Tuesday, April 15, 2014

War in Ukraine

        Civil War in Ukraine NATO's Folly

   The US and NATO seem bent on provoking world war 3. In a dangerous game of brinksmanship they have given the Ukrainian government the green light to violently suppress the protestors demanding a Referendum on their future status within Ukraine. Over the weekend Obama sent the CIA Director John Brennan to advise the Kiev Government on how to suppress unrest in the the east and south. Brennan is notorious for his role setting up the CIA torture program. It really is back to the cold war and the Ukrainians are set to receive treatment which with rare exceptions such as Greece, Yugoslavia, or Ireland is reserved for countries in Asia, Africa and Latin America. To save democracy you must destroy democracy. Of course they have already accomplished that with the coup. I doubt this is what the non-fascist elements of Maidan had in mind when they were dreaming of European values though. They are about to see western Values embodied in their truer uglier form Counter Insurgency Warfare. Welcome to the empire Ukraine is destined to join places like Vietnam and Iraq or El Salvador scenes of western backed civil wars.  Between 4 and 12 people have already been killed in the first day of operations. It's like Santiago Chile on September 11 1971 the people have been labeled as Terrorists. Whole cities are slated for a military crackdown. People wait anxiously to be attacked by their own government. In Kiev presidential candidate Oleg Tsarev was beaten by an angry mob of Neo-Nazi thugs while leaving a TV network after an interview.
   The west is basically daring Putin to intervene. In fact in their over the top rhetoric Russia has already invaded Eastern Ukraine. Meanwhile they shamelessly peddle satellite photos from last  August purporting to show Russian forces massing on Ukraine's Eastern borders. The photos have been exposed as fakes but they still refer to them. The same thing happend before the first Iraq war by the way Fake satellite images supposedly showing Iraq was about to invade Saudi Arabia  were spread around the world. To paraphase Kerry you always use a trumped pretext to declare war. The lunatics are running the asylum. The whole world knows Washington is controlled by Wall Street the supreme court recently valiantly came to the defense of the divine right of America's Oligarchs to buy and sell the Nations politicians. Yet what is seldom looked on are the other non-economic aspects of this fact. Wall Street types have been notorious for their rampant drug abuse. Watch the latest  Scorsese film the Wolf of Wall Street where he unintentionally celebrates their irresponsible lifestyle with exuberant glee. These are not the sort of people who are capable of rational decisions. They go from manic delusions of grandeur to helpless paranoia.  The ruling class hasn't been this delusional since the Emperor Caligula's day. While greed and cruelty are the norm with the ruling classes throughout history they never had so many mind altering drugs at their disposal. Just something to think about.
   After all no rational person would engage in Nuclear War. Even if everything went according to plan and the United States succeeded in Murdering around 143 million Russians while shooting down every one of their 1000's of nuclear missiles the effects on the rest of the Planet would be Catastrophic. Tons of Radioactive dust would orbit the planet blocking the sun and Poisoning us all. That is from the western perspective the best case scenario. This would be The greatest Crime in human History. The planet would receive a biblical punishment in return Cancer Rates would skyrocket. Deformed babies would be born at an alarming rate. The DNA of every species on the planet would be damaged. Iraq Libya Yugoslavia these countries already suffer severely from the effects of depleted uranium. I suggest you take a look if you can stand it at the horrrible effects radiation has on these malformed and often stillborn children. As is said this is the best case scenario more likely the whole world would perish within half an hour.
   Whatever the failings of the mass murderers who have served as American presidents the past 70 years at least none of them were so foolish as to listen to those Hawks who advocated war with Russia. Ironically back in the early days of the Cold War it was elements in the US military that advocated Nuclear War.  After all contrary to what we were told in the west where the Military Industrial Complex was loving the money to be made from cold war hysteria Russia's Nuclear forces were quiet weak compared to the west. Still endless Nuclear Brinksmanship by the west forced them to upgrade their nuclear capability. Anyways back then it was the military that pushed for Nuclear War. Most infamous was General Lemay Satirized in the classic Stanley  Kubrik film "Dr. Strangelove" as General Jack D. Ripper. Le May Commanded the US Strategic Nuclear Bombers, he earned his post firebombing Japanese cities during World War 2. He was a strong advocate of the idea that America should launch a Pre-emptive Nuclear strike on Russia. Since he wasn't getting his way he decided to see if he could provoke the Russians into starting a war by making them think they were about to be bombed. He would send his  bombers into Russian airspace trying to provoke a response.
  Today on the other hand Professor Peter Dale Scott has observed that the politicians are even more belligerent then the military these days. In both Iran and Syria for example the military had to explain the disastrous results of the planned wars to the Bush and Obama administrations. In case your wondering Iran would be able to sink the fleet deployed to the persian Gulf causing 20,000 US NATO casualties on the first day as well as the ability to say set Arabia's Oil fields ablaze. (From  Old Mahdi Darius Articles on US Nato Wargames simulating war with Iran. Ca 2007 ) Plus Russia and China have threatened to intervene on Iran's Behalf. Attacking Syria would have lead to wider war according to Seymour Hersh's recent article the military said "the Middle East would go up in a puff of smoke. " Syria was Putin's red lin and unkike Obama he wasn't bluffing, So why if America's military planners realize that Russia was not bluffing in Syria do these people think it is a good Idea to provoke him so close to home. As an aside how funny that a recent survey showed that the less an American knew about the geographic location of Ukraine (right on Russia's doorstep) the more likely they were to favor intervention. Ignorance is strength as Orwell used to say.
   The question is whether Russia will decide to intervene or whether they will forced to watch as Western Ukraine launches a Counter insurgency war against Eastern Ukraine. As I said Brennan slipped into Kiev under a fake name to meet with the thieves, fascists, and thugs the Brown revolution to power. He met with heads of the military, police intelligence. As Philip Agee has written in CIA diary the CIA always liaisons with allied security services. Brennan may have left but he has left behind a number of CIA agents to help organize a counter insurgency campaign in eastern Ukraine. Plus of course there is the steadily growing influx of western Mercenary firms. These firms are infamous for carrying out mass murder in places like the Congo or Iraq. In a word the west is about to wage a privatized proxy war in Ukraine in cooperation with Fascist Paramilitaries and those forces still loyal to the coup government. Thankfully many in the Ukrainian military and police want no part in waging war on their own people.
    Yats and his cronies have labeled the protestors terrorists. Actually in western countries there are constantly recurring stories of peace groups, and other activists being labeled as terrorists and set up for surveillance and worse. Cointelpro never ended. Still deploying the army while using this sort of rhetoric is another matter entirely. If this is not stopped soon I can guarantee we will see what we have always seen happen before so many times all over the world. In Iran in the 50's it was the Savak. After a coup ousted democratically elected Prime Minister Mohammad Mossaddegh for the crime of attempting to use Iran's resources to benefit it's people, the CIA and MI6 installed the Shah. To keep him in Power they along with the Israelis trained his secret police the Savak in torture, murder, and spying. For the next 25 years they conducted a reign  of terror and every knock at the door during the night sent shivers of fear up the citizens backs. It could be Savak arriving to take you away to a torture chamber for the next few months. 20 years later it was the same story in Chile. Torture and Murder became the means to keep the dictator beneficiaries of CIA coups in power all over the world. It's standard operating procedure.  More recently in Croatia the CIA and MPRI helped the Fascists it had helped rise to power ethnically cleanse the Serbs and Bosniaks. In Iraq the US covertly trained the Shiite militias of the Badr brigade turning them into El Salvador style Death Squads. Torture and murder reigned.  In the morning they'd drop their victims in the streets for all to see as a warning. It's the same wherever the CIA arrives to help train the local security services to wage counterinsurgency. To give all the examples would require a book (I'd recommend William Blum's classic Killing Hope) this has happened to over 70 countries all over the world since 1945.
    The people of Eastern Ukraine may pay a terrible price for defying the American Empire and it's European clients. Poland is even calling on NATO to invade. Ukraine is in danger but so is the whole world. That there will be a bloody civil war seems almost inevitable. We can only hope  that things do not escalate too far or one day the whole world will "go up in a puff of smoke."

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