Thursday, May 8, 2014

Ukraine, Lies, and Death

    Ukraine's Civil War From Comedy to Tragedy

American wars always begin as comedies with the cheap actors (If they had talent or charisma they would have gone to Hollywood not Washington) spouting absurd lies, logical impossibilities and turning Truth on it's head with a willfulness bordering on Madness.  While declaring a desire for Peace they instead make war. The victim is portrayed as the aggressor, helpless countries are portrayed as threats. In the end one laughs or one would go Crazy. Thus I'll start with the embarrassing comedy of the New York Times and the State department passing off CIA black Propaganda as inviolable Truth. Shouldn't be a surprise the New York Times has been covering for the CIA since the start, many of it's reporters doubtless were the CIA. As for the state department well it's the CIA's biggest open secret that half the State Department are really CIA. Still aren't they they concerned for their credibility?
   First concerned that increasing numbers of people were aware of the Fascist nature of the coup which in Orwellian fashion is painted as a democratic uprising. Clearly they miss the old days when their was no Internet no Press Tv, and especially no RT blasting Images around the world of Fascists throwing Molotov Cocktails at Police, Beating and kidnapping journalists and launching brutal Mob beatdowns of opposition Presidential Candidates. It should be remembered that the CIA has had a presence in Ukraine since the 40's and is responsible for keeping the Fascist movement alive there till the present day. However CIA director Brennan's visit upped their numbers, in addition to brutal counterinsurgency experts they apparently included, experts in media manipulation. They concocted a flier calling on Jews in Donetsk to register in a manner evoking the holocaust. First they had some masked Nazis masquerade as Donetsk self defense forces and hand out the fliers. Unfortunately before the media uproar could begin the flier was debunked. That didn't stop Kerry from going in front of the world and denouncing the phony Document. Then the New York Times ran with the thoroughly debunked story. After spending months pretending not to be able to see any evidence of Nazis in Ukraine despite the fact that they are in the Cabinet, they printed a story that had been thoroughly debunked. They were forced to retract the whole story.
    Next the CIA in liaison with Ukrainian came up with some transparently phony intelligence claiming to show Proof that the demonstrations demanding referendums, were masterminded by Russian special Forces. The State department vouched for them and the New York Times ran with the story. Earlier they had produced a fantastical article about Putin's mysterious invisible shadow army which had supposedly invaded Eastern Ukraine. They Ignored the endless reports that after the Kiev Coup many in the armed forces who are poorly paid by Ukraine's Kleptocrats had been deserting. Instead in our age of Spy satellites, and total NSA electronic surveillance Putin supposedly managed to launch a special Forces invasion invisible to Western Intelligence. Now they had proof that Putin's invisible army existed. Except before printing the pictures they must have noticed something strange the people in the pictures only looked similar So they decided to downgrade the resolution of the photos in a word they made them blurry. In blurry pictures one guy with a beard looks like another someone with a mustache looks like someone else with a mustache. Within days they were forced to retract this story as well. Veteran journalist Robert Parry was exiled from the Mainstream press for reporting honestly about the Iran Contra scandal. He pointed out that the New York Times may be abandoning their absurd accusations about Putin's invisible army. Recently they printed interviews with self defense forces revealing they were not Russian Special Forces but Ukrainian Veterans. I doubt if they will change their policy of blaming Putin for the predictable results of Installing Nazis and Plutocrats into power in a violent coup.  Such however is the Arrogance of empire they are always shocked that there is anyone courageous enough to resist them. It's the same from Vietnam to Iraq. In their shock and surprise that any one would dare to resist them they concoct all sorts of silly theories about what is going on. In Iraq they blamed Shadowy remnants of Saddam's Regime. The Russians were traditional scapegoats. Wherever people in the world rose up against Poverty, Racism or Injustice Moscow was always to blame. I guess some things never change.
   The civil War began with comedy. For once soldiers allowed their humanity to overcome their training and refused to open fire on protestors. The government in their arrogance had sent them off to kill their fellow citizens on an empty stomach. The people of Slovyansk fed them and Instead of using their APC's to crush dissent as ordered the army let the people use them for Joy rides. Such moments are all too rare in History.  It is all too common for Armies to wage war on their own populace. Hardly a day goes by for example when the American police don't murder someone. For one brief moment humanity prevailed. The initial counter terror campaign collapsed thousands of troops deserted. The regime in Kiev seemed on the brink of collapse. At the very least it was clear that it had no legitimacy in the eyes of many of it's military.
    To buy time the brief appearance of diplomatic tactics were necessary. Technically it was not an agreement merely a joint statement the geneva accords. Apparently everyone signed hoping to interpret it differently. The Russians pretended it was a Peace agreement forcing both sides to refrain from conflict and eventually disarm. They also hoped to slyly make the point that they couldn't stop what was happening in Ukraine if they wanted to. The Kiev Junta pretended it was an agreement of total surrender for the Protestors. They cynically continued launching attacks despite the easter holidays. Not only did they not restrain their military they openly continued recruiting Right Sectors Nazi Paramilitaries into their forces. America pretended the agreement meant that Russia would use all of it's influence to force the protestors to stop Protesting their Fascist new government. Russia supposedly could convince all those workers that were about to be fired that it was all for the best. Supposedly they could convince them not to worry about being persecuted by Bloodthirsty Nazi thugs or Moderate politicians who talked about Nuking them. The people of Eastern Ukraine were not asked what they thought of course the people seldom are when it matters.
    Obviously the people of Eastern Ukraine were not foolish enough to disarm the self defense groups that protected the protestors when they were about to come under attack from Fascist Paramilitaries and the Ukrainian Army. Low intensity war began within a few casualties. Then the first great War Crime in the Ukrainian civil war. Took place. Odessa, in world war II it was the site of brutal Massacres by the Ukrainian fascists. Over 30,000 died at the hands of people celebrated today by Right Sector and Svoboda. Now Odessa will live in infamy again at least until something even more terrible happens. The CIA's dirty hands were all over this I suspect. It's a part of psychological operations it's called exemplary terror. Doubtless it's as old as history the Egyptians and the Assyrians engaged in it. It was standard Policy in Greece and Rome. You publicly massacre a large group of people to send the simple message this is what will happen if you resist. It's been part of American Counterinsurgency doctrine since the spanish American war in the Philippines. In Iraq to give one recent example they destroyed the most of the city of Fallujah after it successfully forced America to withdraw it's forces. Western public opinion wouldn't tolerate a whole Ukrainian city being punished that way yet.
    Instead we have this smaller scale Odessa Massacre. The details that have emerged regarding  provocateurs cooperating with Police plus the actions of the police on the day show the whole thing was carefully coordinated. Protestors were attacked and forced into a Union building. Initially it seemed that they then died after the fascists lit the building on fire and prevented them from leaving. However new photographic evidence shows that many were brutally slaughtered inside and that the fires were lit to cover up the evidence. One particularly terrible image shows a strangled pregnant woman. Other photos show that people were shot and their bodies doused with gasoline. See these gruesome photos if you want here you'll probably regret it though.

The only response the Mainstream Media and World leaders have is to pretend that what happened was unclear. The Wall Street Journal even claimed that the protestors lit themselves on fire by accident. Unfortunately for them the entire event was caught on Video and is readily available online. We have a responsibility to never let the world forget this first great crime of the Ukrainian Civil. Remember Odessa. Fascist mobs cheered as their fellow Ukrainians were burned suffocated and shot.

New crimes by Ukraine's Fascist Junta continue. Independent journalist  Graham Philips whose work you should definitely follow has been targeted with a 10,000 dollar bounty for his kidnapping and execution. He is charged with being a Russian Spy. Reports in Fars new Agency claim that Saudi Arabia is sending Jihadi's from Syria to Kiev. As if Nazi thugs weren't brutal enough. Kiev was caught preparing to create a false flag attack on their border with forces masquerading as Russian troops. Over 30 people have been killed in Slovyansk. The Ukrainian military is spraying peoples neighborhoods with bullets from helicopter gunships. Graham Philips tweeted photos showing the streets literally red with blood, houses and shops covered with bullet holes.

From it's absurd beginning with first the failed propaganda offensive in the press, and the collapse of it's first "anti-terror" campaign things are now becoming deadly serious. The Nazi's have literally lit the fires of civil war. The tragedy has only just begun.

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