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Empire of Chaos

   Empire of Chaos: Ukraine Civil War and the Division of Iraq

    The Imperial Powers often behave like a Juvenile Delinquent if their scheme to cause trouble in one location hits a stalemate they merely focus their attentions somewhere else. Or they seek to act when their opponent is preoccupied. Either way as the Ukrainian civil War continues we saw a spectacular shift on the grand chessboard in Southwest Asia as Isis militants launched an offensive in Iraq that threatens to engulf Baghdad. Some foolishly saw this as a major setback for American goals in the region. Yet another chapter in the failure of Bush's dream of a stable democratic Iraq arising like a Phoenix out of the destruction of Saddam Hussein's regime. Clearly they mistake propaganda for actual policies and operate under the illusion that our half wit former Commander in chief was actually involved in formulating American foreign policy. American foreign policy has nothing to do with bringing stability to the world. Instead as should be Obvious after Iraq, Libya, and Syria to name some blatant examples the goal is to destabilize the world. Far from an accident what is happening in Iraq represents another move in the great game for control of Eurasia and ultimately the world. Nor should we be surprised by the spiraling horror in Ukraine from a political standpoint it's win win for the west either Putin further damages his image internationally by intervening or he eventually  damages his image domestically by not intervening. In the meantime the US is solidifying it's hold on Europe pressuring it as with Iran to ignore it's economic and political interests and to obey. Cutting off it's own energy supply in the midst of economic crisis. Creating a constant state of crisis in which it can push forward it's insane objectives is standard operating procedure in the Empire of Chaos. First there was the non-existent Iranian nuclear weapons program. Now there is Putin's imaginary scheme to re-establish the Soviet Union and reoccupy the Warsaw pact. Either way Europe must ignore all common sense and act based on the fanciful lies of the US state department. Even if the International Atomic Energy Agency and even the CIA say it's all nonsense reality is ignored. For the accusations against Putin they don't even bother to try to manufacture evidence other then some occasionally passing out some phony satellite Photos showing Russia is about to invade at any moment of course as the months pass the fakes are exposed and no invasion materializes. Instead we have the blood and horror of a very uneven civil war. We have what was from the start a dirty war ie a war of terror upon civilians aimed at ending their support for the Anti-Fascist resistance.
    Some hoped that Poroshenko would be less bloodthirsty then Yulia "Nuke the Russian" Timoshenko of course as I noted at the time there is only the illusion of choice in Western style "representative democracy." Despite apparently making some phony promises behind close doors to Putin about de- escalation his inauguration address was a mix of open declaration of war on the people of Novorossiya as they now call it along with Orwellian double speak about Independence and freedom signaling his slavish obedience to his US masters as well as his intent to brutalize his own citizens. Yet considering all the tanks, artillery, planes, and helicopters that the government has brought to bear on it's populace it has been slow to actually accomplish much besides generating an exponentially growing number of civilian casualties. Twitter is awash in pictures of dead women and children. The fact that they believe in the internet age that they can get away with supporting a regime that commits bloody war crimes in the heart of supposedly civilized Europe speaks to their overweening arrogance. Unfortunately some people in the west seem unable to sympathize with an Iraqi or an African victim; but you can expect the Ukraine situation to become an imperial PR disaster once the general public starts to see images of dead European civilians. The empire has created many new enemies and the Ukraine crisis has opened many new peoples eyes to the lies of the media and the barbarity of US foreign policy.
    At the time of the Ukrainian election I predicted soon we'd loose track of all the terrible incidents and it would become a question of vague numbers. In the Ukraine civil war the question is already have hundreds died or have thousands. One particularly terrible incident at the start of june shows in gruesome detail the effect on civilians of a random airstrike on an apartment building by Ukrainian air force. The results are of course predictable blood flows
people are horribly wounded many die. Unfortunately we must look occasionally Directly at the horrors of war lest we come to accept the hollywood image of war as noble and exciting. No, war is terrible nothing more. There is zero difference between a so called anti-terror operation and an act of terrorism. There is nothing heroic about killing middle aged women in an air strike. See for yourself here. This is what America did to Iraq for nearly a decade, and is still doing in Afghanistan and Pakistan and Yemen and....

   Besides a trail of Horrors we have also seen increasing sophistication in attacks by the self defense forces. Recently they brought down a transport plane killing 47 which sounds like something out of Afghanistan. Obviously it's a pretty troubling sign for the Ukrainian government that the rebels have been very effective in bringing down aircraft. More experienced people have joined the self defense forces both from Ukraine as well as volunteers from Russia who are reported to have entered the country while the border was in a state of complete collapse. According to Christoph German Chechen forces from restabilized Chechnya are operating in Ukraine and obviously if the Russian's are willing to turn a blind eye to volunteers they are probably providing increased covert support. After all assorted intelligence agencies, Mercenary firms, and an international brigade of fascists and terrorists have been operating in Ukraine for months now. Since Russia is being falsely accused in defiance of the copious evidence to the contrary of destabilizing Ukraine they probably sent a few advisors while the Border was unguarded (see my Chaos and Capitalism in Ukraine and Leaks, False Flags, destabilization in Ukraine and Turkey for the more on the destabilization of Ukraine)    At least that is what is implied in the recent analysis of the situation at Vineyard of the Saker. I highly recommend his blog as he provides some excellent analysis from a military perspective Also he has frequent contributions from a Russian Veteran Juan that are equally valuable. here is a recent post on the Civil War in Ukraine

    It is becoming a terrible pattern last time I wrote about the Ukraine crisis I went to go check the names of two Journalists being held on false charges online and discovered a fresh outrage when one journalist was killed and his assistant wounded. now when I went to copy the link above I discovered this report from Ukraine by Juan

Kramatorsk as I write is being flattened, the entire city is under intense bombardment including Grad and Hurricane MLRS. Everything, industrial areas, shopping areas, infrastructure areas, living areas, is being flattened. We're going to have I think hundreds if not a thousand dead civilians. Is this the atrocity needed to bring in Russia? I don't know. Yet.

Clearly the Horror in Ukraine is escalating even further as I write. Doubtless this whole city is receiving collective punishment for recent losses by the murderous Kiev regime. Meanwhile there will be of course no punishment for the Mob that attacked the Russian Embassy instead they sent their foreign minister Andriy Deschytsia to join the crow and shout Putin Fucker a popular chant among Ukraine's ultranationalist soccer hooligans. Ukraine's orwellian democracy has no intention of bringing the fascist mobs that brought it to power under control. Russian diplomats say they feared that if the well armed and well organized fascist paramilitaries had broken in they wouldn't have been satisfied unless they had killed a few random diplomatic staff. Thus while the Kiev authorities wink at the crimes of the fascists they are determined to punish millions of civilians for the actions of a couple thousand self defense forces which unlike the fascist national guard do not terrorize the local populace or butcher policemen for refusing to fire on civilians. Here is a local account of the recent siege of Mauripol I came across on Vineyard of the Saker.

    This, how the enemy is acting, we have observed in Mariupol. They surrounded the city, blocked it with checkpoints, using their equipment, and cut it off from any possibility of help. After that, their punitive units entered. These special units, composed of the so-called volunteers, who, in reality, are mercenaries, the Azov, Donbass and other [such battalions]. Once done, they clean-up the city of the few militia there and move on to the next city. And, meanwhile, a garrison is moved into this city, which takes up key positions, routes all the “malcontents,” and places them in filtration camps. … That is what awaits us.

In Ukraine's Orwellian democracy whole cities are held for questioning, after being starved into submission. The Ukrainian army intentionally destroy the water systems. They have been driving out civilians en masse by terrorizing them with artillery, airstrikes, and fascist death squads. Unfortunately it all sounds like Iraq during the American Occupation merely replace the fascist part with various ethnic and sectarian death squads. It was all part of an old plan to split Iraq into three separate countries. A Kurdish state, a sunni state and a shiite state. Sectarian war was deliberately stoked with the special help of that American tool of destabilization and psychological operations al Qaeda in Iraq. It was part of an Israeli strategy that had been adopted by the united states the lines of the middle east would be redrawn diverse countries would be split into homogenous little cantons. Lebanon was the first major test case, the divisions of beruit became legendary before the Israeli occupation's ruthlessness reunited the populace against them. Iraq was a major test case and somewhat more successful. Despite the best intentions of many Iraqis who wanted to unite against the Occupation of the US And it's allies the US covert war was able to intensify the divisions and play the different sides against each other. In Syria it was all the more blatant as the US did not even pretend to be doing anything other then trying to start a sectarian war in Syria by supporting Sunni Wahabi death squads. In fact as documented by Seymour Hersh back in 2007 the Syria war has it's roots in the so called surge when the US bought the support of the Sunni resistance in Anbar with Weapons and suitcases of cash.
   In Syria as in Lebanon their attempts to instigate sectarian war have failed. The barbarous tactics and Idiotic fanaticism of the so called rebels have served to unite the Syrian populace against the various branches of Al Qaeda, and behind the cosmopolitan Syrian regime. After almost 3 years of defats which while causing untold suffering to Syria's people have come no closer to toppling Assad, the US has decided to up the Ante. Like events in Ukraine I see the Neo-Conservative faction as behind this as it fits perfectly into their plan's for a partition of Iraq. In fact within days an editorial had appeared in  Foreign Affairs predicting the partition of Iraq. At the same time the realist faction is probably hoping that this will strengthen ties between the US and Iran. The neo-con faction on the other hand hope to use this new Isis controlled region to wage covert war on Iran and even if the realists have their way to bog the Iranian's down in fighting within Iraq in support of the Maliki government. Not only that but it sends a clear message to Afghanistan this is what will happen to You if you don't give us permission to stay indefinitely. Thus it offers something to both sides Zbigniew Brzezinski the "realist" foreign policy mastermind has long talked about the need to bring Iran into alliance with the US against Russia. Iran forms a vital economic and geo-strategic element in Russia and China's plan's for Eurasian integration. Brzezinski has even commented in that sly way of technocrats that perhaps instability in the region might lead Iran into closer ties with the US. Decoded this means that perhaps US can use it's pet terrorists to force Iran into an alliance. It was after all Brzezinski who masterminded the origins of the plan to create the afghan Mujahadeen that would give birth to Al Qaeda America's frenemy. In Pakistan a supposed enemy but in Chechnya a Friend. In Libya a friend but when it crossed over into Mali it became a supposed enemy. In Syria Isis is our Friend and Ally now it crosses into Iraq and it is an enemy. It is hard to imagine how our politicians and so called journalists keep a straight face while repeating this nonsense. Thus it takes a monumental amount of intentional blindness, stupidity, and amnesia to suddenly forget that ISIS is a pawn of the GCC monarchies Saudi Arabia and Qatar and that they in turn are pawns of the US NATO and Israel. Those treacherous, backwards monarchs who sold out from the start, first to the British, then the US, then the Israelis. They hope a shiite sunni war will make their peoples forget about the decades of treachery, decadence and brutality that their rule entailed. To believe that these spineless hedonists would act without the approval of the US, NATO, and Israel isn't credible. Instead I'd like to bring up a detail from history. In the 80's the US made an enormous weapons sale to the Saudi's as documented by Peter Dale Scott in the classic  "Road to 9/11" money from this sale would be used to finance all sorts of covert operations related to the Afghan war and the Iran Contra affair. Recently the US Made the largest ever arms sale to Saudi Arabia we can guess that in similar fashion money was diverted from the sale in part to finance the creation of this massive ISIS enclave from which to wage war on Syria, and Iran and split Iraq into 3.
    Of course more then simple common sense shows that this is was all a plan and not some accidental product of the Wars in Iraq and Syria. Just as before the 2003 invasion the US bought off the Iraqi commanders who agreed not to fight in Iraq clear evidence has emerged that the commanders gave orders not to resist. Not only that but the Kurds close allies of the US and Israel refused to help repel them. Some ask how could the American trained army collapse so quickly in reality it collapsed because it was American trained. The CIA always tries to subvert the army, police and intelligence of any country whether it is an ally or an enemy.  (See Philip Agees "CIA diary") Clearly the US and other intelligence agencies were quite successful in secretly buying the allegiance of Important elements of Iraq's army. That is why a city with 50,000 soldiers based in it was over run by 1,500 ISIS members. Tragically they betrayed not just their country but their men 1,500 of whom were slaughtered by insurgents who took pictures of the carnage. Their time in Syria has taught them that every war crime is a glorious victory to be celebrated. As in Ukraine thousands of refugees flee in terror before death squads that have one thing in common an ideology of hate that allows them to kill people for the flimsiest of reasons. However in Iraq floods of refugees and people fleeing in terror are nothing new. Iraq has already gone through the policy of ethnic cleansing that Ukraine is about to experience millions became refugees millions became orphans a million people died. We can only hope that we do not see a repetition on that terrible scale in Ukraine.
   Nationalist and religious resentments can be abstract until they are result in actual crimes. Then they take on a life of their own. By revitalizing old hatreds resulting from the crimes of the first two world wars the US and It's allies are setting in motion terrible forces in Ukraine. But this chaos being created is no accident. Instead it is the standard operating of the American Empire just as it was of our mentors the British. I recently read Zbigniew Brzezinski's "Out of Control" written over 20 years ago he had already noted cleavages that could be exploited in the future of Ukraine. He knew way back then how easy it would be to create a Civil War in Ukraine. He also hoped for an eventual breakup of Russia. Contrary to what the media portrays American foreign policy is not something presidents dream up on the spot. Instead as far back as the 19th century countries have engaged in long term strategic planning. The chaos in the world today is not caused by our rulers unthinking incompetence, instead it is a product of the goal of creating endless destabilization and War in an endless bid for world domination. The long war as they call it is merely one element in their strategy in what is called "the great Game," America's quest to conquer Eurasia, then the world. Russia and China are not their greatest fear however. Instead Brzezinski's primary concern is what he calls the great global awakening, he fears ordinary people like you and I learning the truth about Capitalism and Imperialism and rising up in United resistance against the Oligarchs and their Technocrats who control the World. We must all resist this Empire of Chaos that rules most of the world. It creates only Poverty, Hatred and War.

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