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Liberation of Aleppo Revenge of ISIS

   The Liberation of Aleppo and the Revenge of ISIS at Palmyra and Deir Ezzor

    As the world already knows the empire of chaos has a new ruler. My predictions proved completely wrong and Trump "won." Mad Emperor Trump  has already managed to implement 4 years worth of racist ideas in his first couple weeks in office. Of course before he even entered office his victory was used to justify yet another wave of anti-russian hysteria. I have a lot to catch up on so all I can say for now is that the whole thing was caused by a privatized intelligence firm called CrowdStrike which hopes to drive up it's valuation so it's investors can make a billion dollars. But of course I could write a whole article on the insanity gripping the United States at the moment so I must leave the topic for the future.

   Instead let me take a moment to mourn the passing of one of histories greatest revolutionaries Fidel Castro Ruiz. He liberated his country from the empire overthrowing a corrupt and brutal dictator and tossing out the gangsters who had turned the nation into a brothel, a casino, and a drug trafficking hub. Thanks to Fidel millions of Cubans would have access to education and health care for the first time. He resisted the empire for decades and outfoxed the CIA for just as long. The networks the CIA thought it had set up to spy, wage terror campaigns, biological warfare, and assassinations were thoroughly penetrated. Hence Castro survived hundreds of assassination attempts. He built Socialism in Cuba and managed to preserve it when the traitor Gorbachev destroyed the Soviet Union. He inspired revolutionaries around the world most importantly in Venezuela. He also played a major role in the liberation of Africa from imperialism, colonialism, and apartheid. By sending troops to Angola he smashed the CIA's secret army and inflicted a humiliating defeat on South Africa that it never recovered from. (See my 4 Part Series on Cuba's role in Africa and the War in Angola)  His death of old age was a final victory over the mighty empire and the devious monsters at the CIA.

   In Novorossia (Donbass) another heroic fighter against fascism has been murdered in a cowardly terrorist attack by the fascist Kiev regime and it's sinister backers in the CIA. Mikhail Toltsykh aka   Givi one of the most famous commanders in Novorrosia was killed when a bomb exploded. Like his friend Motorola who was assassinated last fall Givi was the veteran of hundreds of battles most famously perhaps his role in the recapture of the Donetsk airport from the self styled "Cyborgs" the tough fascist fighters who occupied the airport. I'll never forget him berating a group of captured soldiers with shelling a kindergarten in the name of "defending Ukraine"  But Givi was not just a brave commander he was beloved by men and women around the world for his movie star good looks, his style, and his cool defiant demeanor on the battlefield. In other words men and women around the world who mourn his passing including some of my friends and comrades who have lost the man of their dreams. I offer my condolences not merely to his family but to his many admirers. Like Mozgovoi, and Motorola he will never be forgotten. Meanwhile in Novorossia itself the people are suffering horribly as the Kiev regime has been massively amping up it's attacks launching huge artillery barrages at the civilian population. They are prepared to make a major offensive and sadly this year is already seeing a major escalation in the war in Ukraine. But despite the loss of their heroic commanders Motorola and Givi the people of Novorossia are prepared to defend their homes from any new NATO backed assault.

   In Syria a major victory was achieved. After years of fighting terrorist occupied eastern Aleppo was finally liberated. This is a monumental turning point in the war with the help of the Russians, Iranians, Palestinians and Hezbollah the SAA was finally able to free the civilians trapped under the brutal reign of Al Qaeda. The majority of the population in the city who lived in the government controlled western half were finally freed from having to suffer the endless artillery barrages, mortars, snipers and hell cannons that the terrorists fired at them from eastern Aleppo killing thousands of people. Parents lost children, while children were orphaned. They were the victims the western media refused to discuss. The liberation of Aleppo would have marked a major humiliation for the psychological warfare specialists who masquerade as journalists except for the fact of course that they are so utterly shameless. Hence as the city was being liberated they launched one of the more absurd and transparent propaganda campaigns of World War 4. They claimed that 500,000 people were about to me massacred, that those not trembling in terror were killing themselves en masse, to avoid falling into the hands of the SAA. The terrorists masquerading as journalists sent out hilarious blair witch style video reports claiming they were about to be killed. In other words the prospect of of liberating Aleppo from terrorist death squads who have engaged in looting, mass murder, rape, torture, and who were hoarding whatever supplies that made it in while robbing the locals of whatever food and drugs they had managed to save. Terrorist death squads who quite openly practice and preach genocide. The idea was that forcing these terrorist death squads out of the city would represent the greatest humanitarian disaster of our times. In fact it was even claimed that the whole world should plunge itself into nuclear war in order to prevent this catastrophe from occurring.

   Needless to say this humanitarian catastrophe never occurred instead their was dancing in the streets as the people of eastern Aleppo celebrated their liberation. In fact the stunning speed with which the terrorist controlled areas began to shrink owed much to heroic resistance of the civilians of eastern Aleppo who rose up and demanded the death squads get the hell out of their neighborhoods. The city was liberated so quickly that the CIA and their sister intelligence agencies were captured although I'm sure they managed to bribe their way out somehow. It was a crushing defeat not just for the terrorists but for the entire axis of chaos the US-Israel-NATO-GCC alliance that has been funding advising and directing this entire genocidal war since long  before 2011. Frankly I think bitterness over this defeat is what is driving the ruling classes in the west to new levels of insanity. However for all those who understand the true nature of the war on Syria the liberation of Aleppo is cause for rejoicing and we salute the axis of resistance on this stunning victory. Tiny Syria resisting the might of nearly 50 countries has emerged victorious. Once again the Syrian people have proven themselves the most heroic people on the planet. Long Live the SAA! and Long Live Syria!

    Unfortunately the celebration of the liberation of Aleppo was marred by the revenge of ISIS (or rather the CIA) I suspect that the Palmyra offensive was planned as a last ditch distraction to prevent the fall of Aleppo but that even the CIA was shocked at how quickly the terrorist forces collapsed there. Regardless as the people of eastern Aleppo were streaming out of the terrorist controlled areas dancing, singing, and praying in thanksgiving, ISIS launched a massive surprise offensive on the ancient city of Palmyra. The cities liberation last spring was a major symbolic victory celebrated by all who support Syria and also by anyone concerned with preserving humanities cultural and artistic heritage. Yet the ignorant philistines who run the empire of chaos were not at all happy to see the city liberated from ISIS as they made abundantly clear at a white house press conference last year that soon went viral and was widely mocked in the alt media. Thus even though it was to late to prevent the "fall" of their death squads in Aleppo they gave the green light to ISIS to seize the city anyways. The cities best troops had been sent to help with the final stages of the liberation of Aleppo and when the cities outnumbered defenders risked being trapped inside the city and possibly destroyed and were forced to make a  retreat west to the Tyas airbase. Thankfully they hung on long enough to permit most of the civilians to be evacuated. In the months since ISIS has launched repeated attempts to seize the airbase but thankfully the SAA was able to repel them time and again inflicting heavy casualties while making small advances. Hopefully someday soon Palmyra will once again be liberated by the SAA.

   The empire launched other attacks in revenge for the loss of Aleppo as if the empire of chaos literally thrives on misery and despair. A plane carrying 92 passengers including the Red Army Choir and a saintly doctor known for her good works in the Donbass, crashed on Christmas as it left Syria after playing a concert to celebrate the liberation of Aleppo. Sorry but only a fool would believe this was a mere accident. These people were murdered somehow by the CIA in revenge for the liberation of Aleppo. Only weeks before american officials were openly urging  the need "send more Russian's home in bodybags." An even crueler revenge was taken on the people of Damascus when someone ordered the terrorists to poison the water supply to the city of millions where the population has swelled with people fleeing the terrorist death squads across the country. It took a month of negotiations and fighting to finally restore the city's water supply. Finally the terrorists were forced out of their camps and the water system was repaired.

   Yet Even these crimes were not enough to avenge the humiliating defeat at Aleppo. The heroic city of Deir Ezzor became yet another target. Deep in ISIS held eastern Syria is the heroic city and the nearby SAA military bases of Deir Ezzor. For years they have managed to repel a seemingly endless series of ISIS attacks. If that wasn't bad enough the US has deliberately bombed them twice the last time in a foolhardy attempt to destroy the idiotic ceasefire the Russians had just agreed too which offered major concessions in exchange for empty promises of separating "moderate" death squads from the rebranded Al Nusra Al Qaeda's Syrian branch. Now the empire used ISIS who they have been secretly moving from Mosul into Syria to launch a major offensive which if successful would have ended in the massacre of the brave defenders of the city. Remote and completely surrounded unlike in Palmyra there was nowhere to retreat too and at it's worst the survival of the cities defenders was completely in doubt. ISIS managed to cut the city in half cutting the airbase off from the city. Thankfully the heroic defenders managed to hang on and Russian bombers slowly began to take their toll on ISIS. The cities defenders are currently trying to reunite the two pockets and have received valuable reinforcements. Hopefully the city will be reunited again. Perhaps 2017 will be the year when the Syrian Arab Army finally manages to break the siege on Deir Ezzor. The recapture of Palmyra would be a first step to achieving this long held dream.

   In the coming year we can expect the focus to shift increasingly to liberating the east of the country from ISIS. In Idlib meanwhile the terrorists are busy waging war on each other a hopeful sign. Russia and Syria are also becoming increasingly closer to Turkey and in fact may soon deal ISIS a devastating blow in Al Baab where the SAA has managed to cut off the ISIS supply lines. Frankly however Erdoghan is an extremely unpredictable and devious character and I am certain he is playing both sides and still aiding Syria's enemies while pretending to battle ISIS. After all turkey's army is fighting side by side with the same terrorists it claims to be fighting who differ in name only from ISIS. Yet because of Turkey's strategic position Russia will no doubt continue their efforts at an alliance ignoring incidents like the assassination of their Ambassador.  On the other hand Turkey has enraged the Empire of Chaos who are using their terrorist assets and ties to turkish intelligence to launch a terror campaign in revenge for this shaky new alliance. Meanwhile Israel has been stepping up it's role in the war bombing the SAA in aid of Israel's terrorist allies.

    For Syria the war is still long from over but thanks to the help of it's allies it has already decisively turned the tide of the war. All over the country the SAA and it's allies are on the offensive. In Ukraine we can expect a major escalation in the war this year and Novorossia will be forced to fight for it's very survival. As I observed at the time Russia made a major mistake by saving the Poroshenko regime from the righteous vengeance of the NAF who had completely smashed the Ukrainian forces who were in full panicked retreat. Now rested, retrained, rearmed, reinforced and far more dangerous then ever Ukraine obeying the commands of it's NATO masters is primed to yet again attempt the genocidal conquest of the Donbass in a war which has already killed tens of thousands and created a million refugees. The Assassinations of Motorola and Givi were aimed at weakening Novorossia before the coming war. Although Russia dreams the Trump administration will bring peace they are deluded and America under Trump will merely become more dangerous and unpredictable then ever before. In fact he has already revived plans for "safe zones" in Syria Hillary Clinton's rebranded No Fly Zones. Even if he achieves better relations with Russia he will never be able to rein in the CIA (who he "supports 1000 %") the CIA are the ones who truly are calling the shots in the wars in Syria Ukraine and many others. The empire of Chaos is about to become more imperialist and chaotic then ever before.


I highly recommend Doug Valentine's new book "The CIA as Organized Crime." I also highly recommend Tim Anderson's "The Dirty War on Syria" for more on the dirty war on Syria and an excellent deconstruction of the propaganda campaign by the media and "human rights" groups (who seem to believe supporting  the "rebels" genocide, slavery, torture and oppression of women qualify them as humanitarians.) Also check out "Ukraine: Zbig's Grand Chessboard & How the west was Checkmated" By Natylie Baldwin & Kermit Heartsong a great account on the Origins of the war in Ukraine and a great introduction to geopolitics.

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