Friday, September 26, 2014

Empire of Lies

  The Attack Begins on Syria, Poroshenko in Washington

   What more can be said? Sometimes we are left almost speechless with frustration and rage. Recently it has certainly been one of those times the Syraq war has begun. Syraq is the war zone created by expanding the Iraq war into Syria (Coined by Pepe Escobar). The brave people of Syria seem doomed to suffer the same fate as those of Libya. Millions will die in this new phase of the Long War what the pentagon calls their plans for decades more of war. Supposedly this is wildly popular at least for now. The truth is as long as no US soldiers die the American public don't care what happens to the Iraqis, the Syrians, the Afghanis, or the Libyans. Libya is a perfect example the public didn't know or care that the whole country had been reduced to chaos using NATO bombs and a proxy army of fanatical death squads. They didn't care that the 1st Black President helped fanatics attempt to ethnically cleanse Libya of it's blacks (they celebrated the beginning of the Libyan counter revolution with Lynchings and ended by uprooting whole towns). They didn't care that Al Qaeda linked groups had been armed and trained to seize Libya despite the fact that we were supposedly fighting them. The only scandal was when a US "ambassador" was killed while running an arms smuggling operation. Such is the power of our mindless mainstream media to manipulate the general public. Hasn't anyone learned anything since 2001? The absurdity of the lies the general public seems willing to swallow are mind boggling. Hence the opening what more can be said? How can the public accept that we are both funding and training the Syrian rebels while at the same time we are supposedly at war with them. Couldn't they at least go through the motions of pretending arming the rebels was a mistake if they plan to launch this new war? As if this wasn't enough of a disgrace, voting to increase funding to head chopping terrorists,  the President of Fascist Ukraine was invited to Washington to ask for more money to wage genocide on his own people. NATO think tank the Atlantic Council presented him an Award along with fellow war criminal Henry Kissinger. For anyone aware of this situation in Ukraine it was a complete outrage. 
    The first bombs began to fall on Syria. Accompanying these bombs was the usual propaganda campaign. They concocted a phony terror plot to be staged by a phony terror group which they claimed was about to launch another 911 style attack. They also decided to give an image makeover to our Gulf Monarch allies who like the US France, UK and Israel are the major funders of terror in the region. Although women are denied any sort of equal rights in their kingdoms some unknown PR person got the Idea to have a female pilot from the UAE participate in bombing Syria. She was the GCC version of Jessica Lynch from the second Iraq war whose story was quickly revealed to be a complete fabrication of the pentagon. In this case the story is meant to provide the Illusion that the US is on the side of progress when in reality it is allied with the most backwards and fanatical forces in the region. It is in Syria where women have been fighting and dying to defend their country from ISIS, Al-Nusra and other CIA backed death squads. The media of course completely ignores them. As for the Khorasan group if it actually existed the idea that it was plotting the next 911 was obviously nonsense since the whole bombing campaign was carefully timed with months of media hysteria masquerading as news culminating in the September 11th linked speech selling the war against ISIS. Then out of nowhere a group supposedly made up of bitter enemies suddenly appears named after an Archaic name for Iran. If it even exists it is merely yet another CIA backed proxy army and  there will be many new ones as the US already plans to train another 15,000 terrorists in the near future. Already by last year there were hundreds of different groups gangs of mercenaries recruited from around the world.
   The Orwellian double think involved in claiming to fight the Syrian rebels while also demanding that we train and fund more is too much for me to wrap my mind around. I suppose it relies on the belief in the fictional moderate rebels. However there are no moderate rebels even those labeled moderate frequently swear allegiance to one of the competing al Qaeda branches.  Perhaps instead of fabricating a newer Scarier Khorasan group they should have fabricated a supposedly heroic bunch of moderates. I guess we'll have to wait till the Pentagon trains a fresh batch of terrorists before we are subjected to that PR campaign. For now the Syrian rebels are made up of our supposed enemies ISIS the offshoot of Al Qaeda in Iraq, Jabhat Al-Nusra Al-Qaeda's Syrian branch, and the so called Free Syrian Army which is neither free Syrian or an Army but yet another bunch of Al-Qaeda backed terrorists. Once the Media sold them as heroes but that became difficult after one of their commanders had himself filmed eating a human heart. These are the monsters the west has been funding and training as they attempt to completely destroy Syria.  This is who will receive billions in aid from the US and it's GCC and NATO allies. At the same time we'll be spending billions more as we pretend to fight them. In reality the US and it's allies will slowly destroy all of Syria's infrastructure until the government and all of society collapses and the survivors are left at the mercy of murderous armed gangs who will wage an endless civil war while purging the once diverse country of Shiites, Alawites, Christians, secularists and the many other religions and ethnicities that live in Syria. Already they are destroying Syria's cultural heritage once a land famous for it's wealth and sophistication with a history stretching back many thousands of years. In Roman times the people of the Syrian city Antioch were so witty and cruel that they could drive even an emperor from their city with their insults. Now that long history is being deliberately destroyed. Already the Rebels are destroying hospitals, schools, the electric system, the water system. Now with the addition of NATO bombs Syria will gradually be completely destroyed. It's Libya all over again which 6 months of NATO bombing reduced to a perpetual state of civil war. It was only a month or so ago that the diplomats were forced to flee Libya like rats from a sinking ship. The exact same formula is being applied in Syria as was applied in Libya it will have the same results. Then all the Pundits will come on TV and talk about how they had the best intentions and they didn't know what would happen. No one will pay any attention because they will already be selling some new war somewhere else using the same old lies. Syria will be as forgotten then as Libya is now. Another country completely destroyed in the name of Humanitarianism.
    Poroshenko the blood drenched chocolate billionaire arrived in America to beg for money. It was truly sickening spectacle as he received a heroes welcome. Even I fairly well versed in our countries brazen crimes was shocked. After all the truth is slowly ever so slowly being admitted in the mainstream media Ukraine is a Fascist country waging a genocidal war on it's own People. Robert Parry wrote a priceless article on some of the latest admissions called "Ukraine's Romantic Storm Troopers" apparently if they cannot hide the Nazis they intend to glamorize them. Oh what a terrible century we live in where once common beliefs like torture is bad or we have a right to privacy have become controversial. The west seems intent on traveling down a very dark road deaf to any advice. Now apparently even Nazis are OK just so long as they are OUR nazis. Of course secretly this has always been the case as I discussed in my June article "Nazis and the CIA" It is quite another thing to invite the leader of a fascist country to speak before congress and then hold an awards ceremony for him. 
    The timing of his visit was ironic. Ukraine and Russia had signed the Minsk accords whereby Russia basically betrayed Novorossiya (the breakaway state resisting the Kiev regime). In exchange for vague autonomy the NAF are being pressured to surrender. Of course the Cease Fire is actually a joke the war has continued and Ukraine appears to be massing it's troops for yet another offensive. However regardless of the fighting Officially the Cease Fire is still in place. If the Minsk accords are allowed to go through the dream of an Independent Novorossiya will be doomed and the populace will be left at the mercy of a regime that routinely kidnaps tortures and murders political opponents in areas it controls while it attacks civilians with everything from knives, to ballistic missiles. Mass graves have already been discovered on territories they used to occupy but retreated from because of the cease fire. However in an effort to avoid the impact of sanctions the Oligarchs successfully pressured Russia to sign this criminal peace agreement and to force the newly installed replacement governments in Donetsk and Lugansk to do the same. The US despite this fact launched a war on Russia's ally Syria. Poroshenko who was saved by the peace agreements from a massively successful NAF offensive showed his gratitude by flying to Washington to give a speech calling for more sanctions on Russia and asking for more aid. Why does he need so much military hardware if he intends to honor the ceasefire. Clearly Russia is about to be betrayed and there is no way that the west will abandon it's campaign to launch a second cold war even if Novorossiya is destroyed. They'll just focus their attention on Crimea instead and if Russia abandons that then it will just intensify it's campaign to destabilize Russia somewhere else probably in the caucuses although their true dream is to start a separatist movement in Russia's east as evidenced by certain maps exposed by Mahdi Darius Nazemroaya in a recent article. It is Russia's geographic position itself which makes it dangerous according to Geostrategic thinkers From Halford J. Mckinder 100 years ago to Zbigniew Brzezinski today. Just look at a map of Eurasia to see why. Thus since the end of the cold war the aim has been to balkanize Russia, just as they successfully balkanized the Soviet Union and then Yugoslavia. The Ukrainian civil war like the war in Chechnya is a product of this western strategy. In fact Brzezinski outlined the possibility of igniting a civil war in Ukraine back in his 1993 book "Out of Control" which also laid out plans to balkanize Russia. 
   Unfortunately Russia though inaction and betrayal is clearly loosing the current round of the Great Game. Both Novorossiya and Syria seem doomed unless Russia abandons it's plan to enforce the Minsk protocol and sends Syria some updated air defense systems. A weak Russia means the US and it's allies will feel free to start some new war somewhere else soon. If history is any judge in some corner of the world no one is paying attention to the seeds of some new destabilization are already being planted. Sometime around November and December the country will start to receive small mentions in the media and by the beginning of next year some new crisis will appear plastered all over the headlines. I mention it because after the failed attempt to bomb Syria last year the seeds of the current Ukraine crisis were planted. Now that this civil war is in full bloom the US is free to bomb Syria. If Russian strength inspired the Ukraine civil war there is no telling what dangerous crisis the US will be tempted to launch thanks to Russian weakness. No doubt I'll be too distracted by the possible betrayal of Novorossiya and the unfolding Syraq war but perhaps you could be the one to discover where the next war is being plotted by the Empire of Chaos.
   One thing is certain we must do more to attempt to wake up the general public. If you're already pretty aware of whats been going on start your own alternative media site. Trust me you will feel at least a little better if you get to vent and I'm sure all over the world people who are wise to the wars in Syria and Ukraine are boiling with rage funnel that rage constructively. It's also clear that we need to do more to bring the fight into the real world. The internet is a great way to inform people who are actually looking to learn. However clearly other strategies need to be developed to inform those who aren't looking for information and even those who don't want to know. We need to organize on the local level and find ways to educate the public. We need More old fashioned protest in other words. War criminals like Poroshenko or Paul Kagame of Rwanda who also recently visited the US should be greeted by opposition whenever they leave their countries. Since bridging the gap between the cold war and the war on terror is a theme of this site I could see a fruitful union between the older generation former anti- war organizers and the younger generation who have been disgusted by the war on terror. It's time the young learned something else then narcissism from their elders.  You could join some pre- existing if tame local group but try to spread within it information that will radicalize it's members it's called subversion and it used to terrify our rulers. If starting a site or organizing a group are too much at least you could share sites like this one or engage in the twitter war. (Thank You to all the people who have helped spread the word about Anti-Imperialist-U) The Empire of Chaos never stops expanding it's endless war on the planet. For the Sake of all the millions of people in Iraq, Syria and Ukraine and all the billions of People of the world we must never give up the fight. I refuse to live in a world ruled by absurd lies. There can be a better world.


A great Essay by Andre Vltchek one of the greatest writers against imperialism. And one of the bravest reporters alive. 

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  1. I think you may overemphasise intentionality and overlook cock-ups.

    The US certainly trained and supplied Baghdadi and various FSA groups before they threw in their lot with, or were taken over by radical Islamists.

    However, it is Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, and Turkey who have funded and supported Al-Nusra and Daesh.

    Do you suppose that Obama would rather see Daesh in control of Syria and much of Iraq than Assad and the new Iraqi Govt that the US has gone to such pains to lever into power after shoving out Maliki?

    Obama is now bombing Daesh mercilessly in Iraq and Syria, and supporting the YPG in Kobane, and the Iraqi Govt forces and Peshmerga in Iraq.

    You ridicule the idea that Libya was a cock-up, too, but the UK and France took the lead in defending Benghazi from Gaddafi whilst the US took a back seat. Agin, their preference would obviously have been for a moderate, pro-Western Govt, rather than rampaging Wahhabi-Salafists.

    You do tend just to lump everything together for the vpurposes of your rhetoric, rather than making an attempt at a careful and detailed analysis.

    Not all Syrian rebes are the same. Those FSA fighting alongside the YPG / YPJ in Kobane are not the same as other FSA groups, and not the same of al-Nusra.

    Obama is even now making overtures to Iran to work with them against the Salafists. So it is wrong to assume that it is just a case of the US backing Daesh and al-Nusra against Assad, and thereby the Russians and Iranians.

    The YPG, whom presumably you support and admire, openly assert their friendship with Israel and the US with whom they are now co-ordinating military operations, and who airdropped them supplies in defiance of Erdogan. After all, when did Hamas, the OIC, or any Arab country ever come to their defence against the Fascism of Erdogan, Assad'd prolonged oppression, Saddam, or the clerical Fascists in Iran?