Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Leaks, False Flags, Destabilization in Ukraine and Turkey

      Leaks, Media Lies and Regime Change in Ukraine and Turkey

    It was so much easier to lie 30 years ago although the press exercised slightly more restraint in going along with the lies of our rulers. Paradoxically in this information age the press are more shameless then ever in ignoring and suppressing information. A shocking series of leaks have occurred going largely unreported in western media. A whole new style of Psychological operations is coming into view. With the revelations of Snowden about spying by the US against the Planet,  intelligence agencies have been releasing embarrassing conversations. In the case of Ukraine it is either former Ukrainian SBU or the Russian FSB. Either way they have provided a series of entertaining scandals to the alternative Media. Now in Turkey an incriminating leak has been released. The Gulen network is responsible ironically controlled by the CIA and Israel along with the rest of the Gladio B network of which it forms a major part. Neo-Conservatives want turkish Prime Minister Erdogan out. (See the work of Sibel Edmonds boilingfrogspost.com ). Still given the role of the Gladio B in staging False Flag terror attacks all over the world you'd think they wouldn't want this sort of thing exposed.  I'll detail the leaks both of which involve so called false flag operations.
    The fIrst Ukrainian leak occurred shortly before Yanukovych was toppled in the western backed coup. In it assistant secretary of state Victoria Nuland Instructed the Ambassador to Ukraine Pyatt on who should be in the post Yanukovych government. Famously she barred German Favorite Klitschko from it and stated Fuck the EU. When the coup succeeded her selections were put in place "Democracy" triumphed yet again as a foreign picked puppet government was put in place instead of the  "illegitimate" one      selected by the people of Ukraine. The Fuck the EU part was put in place when the US sabotaged the EU brokered feb 21 power sharing Agreement. What Pepe Escobar called the Khagante of Nuland was born. (Kagan is a turkic variant on the Mongol word Khan Nuland's husband is infamous Neo-conservative Robert Kagan an architect of the Iraq war) This leak did receive some attention since Nuland had to apologize to the Europeans. Still the media quietly forgot about it though amid the Crimean secession crisis when world leaders hypocritically went on about Russia interfering with Ukraine's national sovereignty.  Not only that but a video went viral of Nuland telling a bunch of corporate executives that the US has spent 5 Billion dollars funding and training the Pro-Western opposition in Ukraine.
     The next leak was between EU Foreign Affairs Chief Catherine Ashton and Estonian Foreign Minister Urmas Paet it contained an even more shocking revelation medical analysis by the opposition's own Olga Bogomolets revealed that it was not the Yanukovych government that had killed the protestors as alleged by the Media, the International community (a term for America and it's European allies that ignores the rest of the world) and the Alliance of Fascists, Oligarchs, and naive people who have apparently never heard of Greece that made up the Euro-Maidan. Instead a third force employed by the opposition shot both the Ukrainian police and the protestors. In fact it was later revealed that because of all the criticism it was facing Ukraine sent it's police out with no ammunition. Sickeningly the day after the leak John Kerry was putting flowers at the grave of the Martyrs of Maidan. People murdered with the input of the CIA no doubt. These sniper incidents are frequently involved in western coup attempts, they've happened In Serbia, Venezuela, Thailand Libya, Syria, and Egypt. During Venezuela's 2002 failed coup the opposition told the press in advance about the shootings. They even prerecorded a statement using the shootings (before they happened) as the justification for overthrowing Chavez.
   The Russian Media jumped all over the Ukraine sniper story for  obvious reasons  and so a string of further evidence has come forth. What an Irony of history who in the west 30 years ago would have thought they would have to go to the Russians for honest reporting. Corporate media is merely more clever at hiding it's censorship  then state media. In the internet age media lies can be exposed at the touch of a button so it is surreal the way they continue to ignore information or the distorted way they report it. Incidentally the recent death of Nazi bully Muzychko may be connected to the sniper story. A former terrorist in Chechnya he would be a likely suspect for involvement in the shootings. I call him a bully because the amusing (or terrifying if you're Ukrainian) footage of him manhandling and berating  officials was like a bad hollywood comedy about Nazism. (Youtube it) So he might have been killed just because he scared the Oligarchs or his antics were embarrassing. In any case as Lavrov observed the Ukraine is disintegrating because of western arrogance and incompetence. Yarosh his Nazi boss in Right Sector is holding demonstrations demanding the resignation of the interior minister.
    The third Leak was by Former prime minister Yulia Tymoshenko. She should have been an actress on soap opera with her over the top antics. Despite stealing billions she has been released from prison for corruption. The supreme "Democratic" value is that rich people must never pay for their crimes. The Chinese and the Russians despite their adoption of capitalism come in for severe criticism for punishing billionaires. Freeing Russian crooks who looted the country while their countrymen starved is a human rights issue. Murdering poor people on the other hand could get you a nice loan from the IMF and praise in the the New York Times for your defense of democratic values. In any case Tymoshenko is now free and hopes to be president of Ukraine  after the May elections. She won't get many votes in Eastern Ukraine ( currently in open revolt) however. A leaked phone conversation revealed that she claimed she wanted to grab a machine gun and kill the Russian Speakers, plus she wanted to shoot Putin whom she called that motherfucker in the head, if she were in charge she said she would have rallied the world to strike Russia "There wouldn't be a scorched field left in Russia" she bragged. Yes it is clearly unfortunate she is out of power she has the Martial bearing of an American president or an Israeli prime minister. Have even Bush II or Netanyahu ever threatened assassination genocide and Nuclear war all in the space of a ten minute phone call? Of course she was not alone in hoping for Nuclear war another Ukrainian politician demanded that Ukraine regain it's Nuclear capability within 6 months. Of course Eastern Ukraine has other reasons for revolt besides the fact that even a so called moderate like Tymoshenko is calling for their blood. The IMF restructuring will wipe out industry in Eastern Ukraine. Clearly the west has created a disaster those in power are already killing each other while Eastern and Southern Ukraine are in open revolt. Of course now a government that made it to power through loudly claiming that by  suppressing their right to peacefully throw molotov cocktails at people the Ukrainian government  was now illegitimate is now suppressing dissent using fascist paramilitaries and foreign mercenaries employed by Greystone LTD. Kerry condemned Russia for sending paid agents and provocateurs to destabilize Ukraine and create chaos. Thus bringing everything full circle back to Nulands leak where she revealed the US Manipulated the whole destabilization and to Kerry's "You don't invade a Sovereign Nation on a trumped up pretext."
    It's sort of like the Turkish Leak during the cold war America was constantly accusing any social movement anywhere in the world of being engineered by the Russians. Even domestically the civil rights movement and the antiwar movement, along with a host of others were blamed at the time on the Russians. Still since the end of the Cold War the US has Launched so called color revolutions all over the world and has treated any suggestion of foreign interference as the lies or delusions of enemy rulers. Even with the Nuland leak and her brag about the 5 Billion no mainstream media would dare to suggest that Ukraine had been destabilized from outside.  But The instant a destabilization that may or may not have Russian involvement is underway they revert to the outside infiltrator narrative that they usually dismiss. It is unclear if Russia is playing a covert role. After all it's probably more in their interests that things settle down. It's extremely doubtful that Putin would send forces into Eastern Ukraine to protect them and a bloody crackdown on the Russia speakers there by Kiev will make him look bad at home. Still Putin is always capable of surprises which is why he is so hated and loved. The important thing is that it is the appointment of extremists who can't keep their anti-Russian rhetoric in check, combined with Oligarchs who intend to sell out their country to foreign corporations and  destroying the native industry in the East that relies on Russian trade, that have destabilized Ukraine not outside infiltrators. No doubt in some circles civil war in Ukraine is all part of the plan. the new Cold War is also part of the plan after openly supporting Al Qaeda in Libya and Syria the whole war on terror narrative is falling apart.
    Which brings us to Turkey. It's an embarrassing time for Erdogan in Turkey. A selectively edited tape was leaked to youtube in which Erdogan plots to Launch missile attacks on his own country from Syria, as well as attacks on the grave of Suleiman Shah (Founder of the Ottoman Dynasty his grave is Turkish territory) in order to provoke a war with Syria. Ironically the tape was leaked by forces even more connected to Al Qaeda and False Flag operations. FBI whistleblower Sibel Edmonds has revealed that Gulen who runs the worlds wealthiest muslim charity from America is involved in building Madrases all over Central Asia that feed pupils into the various Gladio B aka Al Qaeda campaigns to destabilize Central Asia. He is closely connected to the CIA and the Neo-Cons. Currently he is no longer really in charge he's in a coma but his network is being used by the CIA to destabilize Turkey despite Erdogan's vital role in serving the US, NATO, and Israeli interests in the region such as the covert War on Syria. He joins the long list of American clients such as Manuel Noriega or Sadham Hussein who the US has turned on. In addition Seymour Hersh has written an article blaming Turkey for the chemical attacks in Ghouta last year that almost lead to war. Previously Saudi Arabia was considered to blame in the alternative Media and Syria in the Mainstream. It makes for interesting reading but it covers up the roles of some of the other players. Israel is barely mentioned even though they provided the trumped up intelligence that supposedly proved Assad did it and that Kerry demanded be used as a pretext for war. Nor is the fact that Prince Bandar bin Sultan also sent chemical weapons to Syria. Turkey is blamed for everything. Still it's definitely worth checking out. In response to the leak  Erdogan banned YouTube to keep the scandal from getting out in Turkey. The western media provided a whitewashed account of the tape saying only that it involved war plans and leaving out the fact that he planned to attack his own country.
   We are seeing the birth of a new type of leaking by both those opposing empire and those serving it. Instead of acting on conscience like Chelsea Manning or past whistleblowers they are ruthlessly using the surveillance state to expose the behind the scenes antics of the rulers of the world. In the long term it is bound to get ugly but in the short term it is providing a valuable window onto the ruling class. We could be entering the golden Age of Political scandal. At least for those who don't get their news from the New York Times. For some there are no Nazis in Ukraine, the US and NATO are not supporting terrorists in Syria, everywhere democracy is on the march, one day Austerity will make us all prosperous, War is Peace, Freedom is Slavery, Kerry is a diplomat.


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