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Wars on Syria Libya Yemen

   Empire of Chaos in The Middle East Syria Libya and Yemen

      US Imperialism has managed to create an interconnected area of wars from Africa, To the Middle East, stretching all the way through central Asia where it wages war on not just Afghanistan, but even  covert wars on Russia and China themselves. It's so vast I could never hope to tackle it in a single article even excluding the wars being waged in Latin America or Europe or the streets of America itself. Nigeria, DRCongo, Mali, Libya, The Central African Republic, Tunisia, Sudan, Somalia these are only some of the wars being waged in Africa for example all having their roots in secretive covert war waged through proxies. Palestine, Iraq, Yemen, Syria, and Lebanon are only some of the conflicts in the middle east with Turkey itself becoming a war zone recently. In Central Asia the war in Afghanistan and Pakistan is already spilling over into Central Asian countries like Kyrgyzstan and Uzbekistan. As if Afghanistan hasn't suffered enough after more then 35 Years of war the US is doubtless behind the recent surge in ISIS activity there aimed at insuring the war there will never end. The recent news of Mullah Omar's death was perfectly timed to disrupt the Peace talks there I should mention in passing. America is waging war on the entire planet no many knows how many millions have died, been tortured or turned into refugees and we will never know as the business of calculating casualties is highly politicized. Many millions that much is certain. In DRCongo alone 10 million have died, in Iraq 2 Million. A massive area of genocide, desolation, poverty, covering much of the globe has been created. Thus I'll be discussing some recent events in Syria, Libya, and Yemen which form only parts of this massive interconnected series of wars.

   First of course I can't resist commenting on the recent Iran deal. Personally I want relations between the US and Iran to be relaxed enough that Iran isn't targeted for an open war (the US, Israel and their allies have long waged a covert war on Iran using terrorists proxies and the MEK cult.) At the same time I don't want them to become open allies (they have been known to secretly cooperate in Iraq.) Unfortunately the political system is so warped in the US that Iran will never be able to escape the constant threat of war.  A war that could quickly go Nuclear  because of Iran's strong conventional forces capable of sinking the US fleet in the narrow Persian gulf in about half an hour according the pentagon war games conducted a several years ago. The possibility of Iran becoming allied with the US is also currently impossible thanks to America's overweening arrogance and because it is waging war on Iran's allies Hezbollah, Syria, and Yemen. The deal will merely result in Iran being allowed to sell it's oil to Europe. For now it seems Iran will continue to tighten ties with Russia and China. While America is busy spreading destruction everywhere China is busy building a massive infrastructure that stretches across eurasia and Africa. Provided they manage to avoid being destroyed inevitably the 21st century will be the Chinese century. Pepe Escobar constantly writes of this amazing process as China attempts to construct the infrastructure for the economic integration of eurasia. In truth preventing this is one of the main US motives for spreading chaos across the planet. Hopefully Iran will be able to use the opportunity to strengthen it's economy and defenses. Israel seems bent on it's destruction while hysterical American politicians seem bent on competing for the role of who can be most outrageous claims against Iran thus demonstrating their complete subservience to the notorious pro-Israel lobby which dominates congress. Whether democrat or republican a crazed war monger is certain to occupy the white house after 2016 which is pretty terrifying considering that the current Obama regime has already pushed the world to the brink of Nuclear war with both Russia and China. Official Washington's summer reading is a thriller about world war 3 with China called "Ghost Fleet" I haven't read it but I can tell you that if it doesn't end with the world a smoking ruin and 5 billion dead it's unrealistic.

   Syria home to the most heroic people on the planet (See my June 2015 Article "Long Live Syria!") is under increased threat from Turkey doubtless at the secret instigation of the US and Israel. In the past month the Syrian Arab Army, the People's militias of the NDF, Hezbollah, and an Increasing Iranian element have been waging a successful campaign against the legions of terrorists sent to invade the country like ISIS and Al Nusra. In response to their victories Turkey has begun to intervene directly in the conflict threatening to establish a no fly zone in Northern Syria. This is nothing more then a cover to  launch an air war against the kurds there who have been valiantly resisting the genocidal terrorists attempting to seize their territory and either kill the locals or turn them into refugees. Northern Syria is a home to more minorities then the kurds but they have all banded together to fight off the ISIS terrorists that seek to destroy them. Actually they have managed not only fight terrorists but are conducting a revolutionary social experiment which unfortunately I don't have time to go into here. However one feature is the arming of women who have managed to inflict humiliating defeats on ISIS. Thus Syria is home not only to the most heroic men in the world but the most heroic women wether fighting in the YPJ in the semi-autonomous north or fighting as members of the Syrian Arab Army or the NDF in the rest of the country.

Unfortunately the victories of the YPG, YPJ and SAA have caused Turkey to intervene directly. The US which already began violating Syria's airspace last fall bombing it's people and repeatedly dropping weapons to the terrorists it claimed to be fighting. Now it is openly threatening to bomb Syria in defense of the terrorists it began openly training last fall. In addition the British Media admitted that the SAS is on the ground in Syria pretending to be Al Qaeda linked Terrorists supposedly to hunt down ISIS in Reality doubtless to train and lead terrorists and to carry out terror attacks against Syria. Syria has warned Turkey that it may retaliate and subtly hinted a reminder that while they refrained from retaliating against Israel and the US to avoid a pretext for war it did shoot down a Turkish jet earlier in the war. We'll have to wait to see how far Turkey is going to expand this new phase of the war so far it has used the pretext of waging war on ISIS (of which Turkey is one of the main sponsors of course) to wage war on the kurds both inside Turkey and in Iraq and Syria. Kurdish forces have already begun to retaliate and if Turkey continues to pursue it's insane policies it could easily find itself involved in a civil war with it's long oppressed Kurdish minority. Turkey may soon go from being a tool of the empire to it's victim as the US and Israel have long plotted to carve a huge piece out of Turkey to add to a newly created kurdistan composed of parts of Iraq, Syria, and even Iran. As for Syria it's people will heroically resist whatever expanded attack Turkey manages to mount. Despite the threat of outside intervention they continue their heroic struggle to defend their nation against the endless waves of terrorists seeking to destroy their country. I hope they will be able to crush this latest invasion from turkey who are probably merely the same old terrorists relabeled as a turkish militia. Victory to the people of Syria!

   Libya has been the scene of constant warfare since NATO decided to destroy the country 4 years ago in the name of human rights and humanitarian intervention. Using pretexts that were later exposed as complete lies including that Gaddafi was bombing the protestors, the UN  granted NATO authorization for a "no fly-zone" of exactly the sort the US and it's allies are suggesting for Syria. The No-fly zone instantly became the bomb everything zone and for 7 months NATO destroyed the country and targeted it's defenders so that it's genocidal army of terrorists could "liberate" the country meaning loot the place and wage a reign of terror against it's people. Obama supported a "rebel" army that celebrated it's rebellion by lynching blacks and locking others in cages like zoo animals. They celebrated their victory by turning the black town of Tawergha into a ghost town by ethnically cleansing it. The war resulted in hundreds of thousands of dead and millions of refugees although it had a tiny population of only 6 million.Gaddafi was tortured and murdered for the crime of choosing to die defending his country. Gaddafi was one of the most under rated revolutionaries of all time he turned his country from the poorest in Africa to the wealthiest and provided social programs to his people that we in the "advanced" west could only dream of. Thus he was demonized and his country destroyed by the imperialist powers.

   Once he was dead the world lost interest in Libya and the Media prefer not to mention the country at all since it's plight is proof that they lied about everything. The wonderful freedom fighters who overthrew the horrible tyrant were nothing but a bunch of al Qaeda terrorists. The destruction of Libya was yet another scheme by the US to spread chaos across both the already chaotic continent of Africa and the already chaotic middle east particularly Syria. The war in Mali quickly followed. Yet despite the fact that Libya is now an apocalyptic wasteland ruled over by warring death squads the ICC kangaroo court decided that the terrorists who have since sworn loyalty to ISIS (lead in North Africa by the infamous Bel Hadj who worked closely with NATO during the war.) The ICC decided that the terrorists would be allowed to conduct the trials for charges which were only dreamt up as a way of delegitimizing the government at the beginning of the war. Being an evil empire means never having to say your sorry and since obviously Obama, Sarkozy, and Cameron will never stand trial for destroying Libya Instead Gaddafi's family and members of the Libyan Arab Jamahiriya (the name of the former government of Libya which was an experiment in direct democracy not a dictatorship.) While the terrorist Death Squads that now rule Libya engage in war with each other and murder, torture, and rape the populace with impunity and on a massive scale they now have passed judgement on Gaddafi's son Saif al Islam and others. They passed a death sentence to be carried out by firing squad against all 9 of them which include the former intelligence director Abdullah al-Senussi and former prime minister Baghadi al-Mahmoudi. Saif is held by a competing militia in Zintan which is refusing to hand him over.

    At the same time video has emerged showing the psychological and physical torture of another of Gaddafi's sons Saadi Gaddafi. In it he is shown sitting blindfolded in a room forced to listen to the screams as other prisoners doubtless loyal to the Libyan Arab Jamahiriya are tortured. Next he himself is tortured. Thousands of loyal Libyans have been held captive since the war and subjected to horrific tortures while many thousand more are constantly being arrested and tortured by the death squads that reign in the nation. The news of these unjust sentences and Saadi's torture brought protestors into the streets waving the green flag of the Libyan Arab Jamahiriya. They risked their lives to demand justice for the accused. They were quickly dispersed with machine gun fire which left at least one woman dead and a dozen protestors wounded. However it was clear that the dream of a return of the Libyan Arab Jamahiriya is still alive in the hearts of many Libyans and Ironically one of the biggest protests took place in Benghazi a former stronghold of the counter-revolution. Meanwhile the Green Resistance those still loyal to the Libyan Jamahiriya continue to wage a war aimed at restoring the gains of the Libyan Revolution and hopefully will one day be able to regain control of the country and begin rebuilding their shattered land.

   Meanwhile in Yemen the rich Saudi Royals continue their war on the poorest country in the Arab world. This is because they dared to overthrow the US and Saudi Backed puppet Al Hadi. You can read a more in depth account of the origins of the current war and Yemen's history as a cold war and then war on Terror battleground in my April 2015 Article "War on Yemen". Now a couple months later Saudi Arabia continues it's cowardly war with the backing of the UK, US, and Israel of course. So far at least 4,000 people have been killed with 20,000 injured. Worse the Saudi's have put the whole country under siege seeking to starve the populace into submission with their blockade. At Least 6.5 million people are in danger of starvation. Another 13 million people are in a permanent struggle to find food. With Humanitarian disaster looming the Saudis have sought to worsen the situation bombing schools, hospitals, markets and food depots. They are doubtless following the same strategy the US pursued in Iraq in 1991's "Desert Storm" to destroy all the vital civilian infrastructure of the country. They even named their operation "Decisive Storm" in homage to this infamous war crime. They also have Americans to help them draw up the target list drawing on their invaluable experience destroying Iraq, Yugoslavia, and Libya. In addition to the air war the Saudis are sending in their terrorist proxies to wreak havoc on the populace backing them up with air power like NATO did in Libya and as Turkey and the US are doing in Syria. However despite all the horror and suffering they have inflicted on the populace the people of Yemen remain defiant. They are tough fighters and have known decades of war. They will continue to resist Saudi Arabia's attempts to reinstall a puppet regime. Saudi Arabia remains long overdue for a revolution to overthrow it's oppressive feudal monarchy tool of the US, UK and Israel. End the War on Yemen and down with the corrupt saudi royals.

   The empire of Chaos has spread poverty, terror and war across the planet. But all over the world people are fighting back no matter what the odds are against them. I'll never forget the bravery of the Libyan people who fought on till the end in defense of towns like Bani Walid and Sirte made famous because of their resistance. Long live Live Libya's Green Resistance forces who continue to fight on. Demand and end to the rule of terror and torture in Libya. Demand an end to the war on Yemen before the humanitarian catastrophe grows even greater. Long live Yemen's resistance. Demand an end to the genocidal war against Syria and Turkeys decades long US backed war on the Kurds. Long live the brave fighters of the SAA, NDF, YPG, YPJ and Hezbollah! Syria has managed to survive against all the odds. Long Live Syria!


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