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Libya & Syria Resist

     Libya and Syria Resisting the American Empire of Chaos

   Although for years the west has ignored the plight of it's victims in Africa and the middle east It has recently been forced to pay some attention to the streams of refugees desperate to escape to Europe. Predictably they have been treated as criminals. As a result they are dying not just by drowning in the Mediterranean but within Europe itself. In a recent incident 71 refugees including an infant girl suffocated to death in a freezer truck in Austria. This occurred soon after 100 refugees perished at sea. These deaths are the result of the wests war on the planet which has turned nation after nation into apocalyptic disaster areas from which millions are forced to flee.

By funneling billions of dollars to terrorist death squads they destroyed Libya and are trying to destroy Syria. Yet even with all the horrors they have endured their people refuse to surrender. In a recent article (August 2015 Wars on Syria Libya and Yemen) I happened to mention the heroic resistance of the people of Sirte and Bani Walid during the 2011 war. I also discussed the recent kangaroo trial and death sentence of Saif al Islam Gaddafi son of Libya's martyred leader Moammar Gaddafi along with 20 other former government officials. This sparked protests of support for Saif and the Libya Jamahiriya it's former government. Yet even I was surprised when days later Sirte itself rose in a brief heroic but doomed rebellion. Meanwhile throughout Libya protests by those still loyal to the memory of Moammar Gaddafi only expanded. Libya was awash in a sea of green flags symbolizing their support for the green resistance which hopes to one day throw out the death squads that reign in Libya reestablish order and rebuild their country. This story was completely ignored in the media. Yet it was a sign that all hope is not lost in Libya the people's will to resist is still alive. We can only hope that the Libyan resistance will continue to strengthen. Meanwhile in Syria the war continues with all it's intensity. Whatever schemes Turkey and the US are currently hatching the Syrian people refuse to surrender refuse to become the next Libya. The imperialist war on Syria  once again showed it's purely destructive nature when the terrorists once again targeted humanity's cultural heritage. Apparently it's not enough to destroy modern civilization any trace of ancient civilization any memory of Syria's rich cultural heritage must be destroyed. Thus in the ancient city of Palmyra ISIS terrorists attempted to blow up the Temple of Bel built during the time of the roman empire. This temple has survived Two thousand years of history including countless wars but has now been targeted for deliberate destruction. I'd say the west was returning to it's barbarian roots if it wasn't an insult to the barbarians who had more respect for the relics of the classical world. To avoid a tangent I'll merely direct the curious to read Edward Gibbon's Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire in the Unabridged version which also contains a classic description of the Syrians in Roman times famous for their education, wit and pleasure loving ways. How terrible to see the worlds cultural heritage targeted for deliberate destruction. And how terrible to see Syria itself targeted for destruction only the heroic resistance of the  Syrian people has allowed it to survive.

    In Libya the sentencing of former government officials by an ISIS controlled court lead to protests throughout the country. This in itself was a dangerous form of resistance since in Libya any sign of support for the Libyan Arab Jamahiriya usually leads to being murdered or being locked up and facing years of torture at the hands of death squads who control the "prisons." In a sane world it would be the current "governments" of Libya that would be on trial for destroying the country and unleashing years of rape, murder, and torture upon the people of Libya. In a just  world  all the western leaders who waged the war on Libya would also be tried for genocide and crimes against humanity for the deliberate destruction of Libya. Unfortunately we don't live in a just world we live in the empire of chaos. Under Moammar Gaddafi's leadership Libya moved from the poorest to the richest country in Africa with free Health Care, Housing and Education for all Libyans. The remnants of this government have been sentenced to death when clearly it would be much more fitting to immediately release them and put them in charge of rebuilding the country. Instead it is those who are responsible for destroying Libya who put those who defended it on trial. This injustice is what caused the people of Libya to rise in open revolt across the country refusing to give in to intimidation by ISIS death squads and flying green flags in solidarity with the prisoners.  The protests continued despite sometimes being attacked by death squads firing submachine guns into the crowds as I discussed in my previous article. In Fact they only grew larger and spread to more and more cities. We can only hope that the Green Resistance have received many new recruits in recent weeks. Long live Libya's  Green Resistance!

    The people of Sirte was invaded and occupied by ISIS death squads earlier in the year and ISIS are clearly being used as part of a plan to terrorize former loyalist strongholds into submission. During the 2011 war on Libya Sirte waged an epic months long battle against NATO's death squads and despite being under constant assault by NATO bombers. While the mainstream Media was trumpeting the birth of a free and democratic Libya after the fall of Tripoli it of course completely covered up the fact that NATO was busy trying to bomb the cities of Sirte and Bani Walid into submission so they could be captured by NATO's terrorist proxy army. A war begun based on the lie that Gaddafi "was bombing his people" had immediately escalated into a bombing campaign by NATO targeting, the army, the infrastructure and the people. The battles at of Sirte and Bani Walid were merely the final shameful chapter of that war not a single scrap of Libyan territory was to be left free. It was in these two cities that green Libya waged it's final tragic battle to survive. Although they lost in the end they sent thousands of terrorist scum to their deaths on the outskirts of the city. (For those interested check out the archive on Libya 360 of stories from 2011) Finally both cities fell after being bombed for months and under constant assault by an army of terrorists.  Moammar Gaddafi was brutally murdered outside of Sirte and Hillary Clinton made her infamous joke "we came, we saw, he died." Bani Walid and Sirte had both earned the titles of heroic cities to borrow a phrase from World War 2 that is now being used to describe places like now occupied Slavyansk or still independent Donetsk in Novorossia that valiantly resist fascism.

  Recently Sirte proved that it is still a heroic city. The city is under occupation by ISIS who attempt to kidnap and kill anyone who dares to oppose them and anyone still loyal to the former government. They attempt to make the locals swear loyalty to them. Recently they have demanding that anyone who served in the former government, the police or army publicly sign repentance papers in front of them. One courageous local religious leader the Imam Khalid bin Rajab Ferjani said that this would go against islam as ISIS do not represent the religion of islam (since they a pack of murderous criminals and terrorists). In retaliation ISIS murdered this heroic and decent man which proved to be a big mistake. This is because the Imam belonged to the Ferjani tribe the largest local tribe and they rose in rebellion along with the much of the rest of the city. Amazingly the locals managed to quickly seize back control of most of the town killing ISIS members and forcing them to retreat. They hoped they might receive help from one of the rival governments who claim that they want to liberate the town but whatever help they received arrived to late. Instead ISIS who controls a large amount of territory in the area called in reinforcements armed with tanks and artillery shelling the town and even a local hospital. After recapturing the town they began executing any Ferjani tribe member they could find and executed many of the brave young defenders of the city in the most gruesome manner possible. Sirte's brief rebellion ended in failure and it's people live again under the reign of terror of ISIS. Yet it had proved once again that Sirte is still a heroic city and will hopefully inspire future more well planned attempts to liberate Libya from the reign of terror the US and it's NATO allies have put in place there. The Libyan Green Resistance is growing in strength and hopefully what happened in Sirte will give Libya's terrorist rulers pause before they dare to carry out their death sentences on Saif al Islam and the other prisoners who have doubtless suffered tortures for years. The people of Libya will take their revenge four years of horror and hunger have not been enough to break their spirits.

  Syria thankfully is still unconquered although many of it's people have like the Libyans suffered untold horrors and parts of the country are occupied by Al Qaeda death squads. Syria is being attacked by 100,000 mercenaries from 87 countries according to one report. However the SAA (Syrian Arab Army), Hezbollah, and the NDF (National Defense Forces local militias fighting to defend the country) have never stopped fighting. They have won many victories in this war but unfortunately the sinister alliance of the US, Israel, KSA, Turkey, France, UK, NATO the GCC etc have managed to find an endless supply of brainwashed dupes to funnel into the countries insuring that no matter how many victories Syria wins the war will continue endlessly. Thus the SAA, Hezbollah, the YPG, YPJ (militias made up of kurds and other minorities in northern Syria)  and the NDF have been fighting to restore control of the borders. Earlier in the year the YPG and YPJ captured the strategic town of Tel Abayd an ISIS stronghold vital for supplying ISIS. (See my June 2015 Long Live Syria! ) This is what lead Turkey to escalate it's increasingly open involvement in the war. Now on the border with Lebanon after months of fighting the SAA and Hezbollah are finally nearing victory in al Zabadani another terrorist stronghold vital for supplying NATO's proxy armies attempting to destroy the country. The terrorists now control only a tiny piece of territory there in Al Balad neighborhood. In the past 48 hours the SAA and Hezbollah made dramatic advances and members of the FSA and Ahrar Al-Sham were encircled and forced to surrender in large numbers.

The war in Syria takes place on many fronts and involves many long ongoing battles. However I'd like to briefly mention Kuwayris airbase which has been surrounded and under siege for two years supplied by air it's defenders have managed to fight off wave after wave of attackers and has been under heavy assault of late. It has managed to inflict humiliating defeats this past week as terrorists have attempted in vain to break through the bases perimeter. Kuwayris the heroic airbase. Also there is the plight of the tiny towns of Foua and Kafarya Independent Journalist Eva Bartlett produced such a heartbreaking report on the plight of the two towns that it turned me into an instant fan of her work. Her website is I'll put a link to the article below. These brave people are constantly being terrorized by NATO's proxy army shelled constantly and with maniacal inventiveness. Apparently mortars weren't destructive enough so the terrorists have been using "hell cannons" which can hurl much bigger bombs on the people. The people there can sometimes barely breathe from all of the smoke of the firebombs. As if all this wasn't bad enough the town is under siege food and medicine are running short and humanitarian crisis looms. However their plight has been completely ignored by the mainstream media which is instead producing manufactured accounts of a "Dhouma Massacre" that attempt to portray the SAA's legitimate attacks on terrorists who are actively shelling Syrian civilians as attacks by the SAA on civilians. In other words they are engaged in cheap war propaganda masquerading as news business as usual for the corporate media. It is actually quite amusing to see the dance the media have to do to avoid recognizing the fact that the west is sponsoring ISIS. Explaining America's allies Turkey and Saudi Arabia's role is particularly embarrassing for them for example. Usually I just completely ignore them but I couldn't resist seeing how they were trying to explain the current situation in Syria. Needless to say I had a good laugh.

   However the situation is Syria remains an ongoing tragedy as the plight of Koua and Karfaya reveal. The attempted destruction of the temple of Baal Shamin "the Pearl of the Desert" with explosives  was a cultural tragedy although the temple itself is still standing. Not only is ISIS deliberately destroying Syria's heritage while selling part of it on the black market it is also murdered the leading archaeologist of the Palmyra area. They killed Khaled al Assad who was 82 and had dedicated his entire life to studying and preserving the area. ISIS Killed him and publicly displayed his corpse. Another of the 250,000 people killed in the war. I'm reminded of the invasion of Iraq both the destruction and looting of it's cultural heritage and the intentional murder of it's educated classes. There seems no end to the barbarism the american empire is capable of. Syria's cultural heritage is just another target to be destroyed for the covert war planners. They also target food storage facilities, water, electricity, hospitals, schools and everything else a society needs to function. Thus it is absurd to pretend that they don't foresee the final result of these wars the deliberate creation of failed states when they so ruthlessly target everything human beings need to survive. The deliberate destruction of countries infrastructures is all part of their strategy as is made clear by studying the bombing patterns in places like Iraq, Yugoslavia, and Libya. In Syria they have slowly begun to carry out the same sort of bombing campaign but most of the destruction has been wrought year by year by their terrorist proxies.

Yet for all the destruction that has been wrought in Libya and Syria only to names on a long list of the nations targeted for destruction by the american empire and it's allies. Really in the 21st century one should speak of an imperial network an enormous global alliance that covers much of the world. This network is destroying the world with it's war on the planet. Yet resistance is also growing all over the world in Latin America, Russia, China, and other nations. Syria is currently the central battle in this global war on the world. After the defeats Novorossia managed to inflict on Ukraine  the conflict there is stalled in the sense that Ukraine hasn't dared to order another large scale offensive in a while although the people of Novorossia still suffer under constant shelling. Thus the empire of chaos has clearly turned it's attention to escalating the war on Syria. Thankfully the brave people of Syria have continued their successful resistance and have recently made major gains in Al Zabadani. Meanwhile in Libya resistance is growing and the long war to take back their country continues. The Green Resistance are on the Rise. I didn't even have time to go into amazing bravery of the people of Yemen under siege by Saudi Arabia. They are preparing to resist a major invasion. The resistance is alive around the world. The whole world must join the struggle to end these wars aimed at spreading horror, chaos, destruction, poverty ignorance, and every other ill they can think to dish out. Demand compassion for those thousands of refugees trying to escape. And remember the brave people of Libya, and of Syria as they battle the Empire of chaos.


As my regular readers will know I stole the phrase "Empire of Chaos" from the always entertaining Pepe Escobar. He has a great book by that title. (See My June 2014 article "Empire of Chaos" whose title I unconsciously plagiarized)

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