Saturday, February 15, 2014

Blood in the Streets

Blood in the streets: America's regime change rampage in Ukraine and Venezuela

February 2014

America is starting 2014 with attempts to destabilize Ukraine aiming at a creating a puppet regime that will host American missile defense systems, allow itself to be looted by the west and allow itself to be used as a dagger pointing at Russia. Ukraine is vital in America's quest to be able to launch a nuclear  first strike on Russia with minimal consequences, leverage it will use in it's attempts to launch future wars like the one it wanted in Syria last year. This is payback for Putin saving the Obama administration from launching an unpopular war in Syria. Meanwhile they are maneuvering Japan into confrontation with China, while the ruling classes seem obsessed with the possible parallels between 1914 (the year world war one started)  and 2014.

Aside from possibly starting world war 3 on a lark America is yet again attempting to destroy the bolivarian revolution in Venezuela with economic warfare similar to that seen in Chile during the Allende years. Plus they have stepped up a campaign very similar to the one in Ukraine although it's been operating intermittently for years. Of course this sort of thing is nothing new in latin America it was and is a specialty of the CIA and the NED. In both countries openly fascist elements are being funded by the National endowment for democracy, to overthrow democratically elected governments using mob violence. The price tag to manufacture all this dissent in Ukraine is  5 billion dollars, meanwhile they cut food stamps back home. In both countries the weapon of choice seems to be the molotov cocktail.  Ironically Ukraine went through all this before a decade ago Yanukovich was ejected by the "orange" revolution  replaced by a western oriented kleptocrat. After getting a taste of the corruption and failed economic policies always espoused by puppets of the west they decided they'd rather have their old corrupt leadership back. In both countries you have "pro-democracy" groups that despise free elections, "peaceful protesters" who are in reality violent thugs and fools demanding economic policies that would turn their countries into impoverished colonies.  The attempt to turn back the clock in Venezuela will have disastrous consequences on efforts around the world to create more just societies. Especially in south and central America. Some on the left will point out that Venezuela is far from perfect. We can hope for further progress in latin america as left wing governments are pressured by their people to go further as happened in Brazil last year. We must however oppose this Lopez and his violent right wing thugs, This is nothing less then covert war on Venezuela by America and it's allies an attempt to destroy a nation that has given hope to those all over the world who demand a more just society.

Certainly an ambitious start for America in 2014 an assault on Russia, China and Latin america, a continuation of it's destabilization using death squads in Syria, and it's endless war on the afghan people, quietly waging it's shadow wars in Africa, plus hopes for a return to Iraq, while at the same time trying to bring Iran back into the western sphere of influence. Careful Iran the western elites are as inane as ever. America's war on the world is far from over.

For more information:

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