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Russia Defends Syria & Yemen Resists

Russia Defends Syria, Yemen Fights Back

   It's seems to happen every year Russia manages to spring a major surprise on the world foiling the schemes of the American Empire of Chaos. Recently Russia have begun to greatly expand their Assistance to the Syrian Government. In 2013 it was the surprise chemical weapons agreement which lead Obama to cancel plans to launch a bombing campaign aimed at destroying Syria and turning the country over to a bunch of genocidal terrorists from Al Qaeda, FSA, Al Nusra, and ISIS. The Neo-con wing of the US retaliated with the coup in Ukraine which began to simmer that very fall. Then came Russia's next big surprise accepting the people of Crimea's nearly unanimous vote to return to Russia and escape newly fascist Ukraine. Putin sent in Spetsnaz to secure Crimea against retaliation preserving Russia's geopolitical position in the Black Sea and the Mediterranean. This lead the people of east Ukraine to hope that they too might be allowed to rejoin Russia or at least secede from Ukraine leading to the birth of Novorossia that territory determined to preserve it's independence from Fascist Ukraine. Of course this lead to the Ukrainian Civil War which I've spent the past two years writing about. when the US began to bomb Syria in Fall of 2014 on the excuse that it was trying to destroy ISIS ( a force it created along with it's allies during the war in Iraq and used to attack Syria), At the time Russia seemed too pre-occupied with Ukraine and Cold War 2.0 to provide more help to Syria. I was really desperate for Russia to act to defend Syria at the time but I had little hope. (See My September 2014 Articles "Empire of Lies" and "War on Syria and Iraq "Peace" in Ukraine")

Now it's a year later and the war in Ukraine has cooled down. The kiev regime is still shelling civilians in Novorossia, fascists are still on the rampage, but there have been no major offensives since last spring when Novorossia captured Donetsk Airport, Smashed a Ukrainian offensive and captured Debaltsevo. (See my February 2014 Articles "Debaltsevo and Diplomacy" and "Victory at Debaltsevo") With Novorossia secure Russia has finally decided to act decisively to aid it's ally Syria. Of course Russia has been providing military aid to Syria since the cold war and throughout the current war on Syria but now despite early denials it is clear that Russia is now prepared to take a direct role in the war. It is another brilliant move by Putin. First it has put a stop to the US and Turkish scheme to begin a "No-Fly Zone" in northern Syria aimed at eliminating Syrian and Kurdish forces there and creating an expanded safe haven for NATO's terrorist armies there. Second it will enable Syria to go back on the offensive against ISIS and other groups which were making gains. Third it has exposed the hypocritical schemes of the Empire of Chaos and it's allies which claim to be fighting the very groups they are funding. There are signs that slightly saner heads in the Obama administration may seize the opportunity to back away from their plans to destroy Syria at least until whatever madman or madwoman takes over after the american election circus in 2016. I suspect that they will continue their covert war on Syria but hopefully they may lessen their support. No doubt the US may seek to retaliate in Ukraine ironically that demented madman John McCain (Friend to Al Nusra Terrorists, Ukrainian Nazis and tool of the Israel lobby) is currently in Ukraine. Thus no doubt the Neo-cons are already plotting their revenge just as they did back in 2013 the last time Russia managed to avert the all out NATO war on Syria.

  Russia has already sent a big shipment of Tanks, Fighter Jets, helicopters and other equipment. It's expanding the airbase in Lattakia in the north and has sent a couple hundred marines to guard the base and possibly fight. They are now providing their satelite intel to the Syrian Government to counter the intel provided the terrorists by the west which have often helped them to launch their attacks in the past. At this stage is unclear just how far Russia is planning to expand it's aid to Syria. However I think over the next several months Syria should begin to launch some impressive offenses driving back the terrorists from their recent gains and attacking them in their bases. Thanks to the schemes of what Pepe Escobar calls the Empire of Chaos Russia has long experience fighting Terrorirism. It began in the 70's with their disastrous war in Afghanistan, then after the Soviet Union was destroyed Russia fought two long and ugly dirty wars in Chechnya suffering humiliating defeat under Yeltsin but managing to reassert control thanks to the alliance between Putin and Akhmad Kadyrov and later his son Ramzan Kadyrov who currently rules Chechnya. Thus after 30 years Russia has learned the hard way how to fight this sort of war and will hopefully send some veteran intelligence agents and special forces troops to help it's Syrian allies who also have long experience fighting this sort of war. For the moment however what has chiefly been provided is hope at last for the Syrian people who have been fighting this war for more then 4 years with no end in sight. Although they had won many victories they faced the prospect of endless war as Syria died the death of a thousand cuts it's hospitals, schools, history all slowly being destroyed while they faced an endless supply of terrorists. Now once again victory seems possible again and the Syrian people will doubtless return to the struggle with renewed spirit. Syria will survive that seems certain now. Russia has already signaled that it is willing to send whatever aid is necessary to save Syria including troops if Syria should ask for them.

    Not only is Russia entering the war it also brings with it the entire CSTO Russia's military alliance with former soviet republics in Central Asia and Belarus. Who knows perhaps even some Novorossiyans may join the fight. After all ISIS has been allied with Ukraine since before the coup and has recently been shockingly open about it with Dmitry Yarosh recently meeting with a Chechen ISIS leader. Some Ukrainian Fascists actually went to fight alongside the Chechen terrorists during the recent Chechen wars. Parts of Ukraine and Chechnya sided with the Nazis during World War 2 of course. By acting to protect Syria Putin is also interfering with plans to funnel terrorists from the Syrian wars into Iraq, Ukraine, Chechnya, Afghanistan, Central Asia, and even China. This is why I call all the various inter-related wars stretching from Central Africa and across Eurasia all the way into China's western frontier World War 4. (World War 3 was the War on the third World during the "Cold" War which killed millions in places like Korea, Vietnam, and Indonesia and hundreds of thousands in places like Angola, El Salvador, and Guatemala) These   wars should be viewed not separately but as a single war conducted by the US and it's allies upon much of the planet. Their ultimate targets are Russia and China. Hopefully Russia's move signals it is ready to start countering this war on a global scale. Although we shouldn't get our hopes up surely it would be wise to help Yemen indirectly through Iran since it is openly fighting the saudis, the GCC, and their NATO backers the same one's funding the terrorists in Syria. Also the Green Resistance in Libya is bravely fighting ISIS and it would be wise to send them aid. Well I can dream but if Russia wants to survive world war 4 it must return to it's soviet era strategy of providing at least some aid to those battling US imperialism. For now we must simply be grateful for the aid Russia is providing Syria.

    Now a brief discussion of the geopolitical scheming going on in the background. First one can't help but wonder if the US is planning to betray it's gulf allies. Some elements may seek to build on the Iran deal allying with Iran and Russia to stabilize Iraq and Syria. There is actually a rumor that Obama secretly suggested Putin make this move into Syria. It's sort of like a serial killer calling the police and saying "stop me before I kill again." Obama a lame duck president is unable to rein in some of the crazier elements who launched plans to destroy Syria before he was even in office. Somewhere there may be slightly saner imperialists who question the wisdom of intentionally reducing large sections of the middle east to utter chaos in the name of creating Oded Yinon Plan style ethnic micro states. Once these states are broken like Libya it will be very difficult to ever restore them to order or control. The Refugee Crisis is no doubt already alienating our european allies who have already had to put up with enough craziness due  to the start of Cold War 2.0 last year. Eric Draitser has been making some fascinating points about the refugee crisis which was intentionally expanded by Turkey as an attempt to provoke war with Syria. They forced a mass exodus of their refugee camps. In addition terrorists in Libya, Syria, and Turkey are making huge profits in the Human Trafficking business they will use to fund their terror operations. The goal is also to drain Syria of it's human capital it's well educated population. A very similar scheme was promoted in Iraq once the most educated country of the middle east it's educated classes were intentionally targeted by death squads and forced to flee. Europe is experiencing an Al Qaeda operation paper clip (The mission to smuggle thousands of Nazis west so they could help the US wage it's covert war on the Soviets and eveyone else See my June 2014 Article "Nazis & the CIA" for more) Amid legitimate refugees terrorists and their families are being smuggled west as a reward for trying to destroy Syria. From Europe they will plot more trouble for Syria. No doubt we can expect waves of False Flag terror attacks in Europe over coming years. Gladio B (the FBI's secret name for Al Qaeda and related groups as revealed by Sibel Edmonds) is about to massively expand it's european operations. As if the increasing revival of Fascist Gladio style operations in Ukraine and Croatia were not bad enough. (See my June 2014 Article "Operation Gladio" on both Fascist Gladio A and Al Qaeda style Gladio B) The future for Europe is bleak so long as it remains a slave to the empire of Chaos and it is reaping what it has sewn by funding fascism and terror across the planet. The scenes of refugees usually ignored or invisible in the media flooding across Europe's borders and the ugly treatment they often received were like scenes from a Hollywood disaster movie(Children of Men comes to mind). Europe despite it's pretensions is only a tiny piece of what Mackinder called the World Island Composed of Eurasia and Africa. It thinks it can spread devastation all around the world Island and even within Europe itself (Yugoslavia and Ukraine) with no consequences. Thus Turkey's move backfired by panicking Europe's elite about the disaster they have caused.  Thanks to Russia's quick intervention instead of being forced into a war the west is instead considering the consequences the destruction of Syria would actually have. Europe experienced first hand what the empire of chaos is all about and Putin's move to save Syria was doubtless secretly applauded in many capitals. Some in Washington may secretly be relieved that the US will be able to avoid the war on Syria that it has been slowly moving towards since it began it's illegal bombing campaign last fall. However whatever sane elements remain will not be able to prevent "the crazies" (The neo-cons nickname)  from carrying out some revenge over this cancelled war.

   Novorossia is probably not very happy. They have been hoping for more then a year that Russia would expand it's role instead it has held them in check. Unfortunately for Novorossia it doesn't officially exist and so whatever aid Russia sends both real or imagined is trumpeted in the Media as evidence of a Russian invasion. However in the long run it is doubtless better that the NAF (Novorossiyan Armed Forces) are mostly made up of the people of Novorossia  who have already learned to defend themselves quite well. However Russia should step up it's military aid to Novorossia as it is the most likely place the empire of chaos will seek revenge. Doubtless Chechnya and Central Asia where the US has already expanded ISIS like any successful corporate brand new franchises in Afghanistan, Tajikistan and other countries. The countries of the CSTO will be targeted by ISIS but this process had already begun. (See Cristoph Germann's indispensable "new great game round up" in the sources below to follow events in this vital but ignored region) As I mentioned even Novorossia has been targeted by ISIS who have fought alongside the Nazi Azov battalion. However it faces more danger from a renewed assault by Fascist Ukraine. Hopefully the NAF will be able to inflict yet another devastating defeat on Ukraine if it should foolishly decide to launch a big offensive. However as I noted in my introduction there as been a constant pattern of shifting focus between Ukraine and Syria by the empire. Whenever it faces a setback in one it redoubles it's efforts in the other which is how the war in Ukraine started. Of course Ukraine has it's own problems with Fascists continuing their rampage first battling each other in Kiev over the Minsk 2 agreements today they apparently seized the city hall in Kharkov which secretly wishes it was part of Novorossia but where the uprising was crushed early on in the war.

   Now I'll turn to the War on Yemen. For Six Months Saudi Arabia and It's GCC allies have been bombing Yemen in an attempt to reinstall their puppet al-Hadi with secret advice from the US of course. Thus they have been carrying out the same coldly criminal sort of bombing campaign the US carried out against Yugoslavia, Iraq and Libya aimed at completely destroying the infrastructure and intentionally creating a humanitarian disaster. Strangely the BBC reported on one recent incident even calling it a war crime, Abayomi Azikwe Played the segment on his podcast  full of hypocrisy since Britain was also involved in the bombing same US bombing campaigns in Yugoslavia, Iraq, and Libya. The reporter was shocked to learn that a water bottling plant and a school had been bombed and the saudis like their Israeli, UK and US mentors merely lied and claimed they were storing weapons there. However for whatever reason the reporter decided to investigate and expose the saudis as liars. Even certain elements in the British elite may be re-thinking it's centuries old alliance with the Saudis. They also mentioned the fact that 80% of the population is going hungry. This is the product of the intentional blockade of all supplies similar to the tactics used in Iraq and Gaza to prevent rebuilding or even food or medicine from entering. Yemen has no air defenses and so can do nothing about the bombing campaign which has already killed at least 6,106 people at minimum as of a couple days ago.

    But while Yemen is defenseless against the bombing campaign for now, the people of Yemen are fierce and brave Guerrilla fighters who already beat the Saudis once back in 2009. Thus the GCC were very foolish to launch a massively expanded ground invasion in recent weeks. The Houthis and their allies have been inflicting some major punishment on the invaders. They launched a successful ambush in Ma'rib using a Katushya rocket truck they destroyed a bunch of vehicles and killed many invaders. They even managed to kill Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid the son of the Prime minister of the United Arab Emirates. I wish them the best of luck in killing more pampered royals. What an outrage that these rich monarchs and their spoiled children are waging war on the people of the poorest country in the region Yemen. Hopefully many more royals will meet a similar fate in Yemen. Yemeni forces also managed to shoot down a helicopter. Finally Yemeni forces are advancing in the Saudi Province of Jizan where they seized several areas in the city of Al-Khuba. Although under constant bombardment and facing humanitarian disaster the people of Yemen are defiantly determined to maintain their independence. Their heroic struggle may one day bring down the Saudis and the other corrupt monarchs of the GCC especially if the other forces resisting the empire of chaos, Israel, NATO and the GCC seize the chance to send them aid. Yemen could prove a valuable strategic ally and this war is all about geostrategy and is closely linked to the war in Somalia and the pressure being put on Eritrea. It's all about control over the narrow strait separating East Africa from the Arabian Peninsula. With or without help however Yemen is determined to resist and hopefully have some wicked surprises waiting for those who have invaded their country. Victory to Yemen!

   In Syria the forces of the SAA and their allies have already intensified their war on the endless flow of terrorists their many enemies have flooded the country with (someone needs to come up with an acronym for US UK Israel France NATO and GCC for the sake of us poor bloggers). The Syrian government calls them appropriately "the Conspirators" The Syrian Air Force have redoubled their air offensive inflicting heavy casualties on the terrorists. The terrorists have already started targeting the Russians but that began even before the recent events. They fired an artillery shell at the Russian embassy in Damascus but it didn't explode and the Syrians sent a bomb disposal team to safely remove it. They also launched mortar attacks at the Russian base in Lattakia. Russian marines supposedly counter attacked killing some of them. We can expect dramatic victories in coming months in Syria as more and more reinforcements flow in from Russia and Iran. Iran already began to massively increase it's support for Syria back in May as Eric Draitser reported at the time. (See My June 2015 Long Live Syria) In Coming months hopefully Syria will begin to liberate more and more of it's territory from the terrorist death squads. ISIS, Al Nusra, the FSA, and the hundreds of other names theses groups go by must be eliminated pushed out of Syria once and for all. Only then will the people of Syria once again know peace only then will they be able to rebuild from all the terrible destruction inflicted upon them by "the conspirators". Thanks to Russia and the skillful leadership of Vladimir Putin Syria can now hope for victory and one day peace. Thus I salute Russia for this bold move. I also salute the brave people of Syria who have held out for four years against this ruthless terror campaign winning victory after victory. I also salute their brave allies in Iran, Hezbollah, and Lebanon. And the brave Kurds and their allies who have fought bravely against ISIS. The War in Syria has once again brought home the lesson that in unity there is strength. We can only hope that this alliance will expand and strengthen as time goes on.

   World War 4 will continue for years and probably decades. Yet in it's attempt to either Dominate, conquer or destroy every corner of the planet the empire has made powerful enemies around the world. With Russia's bold move in Syria the global balance of power has shifted against the US at least momentarily. More importantly the people of Syria have been saved from becoming the next Libya ruled by constantly warring death squads who kidnap, torture, rape, and kill the populace with impunity. In Yemen the outlook is more grim but it's heroic people are prepared to resist despite all the odds against them. We can only hope they teach the Saudi Invaders a terrible lesson. The GCC monarchs are the most vulnerable part of the empire of Chaos and we can hope that one day they will be toppled.


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