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       Coup Plot Foiled in Venezuela, Mysterious Death in Argentina, Nemtsov Murdered

    Recently Venezuela managed to foil a coup plot aimed at overthrowing it's democratically elected government. In Argentina a mysterious suicide is being used in an attempt to undermine It's President Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner part of a larger US assault on Argentina's independence. A corrupt and criminal Russian Politician was gunned down in Moscow apparently in an attempt to stir up opposition to President Putin. America is currently engaged in an attempted regime change rampage although thankfully a largely unsuccessful one so far.
   Venezuela survived the attempt last year to overthrow it's government and to destroy the bold revolutionary experiment under way there. Venezuela has seen an exciting rebirth in socialist attempts to improve the lives of the vast majority of it's poor population. The US response has been to attempt to destroy the Venezuelan economy with all the evil little tricks it has perfected in it's covert wars on countries like Guatemala, Chile, Nicaragua and Cuba. The Venezuelans have attempted to create a direct democracy where ordinary people for the first time are increasingly allowed to have a direct say in how their country is run. The US response has been to try to destroy that new freedom paying the spoiled children of the Rich to wage war on their own country. Venezuela the most democratic nation on the world is portrayed in typical Orwellian fashion as some sort of sinister dictatorship. (See my July 2014 article "Venezuela a People's Revolution" for more on the Origins and goals of the Bolivarian revolution) No wonder William Blum titled his book on US foreign Policy "Killing Hope" Wherever the bright light of hope shines the US seeks to snuff it out. Thankfully the Venezuelan revolution has managed to survive the constant attempts to destroy it. The efforts are non-stop but the two major episodes were the failed coup of 2002 Which attempted to overthrow Hugo Chavez. Only the spontaneous resistance of the people enabled the coup to be reversed. Then Chavez died, I'll always believe he was poisoned somehow. After Venezuela's opposition failed to win elections against his hand picked successor Nicolas Maduro they launched a terror campaign aimed at destabilizing the country and terrorizing the poor back into submission 43 people were killed. That was last year and Somehow Venezuela managed to whether the storm despite all the economic sabotage by the Opposition and the US. And despite an information war demonizing Venezuela in the press and on social media. And Despite a covert war waged from Colombia America's ally. In Colombia the death squad still reigns yet it is hailed as a model of democracy by the US. Seemingly all of America's remaining latin American allies are failed narco-States like Colombia, Honduras and Mexico.
    Colombia was going to be the launching pad for the latest coup attempt as well. The US supplied the plotters with a Super Tucano aircraft which would have attacked the capital. The plotters included ten traitors within the air force. They also included  opposition leaders Leopoldo Lopez, Antonio Ledezma, and Marina Corina Machado. The US even enlisted the former Presidents of Chile Sebastian Pinera, Mexico Felipe Calderon , and Colombia Andre Pastrana to endorse the new government. Thankfully Venezuelan intelligence known as SEBIN was able to infiltrate the plot and put a stop to the whole thing. The plotters intended to bomb the Presidential palace, the Ministry of defense, the General Staff, and the TV Station Telesur. It would have been a horrifying repeat of the Coup in Chile when the presidential palace was also bombed. This is what passes for democracy promotion according to the US if you don't win the elections bomb the president.  Venezuela's opposition stand exposed yet again as dangerous Fascists mouthing empty phrases about democracy. Meanwhile the attempt to destroy Venezuela will no doubt continue.
   Venezuela responded by ordering the US embassy to reduce it's staff from 100 to 17 the number of Venezuelans Stationed at their embassy in Washington DC. This will force some of the CIA agents infesting the country to leave. In a wonderful symbolic gesture they plan to ban US war criminals like George Bush and Dick Cheney from entering the country. As Maduro explained
"I have decided on a prohibition list for people who will not be permitted visas and who can never enter Venezuela, for a set of chief US politicians who have committed human rights violations. They have bombed the people of Iraq, the people of Syria, the people of Vietnam… It is an anti-terrorist list,” declared the head of state to an impassioned crowd.
   Venezuela also launched new visa restrictions on US citizens who now must pay what Venezuelans pay to enter the US. This is because US citizens were caught among the Rioters during last years destabilization attempt. Hopefully they will take further steps to protect their country from both their own corrupt elites and from CIA subversion. The Venezuelan Revolution must survive an inspiration to the world.
    Venezuela isn't the only country which has been targeted for regime change. The US is also meddling in Argentina. Argentina is being targeted merely for trying to chart an independent course in the best interests of the populace. Last year tensions grew when the US attempted to use it's vulture funds to destroy Argentina's economy. They used their court system to demand Argentina pay an enormous debt. They even had their ISIS proxies threaten Cristina de Kirchner's life. Kirchner who opposes the war in Syria exposed the fact that US controls ISIS and told her people if she is killed to blame the US not the mideast. Recently these schemes resulted in the mysterious suicide of one of her critics Albert Nisman who had been attempting to create a scandal by falsely accusing Kirchner of covering up the role of Iran in the AMIA bombing in 1994. He was apparently allied with elements of Argentine intelligence plotting against Kirchner and was basically a tool of the US and Israel. The former head of Interpol Roland Noble even criticized him for lying repeatedly about the case. It was eerily similar to what would happen in Russia. An enemy of the president  is killed in the attempt to discredit the president. His supposed suicide occurred only hours before he was due to address the Argentine Congress. Just as Nemtsov was killed shortly before he was to lead a protest demonstration against Putin. Also both were discredited figures more useful dead then alive. The struggle to maintain Argentina's independence in the face of US Economic and covert warfare continues. Kirchner will attempt to gain control over Argentine Intelligence. One spy Antonio Stiuso has already fled the country.
   In Russia Boris Nemtsov was assassinated. He was beloved in the western media but despised in Russia. A former Yeltsin lackey he was a strong supporter of the Brutal Crackdown on Russia's Parliament little remembered in the west when Yeltsin sent tanks to fire on parliament because of their opposition to his disastrous US backed Shock Therapy "reforms" which would further destroy Russia's economy. Later He was Yeltsin's corrupt prime minister who legalized the process of Oligarchic looting while claiming to be fighting corruption. This is when he became the wests golden boy. However in the Putin era he became increasingly irrelevant and in response liked to pose as some sort of democratic reformer participating in Russia's failed color revolutions. His party was unpopular and so the notion that he was a dangerous rival is a media myth. Putin's popularity is at 85% Nemtsov's party got less then 5% of the vote. His most recent sin was his support for both the Maidan coup and Kiev's new fascist government. In fact Aleksei Goncharenko a Ukrainian deputy who participated in last years Odessa Massacre was arrested when he came to Moscow to pay his respects. There were thus many people who wanted him dead either because of his politics or his criminal dealings. However the timing and place of the Assassination meant to implicate Putin right before a huge scheduled opposition protest means the US and it's allies are the most likely suspects. Even Gorbachev called it a provocation. However if the Assassination was meant to launch a color revolution it will no doubt be a complete failure. Although beloved by the western Media he was widely despised in Russia. It's foolish to believe Russian's will overthrow the government on his behalf. Russia is apparently blaming Chechen terrorists possibly allied to Ukraine.
    The US is involved in all sorts of schemes to subvert democracies through coups and destabilization attempts. Although it's recent attempts in Venezuela, Argentina, and Russia have failed they'll continue to scheme to overthrow their governments along with many others. We can only hope that Argentina, Russia and Venezuela will survive the endless schemes of the CIA.

First let me recommend the book I am currently reading "Safe For Democracy: The Secret Wars of The CIA" by John Prados a great book on the history of the CIA.

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