Rockefeller owned Standard Oil. Jack Philby was playing his own game and like the Dulles Brothers was not afraid of a little treason. The British had sent Jack Philby in to make sure british oil companies had a monopoly in the Middle East. Philby instead brought in the American Oil companies in on a bidding war for Saudi Oil. He was acting as agent of King Saud, the British and the American oil companies all at once betrayed his British masters by letting the Americans win. Meanwhile his intelligence fueled Allen Dulles meteoric rise and he was soon head of the State Department Near East division working with Philby and Standard Oil and meeting with the Kings of Iraq and Jordan. The Schemes of Philby, Dulles and The Rockefellers would culminate before, during and after World War 2 when they began selling Saudi Oil to the nazis through “neutral” fascist Spain. When then Senator Harry Truman threatened to investigate the Rockefeller Oil interests for Treason Allen Dulles had the Oil Companies threaten to cut off American oil supplies in the middle of the war. The matter was dropped and the oil Cartels were allowed to price gauge the allies and secretly supply the nazis. Later as the Cold War began Truman would launch anti-trust actions at the oil cartels as they were ripping off both America and europe. Of course Truman was the President who launched the cold war and purged all the new dealers from the government the Dulles brothers managed to protect the oil cartels by claiming their records were too important to “National Security” to be revealed delaying the investigation until Eisenhower was in office when in an unprecedented move the anti-trust investigation was turned over to the State department headed by John Foster Dulles then killed. The Oil industry would form an interlocking network with the CIA with Oil companies providing cover for the CIA and giving lucrative consultant jobs to “former” CIA men while the CIA overthrew governments on the Oil Industries behalf. A pattern played out with such infamous men as Kermit Roosevelt, Miles Copeland and other CIA/Oil men. The most famous CIA oilman was future president George Herbert Walker Bush who Allen Dulles recruited in the 1950’s and whose father Prescott was a CIA mouthpiece in the Senate and was involved in the Dulles network of corporations doing business with the Nazis.

Allen Dulles had helped engineer America’s long alliance with the Saudis propping up a backwards and brutal monarchy leading the American Empire along the path to the covert war in Afghanistan in the 70’s and 80’s,  leading to September 11, the phony “War on Terror” wars in Afghanistan Iraq, Libya, Yemen, Syria all wars that the CIA would play a central role in. It was while Allen Dulles was CIA director that Eisenhower began the alliance with the Muslim Brotherhood that continues into our own day.

   Allen Dulles served as head of the State Department Near East division until 1926 when he joined his brothers law firm Sullivan and Cromwell where he could profit from his schemes with the oil companies and from his brother Foster’s pivotal role as top Lawyer for American investment in Germany. I dealt with this subject at length in my last article so I’ll merely add that Allen Dulles ran a private intelligence network at the firm supplied by his old friends at the state department and around the world. As CIA director he would carry out coups on behalf of his old Sullivan and Cromwell clients whose boards he and his brother sat on. J Henry Schroder where Allen was a director in addition to being a Nazi controlled bank also held the account for one of Anglo-Iranian oils largest shareholders the Tiarks family leading to a coup in Iran when Allen was CIA director to give just one example. While at the firm Allen Dulles would still serve as a legal consultant to the State Department.

   In 1938 Allen Dulles ran for Congress and despite his massive backing from the rich, the powerful and the media his inability to conceal his disdain for the commoners would lead to his defeat. Foster would also later fail at the polls. Neither Dulles brother could ever manage to get themselves elected yet both managed to become among the most powerful men in the government shaping policy and bribing, blackmailing, bullying, undermining, deceiving, and even assassinating presidents and politicians. Democracy is merely the facade behind which the deep state thrives. Public opinion exists to be manipulated not to be followed.

    At the 1940 GOP convention where the Dulles Brothers choice and close ally Governor Thomas Dewey lost, William Donovan made Allen Dulles an offer he couldn’t resist. To help form the new Intelligence agency he and MI6 had been pressuring FDR to authorize. At the time there were at least 8 separate intelligence agencies that were parts of the State department, the Military, the FBI, the Labor Department and the Treasury Department. Now Donovan would be head of an agency that would centralize intelligence, propaganda and covert warfare. The Grandfather of the CIA the COI (Coordinator of Information) was being created and Allen Dulles was Donovan’s right hand man in recruiting personnel and setting it up. Soon based out of Rockefeller Center Allen Dulles was Chief of Station for New York. Right below Allen Dulles office was the MI6 front run by William Stephenson “Intrepid” he was there both to mentor Allen Dulles and the new COI and at the same time to wire tap Allen Dulles so he could track his business dealings with the Nazis. Stephenson was supposedly the inspiration for James Bond as he had a “license to kill” american’s who were trading with the enemy. Of course this didn’t include people as important as the Dulles brothers and their clients. Once when the British began leaking details of American business deals with the Nazis that threatened to expose the Dulles brothers Foster reminded the british that his firm had also helped British companies like Imperial Chemicals trade with the nazis and the matter was dropped. However throughout the war the british and FDR were both spying on Allen Dulles and FDR promised his friends they and many others would later be punished for treason. However the British MI6 and even Churchill were very much on the same page as the Dulles brothers seeing the Soviet Union as the true enemy and scheming for a separate peace with Germany. Donovan and many others at OSS as well as most of the state department saw things much the same way. 

  Donovan and the COI had many enemies in the government (like General MacArthur and J Edgar Hoover head of the FBI) and so through a deal brokered by future CIA director and General Eisenhower's right hand man  General Walter Beddel Smith (who handled Eisenhower’s dirty work) the COI was broken up into the OSS (The Office of Strategic Services) which Donovan controlled which would handle espionage and covert warfare while control of  “white” propaganda would go to the OWI the Office of War Information under newsman Elmer Davis. It was as an OSS operative that Allen Dulles went to Bern Switzerland in November 1942 just as the allies were landing in North Africa a result of Churchill’s strategy to protect british imperial interests in Africa and Asia while delaying as long as possible the opening of a second front to aid the Soviet Union. Ironically at that very moment while the USSR was fighting for it’s life at Stalingrad which Hitler needed to destroy to seize the oil fields of the Caucasus, Stalin was preparing a secret counter offensive that would crush the germans at Stalingrad by January of 1943.   

    Allen Dulles had turned down the job of Chief of Station London where he would have had access to the most secret and valuable intelligence of the war the “Magic” intercepts in order to get assigned to Bern Switzerland where he had begun his career as a spy 25 years before. In Bern he would meet one of his longest lasting mistress and fellow OSS spy the eccentric Mary Bancroft a patient and follower of Carl Jung. She became one of Clover Dulles (Allen’s wife’s) few friends and the Dulles family would become obsessed with Jung’s theories. Allen Dulles recruited Jung into the OSS. However these sentimental reasons were only a bonus in reality he was there to look out for the interests of Sullivan and Cromwell’s clients both American and German, to smuggle their money out of Germany, to Switzerland, Austria, Belgium, Luxembourg, Lichtenstein, and Italy. His other main reason for choosing Bern was to work on secret separate peace deals that would assure that the allies would be able to seize as much german occupied territory as possible before the red army could liberate it. Allen Dulles Geopolitical schemes were not the product of his own fevered mind but went back to decades of scheming by the french, the british, the remnants Austro-Hungarian empire and above all the Vatican to create a buffer zone in eastern europe and central europe around the soviet union. Allen Dulles was a longtime proponent of this attempt to create a danubian confederation. The Vatican and French version was the Intermarium where fascists allied to the Vatican were empowered throughout eastern europe. The Vatican was also pursuing the same intermarium schemes in alliance with Nazi Germany and Fascist Italy. Pope Pius XII had long been supportive of Hitler and Mussolini as was the future pope Paul VI. By Spring of 1943 because of the Soviet victory at Stalingrad German Intelligence in the form of the rivals Admiral Canaris and SS General Schellenberg were using go betweens to negotiate a separate peace and they were soon in regular contact with Allen Dulles and William Donovan as well as MI6. These were the roots of the infamous Operation Sunrise that would set off the cold war. These separate peace feelers convinced the Germans to prolong the war long enough for the west to switch sides and join Germany against the Soviet Union.

   Operation Sunrise Itself involved the Vatican as the go between on a deal between the SS and the OSS. Pius XII set it in motion and longtime fascists Cardinal Schuster and Don Giuseppe Bicherai handled negotiations putting Allen Dulles in contact with SS General Karl Wolff, Walter Rauff and Eugene Dollman. Wolff had been SS head Himmler’s chief of Staff where he was in charge of supplying slave labor to Allen Dulles clients the big german corporations and was the main patron of the Treblinka death camp. Walter Rauff had invented the mobile gas van while Dollman had been the main liaison between Hitler and Mussolini. The Germans offered to hand over Northern Italy and offer only minimal resistance on the western front. Soon future CIA director General Hoyt Vandenberg and General Lyman Lemnitzer were also in on the negotiations. It is very likely an informal agreement was reached on the second point as fascist forces raced to surrender to the western allies while fighting the red army bitterly for every inch of soil. By the time the Nazis were ready to surrender northern Italy it had already been liberated by the communist partisans and the OSS intervened to rescue Karl Wolff from the Partisans before he could be shot for his many crimes which included massacring Italians. As Christopher Simpson observed Operation Sunrise did not shorten the war by a single day instead it launched the new Cold War or World War 3 as I refer to it in memory of the millions killed.

    “Unfortunately” from the imperialists perspectives the scheme to seize eastern europe would be foiled by Churchill’s strategy of delaying opening up a second front. When instead of invading France the British wanted to invade Yugoslavia it was finally too much for FDR. By the time the US and britain finally invaded France the Soviets were already liberating eastern europe. However key elements of the scheme would take place. The Germans had promised to hand over Trieste on the border of Italy and Yugoslavia but delayed too long but the west was able to seize it anyways from Tito in May of 1945 and it became a key if now forgotten cold war battleground convincing the west it could bully the soviets into giving up more of eastern europe. Although the west thanks to FDR did not switch  sides during the war as soon as the war ended as much of the nazi war machine and intelligence apparatus as possible were salvaged. As usual Allen Dulles was at the center of this. After avoiding being brought up on charges for defying the orders of both FDR (who told him only to offer unconditional surrender) and the UK-US military command in Italy which ordered him to cease and desist. Allen Dulles received the personal congratulations of Churchill and the good news from his perspective that FDR was dead. While Allen Dulles was negotiating with the Nazis he had been under surveillance by Operation Safe Haven which tracked nazi attempts to hide their stolen fortune and was wiretapping Allen Dulles as he was of course involved in smuggling gold through the Nazi ratlines with the help of young James Angleton. Luckily for Dulles with FDR dead he was allowed to transfer control of Safehaven from the Anti-Nazi Morgenthau at the Treasury department to the CIC transforming it from a nazi hunting operation to a nazi recruiting and gold stealing operation and burying the evidence against him. 

   James Angleton who had taken over from his father Hugh Angleton after his father was injured. Hugh Angleton was in business  with the fascists as the representative of International Cash Register and running his own private intelligence network before signing up for X-2 (Counter Intelligence) which he got his son James Angleton into. James Angleton had rescued Italian fascist Prince Borghese from the Partisans. Borghese would be a key player in GLADIO and launch a failed CIA backed coup that was canceled at the last minute in 1970. James Angleton was already involved in a complex web of intrigues which would characterize his career as one of the most infamous CIA men of all time.  Dulles went to Rome to visit Angleton and Angleton would later be allowed to form a CIA within the CIA that wiretapped CIA men in their homes to see if they dared speak ill of Allen Dulles. Angleton was also involved in global drug trafficking, media manipulation, culture wars, covering up the evidence of the CIA alliance with nazis, and was additionally an Israeli mole.

   After Bern Allen Dulles was assigned as OSS station chief of Berlin where he supervised the new alliance with Gehlen and falsified the records of his German industrialist friends portraying the nazi collaborators who had made fortunes off slavery and genocide like Karl Blessing whose Kontintale Ol had been part of the Saudi-Philby-Dulles-Rockefeller oil smuggling network. Allen Dulles now had a chance to implement his plans for postwar germany which meant that the police, the judges, the politicians, the spies and the industrialists who had served under the Nazis or were nazis themselves would all keep their jobs. Allen Dulles was involved in the massive effort to smuggle hundreds of thousands of fascists around the world on ratlines with the help of the british and the Vatican. Future CIA director General Walter “Beedle Smith” arranged a plane for Reinhard Gehlen to America where he was debriefed and an alliance was formed at Fort Hunt. Allen Dulles was the one who vouched for him and the two men would remain friends for the rest of their lives. Whenever Gehlen visited America Allen Dulles made sure he received lavish entertainment and took him to his favorite exclusive clubs like the Alibi or the Metropolitan. Soon Gehlen was providing the west with 90% of it’s “information” on the Soviet Union and it’s satellite countries constantly providing a steady flow of disinformation warning of an imminent attack by the Soviet Union on the west. Of course secretly Allen Dulles and his friends knew it was nonsense since the Soviet’s had disassembled the East German rail lines and largely demobilized their army. However the constant paranoia about a non-existent Russian invasion was necessary to justify the massive increases in weapons spending that would enrich the military industrial complex. The paranoia also served to justify Allen Dulles dream of a permanent centralized intelligence apparatus that would be completely secret and unaccountable.

   Gehlen was involved in far more then providing disinformation to vastly exaggerate the Soviet threat. At the same time the west was accusing the Soviets of planning to launch a war it was already launching a secret war on the soviet union using Gehlen’s stay behind network of fascist SS veterans as well as british and french controlled networks of fascists. It was a campaign of terror and subversion aiming to destabilize the Soviet Union and eastern europe. One of the bloodiest episodes imvolved the Ukrainian OUN/B who controlled by Gehlen and the CIA/OPC waged a brutal war that left tens of thousands dead and lasted until 1953. Other Ukrainian fascists would be settled around the world in the US, Australia, Latin America and Canada plotting to retake the country. With the breakup of the Soviet Union the CIA and it’s allies in German Intelligence and other NATO countries like Canada would start funneling these fascists back into Ukraine where they would launch two color revolutions the latest in 2014 installing an openly fascist government. In modern Ukraine it is illegal to discuss the crimes of the OUN/B including a brutal campaign of genocide they conducted against Jews, Russians, Poles and anyone else the germans ordered them to exterminate. More shocking and another element of Allen Dulles legacy no one in the “free press” in the west will discuss their crimes either. The story is much the same in Croatia, Estonia, and a number of other countries. 

   Needless to say Allen Dulles was deeply involved in this secret war as well. It was Allen Dulles that had forged the alliance with the SS and Gehlen and soon he would also be running the global fascist networks of their allies like the OUN/B, the Romanian Iron Guard, the Hungarian Arrow Cross,  the Croatian Ustashi, and every other fascist remnant from imperial Japan to Latin America where Allen Dulles funneled fascist exiles to act as consultants to the various brutal latin american regimes the US had installed and would continue to install into our own times to. After only three months as station chief of Berlin Truman would disband the OSS. Allen Dulles would return to the U.S. setting up an off the books intelligence network made up of his OSS friends and the corporate elite. One of his projects was to set up the National Committee for a Free Europe  in 1948 which was an umbrella group of all the fascist exiles horribly misnamed of course since during the nazi occupation they had carried out genocide, enslaved their own people, tortured murdered and starved to death millions. Only thanks to the complicity of the media, congress and academia could anyone get away with such a scheme but thanks to the cold war paranoia that Allen Dulles had intentionally whipped up anyone digging into the past of these freedom fighters was simply accused of “following the Kremlin line” just as today anyone discussing the fascist coup in Ukraine is accused of being a russian propagandist.

   The OSS had been disbanded replaced briefly with the SSU while the rest of OSS was incorporated into the State Department research division. Allen Dulles and his allies like Wild Bill Donovan would lobby behind the scenes for the creation of the CIA. The SSU was soon replaced by the CIG the Central Intelligence Group. Allen Dulles served on the Jackson Correa committee that served as the blue print for the CIA the Central Intelligence Agency. Then he was an adviser to Congress as it drew up the National Security Act of 1947 that created the CIA and turned the country into a National Security State engaged in endless war both secret and open making a mockery of any pretense of democracy by operating totally in secret and with total impunity.

   Allen Dulles was a close adviser to the Dulles brothers long time ally Governor Dewey during the 1948 campaign and believed he would be appointed head of the CIA after the Dewey victory. This was the same time that Allen Dulles was setting up the Free Europe Committees with Adolf Berle a veteran State department Cold Warrior and C.D. Jackson the psychological warfare expert and media baron. This was also the same time as Allen Dulles other right hand man Frank Wisner was setting up the OPC the Office of Policy Co-ordination within the state department. Wisner was reporting to George Kennan but was in reality working for Allen Dulles.  The OPC was running the covert war of fascist exile armies in eastern europe, masterminding a global propaganda campaign, working with drug financed exile armies in Asia and other schemes. Allen Dulles was also working as a behind the scenes consultant at the new CIA along with Wild Bill Donovan. Allen Dulles got Donovan to start the World  Commerce Corporation along with William Stevenson of MI6 WCC was a private intelligence agency and a money laundering vehicle for all the black money like the nazi loot that Dulles had smuggled out of the country and which would now be funneled back into West Germany so it could yet again be built into a bulwark against communism.   Dewey lost the 1948 election ruining Allen Dulles chance to become CIA director. Truman had battled his own State Department and James Forrestal one of Dulles many allies advising Truman to push through the creation of Israel in the belief that the jewish vote would be crucial in several swing state. 

    Allen Dulles blamed the jewish vote for Truman’s victory and decided to use the fascist exile networks he had built up within the country as a get out the vote machine for the republican party a scheme Nixon, Reagan and Bush would all be deeply involved in. A major theme of the 1952 Eisenhower campaign “Rollback” meaning the overthrow of communism by the fascist exiles  aimed to mobilize these voters. However before this pivotal year Allen Dulles would go to work for the CIA directly under the Director General Walter “Beedle” Smith who had been Eisenhower's right hand man. Allen Dulles would run the Operations directorate (Covert operations) which he renamed the plans directorate. Soon he would be the deputy director of the CIA. Although Smith hated Allen Dulles crazy management style and was famous for the brutal tongue lashings he dealt to his subordinates including Dulles, Allen Dulles seemingly put up with it all in good humor. 

   With Eisenhower’s 1952 victory Allen Dulles finally gained control of the agency he had created. He owed the job to his brother Foster who had sold Eisenhower on his strategy of brinksmanship and secured the position of Secretary of State for himself and the CIA for Allen Dulles despite the advice of Director Smith who tried to block Allen Dulles rise to the top because he didn’t like the way Dulles and Wisner tried to run operations behind his back. Of course by appointing John Foster Dulles Eisenhower was also winning the support of the Dulles Brothers many friends and former clients in the corporate elite. Eisenhower had been working behind the scenes on CIA psychological warfare with Allen Dulles while he was president of Colombia University. Time and again Eisenhower would ignore the advice of the expert panels made up of intelligence, state department, and Pentagon veterans he assembled to assess the CIA who told him to fire Allen Dulles. Instead Eisenhower, Foster and Allen Dulles would work as one in vastly expanding the covert war on the planet. 

   Before dealing with the long series of coups and covert wars that were to follow I’ll examine briefly the impact that the CIA had on America itself. The CIA managed to infiltrate and corrupt every sector of a nation already grown ruthless through it’s imperial history of slavery, genocide, rampant capitalism and endless conquest. The CIA turned doctors into bio-warfare and mind control experts. It turned the media into a global weapon of psychological warfare. It brought over thousands of Nazis scientists to work for the military industrial complex. Universities became recruitment grounds for the CIA and fronts for it’s covert war. Historians were falsifying history on the CIA payroll and history itself became classified with Americans raised on uplifting fairytales instead. The CIA destroyed the careers of honest journalists and discredited serious researchers. The big foundations became conduits of CIA funds. It bribed, writers, artists, musicians and intellectuals. It promoted abstract expressionism. It set up think tanks, magazines, radio networks. It manipulated Hollywood to churn out propaganda. It gained control of labor unions. It bribed and blackmailed Congress. It infiltrated the judiciary, the police, the Justice Department, the Immigration service. the FBI, drug enforcement. It oversaw the global drug trade, the global arms trade, and funded fascists and terrorists around the globe. It recruited the CEO’s of the fortune 500. It controlled hundreds of billions in off the book funds hidden in offshore tax havens and shell companies enabling it to manipulate the global economy. It placed it’s loyalists in every branch of government the Pentagon the State Department so that soon every president was surrounded by CIA loyalists without even realizing it and even the pentagon had lost track of who was on the CIA pay role. Each branch of the military set up a massive support system for the CIA and so when American air force bombers were incinerating some Vietnamese village they were often without even realizing it acting as part of the CIA’s Phoenix Program to name one example. It created the Special Forces and directed their missions. It set up private intelligence firms, private security firms, corporate consulting firms and private mercenary armies to act as fronts and offer lucrative employment to “ex” CIA officers. It created banks, airlines, tech companies. The CIA was instrumental in the creation of the internet and is moving to gain full control of social media censoring sites like this one.

   Now to turn to the long series of coups and covert wars Eisenhower and the Dulles brothers began to launch. Even before 1952 there had been the rigging of the 1948 Italian election, the brutal war on Greece’s partisans to put in a fascist junta, brutal covert wars in China, The Philippines, Korea, and later Vietnam. There had been the covert wars in the baltic, in Poland, in Ukraine and Albania.  Enough wars to fill a library full of books on CIA crimes. Around the world the CIA was running a global assassination program. It had set up “Black Sites” at home and abroad where torture, mind control experiments, and chemical and biological warfare agents were tested on prisoners of war. All over the world it was bribing and blackmailing politicians. It was training military and police to wage war on their own people around the world. No one knows how many were tortured and disappeared. 

   Thus one should be under no illusion that Iran was the first victim it is merely one of the most well known. In 1951 Mossadegh a wily nationalist politician with decades of service to his country pushed through a bill nationalizing Iran’s oil industry. Decades earlier the british had forced the corrupt monarch to sign away Iran’s oil rights with 80% of the profits going to the british. Mossadegh felt Iran’s oil should be used to benefit Iran. The Dulles Brothers of course felt differently one of the major stockholders in Anglo-Iranian (which was half owned by the british government) the Tiarks family was one of the Dulles brothers clients through the J Henry Schroder bank. In addition Allen Dulles was the legal council for Overseas Consultants which had signed a billion dollar deal with the Shah to supervise the building up of the country a deal Mossadegh had blocked. The british launched an economic war and embargo on Iran and got Allen Dulles to agree to partner in a coup which he did in defiance of Truman’s orders. The British were expelled from Iran meaning they could do little more then offer advice. Eisenhower fully backed the coup. The CIA sent Kermit Roosevelt (Grandson of the arch-imperialist President Teddy Roosevelt) to supervise the coup Kermit Roosevelt was along with Miles Copeland one of the CIA’s main middle east fixers. He had been assigned to Cairo where he had run things for King Farouk then oversaw the coup that put Nasser in power. It was a move the empire would later greatly regret as Nasser funneled his CIA bribes into development projects. Nasser’s pan-arab goals and opposition to Israel were incompatible with the empire’s plans for the region which included a middle eastern version of NATO. Now in Iran Kermit Roosevelt would oversee the overthrow of  Mossadegh bribing generals, the press and the mullahs. He would  launch false flag terror attacks on Mosques that were blamed on the communists. Much of the groundwork had already been laid by Colonel H. Norman Schwarzkopf a New Jersey cop who had trained Iran’s Gendarmerie and created the dreaded Savak in the forties. Col Schwarzkopf (father of the General who laid waste to Iraq) returned with bags of money to bribe his old friends. The third key to the coup was Ambassador Loy Henderson another one of those state department cold warriors who had been involved in decades of plots. Kermit Roosevelt convinced the Shah to dismiss Mossadegh but Mossadegh refused to step down he went public his loyalists flooded the streets in support and the Shah fled to Rome. Allen Dulles arrived at the Shah’s hotel at the same moment convincing him to return. Meanwhile Loy Henderson was threatening to withdraw all Americans and hinting the US would declare war if Mossadegh did not clear the streets of his supporters. Mossadegh foolishly complied clearing the way for Kermit Roosevelt to unleash a rent-a-mob (Cost 1 million dollars) lead by body builders and wrestlers shouting long live the shah and attacking press outlets and political parties loyal to Mossadegh.  Meanwhile behind the scenes the real coup was taking place as the bribed generals decided to back the Shah and launched an attack on Mossadegh’s home a bloody 9 hour battle ensued that left 300 dead and Mossadegh was overthrown. The Shah with Allen Dulles personal encouragement returned and seized power instituting a reign of terror that would leave thousands dead while thousands more would suffer horrific torture. The American and British oil companies split the spoils each getting 40% of Iran’s oil revenues. Iran was turned into a cold war base for the war on the Soviet Union with listening posts, spy planes, military bases and agent infiltrations. When the Shah was later overthrown Iran ended up permanently on America’s enemies list.

  Next on the enemies list was Guatemala in 1944 fascist dictator Jorge Ubico Castaneda was overthrown during his reign peasants were roped together and sold into debt slavery to the big landholders, his men carved his name into their bullets when they massacred his enemies especially the despised Maya indians. In 1938 Ubico signed a deal with United Fruit signing over half the countries land and United Fruit would soon own the railways, the telephone and telegraph and the country’s only port. John Foster Dulles had personally drawn up the paperwork for the deal and along with his brother owned stock in the company. Allen was on the board of directors. Ubico was replaced by the mild mannered philosophy professor Dr Juan Jose Arevalo Bermejo thanks to the behind the scenes coup by Captain Jacobo Arbenz Guzman who had suppressed resistance in the army and crushed the officers loyal to Ubico. In 1950 Arbenz was elected president and he along with his idealistic wife set about trying to turn Guatemala from a feudal country owned by United Fruit into a “Modern Capitalist Nation” He began passing labor reforms and then a land reform program. Lands that were owned by United Fruit but which were completely unused were to be bought at their value for tax purposes. Of course United Fruit had swindled the country by undervaluing the land and now fell victim to it’s own schemes. In 1952 Truman had authorized a coup in 1952 but canceled it at the last minute at Dean Acheson’s urging however the weapons stockpiled for the cancelled coup would be put to use in the 1954 coup. Once Eisenhower was in office he green lit the coup his whole administration was riddled with people connected to United Fruit like Henry Cabot Lodge. United Fruit’s  lobbyist Tommy “The Cork” Corcoran is better known to me for his connection to Civil Air Transport the CIA drug airline and was the personal attorney for T.V. Soong the drug lord and  China Lobby backer and the brother in law of General Chiang Kai Shek the Taiwanese dictator. Former CIA director W.B. Smith then Undersecretary of State hoped for and got a spot on United Fruits board after the coup.

   Kermit Roosevelt turned down the Guatemala job and Frank Wisner oversaw the operation trying to manage the unruly Al Haney. A whole CIA rogues gallery that would become infamous over the coming decades was involved names like Frank Wisner, Howard Hunt, David Sanchez Morales, David Phillips, “Flying Tiger” Whiting Willauer, Colonel “Rip” Robertson, and Tracy Barnes.  Again a ruthless American Ambassador would be key to the plans success in this case John Peurifoy who had helped install the fascist junta in Greece. The coup was a covert war plan reminiscent of the more recent wars on Libya and Syria. The country was subjected to a massive propaganda campaign demonizing Arbenz. Economic war was declared the countries credit was cut off, it’s oil supplies were disrupted and their was a run on the countries foreign reserves. An army of exiles and mercenaries was created run out of Opa Locka Florida and with bases supplied by Somoza in Nicaragua. A CIA air force was set up bombing and machine gunning the defenseless country. Meanwhile within the country itself the military was bribed and threatened into switching sides in large part by Ambassador Peurifoy. The exiles were lead by CIA puppet General Castillo Armas and the CIA managed to create fake military radio traffic reporting of nonexistent victories that demoralized the army loyal to Arbenz. Finally after his attempt to arm the people to resist the invasion was blocked by the army Arbenz was forced to resign in a coup engineered by Peurifoy. But even this wasn’t enough Arbenz had been replaced by Carlos Diaz and when he refused to begin negotiating with Armas and executing people on a CIA death list the bombing resumed until Castillo Armas was installed as dictator. He began rounding up thousands of Arbenz supporters labor leaders and suspected communists for torture and execution. Armas would be assassinated within a couple years and Guatemala would be an ever expanding nightmare for the next 40 years with 250,000 people killed by a series of fascist dictators and juntas installed by the CIA while Allen Dulles friends continued to loot the country. Arbenz was later murdered in Mexico probably by the CIA.

    A detailed account of all the CIA coups and covert wars Allen Dulles oversaw could fill a library thus I will have to settle for a brief discussion of the many wars and coups conducted in the Dulles era. In Asia there was a covert war on China using drug smuggling KMT exile armies.  This covert war also used the chinese islands of Quemoy and Matsu to attack mainland China and threatened to escalate into nuclear war.  There was the never ending covert war in the Philippines that continues to our own day. In Laos the CIA waged a secret war funded by drug profits. In South Korea the CIA installed a series of fascist dictators that with the help of it’s CIA advisers massacred and tortured it’s own people in addition to the death toll of bloody Korean War that would leave millions dead at the hands of the US military. The pattern would repeat in Vietnam the CIA would install a fascist dictator and the covert war of the 1950’s would escalate into the Vietnam war of the 60’s and 70’s that would leave millions dead. In Tibet the CIA waged another bloody covert war in support of the Dalai Lama which attempted to reinstall slavery and feudalism. In Indonesia the CIA would incite a military rebellion against the neutralist Sukarno backed by CIA airlines that bombed the country and dropped supplies to the rebels. This attempt would fail but the CIA’s tightening of ties with the Indonesian military in the aftermath would later  bear fruit in 1965 in a coup that would leave 1 million dead. In the middle east the CIA would launch a coup in Syria and Eisenhower would invade Lebanon in 1958. In Hungary 1956 the CIA and it’s front groups would help incite a counter-revolution that was crushed by the Soviets. This would drive Frank Wisner slowly insane while Dulles never seemed to care what happened to his operatives. Wisner would later commit suicide.

    A new president John F. Kennedy was on the way. Allen Dulles had known him for years and hoped he would be easily manipulated. However despite being a cold war hawk (until confronted with the insanity of his own national security state which was bent on nuclear war), JFK had a great deal of sympathy for national liberation movements. Before even getting into office this would bring him in conflict with Allen Dulles. In the Congo the fiery independence leader Lumumba had been elected. Kennedy in alliance with UN head Dag Hammarskjold hoped he could reverse the Eisenhower-Dulles attempt to destroy Lumumba that had already deposed hi. from power and left him a virtual prisoner. The CIA saw to it that Lumumba was beaten to death by CIA agents before JFK could get into office then concealed his death for weeks. A photo survives showing JFK’s horrified reaction upon learning of Lumumba’s death. Dag Hammarskjold would also be killed by the CIA. After being inaugurated JFK learned that the CIA was trying to overthrow DeGaulle in a coup plot with the OAS and elements of the french military that DeGaulle barely foiled by appealing to the french public. JFK was forced to tell DeGaulle that although he had no knowledge of the coup plot he could not speak for the CIA. After JFK was assassinated DeGaulle who had survived more then one assassination attempt commented that JFK had been killed by his own security services.

   In Cuba Fidel Castro had lead a revolution in 1959 that quickly brought him into conflict with the Eisenhower administration. A plot to overthrow Castro was hatched supervised by Allen Dulles and Richard Nixon that would evolve into the Bay of pigs debacle. JFK who had run on a tough on Cuba platform felt he had no choice but to green light the invasion.  Allen Dulles had assured him would succeed although it had little chance of success since Fidel Castro was immensely popular in Cuba and had instituted strong security precautions. Allen Dulles knew JFK was planning to replace him with Richard Bissell and so let Richard Bissell take the lead on the Bay of Pigs and he hoped the blame as well. The operation was run by many CIA veterans of the earlier Guatemala coup. JFK had warned that he would not overtly involve the military but Allen Dulles believed he would be pressured into changing his mind. The invasion was a disaster and Fidel Castro had personally commanded the troops that crushed it. Fidel’s close friend and advisor Ernesto “Che” Guevara had survived the 1954 CIA coup in Guatemala and the Cubans were determined not to repeat Arbenz mistakes. JFK refused to send in the military to rescue the situation and vowed revenge on Allen Dulles. Allen Dulles hadn’t even bothered to remain in DC during the Bay of Pigs instead addressing a conference of CIA linked CEO’s in Puerto Rico. JFK was furious and resolved to fire Allen Dulles, Charles Cabell and Richard Bissell. For appearances sake he waited until Allen Dulles had time to complete the new CIA headquarters at Langley Virginia where his retirement ceremony was held. Allen Dulles invited the heads of the Fortune 500 to the ceremony to wish him farewell. Allen Dulles vowed revenge on JFK.

   Although Allen Dulles was no longer officially in charge he retained the loyalty of many at the CIA while the new director John McCone was a CIA outsider who was kept out of the loop. From his home in Georgetown Allen Dulles set up a sort of government in exiles visited constantly by his CIA friends like Angleton and Richard Helms. It is widely believed that from exile Allen Dulles orchestrated the JFK assassination since he had the means motive and opportunity and his right hand man James Angleton was tied to plot in a hundred ways. Allen Dulles was the connecting link between the corporate world and the National Security State able to sound out the consensus that JFK had to go. JFK had refused to launch a nuclear war during the Cuban missile crisis instead he was moving towards peace with Cuba and the Soviet Union and was planning on pulling out of Vietnam enraging the National Security State. JFK had enraged corporations by using the full might of the federal government against US Steel. On November 22, 1963 JFK would be assassinated in broad daylight and in public in Dallas. 

   55 Years later dedicated researchers are still trying to uncover what happened while the media and the CIA are still desperately trying to cover up what happened. What is certain is that Allen Dulles and James Angleton spent the rest of their lives running the cover up. Allen Dulles lobbied desperately behind the scenes to be included on the Warren Commission and today historians joke that it could be more accurately be called the Dulles Commission. Allen Dulles orchestrated the cover-up of the JFK assassination and steered the commission away from any links to the CIA they were not even told about the Cuban assassination plots. The Warren Report was a pack of lies that Allen Dulles would defend for the rest of his life. Angleton and Dulles also orchestrated the campaign to discredit critics of the Warren Report.  Allen Dulles was once confronted by a researcher named David Lifton while Dulles was a guest lecturer at UCLA on the ridiculous claims of the Warren report. Dulles seemed on the verge of cracking after his attempts to dodge Lifton’s questions left the audience unimpressed. Lifton felt he had been in the presence of true evil a fairly accurate intuition as we have seen. On other occasions Allen Dulles could barely suppress his excitement when describing the assassination. Exactly one month after the JFK assassination former president Truman published an editorial in the morning edition of the Washington Post  lamenting the creation of the CIA hinting it was a threat to democracy and claiming he had never intended the CIA to carry out operations or make policy. The editorial  mysteriously disappeared from the evening edition. Allen Dulles was outraged and tried to force Truman to retract first by letter then by an in person visit but Truman refused to be bullied. Instead Dulles managed to falsify history sending a memo to the CIA’s legal counsel falsely claiming Truman had told him the article had been written by an aide without his knowledge a lie parroted by a number of historians.

   Allen Dulles would die of Flu January 29, 1969 much to the delight of his long suffering wife Clover who is rumored to have allowed him to lie unattended in his own filth for a month before his death. His son Allen Dulles jr who spent years hiding out from his father in a Jungian asylum in Switzerland only emerging after his fathers death. Unfortunately although Allen Dulles  was dead his creation the CIA would live on as would America’s endless war on the planet. An endless string of coups, covert wars, and all out wars would follow. Every country that dares resist the empire is under constant threat from Iran, Venezuela and Syria to Russia and China. Allen Dulles wild dreams of rollback would come to pass 20 years after his death with the destruction of the Soviet Union. Millions would be “liberated” from free health care and education millions would starve and go homeless. Freed from competition from the socialist world the west was free to slash social programs and plunge it’s workers into poverty. Allen Dulles embodied the “American Century” which was a nightmare for the rest of the world his victims numbered in the millions. As long as the CIA exists so will endless war, paranoia, lies, poverty, corruption, crime, fascism, torture, coups and assassinations. The ghost of Allen Dulles will forever haunt the world.


The best book on the origin of the CIA is “The Old Boys: The American Elite and the Origins of the CIA” by Burton Hersh written with cynical humor.

On the Life of Allen Dulles and his ties to the JFK Assassination read “The Devils Chessboard: Allen Dulles the CIA and the Rise of America’s Secret Government” by David Talbot an instant classic.

For more on the Dulles Brothers including more in depth information on Allen Dulles earlier years read “The Brothers: John Foster Dulles, Allen Dulles, and their Secret World War” by Stephen Kinzer.

Details on Allen Dulles Jack Philby and the Saudis as well as the most damning account of his activities in Bern come from “The Secret War Against the Jews: How Western Espionage Betrayed the Jewish People” by John Loftus and Mark Aarons. I also recommend “America’s Nazi Secret” by John Loftus.

For more on Allen Dulles, Reinhard Gehlen, the nazis and the CIA there is the classic “Blowback: America’s Recruitment of Nazis and It’s Effect on the Cold War” by Christopher Simpson.  

And for a much more complete account of CIA activities while Allen Dulles was CIA director and afterwards read the classic “Killing Hope: U.S. Military and C.I.A. Interventions since World War II” By William Blum which is not only a must read book but also an invaluable reference work every researcher should own. His books played an invaluable role in inspiring my own research and writing and he will be sorely missed.

My article on the Dulles brothers law firm Sullivan & Cromwell

My article on the Republican Party fascist “ethnic outreach” program  and a network of CIA backed lobbies ties to fascist exiles that Allen Dulles set in motion back in 1948

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Covert Action Information Bulletin 35 has an article on the Treaty of Fort Hunt which while wrong about Donovan discusses the alliance between Gehlen and US intelligence. It also shows the CIA promoting fascism in eastern europe during the 1990s.

Jim DiEugenio on JFK vs the CIA in Congo and the assassination of Patrice Lumumba

Jim DiEugenio JFK vs the CIA in Laos, Vietnam, Indonesia, and the Congo

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