Sunday, June 26, 2016

The Battle for Aleppo

       The Battle for Aleppo

    2016 has been a dark year for the world. And yet thing are inevitably going to get even worse as the world wonders which monster will be crowned emperor this fall here in the empire of chaos. Brazil has fallen Venezuela and the progressive governments of Latin America are under threat. The dirty wars continue in Mexico and Colombia. In Oaxaca the Mexican government conducted a massacre of teachers resisting attempts to privatize the education system. In Libya a campaign of assassinations aims to wipe out anyone in the army loyal to the Libyan people rather then the NATO death squads. Meanwhile terrorists death squads slaughter Libyan civilians with impunity. They also treacherously murdered a dozen former Libyan government officials after finally releasing them after years of torture and mistreatment. Eritrea one of the only independent African countries has come under military attack from Ethiopia. Coups and destabilization attempts threaten South Africa and Zimbabwe. In fact the empire of chaos is busy spreading chaos and bloodshed throughout Africa and indeed the whole world.  The empire is on the attack all over the world ultimately targeting China and Russia of course.

  In Syria the situation has been grim. Progress in liberating the country from NATO's death squads has been slow since the empire launched it's counter offensive in Aleppo a couple months ago. Every time Syria launches a new offensive they are eventually forced to call it off in order to counter a terrorist counter offensive somewhere else. The "ceasefire" has been disastrous with Russia withholding vital support for Syria in pursuit of the illusion that the US is interested in a end to this war. Meanwhile the US and it's allies in the axis of chaos (US-NATO-Israel-GCC) have been flooding the terrorists with men and weapons and using negotiations to delay a Russian response. In the meantime the people of Syria have suffered massive terror attacks and constant shelling and bombardment from the death squads. Massive suicide bombings have rocked Syria which would be front page news if they happened anywhere else. Meanwhile the US has used it's base in the Kurdish areas in the north to launch a NATO invasion using special forces troops and their proxies to attempt to Seize Syrian territory. This force is a major threat clearly aiming to balkanize Syria and ensure that it can never be reunited and that this war will never end for either Iraq or Syria or Lebanon.

   Thankfully things may finally be starting to turn around Russia has finally figured out (or remembered ) that the US will not be satisfied until Syria is destroyed. A couple weeks ago the top defense figures of Russia, Iran Hezbollah and Syria met in Tehran to plan a new offensive. Iran has been courageously sending more and more advisers into the war and rumor has it will massively increase it's forces in the country. Sayyyed Hassan Nasrallah the Hezbollah leader has announced that the battle for Aleppo has become the major priority. Russia has been bombing the terrorists in Aleppo non-stop for the last 48 hours. Yesterday Syria and it's allies launched a major offensive aimed at liberating the city and the surrounding countryside. We can only hope that they will finally be able to break the stalemate in Syria. The goal is to close off the vital terrorists supply route at the Castillo Highway. So far they have managed to make some advances we will have to wait and see how things progress.

   Syria's last offensive which aimed at countering the american advance on Raqqa by retaking the nearby strategic military airport at Tabaqa ended in disaster last week after a promising start. The SAA were slowly advancing towards Tabaqa and eventually headed for Raqqa when a well timed ISIS counter offensive forced them to retreat. The only consolation was that the American advance on Raqqa has also been plagued with disaster. The war itself increasingly resembles the situation before the Russians intervened with the SAA being forced to fight on too many fronts to make much progress. In Stead of carrying out offensives Syria's elite units are constantly having to be redrawn to counter the latest terrorist counter offensive. Syria is once again battling for it's very survival and has lost the momentum it had earlier this spring. This has only emboldened the empire of chaos and in fact 50 State department officials signed a petition in an attempt to impress Hillary Clinton demanding Obama start bombing the Syrian Government immediately. Hopefully such schemes will at least be delayed until a possible Clinton presidency next year but Obama seems obsessed with destroying as many countries as possible before leaving office as evidenced by the wave of coups and attempted coups sweeping the world. Russia needs to stop encouraging this madness with it's foolish attempts at diplomacy. America will never stop until Russia and China are destroyed and if Russia sacrifices Syria it will loose all credibility for the next 10-20 years. Even when Russia was completely subservient during the Yeltsin years Washington never stopped trying to destroy Russia.  We are in the middle of World War 4 and it will only end with the collapse of the American Empire or the destruction of Russia and China. Until then the empire of chaos will continue it's endless war across the globe it is not suddenly going to wake up one day and decide it wants peace the entire economy is geared for endless war and for america's rulers "Peace" would be the ultimate danger.

  Thankfully Russia appears to have remembered this yet again and will hopefully increase it's support as Syria battles for it's very existence. In fact a couple weeks ago it signaled that it's patience with Kerry's diplomatic games had finally worn thin when it supposedly bombed a group of openly US supported rebels near Tanf. The US has been trying to brand all manner of terror groups like Al Nusra (Al Qaeda in Syria) and Ahrar al Sham (a coalition of terrorist death squads) as "moderate rebels". A "moderate" is any one who serves the empire of chaos no matter how insane or fanatical. It goes back to the cold war when the US always called it's fanatical gulf monarch allies like the Saudis the "moderate" arabs simply because they were happy to become tools of the west while Arab nationalists were labeled "extremists" for opposing the US and Israel.  In the current context it's all a transparent attempt to prevent Russia or Syria from bombing it's terrorist allies. Russia must ignore such nonsense as well as the storm of propaganda the west has been launching over the conflict. The west has been demonizing Russia for centuries they won't stop no matter how many "moderates" Russia spares.

   So the future of Syria depends on it's allies coming together and resolutely resisting all attempts to destroy and partition Syria. Unified the P4+2 Syria, Russia, Iran, Iraq, Hezbollah and the Palestinian forces that have sided with Syria are a formidable force. They must redouble their efforts and regain the momentum that has been lost these past couple of months. The fate of Syria may well decide the fate of the world. With their renewed offensive in the Battle of Aleppo they may be able to reverse the gains the terrorists made their in April and decisively shift the balance of power in the war. Aleppo like Stalingrad may be one of those battles that mark a decisive moment in history. Russian planes are pounding the terrorists. The Syrian Arab army is advancing in tanks and on foot. Hezbollah, Palestinians, Iraqis, Afghanis, and of course Syrian militias are engaged in dangerous urban combat. Iranian, Russian and Hezbollah advisers are risking their lives on the frontline as they train the people of Syria to better defend their country. Rockets and  artillery, are raining down on the terrorists. Syria has launched offensives on 5 major fronts in the battle for Aleppo. We can only hope that it will be enough to change the course of this war. The fate of the world hangs in the balance.

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  1. Hugo, came to your blog via Dave Emory's Spitfire List site. Just want to say thanks for the write-ups and analysis. Great stuff!

  2. Thanks again Hugo. I'll have to go back and refresh my memory of the Liberation of Aleppo last Dec.