Monday, May 13, 2019

War on Yugoslavia: The Weight of Chains


  1. Hey Hugo
    email me please
    xjhankey at gmail (I'm guessing email addresses are not allowed, but you can figure it out).
    I very much appreciated your defense of Stalin.
    Google "I was Hitler's boss"
    Written by Captain Mayr of German Army intelligence, who recruited Hitler, trained him in public speaking and anti-Semitism, and sent him with a gaggle of other spies, to create and organize the Nazi party. Published in the New York times in 1942.
    My work is mainly on the slaughter of the Kennedys by the war makers: GHWBush was in Dallas and very much involved.
    ooh! I ran into you because someone heard you interviewed about Shackley. There is video footage of Shackley being arrested outside the book depository as a shooter. No foolin'
    looking forward
    john hankey
    Before I forget, I wanted to say, after a life time of study, that I don't think "socialism" ought to be defined by this policy, or that one (tractors before collectivization eg) but by the notion that THE purpose of government, and society, is the benefit of the public, the society, and NOT the benefit of the banking aristocracy. This makes FDR a socialist; and Kennedy; as well as Bernie, and any decent person, actually.

    1. Thankfully socialism is defined in a manner that makes those you mention clearly capitalists serving the interests of capital.