Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Doug Valentine on the CIA Drugs & Media

Porkins Policy Radio episode 76 The CIA as Organized Crime with Douglas Valentine

My guest today is the great Douglas Valentine. Doug joins me to discuss his latest book The CIA as Organized Crime. We begin by looking at why Doug decided to write this book and the way in which it is structured. Next we delve into Doug’s relationship with the CIA and how he came to write about it’s inner-workings. Doug talks about his relationship with the agency and how he began getting access to operatives and officials while writing The Phoneix Program, including his meetings with former CIA Director William Colby. Doug also talks about how the agency attempted to co-opt him with money and a job, and their monitoring of his activities and research. Doug and I also talk about how the agency has grown and evolved from the late 1940’s to the present. We also touch on the recent anti-Russian media operations the CIA is involved with. Doug explains how this is both a distraction and a divide and conquer tactic that the CIA has perfected over the years.
In the second hour Doug explains how his research into the CIA led him to explore and write two books chronicling the narcotics trade and the War on Drugs. Doug talks about the way in which the CIA took over the Federal Bureau of Narcotics and later the DEA. We talk about how important the drug trade is to the CIA and how it is a cornerstone of the agency and its operations. I finish off by talking about several exciting upcoming episodes coming out in the next two months.
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Douglas Valentine
The CIA as Organized Crime
CIA documents on Douglas Valentine 
Excerpt from The CIA as Organized Crime 
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  1. I volunteered 4 years with the local addiction services. I would legalise drugs and so would they. There's an ex-under cover police officer doing the rounds just now. He says the "justice system" creates the environment that allows organised crime to flourish.