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Empire on the Rampage

The Empire on the Rampage: World War 4 Heats Up in Syria, Nagorno-Karabakh, Ukraine and Beyond

   The Empire of Chaos never gives up if it suffers defeat in one place it ignites a war someplace else. If it signs a peace deal it is only to give it self breathing space to plan more treachery. All this was proven yet again by recent events. In revenge for the victory of Syria and it's allies the 4 + 2 in Palmyra (see My March 2016 Victory in Palmyra) the empire launched a massive counter-offensive in Aleppo. Predictably it had been using the ceasefire to resupply it's terrorist death squads who had received over 3000 tons of weapons including anti-tank and anti-air missiles. But Syria was not the only place where the empire struck it also reignited the conflict in Nagorno-Karabakh an autonomous part of Azerbaijan that is in reality a de facto part of Armenia. Things have also been flaring up in Ukraine. There is an invasion of Libya being launched but I hope to deal with this in a future article. And of course the newly intensified war on Latin America continues. Since I also can't deal with this topic today I'll merely record that a wave of Operation Condor Style assassinations has been taking place in Venezuela murdering high ranking officials loyal to the government. Plus of course the media war as predicted also has been heating up with the NSA giving masses of info to "trusted" journalists. The Car wash scandal in Brazil, the Panama Papers, an expose on torture in Syria aimed to discredit various enemies. Strangely David Cameron in Britain ended up being the one most seriously affected though whether this arch-imperialist managed to somehow offend Washington or whether he made some enemies domestically who saw a chance for revenge is unclear. There is also the economic war of course.

The point is that Empire of Chaos is waging a war on many levels Military, Covert, Political, economic, media, intelligence in a desperate attempt to stop the steady erosion of it's power and influence.  War, Chaos, and poverty are the results. Arcs of Crisis as they call them cover the globe the footprints of empire in Europe there is Ukraine and the Baltic, In Southwest and central Asia there is a line of wars stretching from Turkey, to Syria, Iraq, Iran (Where 27,000 people have been killed by terrorist proxies) Yemen, Afghanistan, Pakistan, and Eastern China's Xianjiang province. Multiple arcs of crisis cut across Africa to name only some of the countries Libya, Somalia, Nigeria, Mali, DRCongo, Burundi, CAR. Another stretches from Mexico through central America and into Colombia, seeking to expand into Venezuela, and Brazil and already infecting Argentina.Then of course there is the south China Sea where an arc of tensions have been created constantly threatening to explode into a war on China. It is clearly no exaggeration to regard this as World War 4. Of course we are conditioned to see each war in isolation but they all have one thing in common the United States is involved in every single one of these wars. And this isn't even a complete list. This should be a reminder of the massive scale of this war the face of imperialism. Even within the United States itself there are unending low intensity conflicts. America is an Empire of War and things are only going to get worse a good place to mention the apocalyptic vision of the future I recently witnessed in the terrifying political novel "Spooks: A Dystopia" by E.M. Quangel which although it takes place in 2030 is just as much about right now or perhaps tomorrow. I highly recommend it for a view of the world if things continue along the present course. A brilliant satire it is also terrifyingly prophetic predicting both the recent regime change in Argentina and even the war in Azerbaijan.

   I'm sure most people know very little about either Azerbaijan or Armenia. Thankfully   Azerbaijan figures prominently in the work of Sibel Edmonds and Christoph Germann who's indispensable blog "New Great Game is unfortunately currently on hiatus but who you can follow on twitter @newgreatgame for great news on a Syria, Ukraine, the Caucuses and Central Asia. Thanks to being a loyal reader of the New Great Game I can provide a little context to the recent events. Both countries Armenia and Azerbaijan were former soviet republics. Nagorno-Karabakh was a huge region populated by Armenians but included as an autonomous region in Azerbaijan. During Tsarist times Russian empire had deliberately sparked wars between the two groups with the Azeris carrying out genocidal pogroms against the Armenians. Armenia in the ancient world the center of constant wars and intrigues between the Roman and Persian empires.  Today it has has the misfortune to be placed along a an arc of turkic speaking peoples stretching all the way from turkey to Xianjiang province in China and to Mongolia. First the Germans then the CIA hoped to use these peoples in their war on the soviet union. Turkey itself produced fascists who dreamed of a pan-turkic empire stretching across eurasia and under their control. The Armenians were targeted for genocide by Turkish ultra nationalists a number of times both before and after world war one. Turkey actually occupied the whole are briefly during the "war of Intervention" when 14 outside powers sought to destroy revolutionary Russia. This bloody history explains why the Armenians have tensions with both Turkey and it's close ally Azerbaijan which is also a turkic speaking country. However one shouldn't  exaggerate the degree of similarity of all the different peoples populating central Asia merely because their languages have turkic roots. The region has a rich and complex history as part of the silk road a history that is of course almost completely ignored and unknown in the west.   As the Soviet Union was being destroyed Nagorno-Karabakh voted to secede from Azerbaijan and join with Armenia. Ethnic tensions ran high and thousands were killed. Eventually a war erupted as Azerbaijan attempted to crush this attempt at independence. Armenia decided to give aid to their fellow Armenians of Nagorno-Karabakh. The war lasted from 1991-1994 and since Nagorno-Karabakh managed to retain it's defacto independence and relations with Armenia they clearly won. Ironically Yeltsin's Russia had backed Azerbaijan.

   In Sibel Edmonds now invaluable series of interviews on Gladio B. She discusses how through organized crime, terrorism, and corruption the CIA managed to draw Azerbaijan into NATO's orbit. Peter Dale Scott also records an interesting scandal where Richard Secord of Iran Contra fame had started a shady airline that was ferrying mujahideen from Afghanistan into Azerbaijan. Meanwhile Armenia has been increasingly drawn into Russia's orbit and is a member of the eurasian union. Russia has tried to woo back Azerbaijan or at least keep the doors of communication open by selling them weapons. Azerbaijan remains firmly in NATO's orbit but Aliyev annoyed his western sponsors by cracking down on the CIA controlled Gulen Network on the advice of Turkey. They have also been cracking down on western controlled "civil society groups" to stave off any future color revolution attempts. However despite these tensions Azerbaijan is in NATO's Orbit and also has very strong ties with Israel and Turkey. Israel uses it as a base of operations to wage covert war on Iran which also has a large Azeri population some in the highest ranks of power like the Supreme Leader himself.

    To sum up Azerbaijan a close ally of Israel and Turkey is a center for Gladio and other deep state intrigues. Also a center for pipeline politics and the battle over the caspian sea. The US ambassador there the hard Partying Mathew Bryza was the one who bragged that ISIS had brought down Flight #A321 and has been identified as part of the GLADIO network by Sibel Edmonds. Given these many shady connections Aliyev's (the President/Dictator of Azerbaijan) sudden decision to reignite the war in Azerbaijan can reasonably be assumed to actually be a proxy form of revenge against Russia for the recent victory in Palmyra. Since 1994 an uneasy ceasefire had held the war in a frozen state. Of course it was a shaky ceasefire that was broken many times over the years with small battles erupting helicopters being shot down soldiers killed.

   In general these frozen conflicts serve Russia's interests as a way of slowing the expansion of NATO. On a sane day NATO was unlikely to admit members who had these frozen conflicts within their borders since it could mean the whole alliance could potentially get sucked into a nuclear war with Russia should the frozen conflicts flare up as happened in 2008 when Georgia launched an unprovoked attack on South Ossetia killing Russian peacekeepers. That War could have gone Nuclear if then VP Cheney had gotten his way and the US had begun bombing Russian Forces. After that War Georgia's prospects for NATO membership were again on hold. This is one of Cynical  realpolitiks reasons Russia encouraged Novorossia to rebel. It is why it backs south Ossetia in Georgia, and Transdneister in Moldova. However it prefers to keep these conflicts frozen. By encouraging Azerbaijan to launch an attempt to take back Nagorno-Karabakh the empire of Chaos has managed to spark yet a third proxy war with Russia. Luckily this attempt proved a disastrous failure the people of Nagorno-Karabakh are tough fighters and managed to completely smash the forces attacking them preventing them from making any meaningful gains. Instead Azerbaijan has been forced to sign a new ceasefire which it has continued to violate much like Ukraine by continuously shelling civilians and firing mortars at villages. For the moment however the attempt to conquer the Nagorno-Karabakh has been abandoned.

   The War in Ukraine has also been heating up in recent months. It's hard to get accurate information since both sides are trying to hide the facts for their own reasons. However it is clear that things have escalated from the UAF (Ukraine Armed Forces) periodically shelling towns and cities in the Dontetsk and Lugansk peoples republics things have escalated and battles are taking place between the NAF (Novorossiyan Armed Forces) and UAF forces. In Ukraine itself society continues to collapse and Victoria "Fuck the EU" Nuland's handpicked puppet Yatsenyuk was recently forced to resign. Ukrainian Fascist Shavchenko was finally sentenced for the murder of 2 Russian journalists in Ukraine. At least in this case there is some justice unlike for the many other journalists killed for reporting on Ukraine's brutal war on Novorossia, or for daring to criticize the new regime. Or the many other Ukrainians killed or imprisoned for daring to criticize the new fascist order. Sadly they may never know justice. Meanwhile the war continues to intensify and we can only wish the brave defenders of Novorossia continued success in resisting the war being waged on them by fascist Ukraine and it's NATO allies.

   In Syria meanwhile the terrorists launched a major offensive in Aleppo taking back the important strategic town of Tal al Ais  which gives them control over the important strategic M-5 highway. The SAA capture of the town had marked a major victory in the battle of Aleppo. With the Recapture of Tal-Ais By Al Nusra and Ahrar al-Sham yet another Battle of Aleppo has begun and there has been furious fighting throughout the province. The terrorists have even been using chemical weapons gassing the Kurds. Oh the hypocrisy of the empire remember when they claimed they were toppling Sadham Hussein in revenge for gassing the Kurds(back when he was working for the US), and to keep chemical weapons from falling into the hands of terrorists or when they threatened to bomb Syria to smithereens if it ever dared to use such weapons. Now Al Qaeda armed with poison gas  is targeting the kurds and it's completely ignored. The terrorists also used poison gas in attacks on the heroic defenders of Deir Ezzor which of course was ignored as all crimes committed against the SAA are ignored. On the subject of war crimes when Palmyra was liberated a horrifying mass grave was discovered full of women and children doubtless one of countless mass graves the death squads have left all over Syria.

   The Syrian Arab Army and there allies have assembled a massive force with which to reverse the terrorists gains in Aleppo. Hopefully in coming weeks they will be able to regain control of the territory the death squads have captured. Today was the first day of their major offensive which was preceded by a bombing and artillery attack on the terrorists positions. Meanwhile the terrorists have continued to shell the kurdish fighters and local civilians with chemical weapons as I write this. They have been well supplied with Manpads and have shot down two Syrian jets in recent weeks. The US is also openly sending special forces into Syria to help the terrorists as they announced leaving out the fighting alongside terrorists part of course. They have also used the ceasefire to flood the terrorists with weapons tanks, APC, Grad Rockets, anti-Tanks missiles and anti air manpads. The SAA and their allies face a tremendous challenge but hopefully they will be able to score yet another victory in Aleppo in coming weeks. Meanwhile officially the ceasefire remains in effect despite the obvious treachery by the Axis of Chaos using the ceasefire merely as cover for a massive new offensive. In more optimistic news the SAA has continued it's recent string of assassinations killing more top terrorist commanders including the infamous FSA commander Abu Sakaar who had himself filmed eating a liver.

   Sadly the people of Syria must give up on dreams of peace in the near future so long as Syria's enemies continue to funnel weapons and supplies to the terrorists the war will continue. Only when these groups have been pushed out of Syria and the entire country is liberated will they ever know peace and even then doubtless they will suffer years and possibly decades of sporadic terror attacks car bombings, and assassinations. As for the rest of the world it must prepare for the continual expansion of world war 4 the war on the planet that is ongoing in nearly every corner of the globe. This war will last for decades. Only fierce resistance is able to keep the empire at bay. May the brave resistance by the heroic peoples of Nagorno-Karabakh Novorossia and  Syria continue to inspire the world by their brave example.



I have two Book Recommendations first Emma Quangel's "Spooks: A Dystopia" which will haunt me for months. I also recently read John Stockwell's "The Praetorian Guard the U.S. Role in the New World Order" in which he lays out his reasons for calling the cold war "World War 3" He also chronicles the first 2 years of World War 4 although he doesn't use that term he did accurately predict that nothing would really change with the end of "The Cold War" save the justifications America's war on the planet would continue.  25 years later this war has continued to expand. He also provides some great insider dirt from his time in the CIA. What he had to say about the CIA role in academia was apparently so shocking the CIA forced him to delete two separate passages.

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