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"Democracy" in Ukraine

    Ukraine's Orwellian "Democracy"

Has any word been so abused as "Democracy" it has been used as a justification for poverty war and injustice. That is because it was co-opted long ago by the Corporations, Intelligence Agencies, Lying politicians. It has lost all meaning Ukraine is only the latest example. Democracy means rule by the people. It's greek in Athens those qualified to vote a small proportion of the populace as women, slaves, and foreigners were all disqualified, actually did make decisions.  Modern historians dwell on the undeniable hypocrisy of all those it excluded just like say America or Britain which only slowly allowed the majority of the population to vote. Instead one should point out that in Athens at least those allowed to vote were able to actually make the decisions in society. In Athens they decided whether to go to war or not. In a true democracy the rich walk around in fear read Ancient Philosopher/Historian Plutarch's life of Nicias for one example. Failure to properly contribute to society could lead to expulsion or Death. Any one individual with to much power could be voted into exile. This is the origin of the word Ostracism.
   Contrast this with life in one of our sham modern democracies the rich and powerful have complete impunity. We don't even know their names in most cases. In America the endless series of wars are consistently unpopular but there is seemingly nothing the majority can do to change the countries course. The Rich loot everyone with impunity. We are given the choice between bad and worse. It's the same through out the so called first world democracies. No matter what the people want or think every country is becoming a neo-liberal police state. These are the lucky countries not targeted for complete destruction and failed state status like Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, Syria, the Congo. Or living in Western Backed Dictatorships like Uganda or Rwanda praised by the state department as one party democracies. You have to Laugh. Democratic seems to mean little more then that the US State department approves of the subservience of a nation. Anything they don't like is Undemocratic especially any form of direct democracy. Democracy has thus become a word for Oligarchy (rule by the few) or Plutocracy (Rule by the rich).
    This brings us to Ukraine. The people of Crimea voted in massive numbers to secede. The west shook it's head in horror. The people of Eastern and Southern Ukraine voted massively in favor of Autonomy from the Oligarchs and Nazi's in Kiev. Again this was condemned. Now the people of Ukraine will be given the chance to choose between 2 billionaires who took part in overthrowing of Ukraine's legitimate Government. 1st the Mad Gas Princess Yulia Tymoshenko who was caught on tape threatening to assassinate Vladimir Putin and Nuke Eastern Ukraine and Russia. The other Choice is the so called Chocolate billionaire Poroshenko long time Friends with Milheil Saakashvili the president of Georgia who nearly started World War 3 by Launching an unporovoked attack on Russian Peace Keepers in South Ossetia. They have  both been looting the country for years Tymoshenko was in Jail for good reason.  It's sort of like if Obama was overthrown in a coup by the republicans and the American's held an election a couple of months later between two republicans. At least the old system gave some balance between those oligarchs with ties to  Russia representing eastern and southern Ukraine, and those who take orders from the IMF and CIA. It shouldn't be forgotten that this is the second Ukrainian color revolution so the both the Oligarchs have twice taken orders from the US and EU to overthrow the government. In a genuine democracy they would be shot as traitors. Unfortunately there are no genuine democracies. Thus one of them will be rewarded with the Presidency instead.
    Of course the phony elections are the least of the problems with Ukraine's sham democracy. Not only are the people of Ukraine given no real choice in the elections. They are being Butchered in retaliation for having voting against the Neo-Colonization of Ukraine. Voting is an act of terrorism in the new Ukraine. At least that Dangerous sort of Voting that allows the people for once to say "NO!" NO to Fascism, No to IMF Structural Adjustments that will impoverish everyone, NO to becoming just another Pawn on the US-NATO grand chessboard. We should learn from their example it is long past time we had a chance to say NO to the future they have planned out for us. NO more race to the bottom and social disintegration. NO more spreading death and destruction all over the Earth. Obviously the referendum can be a dangerous tool in the hands of the people.
    All over the south and East People voted NO. Now they are being murdered by their own government for it. The media brand them Pro-Russians, or worse still Militants. Meanwhile Fascist murderers are referred to as Activists. It's starting to sound a lot like Syria. Unfortunately their situation is worse. In Syria Assad has not fallen there is a Military to protect the people against the US Israel NATO GCC backed death squads. The people of Eastern and Southern Ukraine have no one to rely on but themselves. Their self defense forces are outmatched by the fascist forces. Cities are being shelled with artillery and attacked with mortars. Many Ukrainian Army units have refused to murder Civilians. The government has increasing come to rely on the recruitment of Neo-Nazi thugs into the So called National Guard. These Fascist butchers not only slaughter Civilians they have also been murdering Police and Military units that have refused to kill Civilians.
   Shortly after Hitler's rise to power he staged what is known as the night of the long knives.  The Ruling elite in Germany had brought him to power and now wanted proof he was not some rabble rouser. Like the Kiev government he had a band of thugs known as the Brown shirts instrumental in his rise to power. Like Right sector in Kiev today they went about Bullying anyone who dared to Criticize their insane views,  and attacked anyone working for genuine social change. However unlike the Kiev Government these days he decided that he would demonstrate his Reliability by eliminating them after all he had a regular army at his command now. In a single night he launched a brutal crackdown. The Kiev government by contrast has launched a reverse night of the long knives. It has been Murdering it's own troops for refusing to commit war crimes. Instead it has come to Rely on the Fascist National Guard. If it happened in Syria it would be front page news but since the new Government is aligned to the US and NATO interests they have been given free reign. In Lugansk a column of troops was stopped by some protestors and they began to talk. Their innate Humanity triumphed and they decided not to wage war on their own people. Instead they decided to dessert and defend their people not attack them. In Ukraine's Orwellian democracy this is terrorism. As they left in a bus with some of the local people they were treacherously machine gunned to death.  
     Even more dramatic events took place outside of Donetsk. Video has emerged of Ukrainian troops being Murdered by a helicopter assault by their own Government. This time they were not even deserting. They had been assigned to man a checkpoint a couple of days before. Upon discovering that Ukraine's war on terror was nothing more then an attack on the local population they refused orders to attack a nearby town. The government decided to make an example of them. It used it's Fascist National guards unit to attack the Unit. Like the Odessa Massacre it was caught on Video. In one video Government helicopter gunships can be seen firing missiles at the checkpoint. Another shows National guard stationed outside the burning wreckage. So far the government has proven competent at only one thing staging memorable and well documented atrocities. Like Odessa the corporate media tried to pretend it was unclear what happened. In other words they tried to blame the local people for the whole thing. Yet the video evidence is clear in Ukraine it is a Crime not to be a bloodthirsty Fascist. It is a crime punishable by death. Welcome to Nulandistan. This is the new face of "Democracy" in the 20th Century.
    Meanwhile the Kiev Governments war continues. Every day more people are killed for the crime of Saying NO! Children huddle in basements while their own government shells them with artillery. The people have had some victories. Early in the conflict they shot down 4 helicopters. Fascist National Guard Units have been ambushed. Still they are outgunned. Foreign mercenaries are being used to train and Coordinate Fascist National Guard Units. No doubt western special forces are secretly in the country. This is sort of situation is what they were created for Covert dirty War. Bloody counter insurgencies. Just a guess though unlike the mercenaries they haven't been caught yet to my knowledge. Wouldn't want to imitate the new york times by turning mere suspicion into indisputable fact. Either way ex  special forces are employed in and often even run mercenary firms. Training right wing death squads is their stock and Trade. Expect more atrocities.
     Not content with waging war on their own people, the Kiev regime is also waging a war on free press. The same week as the massacre three Journalists were arrested. Actually talk about Irony just as I went to check the spellings on their names I discovered that in an unrelated incident 2 journalists had just been killed. Such is the Nature of the escalating Terror in a US funded CounterInsurgency War. Everyday some new outrage until we loose track of all the horror and merely count the massive numbers dead. After a year or two the only question  will be have hundreds of thousands died or was it millions.  Who even Remembers Indonesia where Millions perished. Who Pays attention to the Congo where millions have perished and continue to perish. But more Irony still like the Universe telling me not to be so grim the two Russian Journalists still being held have just been released. Graham Phillips, Oleg Sidyakin, and Marat Saichenko were arrested on phony charges and held for days. Graham Phillips was first to be released. The two journalists from life news were released a couple days later. Unfortunately on  May 24 the day of their release Italian Journalist Andrea Rochelli and his Russian interpreter Andrey Mironov were shot and killed by the Ukrainian Army in Slavyansk French photographer William Roguelon was wounded by a mortar in the same incident. In democratic Ukraine it is a crime not to kill. It is also now a crime to report on the killing. I salute all the journalists risking their lives in Ukraine to tell the truth. Go find Graham Phillips Blog. Check out his YouTube Channel for raw footage of what's going on in Ukraine.
    Whatever the Outcome the Elections will be a Sham. Choosing between two Billionaires is no choice. Since the elections give no chance  for the populace to vote on whether they think the new government is legitimate or not they do not Make the coup appointed regime any more legitimate. Real democracy is the right to say NO! In the west we have lost that right. In most countries opposition parties sold out long ago. We must start all over again with the task of creating a genuine opposition in our countries. Meanwhile we must stand together and support the people of Eastern and Southern Ukraine as they shout NO.  Abandoned by the World they stand alone against the forces of war, Fascism and Greed. We too must shout NO in the Face of this Unfolding horror story and in the face of the disgusting lies from the Media and the Politicians. Fascism is not Democracy. Oligarchy is not Democracy. The people have allowed the rich few to steer the world towards disaster for far to long.
Tony Cartaluccis excellent account of the massacres of troops
This article by Mahdi Darius Nazemroaya contains some great footage of Nazi National Guard Units shooting people for crimes like Voting or Protesting.
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