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Venezuela & Novorossia Defying The Empire

    Venezuela Under Threat and Recent Events in Ukraine

   Venezuela recently foiled a US backed coup plot that hoped to topple Venezuela's democratically elected government and destroy the Achievements of the Bolivarian revolution. However the US is once again showing that it is an extremely poor looser. In response to some largely symbolic retaliation (See my March 2015 Venezuela Argentina Russia) Obama has now declared Venezuela a threat to the National Security of the United States. However this insane policy has already backfired as it has largely mobilized the entire region to condemn recent US actions. Meanwhile in Ukraine the Rada (the Ukrainian Parliament) torpedoed the recent Minsk agreements by declaring Novorossia "occupied territory." Ironically they revealed that it is the territory it still controls in Donetsk and Lugansk Oblasts is that is the real occupied territory with the brutal manner they smashed protests in the Town of Konstanikova which exploded into protests and riots after Ukrainian soldiers ran over a 8 year old girl in an APC. I'll also discuss the treacherous assassination attempt against Ghost Brigade Commander Alexei Mozgovoi that happened a little more then a week ago.
   In a sane world perhaps the US would apologize for attempting to Murder half of Venezuela's government. Too bad we don't live in a sane world we live in what Pepe Escobar calls the Empire of Chaos. Thus in our insane world Venezuela is instead condemned for daring to foil a terrorist plot aiming to bomb the centers of government. Apparently they should have just meekly let themselves be blown to bits. Nothing is more democratic after all then allowing the losers in an election to assassinate the president and take power anyway. At least according to the State department. Newly promoted spokeswoman Jen Psaki infamous for all the silly stupid and things she said about the war in Ukraine last year; Declared that everyone knows America never backs coups. All of the Latin American Countries which suffered many decades of horror under US installed dictatorships must have been shaking their heads in disbelief. Perhaps many in what Gore Vidal called the United States of Amnesia don't remember but the rest of the world certainly does that long string of coups in every corner of the globe from Iran to Guatemala from the Congo to Vietnam and most recently in Ukraine. In Latin America both Honduras and Paraguay have suffered US sponsored coups in the past decade. There have also been recent failed Coup attempts in Ecuador, Bolivia, Cuba, Argentina, Brazil and of course Venezuela. In fact both Brazil and Argentina are both currently experiencing destabilization attempts. Thus it shouldn't be surprising that the arrogant US handling of it's recent failure in Venezuela united the region in condemnation of the US declaration that Venezuela is a threat to the US and the entire region. Down in Latin America everyone can see the obvious it is the US that is the threat to Venezuela and the entire region along with the rest of the planet. Thus CELAC UNASUR and ALBA issued declarations condemning recent US behavior and declaring their support for Venezuela. UNASUR includes Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Chile, Colombia (ironically implicated in the recent coup attempt) Ecuador, Guyana, Paraguay, Peru, Suriname, Uruguay and Venezuela. ALBA Includes Bolivia, Ecuador, Nicaragua, Cuba, and Venezuela and many small Caribbean islands. Both emerged as part of Chavez's efforts to integrate the Americas along political and economic lines than envisioned by those in Washington. He sought an Independent Latin America integrated for the mutual benefit of the nations involved and not for the benefit of wall street speculators the self styled "Masters of the Universe." Now these organizations made clear that they would not tolerate a return to the Monroe doctrine days when the US dominated Latin America installing corrupt and brutal regimes and toppling anyone who dared to show the slightest independence or desire to improve the lives of their citizens. From Cuba came the strongest expressions of support with both Raul and Fidel Castro writing beautiful and Powerfully honest letters of support.
Here is a long Excerpt From Raul Castro's Speech
ALBA brings us together today to reaffirm our firmest support for the Bolivarian people and government in the face of the latest interventionist measures and threats from the U.S. government against Venezuela.

The facts demonstrate that history can not be ignored. The relations between the United States and Latin America and the Caribbean have been marked by the “Monroe Doctrine” and the objective of exercising domination and hegemony over our nations.

Bolívar had anticipated that the United States, “seems destined by Providence to plague America with misery in the name of Liberty” and Martí fell in combat before concluding the letter in which he explained the “duty of preventing the United States from spreading throughout the Antilles as Cuba gains its independence, and from overpowering with that additional strength our lands of America.”

Later came the military interventions, the coup d’états, the maneuvers to overthrow nationalist or progressive governments, the backing of bloody military dictatorships, the undercover operations, the support for terrorism and subversion, as well as the appropriation and plundering of our resources to perpetuate dependence and underdevelopment.

The triumphant audacity to carry out a socialist revolution just 90 miles from the United States, has meant immense sacrifices, suffering, loss of life and material deprivation for the Cuban people, subject to, since that very revolutionary triumph, 56 years ago, every kind of hostility, including the support and organization of armed bands in the mountains from the end of that same year of 1959 – that is, since the very year of the triumph of the Revolution – the Bay of Pigs Invasion in 1961 and the formalization of the blockade in 1962, all with the stated intention of defeating the Revolution and changing the political, economic and social order we freely chose and subsequently confirmed in a constitutional referendum.

The result has been a resounding failure, the harming of our people and the complete isolation of the United States in its intentions, as recently recognized by President Barack Obama on announcing a new policy and resolving to open another chapter. However, his government spokespeople insist on clarifying that the objectives persist and only the methods change.

The triumph of the Bolivarian Revolution was an extraordinary milestone in the history of Venezuela and the whole region, which had begun to awaken from the long neoliberal slumber. An era of change commenced in the continent and other nations decided to embark on the path towards full independence and integration and again take up the flags of our national heroes.

Alba, Unasur, CELAC were born, which united, in their diversity, previous groupings and initiatives of genuine Latin Americanist and Caribbean calling, founded on principles of solidarity, cooperation, social justice and defense of sovereignty.

PetroCaribe was an extraordinary, generous and humanistic contribution of President Hugo Chávez Frías. Now they want to destroy PetroCaribe to threaten its member states, submit them to the oil multinationals and separate them from Venezuela. They do not realize that our peoples have decided, irrevocably, to continue our unstoppable advance and fight for a multipolar and just world, where those who were historically excluded have a voice, hope and dignity.

U.S. imperialism has attempted, without success, practically all possible formulas to destabilize and subvert the Bolivarian Chavista revolution, to recuperate its control of the largest oil reserves on the planet, and deliver a blow to the integrationist, emancipation process underway in Our America.

The arbitrary, aggressive, unjustified executive order issued by the President of the United States regarding the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela’s government, describing it as a threat to its national security, shows that the United States is able to sacrifice the peace and the direction of hemispheric and regional relations, for reasons of domination and domestic politics.

The idea is untenable that a country like Venezuela – which has shown so much solidarity, never invaded or harmed any other, and contributes in a significant and altruistic manner to the energy security and economic stability of a considerable number of nations of the continent – could represent a threat to the security of the greatest super-power in history.

We support the honorable, valiant, constructive position taken by President Nicolás Maduro, (applause) who, despite the seriousness of this threat, has extended his hand to the President of the United States, to initiate a dialogue based on international law and mutual respect, which could lead to the unconditional revocation of President Obama’s executive order and the normalization of relations. (Applause) Alba and CELAC should join in this proposal.

Today Venezuela is not alone, nor is our region the one it was 20 years ago. We will not tolerate the violation of sovereignty or allow peace in the region to be broken with impunity.

As we have reiterated, threats to the peace and stability of Venezuela represent threats to regional stability and peace, as well.

The peace which Venezuela today demands and which we all need, a “peace with justice, with equality, the peace on our feet, not on our knees, is peace with dignity and development,” as Maduro said, is the peace to which we committed ourselves in the Proclamation of Latin America and the Caribbean as a Zone of Peace, adopted by the II CELAC Summit in Havana. Raul Castro said.

Latin America was not alone in expressing it's support for Venezuela Russia also signaled it's support and even offered increased co-operation on defense with Venezuela.  Even Europe seemed disgusted with the threats emanating from the US. In Venezuela President Nicolas Maduro held massive military exercises demonstrating Venezuela's resolve to resist any attack from the US.  We can only hope that the US is too busy pivoting to Asia, fighting wars in Iraq, Syria, and Afghanistan and fighting a proxy war in Ukraine to launch an actual invasion of Venezuela. Venezuela is a symbol of resistance to empire. Venezuela represents the hope of a better world for millions around the world.

     Now to turn to events in Novorossia. There was an attempt to assassinate the legendary commander of the Ghost Brigade Alexei Mozgovoi a week ago. Mozgovoi is beloved for his strong stand against the Oligarchs and represents one of the most revolutionary factions in the NAF (Novorossian armed forces.) Apparently some one feels this makes him a threat. As he drove home from a meeting with the LPR (Lugansk People's Republic) government someone detonated a roadside explosive apparently something went wrong and although Mozgovoi was injured the car destroyed he survived and no one else was killed. In a statement afterwards he refused to name those responsible and promised he would not pursue revenge. This is the second attempt on Mozgovoi's life and as he hinted both occurred right after he met with the LPR. In the first attempt someone shot at his car but he wasn't in it now this. Someone clearly wants him dead. I can only express my hopes for his continued safety. Hopefully someone will get to the bottom of this disgraceful incident and prevent any further attempts on Mozgovoi's life. What a disgrace if after fighting so many battles against the Ukrainian Fascists he should end up dead at the hand of some corrupt traitor from Novorossia. Mozgovoi could prove vital to the liberation of Fascist occupied Ukraine. He has made many appeals to the People of Ukraine to rise up against their Oligarch controlled Fascist government offering the vision of a Socialist future for Ukraine. He is already admired around the world. He should be protected as a national treasure.
    There was a brief uprising in the town of Konstantinovka on March 16th. After Months of Occupation by the Ukrainian army and the Fascist National Guard the town which last year voted for Autonomy exploded in rage when Drunken Ukrainian soldiers in an APC ran over a Mother and her 8 year old daughter. The mother was badly injured the girl died. The Crowd attacked the guilty soldiers demanding justice the Authorities had to rescue the soldiers. A massive crowd began to gather demanding justice. They began burning government vehicles and attacked a hostel where Ukrainian soldiers were lodged. They chanted for their independence shouting "Donbas is strength" and hurled obscenities at the troops. They  surrounded the municipal courthouse demanding justice. According to Colonel Cassad the guilty soldiers had to be evacuated by helicopter. Unfortunately as night fell the Kiev regime launched a massive attack using Nazi Militias and Government troops to disperse the crowd. There is no telling how many people will be arrested tortured, disappeared and murdered in retaliation. There is no telling how many are already dead or held prisoner. Torture of those suspected of separatism is widespread in Ukraine, as is the murder of those suspected of separatism. Hopefully one day Konstantinovka will be liberated by the NAF until then it's people will live in deadly danger for the crime of demanding justice for the callous killing of an 8 year old girl.
   As expected the Minsk Ceasefire has proved largely Illusory with the fighting continuing and kiev continuing to shell the people of Novorossia. While the Novorossians claim to have withdrawn their heavy weapons they accuse Kiev of refusing to do the same. Also as expected there was no way Ukraine's parliament drunk on it's fascist brand of Ultranationalism would ever agree to vote to provide the necessary concessions granting autonomy and self rule to Novorossia. Instead they did the exact opposite declaring Novorossia to be occupied territory and claiming the lawful authorities are those from the Yanukovych era. In other words they are completely delusional. It's like Novorossia refusing to recognize the Kiev government until they reinstall Yanukovych. the prime minister of the Donetsk People's Republic Alexander Zakharchenko declared that the Rada had basically killed the Minsk 2.0 agreements and threatened to go back on the offensive. However it's more likely that the "Ceasefire" will last until  Ukraine has had time to regroup it's forces for it's next big offensive which will likely prove yet another disaster. Zakharchenko promised the NAF would inflict as many defeats and create as many cauldrons as are necessary to bring the Ukrainians to their senses. How much death and humiliation must Ukraine suffer before it tires of the insanity of Fascism?
   Unfortunately even if the Ukrainian people should ever come to their senses the United States will never tire of this war. Let's be honest here this is what the pentagon and the CIA have been dreaming of for 70 years a war with Russia. Here albeit in miniaturized proxy war form it can finally engage in that apocalyptic battle they once planned to fight in the middle of Europe. They spent trillions preparing to wage this massive conventional battle even though in reality they knew that things would quickly go nuclear making it all rather pointless as there would shortly be no more Europe and probably no more planet. Yet now After fighting the illusion of Al Qaeda for the past 13 years it is relieved to finally be facing something real and tangible. What an effort of will it must take for our military members not to connect the dots between the funding of Syrian rebels and the expansion of ISIS. Now they face Something Americans have been trained to hate for almost 100 years the Russians. And Russia also has been training itself for a hundred years for this battle. Russia is where empires go to die first Napoleon then Hitler now the American empire will likely suffer defeat here as well. Such is the peril of being completely oblivious to history after loosing in Vietnam, Iraq, Afghanistan, it is absolute folly for the US to start a war with the Russians. Unfortunately I doubt they will be able to help themselves from continuing to escalate things. They are already planning to openly send trainers disgracefully they have even announced that they plan to train the notorious national guard units largely recruited from Neo-Nazi street fighters. A recent poll shows a year of intensified anti-russian media coverage has already lead Americans to see Russia as the number one threat.
    Speaking of the media they recently made complete fools of themselves speculating on Putin's disappearance and hoping desperately he was dead. Now that he has reappeared alive and well they'd be embarrassed if they weren't totally shameless.
    It has been one year since Crimea wisely voted to secede from Ukraine and Putin daringly sent in Spetsnaz to secure the peninsula. Russia and Crimea are currently celebrating. Russia even released a film revealing the details of the liberation of Crimea. Hopefully an English language version will be available soon. I offer my best wishes to the people of Crimea and my Hopes that one day Novorossia will be equally secure from attack.
   Venezuela and Novorossia two countries under siege by the empire. Both have become Icons of Resistance along with Syria which has withstood the worst horrors of all. In the words of Simon Bolivar "Venezuela is not a threat but a hope. Independence or Nothing." All three countries offer us hope. All three have so far been successful in resisting multiple attempts by the US and it's allies to destroy them. Their survival is an inspiration to the world. Paradoxically in this sense they do provide a threat not to the American People themselves but rather to America's Global Hegemony. Venezuela's example has already freed a continent. Hopefully the example of these centers of resistance may one day free the world. Until then we will live in the Empire of Chaos where billions starve so that a couple hundred people can have billions of dollars, and where millions die in America's war on the world.


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