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War on Syria & Iraq "Peace" in Ukraine

       Obama declares war in Syria and Iraq
       Ukraine's Treacherous Cease Fire

   Talk about ill omened on the day before the 13th anniversary of the September 11th attacks President Obama decided to basically openly declare war on Syria and expand the 3rd US Iraq war all using the pretext of ISIS aka ISIL aka IS. His speech was a masterpiece of absurdity and hypocrisy too anyone who has been paying attention. He promised both to destroy ISIS in Iraq while funding it in Syria. Of course he was tactful enough to refer to ISIS as "the opposition" when speaking of them in Syria but is anyone really fooled anymore? Apparently as the majority of the US population seeming never tires of riding the media Hysteria Roller-coaster from one manufactured crisis to the next. After 13 years of phony terror alerts some people seemingly never learn as a lie by a a neo-con pundit repeated by Texas Governor Rick Perry and parroted by the Media had gullible people convinced ISIS was about to invade across the Mexican border, destroy the power grid and presumably convert America into a mad max style post technological dystopia. Anyone with any sense would be laughing but in America common sense is apparently not so common. Thus Obama was in the same speech able to announce in a fairly transparent way that he intended to massively increase funding for terrorists ie the Syrian Opposition while claiming he would battle them in Iraq and Syria. The US hopes that with Putin occupied with the crisis in Ukraine he will be able to get away with attacking Syria. In Ukraine a disgraceful agreement was signed that if actually implemented (It won't happen) would have exiled the NAF (the NovoRossiyan Armed Forces) from Ukraine including Novorossiya (the breakaway region of South Eastern Ukraine). Novorossiya would be no more instead becoming supposedly autonomous provinces. An Orwellian Ceasefire was established during which fighting has continued but all signs point to the likelihood that the war will begin again in earnest within days.
    For the past three years Syria has been struggling heroically against  proxy armies composed of fanatical death squads. Syria had been targeted for destruction by the US, the GCC monarchies like Saudi Arabia and Qatar, NATO countries and of course Israel. These countries fund, train, provide intelligence, weapons and even covertly fight alongside these terrorist/gangster/death squads. Yet Syria has managed to survive this massive covert war so far despite the terrible Humanitarian disaster that has been intentionally been inflicted on their country. Now Obama has declared that the US will expand his war on Syria from a covert war waged by proxies to a war also waged using drones and bomber planes. And he has the audacity to claim that it is so that he can fight one of the major factions that he has been funding ISIS. Nor does he announce that because of the ISIS invasion of Iraq that he will cease aiding the "Syrian Opposition" instead he announces that he will increase funding to them and to the countries that train them. For those believing in the myth of the so called moderate opposition they should remeber that even the free Syrian army sold to the Public as moderate are anything but and it was an FSA commander who ate a human heart in one of the wars more memorable atrocities. The FSA have also fought alongside both ISIS and Jabhat al Nusra both offshoots of Al Qaeda in Iraq. Couldn't Obama at least pretend to stop funding the "Syrian Opposition" so as not to insult the world's intelligence? Instead weeks after western diplomats fled the now completely destroyed and destabilized Libya he announces that the same strategy will be pursued in Syria the funding of terrorists combined with NATO airstrikes is the strategy that destroyed Libya and now threatens to destroy Syria.
    The Empire of Chaos is in full rampage mode clearly and in my minds eye I can see the Planet dotted with these enormous black areas of complete chaos that threaten neighboring countries. One in Afghanistan and Pakistan. One in Libya that has already spread through Northern Africa. One in the DRC the Congo in central Africa. One in Mexico and central America,. The Caucasus i could go on and on.  Seemingly American foreign policy planners won't be happy until the entire planet is a giant war zone.  Obama even had the nerve to cite Somalia site of a genocidal proxy war, and a brutal siege which intentionally create mass starvation throughout the country as a success story. This despite the fact that Al Shabab responded to the assassination of their leader Ahmed Abdi Godane and other High ranking  members at the beginning of the month  with a spectacular truck bombing in Mogadishu. Somalia is a poster child for a chaotic failed state the result of serving as America's ally in a proxy war against Ethiopia during the cold war.  Now during the war on terror it has been the victim of a proxy war launched by the US using Ethiopia, Kenya, and other US clients to launch a brutal series of invasions. A wonderful success story with Hundreds of Thousands dead. Actually he picked Somalia and Yemen as examples of success stories merely because with the disasters in Iraq and Afghanistan taking up headlines few have been paying attention. In one sense I'm sure the Empire of Chaos has been a success it creates so many Chaos zones that it is hard to keep track. I myself am guilty in this regard I don't know enough about Somalia and know far less about Yemen. It must be difficult for the resistance axis to plan against as when America faces a setback somewhere it just attacks somewhere else.
    After the shocking defeat suffered in Ukraine the empire turned it's attention back to Syria. Perhaps I should say Neo-Cons since the whole whole Ukraine crisis was their revenge for the failure to launch a bombing campaign against Syria. Now with Russia distracted they hope the US will finally destroy and balkanize Syria. Part of a plan to splinter the nations of the middle east into new sectarian mini-states that will serve to legitimize Israel by creating new states based on Religious and ethnic identities. These states would pose less of a threat because they would be smaller and easy to manipulate into wars with their neighbors. It's all been discussed policy papers written by the likes of Oded Yinon and Richard Perle and is best explained by Mahdi Darius Nazemroaya. While the new Syrian war is a clever bit of opportunism it is also extremely foolish to be starting two disastrous new wars in the middle east while it is at the same time trying to launch a cold war with Russia, while also continuing to Pivot to China. Syria is a fairly minor chess piece compared to Russia and China in other words and attacking it will only further ruin the chances of bringing Iran back into the US orbit a longtime dream of the so called Realists. And what a message to send to Russia which had signaled the week before it was ready to sacrifice Novorossiya if it would ease tensions. In reply they received first sanctions next a declaration of war on their ally Syria. Yet again giving up " weapons of mass destruction" in exchange for Peace has proven a mistake. Sadam did it and ended up dead.  Qadafi made the same deal and was destroyed. Now Assad is also being betrayed by the US. When dealing with the US it is wise to remember that they are never satisfied with anything less then complete surrender and even once you surrender they still try to destroy you. Just ask the Indigenous people. Even western Europe and Japan will one day for all their subservience be destroyed by the US and the process is already becoming increasingly apparent as Cold war 2.0 picks up speed.
    The Syraq war has begun. Last time I discussed Iraq I suggested the need for new nickname like AfPak for the new conflict. Pepe Escobar (coincidentally)  has already coined Syraq but I'm guessing it won't be long before we have to resort to Syraqanon as the war has already expanded into Lebanon as well. Obama announced that with Maliki overthrown he was now ready to launch the 3rd Iraq war which he promised would be nothing like the second because their would be no American boots on the ground. Of course in typical Orwellian fashion he simultaneously announced that boots were already on the ground and more were on the way. A masterpiece in double think. After 30 Years of war Iraq is apparently in for yet another decade of war Chaos starvation and death. Clearly the new ultra low intensity war on ISIS is planned to take years and is not aimed at destroying it but rather keeping it within certain borders creating facts on the ground that will be used in a future partition of Iraq into three including a new sunni state that will also contain parts of Syria and Lebanon. The Pentagon published it's maps envisioning a new middle east nearly a decade ago and even Current vice President Joe Biden created and promoted such a plan. This also explains why the US is placing special emphasis on the need to arm and Fund the Peshmerga the Militia's loyal to the Kurdish regional Government. The US will also continue to arm the Shiite death Squads. In other words the third Iraq war is going to be a civil war with the US and it's allies funding all sides in what will inevitably be a genocidal bloodbath. Thus it promises to be very similar to the second US war in Iraq. The brutal ethnic cleansing of Iraq which only slowed in recent years and never stopped is already intensifying. People are disappearing in the middle of the night taken away to be tortured and killed by death squads. This is the situation that Obama promises to make explode into complete Chaos by spending billions arming and training Iraq's militias. All this is nothing new since the US oversaw the arming and training of these death squads during the second Iraq war shamelessly calling it the Salvador option after El Salvador yet another country where the US armed and funded death squads one of many such countries. We shouldn't be surprised since paramilitary death squads in essence but called by different names were an important part of the genocide of the indigenous population a privatized system of mass murder that paid a bounty for every dead native. The Americas were born in blood and Slavery and the US has continued to spread slavery and genocide across the world. Iraq has been a prime example millions have died over the past decades as a result of US foreign policy (See my article Destruction of Iraq from back in may) first a million perished as the US used Iraq as a Proxy in a war with Iran then 2 million died as a result of the destruction of infrastructure during and the sanctions after the first gulf war in the 90s. Then the second  Iraq war resulted in a million more dead. How many more decades and how many more millions of dead Iraqis is the world willing to tolerate. What exactly will it take for the world to stand up and condemn this endless murder and destruction. Iraq was once the most prosperous and well educated country in the middle east. Now it is a disaster zone. After a third war it will undoubtedly resemble Libya with no central control whatsoever Iraq will become a bloodier mess and will cease to exist altogether as a nation. All part of the plan in the empire of chaos. Iraq, Syria, Lebanon and one day Iran are all destined to be carved up and destroyed if certain foreign policy planners get their way. And not just those countries either.
   The west also hopes to balkanize Russia and in the short term they hope to inspire a coup against Putin. It's all pretty obvious if you read between the lines of certain state department types statements. It's not to late for a western facing Russia they promise. The last time Russia was western facing it became a prime example of the empire of chaos as Austerity policies, treacherous Oligarchs, and CIA sponsored gangsters and terrorists were used to destabilize the country and bring the once great power to it's knees. This was the reward for Russia's complete surrender to the west the country was completely destabilized and the US was almost successful in supporting a Breakaway by Chechnya meaning the balkanization of Russia had already begun. (see my  Russia From Gorbachev to Putin from June) It was only Putin's election which turned this process around Russia began an Economic recovery and Putin began to reign in both the Treacherous (and western intelligence connected) Oligarchs, and Ruthlessly restored control over Chechnya. With Putin's return to the Presidency and his blocking of US plans to destroy Syria he has been targeted for destruction by the west. The sanctions aim to promote a mutiny among the Oligarchs and the US is hoping that eventually they'll be a coup, a color revolution or an Assassination. Russia however keeps trying to placate the west. It should be remembered that the massive information war ie the massive negative media campaign directed at Putin began before Yanukovich even fell back during the winter Olympics in Sochi. The demonization of Putin is not a result of the Ukraine crisis. Instead the Ukraine Crisis is like the demonization of Putin another part of the plan to remove Putin in the short term and Balkanize Russia in the Long Term. I've been saying this for months but recently none other the Igor Strelkov held a press conference to announce the exact same thing.
    The Press conference was in response to the recent treacherous Ceasefire agreement signed by the Russian's the Ukrainians and the Novorossiyan's. Well actually even that much isn't clear since some deny Novorossiya signed and instead of the current Ukrainian president Poroshenko the agreement was signed by Kuchma the former president a corrupt figure that set the tone which would lead to Ukraine being officially declared the most corrupt nation on the planet and that was before the current Junta was even installed. I'll just post a link to it below but basically it would have involved the complete surrender of Novorossiya in exchange for some vague special status within Ukraine. The NAF would be banished and the region would be at the mercy of the very people who have been waging war against them. The document was so poisonous that it provoked open mutiny among some NAF commanders.  Alexei Mozgovoi commander of the Ghost brigade called for Revolution against the Oligarchs in a stirring speech. He also called for the current governments of the Lugansk and Donetsk People's republics to resign and for the creation of a Novorossiyan Government in their place. It raised the possibility that the Civil War could one day evolve into a Ukrainian and perhaps even a second Russian revolution. He called on the people of Ukraine to rise up against the Oligarchs. He also made clear his anger at certain Russian oligarchs. Then Strelkov also held a Press conference saying that the recent ceasefire agreement was an act of betrayal the result of "forces" in Russia meaning the Oligarchs especially Surkov. He stressed his loyalty to Putin while railing against his corrupt and treacherous advisers. Actually the whole thing had a very nineteenth century flavor when loyal subjects stressed their loyalty to the Czars while criticizing their corrupt advisers. (Sorry I read too many Russian novels in my Youth) Many have remarked that Strelkov seems to have stepped out of the past in our cynical postmodern world he still seems to believe in things like duty and honor. In any case he warned that he would never agree to be a figurehead in a Color revolution against Putin. He compared Russia's situation to 1917 and 1991 and said the current situation was aimed at once again bringing down the Russian government. Well you should probably just read it for yourself. It combines harsh criticism of Russia's inaction in the Ukraine with Dire warnings about dangerous forces within Russia that threaten to destroy it.
   The Ceasefire came at a disastrous time for Novorossiya. The recent NAF counteroffensive had been so successful that Kiev in a complete panic claimed there was a Russian invasion which is nothing new since they've been crying wolf about a Russian invasion constantly since the war began. However The situation was dire enough for NATO and the western media to play along this time. Amusingly the western reporters between themselves refer to the supposed Russian invaders as little green men. No doubt it is a reference to the famous episode when Orson Well's  supposedly caused his listeners to believe the Martians were invading when he broadcast his adaption of H.G. Wells "The War of The Worlds" (I've heard that the story of the panic may be exaggerated) the point is whatever these reporters say publicly privately they are laughing at the whole thing. Thus they made no effort to capture on film the supposed return to Russia announced by Poroshenko during the ceasefire of 70% of the nonexistent "Russian Invasion" force. He should have announced that Ukraine's forces had vanquished them in glorious battle like the time he announced the destruction of 23 non existent Russian APCs. To return from my tangent the CeaseFire Agreement was signed just as the Ukrainian army was in full rout due to a counterattack by the NAF. Since then the Kiev junta used the time to regroup and to cynically mount an attack. Thus the NAF encirclement of Mauripol was broken and today the junta sent reinforcements to Donetsk Airport from which they regularly shell the city. Some of the NAF commanders have also been on attack and in fairness neither side has kept the ceasefire. The result however has been that the Ukrainian army has been advancing in many areas and the NAF have on the whole lost territory despite also capturing some towns. The Kiev forces are expected to go on the offensive soon. There are also rumors that the NAF may be planning something big as well so there is no telling what may happen if the ceasefire is abandoned. Meanwhile Russian and Ukrainian Oligarchs are secretly meeting in Kiev and trying to reach an agreement that will no doubt entail yet another betrayal for Novorossiya if successful. Meanwhile signals from the Kremlin may show that their patience is running out. Putin lit a candle in prayer for the NAF for example and Lavrov has been signaling that even his legendary patience may be running out. The situation is completely unpredictable at the moment will the oligarchs get their way and will some new agreement be signed or will the new sanctions and attack on Syria lead Russia to intensify their support for the NAF instead? If the ceasefire ends will the Ukrainian army be able to capitalize on their recent gains or will they suffer yet another catastrophic defeat? There is no way to predict what will happen in Ukraine in the near future.
    In conclusion war has been declared on Syria and the third Iraq war has already begun. If the Obama administration ever did anything I would approve of it would include three things. First actually withdrawing most of US forces from Iraq when Maliki refused to sign the status of forces agreement. Sure it was against the desires of the administration but at least they didn't overthrow the government so they could stay. Then last year instead of launching an attack on Syria because of the false flag terror attack as it seemed poised to do it accepted the face saving deal offered by Putin. It also sought to ease tensions with Iran. Now all three positive steps have been reversed and Iraq and Syria may soon be utterly destroyed. He really earned his Orwellian Nobel Peace Prize this week. In the 21st century war is the new peace after all. And in Ukraine peace is apparently the new form of war as the ceasefire is proving a far more effective weapon against Novorossiya then Poroshenko's failed all out offensive ever was. The agreement revealed the depths certain elements in Russia will go to try to keep hold of their stolen billions in offshore bank accounts and at the mercy of their western Patrons. They have no qualms about sacrificing the people of Novorossiya. The power struggle will continue and will not end until either Russia is destroyed or the Oligarchs are destroyed. The US will not be satisfied until Russia and China completely surrender and are balkanized. Meanwhile in the West we must also destroy our Oligarchs or they will continue their endless war on the planet. How many more decades of war and how many more millions dead will their be until the people of the world finally stand together and shout "No!"


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