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Empire of Misery, Liberation of Daraa

Empire of Misery: the Liberation of Daraa, War on Latin America and Palestine

   The empire of Chaos (America) is in full advance across the globe but has suffered yet another humiliating defeat in Syria along with it’s criminal ally Israel whose endless threats and illegal airstrikes were unable to prevent yet another decisive victory for the Syrian Arab Army. However across the world there is one horror show after another. Most recently of course Israel Massacred the people of Gaza for daring to peacefully protest the misery, poverty and brutality they suffer as a result of Israel’s siege, Israel’s mass incarceration and torture programs and Israel’s constant murder of Palestinians. 

America sees war as the solution to every problem and so of course is always involved in war within it’s own borders as well. The wars on poor people, the wars on black people (who like Palestinians can be murdered with total impunity, the wars to steal even more native land, and of course the war on immigrants. Terrorizing them makes them easier to exploit and so ICE have been unleashed by Mad emperor Trump locking children in cages. Of course this war on immigrants did not begin with Trump but has been ongoing for more then a century with little attention paid to it and Obama was the worst offender. Still since Trump loudly supports this war on refugees from countries the empire has destroyed in Central America and the middle east he fully deserves all the outrage this scandal has generated. Remember this brief glimpse into the everyday nightmare that is America and try not to forget it as soon as the news cycle switches back to it’s usual frivolity and lies. Also remember the millions of people locked up in  America’s prisons including thousands of children.  Above all investigate and you will discover even worse crimes in the wars on immigrants mass graves, people suffocated to death in storage containers. you will discover slavery, torture and murder. 

Unsurprisingly at the very moment refugees are being locked in cages America is busy trying to destroy yet another Central American country Nicaragua. In Yemen perhaps the worst horror show in the world right now the Houthis are battling for their very survival as America, Britain, and their Saudi lackeys prepare to cut off Yemen’s last remaining life line. Millions have been starving in Yemen for over two years and one can only imagine how much worse things will get if they loose their last remaining port of al-Hudaydah. In Colombia the world’s newest NATO member the Government with a green light from washington is on murderous rampage 8 activists have been killed this week by death squads.  This is the Death Squads way of celebrating  the election victory of President Alvaro Uribe Velez the drug dealing patron saint of Colombia’s death squads and of course a close ally of the United States which has sought to destroy the peace deal reached two years ago. Unfortunately in Colombia history is repeating itself in the 1980’s a similar deal was reached where the Guerilla’s laid down their arms in exchange for peace and were slaughtered. This is the latest ugly chapter in America’s dirty war in Colombia where tens of thousands have been killed and millions forced to flee part of America’s usual strategy in Latin America of crushing dissent and stealing the local resources. All over Latin America Operation Condor 2.0 is going into effect and political murder is on the rise in Brazil, Mexico, Honduras, Guatemala and other countries under America’s control.

   In Nicaragua history is also repeating itself as the United States is trying to push the country into civil war just as it succeeded in doing in the 1980’s with it’s drug dealing Contra death squads a topic I’ve written on at length in the past. That brutal war left 35,000 dead at the hands of brutal CIA terrorists that used very similar tactics to what the CIA’s terrorist proxies have carried out in Syria. Bombing schools and hospitals, torturing and killing government supporters, rape, kidnapping, robbery. Of course the slaughter was even worse next door in El Salvador and Guatemala where instead of trying to overthrow the government the death squads were the government and 100,000 people died in each tiny country. If the empire has it’s way Nicaragua could suffer years of CIA backed terror or worse a return of the kind of Fascist dictatorship the Nicaraguan Sandinista’s overthrew back in 1979. Having failed so far in Venezuela the empire has attempted to use the same tactics in Nicaragua. The motives are the same in both countries the government dared to improve the lives of their people. Now Drug dealing gangsters have set up roadblocks across Nicaragua. attempting to paralyze the country. 200,000 people have lost their jobs as a result of these illegal roadblocks. The NED trained activists are attempting a white helmets style propaganda campaign demonizing the government. So far 15 students and 16 police have died and the Neo-Contras are already attacking schools, hospitals, and health centers so far 60 government buildings have been burned down, as well as burning down the houses of those they suspect are loyal to the government. As in Syria they often murder people then blame the government. They have burned 55 ambulances.  As in Ukraine, Venezuela, Syria the CIA’s mysterious snipers have been firing at both police and protestors in their attempt to spark a civil war. 200 Sandinistas have been kidnapped many publicly tortured. The Neo-contras are already in league with the El Salvadoran fascists ARENA (who were the public face of the death squads) and of course the CIA’S drug dealing terrorist Cuban exiles who worked closely with the Nicaragua Contra’s in the 1980’s. Thankfully as in Venezuela these terror tactics have so far served to discredit the opposition and hopefully Nicaragua will be able to foil this attempted color revolution. However once the US begins one of these covert wars they can go on for decades and Nicaragua must prepare to defend itself if it wants to survive. 

   Israel continued it’s Gaza Massacre emboldened by their close ties to mad emperor Trump since the March of return began they have shot thousands of protestors with 120 dying including most infamously a nurse tending the victims. Israel signed a secret deal last fall with the US and the Saudis for a secret war on “Iran” (by which they mean not just Iran but Syria, Lebanon, Iraq, Yemen.) A free hand to massacre Palestinians was part of the bargain no doubt as well as the move of it’s capitol to Jerusalem in defiance of the rest of the world. Thus this massacre is just the opening salvo of a coming massive escalation of the war on Palestine. There is no telling what crimes they will get away with while Trump is in office and maniacs like Nikki Haley and John Bolton are in power. We must work tirelessly to expose the crimes of Israel it’s apartheid system it’s mass incarceration and mass torture programs, it’s propaganda campaigns, It’s endless land thefts, It’s racism, It’s attacks on it’s neighbors, it’s war mongering lobbies, and schemes to steal Palestinian and Syrian oil. It’s deliberate attempt to starve the Palestinians into submission to deny them food, water, electricity and medical care. We must end this slow motion genocide in Palestine before it is too late.

   Having cataloged a few of the many wars America is waging at home and abroad let us turn our attention back to Syria where yet another important victory in the struggle to liberate their country from NATO’s terrorist death squads has taken place. Early in the war Daraa became a terrorist hotbed in part because it was extremely close to Israel and their illegally occupied syrian territory the Golan Heights. Israel has made it abundantly clear that the Daraa terrorists are it’s terrorist proxies and it hoped to steal even more Syrian territory when Syria was destroyed. However with Eastern Ghouta liberated the Syrian Arab Army was finally able to turn it’s full attention to liberating Southern Syria. Israel has launched illegal airstrike after illegal airstrike in a desperate bid to save it’s terrorist proxies including ISIS. It has threatened to launch a region wide war targeting not just Syria but Lebanon, Iraq, in addition of course to their endless ongoing war on the Palestinians, their butchery of women and children which will never cease until Palestine is liberated. However Syria refused to give in to Israeli or American threats  Syria along with it’s allies Iran and Hezbollah were prepared to fight a full scale war if necessary. Russia after some foot dragging also decided to help the SAA liberate Daraa. Israel was forced to watch as their terrorist proxies were routed in a matter of months. The battle of Daraa is not over but it is clear that a decisive victory has already occurred. Syria has secured the Naseeb border crossing with Jordan liberated huge swathes of territory encircled the terrorists and cut off their supplies. Today July 12 they entered the southern part of the city of Daraa. 

   The war in Syria continues. ISIS have been launching increasing attacks in an attempt to save Daraa but Syria have been launching a major campaign to clear them out of their desert stronghold. Once Daraa is liberated the SAA may turn it’s attention to Idlib and to ejecting the Turks. The Syrians are holding secret negotiations with the Kurds who are rethinking their treachery after America has decided to let Turkey occupy more and more SDF held territory. Plans are already in place to kick out the American, British and Italian occupation forces with resistance groups being formed in the north of Syria to kick the occupiers out. Unfortunately the Americans are stubborn vindictive and very sore losers so there is no telling what new plan they are hatching to extend the war and bring still more misery to the long suffering Syrian people. Even if the US forces do leave the propaganda war against Syria could go on for decades. More tragically the economic war on Syria that began back in 2003 with sanctions on Syria will continue. Vital supplies needed to repair Syria, vital medicines and equipment needed to heal the people of Syria are being prevented from entering the country. There is no telling how many thousands of people have already died as a result of these sanctions which are usually overshadowed by the brutal crimes of the western backed terrorists. 

   Despite the obstacles they face Syria continues to march towards victory. With the help of it’s allies it has defeated America, Israel, NATO, the Saudis and the many other members of the axis of chaos. They have withstood untold misery and nearly every family has given a martyr to the cause of Syrian independence. When the war is won the balance of power will forever be shifted in the region and hopefully the empire will be forced to vacate Iraq and the Axis of resistance will be able to turn it’s attention to the liberation of Palestine. Unfortunately in much of the world the future is much bleaker.


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