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Alternative Media Spotlight 2

Alternative Media Spotlight #2 Summer Edition

We live in the Golden Age of independent media. While the Corporate media has seemingly lost all shame in regards to lies, distortions, omissions becoming transparently imperialist propaganda, ordinary people are fighting back by attempting to provide accurate news and analysis. Last time in Alternative Media spotlight  I mentioned Global Research ( , ) Pepe Escobar (Asia Times, RT Op Edge) Eric Draitser ( Stop )  and Andrew Gavin Marshall ( now here are some more great people and sites I rely on.

Libya 360 was founded during the Libyan counter revolution when NATO and it's Al Qaeda  proxy force destroyed the independent government of Libya replacing it with a failed state combining rule by traitors, technocrats, and various fanatical death squads with the real on the ground power. Since the war however the Site has become international in focus with great articles on the situation in Ukraine, the Middle East, Africa and Latin America. Alexandra Valiente who runs the site is great at selecting the best articles and she does a great job of providing local perspectives, what are Venezuelans saying about Venezuela? What do the Russians think about the Ukraine Crisis. Thus I highly recommend her sites for a more radical perspective on world events and I salute her tireless efforts to resist Imperialism and support Resistance.

And she also runs a great site focusing exclusively on Syria

And one on Libya

In truth every thing I know about geopolitics I learned from Mahdi Darius Nazemroaya. I first learned of his work when during the Libyan War he went to Libya to report on the war and might have died when he was stuck in the city after the fall of Tripoli to the rebel forces. Thankfully he survived because he is the best Geo-Strategic analysts in the Alternative Media. Recently with the Iraq civil war his work is finally getting the attention it deserves. Way back in 2006 he was explaining the plans to balkanize South Western Asia (the middle east) Africa, and Eastern Europe. He is not just brilliant on geostrategy but in the way Identity can be weaponized as we see in Iraq today and in Ukraine. The social construction of Identities aimed at creating division and war is vital to understanding our world today. He wrote a great book called the "The Globalization of NATO." It shows how the so called North Atlantic Treaty Organization has far exceeded it's original supposed mandate of protecting western Europe (Actually it was formed before the Warsaw pact so It's founding was an aggressive move not a defensive act) It is now expanding around the world forming various regional alliances around the Globe. All of it aimed at encircling Russia and China which has become rather obvious this year. Thus in my first blog post written well before the Ukraine Crisis had truly heated up I could prophetically declare that the cold war never ended thanks to Reading the Globalization of NATO by Mahdi Darius Nazemroaya. The book also acts as a sort of mini encyclopedia of recent history where he provides great accounts of say the War in Yugoslavia or the background to Events in Somalia or Sudan. Highly recommended. After reading the book I was inspired to go back and read all of his old articles using the archive of his Articles at Global Research. What an amazing education they provide. He combines first hand knowledge from his world travels, a brilliant sociological analysis with a brilliant insiders understanding of military affairs and geostrategic planning. He was in the Canadian military and it provided him with valuable insight into how the Empire thinks. He qoutes the plans made by men such as Halford J. Mackinder, Zbigniew Brzezinski, Oded Yinon and Richard Perle that are still shaping our world today. Thus when ISIS invaded Iraq suddenly everyone was qouting Mahdi Darius Nazemroaya who in 2006 before the Syrian war had Begun already was talking about the attempt to balkanize Iraq, Syria, Lebanon, Turkey Iran and eventually no doubt all of eurasia. So if you want to get ahead of the curve you absolutely must do an in depth reading of Mahdi Darius Nazemroaya. Also watch his great interviews and lectures on Youtube. Here is a great recent interview that describes the process of the balkanization of the middle east.

Mahdi's oldest articles

Mahdi's most recent articles

Check out this Forgotten gem an in depth interview he did for a podcast

And get an in depth introduction to geopolitics by watching this lecture he did

And of course he has also started making documentaries here is a great one he did on Ukraine

Porkin's Policy review is a wonderful site I recently discovered. Pearse Redmond has done some great Podcast's and the show just get's better and better. For example he did one of the best Keith Harmon Snow interviews of all time providing a great in depth report on what really happened in Rwanda which far from being a simple tale of evil Hutus and their innocent tutsi victims involved a US backed covert invasion. It also went into the current war in the Congo where more people have died then in Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya and Syria combined so far 10 million have died. That's just one example he did a great Interview with Danny Benavides on the Surreal drug War in Mexico which is even stranger in reality than it has been portrayed fictionally on say Breaking Bad. Not only does he do great interviews but he is a great interview subject as well. In recent interviews on the Corbett report he laid out some of the Complex events in Africa and also provided some great background on the war in Afghanistan. He's done great research on the Westgate attacks in Kenya. At the time I knew I wasn't getting the full story even in the Alternative media but I would have to wait until finding his site many months later to get some answers or rather more questions. He is one of the few in the Alternative media who pay proper attention to Africa which is like Central Asia one of those vitally important places that few pay enough attention to. He also does some great reports exposing figures like Mathew VanDyke or Samantha Lewthwaite. Plus he has some more light hearted shows discussing films which provide a welcome recreation from studying the Evils of western Imperialism. He's got great taste thanks to him I discovered such obscure gems as "Wrong is Right" "Four Lions" and "Computer Chess." So for some great Interviews with People like Eric Draitser, Christoph Germann, and James Corbett check out Porkin'sPolicy Review.

Stop NATO is the best site on the machinations of the Sinister US dominated NATO alliance. Rick Rozoff keeps track of the secret war of Intimidation the US and it's allies engage in around the world the endless war games and military exercises. He Also tracks the endless expansion of NATO. In fact he is one of Mahdi Darius Nazemroaya's only rivals when it comes to understating Geo-Politics. His sites also provides some great pieces of anti-war literature from throughout time. Search for interviews with him online as he does some great appearances where he explains what is going on in the World. His site is an invaluable resource for understanding the tensions between the West and Russia and China. You should also sign up for his email list.

Vineyard of the Saker is a great Blog providing a unique perspective currently concentrating on the Ukraine Crisis. He provides the best analysis of what is going on in the Ukraine Crisis. He is a paradoxical mix of cool analysis and  passionate Outrage over what is going on in the Ukraine. He provides great insight into things from both a Russian nationalist perspective and from a military perspective. He also has managed to attract a great community of people who help translate materials and provide guest essays. For example there are the reports by Strelkov who commands a unit of anti-fascist forces and provides daily updates on the fighting and the growing humanitarian crisis which volunteers translate into english. In fact the whole site has a french version run by volunteers. Plus there are great reports by Juan an anti-fascist resistance fighter and, Mindfriedo who does great daily updates summarizing the civil war in Iraq. He also has reports by Auslander who is attempting to help people escape the war zone. Plus daily video Anna news updates subtitled into english. Vineyard of the Saker is definitely required reading for those interested in the wars in Ukraine and Iraq.

The New Great Game Roundup is Essential weekly reading. Christoph Germann keeps track of what no one else is paying proper attention to the covert war in Central Asia. It has long been part of Strategic doctrine that whoever controls central Asia can control Eurasia whoever controls Eurasia can control the world. When Brzezinski speaks of his arc of crisis across Eurasia he never mentions that this arc of crisis is the deliberate creation of western intelligence. Every week Christoph Germann tracks the events of this covert war aimed at destabilizing central asian countries most people have never even heard of like Uzbekistan, or Tajikistan as well as the Covert war carried out within China and Russia itself. Thus Christoph Germann provides an absolutely Vital resource every week he sums up the most important events that no one is paying attention too. The endless series of terror attacks carried out with western sponsorship as well as the attempts to use NGO's to destabilize the region through future color revolutions. Make sure you check out the Great Game Roundup every sunday.

And you should probably check out these interviews with FBI Whistleblower Sibel Edmonds who began the great game Roundup as she provides the vital background needed to understand the destabilization of Eurasia and indeed the farce of both the war on terror and the war on drugs.

As I mentioned people don't pay nearly enough attention to Africa. Thus I'll recommend two people who focus almost entirely on Africa. For the Latest news on Africa check out Abiyome Azikwe's site Pan African News Wire. Abiyome writes some great Articles on the current situation in Africa where there has been more and more US and European military action of late. He also provides articles on Africa from the African and international press.  He also has a podcast Pan African Journal which has starts with some great music everything from classic jazz, reggae, r&b to latin american music and African Music. Then he has a news segment followed usually by a segment on Black history or culture everything from now mostly forgotten revolutionaries like Robert Williams, to speeches by the more famous Malcolm x or Kwame Nkrumah as well as biographies of great musicians. He also is active in battling the attempts in Michigan to rob people of their democratic rights in order to push through a pro-corporate agenda.

Check out his news site

Check out his podcast

Keith Harmon Snow is one of the best investigative journalists I've read. His sites are full of information on the Corporate genocide in Central Africa. He names the names and has been threatened with lawsuits on numerous occasions. He has documented which corporations, media, NGO's and intelligence agencies are involved in profiting from the 10 million that have been killed in the Congo and other parts of Africa. Even hollywood celebrities like Ben Affleck and Angelina Jolie are involved and no one is safe from the wrath of Keith Harmon Snow. He paints a terrifying picture Environmentalists involved in genocide, humanitarian agencies involved in genocide. Your iPad or playstation involved in genocide. Canadian prime ministers, US presidents, journalists all involved. His reports could call your whole world into Question so beware. He documents everything he says. His detailed articles provide brilliant in depth documentation of everything he says. He is also an electrifying public speaker look for his talks on youtube I've rewatched his epic 3 1/2 hr Profiteering from Genocide in Central Africa 3 times already but the interview Pearse Redmond did on Porkins Policy Review is probably the best Introduction to his work where he gives a great background on the topic going back to colonial days.

The interview is

Keith Harmon Snow has two sites collecting his work

His new site

And his old one

There are many more great sites I could mention but you will have to wait for a future edition of  alternative media spotlight.

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