Saturday, July 22, 2017

The Plot to Scapegoat Russia

We live in dangerous times. A panic has gripped the American media over Russia. Anyone daring to question the anti-Russian hysteria is risking their careers and reputation. Thus Daniel Kovalik is a heroic man simply for writing his book "The Plot to Scapegoat Russia." However the media seem oblivious of the dangerous situation they are creating by pushing the US towards a war with Russia which has the potential to end life on the planet with a push of a button. Kovalik is best known for his work on the dirty war in Colombia has described the insanity of that war in which the US has armed and trained drug dealing death squads (and their sponsors in Colombia's corrupt drug dealing political and military elite) all in the name of fighting drugs.Needless to say this policy has predictably resulted in a massive 300% increase in the amount of Cocaine arriving in the US from Colombia while also causing untold misery to the people of Colombia where 100,000 have been killed and 9 million refugees have been created as part of a massive land theft. Naturally this "Plan Colombia" has been hailed as a massive success in America.
    Kovalik's book is full of stories like this from america's recent history. Chances are you will be extremely shocked to discover what he reveals. His book is about far more then Russia. He writes in the hopes of reminding us what many seem to forget. The American empire is far more dangerous to the world then Russia. Kovalik's book is also a personal account of his own political awakening. Like many americans he was raised on a steady diet of cold war mythology. The belief that America is a "global force for good" is drummed into it's citizens heads not only by the propaganda that masquerades as news and history but also in the entertainment we consume the movies, tv, books. Equally the idea that Russians are the villains has become an article of faith in much of the world after 100 years of cold war propaganda which began in 1917 with the original "red scare". Of course Russophobia began centuries before that justified on racist (they were asiatic), and religious grounds (Both Protestants and Catholics hated the Orthodox church) and motivated by Russia and Britain's imperial rivalry. The point is after centuries of demonization it is easy for westerners to see Russians as inherently evil and bent on world domination. An objective view of 20th/21st century history shows that they were mostly acting defensively after having been invaded twice once by 14 countries including the US during  the Russian Civil War and again when Hitler invaded in 1941 and killed 27 million soviets as well as destroying thousands of farms, Villages, factories, hospitals, and schools along with millions of homes. Thus during the Cold War it was always an absurd lie to claim that the Soviets were planning to invade western Europe at any moment. They were focused on rebuilding after the war while America completely undamaged had a monopoly on the Atom-Bomb prior to 1949 and would maintain nuclear dominance throughout the cold war.
    However the US needed an excuse to keep it's military industrial complex running and the Cold War provided a convenient excuse to silence critics, smash labor unions and intervene everywhere on the planet that US corporations felt their profit margins might be threatened by some third world president seeking to improve the lives of his or people. Kovalik gives many of the highlights of this war on the planet Guatemala where 200,000 people would die over the decades as a result of a CIA coup. Iran where democracy was destroyed and the Shah installed  to prevent the people from benefiting from the oil revenues. The horrifying wars in Korea and Vietnam which killed millions of people. It was in the 1980's that Kovalik had his political awakening during the war on Nicaragua where Reagan was arming drug dealing death squads to terrorize the Sandinista government for daring to overthrow the Somoza dictatorship and attempt to improve the lives of their people.  Kovalik went down to Nicaragua to see for himself what was going on there and has ever since tried to oppose the wars the US wages in Latin America.

   This was probably the last time the US would have a strong anti-war left. Although there was a brief resurgence during the Bush II years this would largely fade with the coming to office of Obama. Thus most Americans have no idea what their empire has actually been up to lately. The news media has become ever more propagandistic because America's foreign policy has become ever more insane. Kovalik's book will bring you up to date on what has actually been happening. In Libya the US backed Al Qaeda terrorists with the full military might of NATO destroying this tiny socialist country where everyone received a share of the oil revenues under Gaddafi. Instead Libya is now ruled by racist al Qaeda warlords who fight for control who have waged a genocidal ethnic cleansing campaign against black Libyans. In Syria a similar strategy has been pursued Syria was nearly destroyed by terrorists armed by the US, the Saudis, Israel and NATO and seeking to turn the country into a chaotic wasteland. In Ukraine the US backed a fascist coup that sparked a civil war.
   It was the war in Ukraine that lead to our current cold war 2.0 Since most people would be shocked to learn that the US was backing a government full of "neo-Nazis" everyone who pointed this fact out was labeled a Russian propagandist. America's alliance with fascists is one of it's dirtiest cold war secrets Hundreds of thousands of fascist war criminals were settled across the US, Canada, Australia, and Latin America. They were kept active producing cold war propaganda and were used as secret armies to wage war on the Soviet Union in the early days of the cold war. They were funded and kept active through the World Anti-Communist League which united fascists, terrorists, and drug dealers from around the world. a scandal that emerged during the Iran/Contra era. Anyways this is one of my private obsessions so I couldn't resist tossing it although Kovalik doesn't discuss WACL he does discuss the history of the OUN-B the Ukrainian Fascists who committed horrifying war crimes during World War 2 and are now worshipped as heroes in post-Maidan Ukraine.
    Of course the Russians are not exactly angels and Kovalik attempts to provide a balanced account of Russia's recent history as well. Russia's history since the fall of the USSR has been utterly disastrous in many ways. Thus the book is by no means a one sided account but it will hopefully help the reader to understand what has happened in Russia during and after the cold war. It also provides an account of this new Cold War which really began in the 1990's with the massive NATO expansion, the War in Yugoslavia, and the disastrous economic policies the west imposed on the former socialist world with catastrophic effects.
   Since 2014 the level of Anti-Russian Hysteria has only increased which is why Dan Kovalik is a brave man for writing this book. Despite all the topics and history it covers it is an easy read and has a wonderful heartfelt quality rare in books on these topics. Buy two copies one for yourself and one for a friend or family member who is in the grip of anti-Russian fever or who is unaware of recent history. Whether you are new to topics like these or if you are thanks to the internet and books like this one aware of what is actually going on you will certainly learn something by reading this book. I hope it will awaken in people a desire to search for the truth, think critically, and to fight for peace and justice. We live in dangerous times if you want to do something about it please read this book.

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  1. This is a disturbing article and contains some worrisome truths--thanks. However, while reading it, I couldn't help but notice several errors of English. It may seem outrageously pedantic to mention it, but they are a distraction to the reader. A competent proofreader could easily have corrected them.