Thursday, March 6, 2014

America, The CIA, and Fascism

America, the CIA, and Fascism a Brief History

    With the recent overthrow of the Ukrainian government of Yanukovych images of Neo-nazis have been all over the alternative media. Svoboda and right sector openly nazi in style and belief  have been included in the new Ukrainian Government even being given charge of defense. These groups which are anti-Russian anti-communist and ironically considering the role played by Neo-cons in the coup anti-semitic. They trace their origins to Stephen Bandera who in collaboration with the Nazi SS killed tons of Poles Russians, Jews, and Ukrainians. Their emergence has provided either the pretext according to the state department or the justification according to the Kremlin for what  has been labeled an invasion. What's actually going on in crimea is sort difficult to discern either a Russian proxy army, or the Russian army itself has taken over with wide popular support. Probably these self defense forces are made up of concerned civilians, former Ukrainian police and military plus some Russian army in disguise. Comparing it to the shock and awe of the Iraq invasion is absurd so far no one has been killed despite violent provocations by  anti-crimean infiltrators. Still for a while things looked dangerous although the west appears to be backing down. But this is hardly the first time America supposed champion of democracy has allied itself with fascists, so here is a brief history of a few episodes in that relationship.
    First there were the ties between big American corporations and the Nazi's some like Ford a notorious anti-semite were enthusiastic supporters. Others merely hoped to use fascism to prevent communist revolutions and to attack the soviet union. A similar divide existed in Britain as well. All of course wanted to make a buck. Probably the most notorious of these businessmen was Prescott Bush father of Bush I and grandpa of Bush II. He was in business with the man who funded Hitler's rise to power Fritz Thyssen. Even during the war these business dealings continued American corporations owned parts of the german war machine and even had enough influence to make sure their factories were not bombed.
    Even before the war ended the OSS the precursor to the CIA began to collaborate with Nazis and Fascists against various communist resistance movements to Fascism. In addition they recruited various fascist groups to launch future destabilization against the soviets. In Ukraine for example they waged a failed guerrilla war against the soviets well into the 50's  using SS trained guerillas. Some Nazis were brought to America in Operation paperclip either because of their scientific expertise or because of experience with intelligence. Thus Reinhardt Gehlen former high ranking Nazi intelligence had a major impact on both the formation of the CIA and in creating the whole cold war paranoia with his trumped up intel. As a reward he was reinstalled in Germany to head German intelligence.  Some went to south America and allied with right wing forces getting into all sorts of trouble. Klaus Barbie for instance would participate in a a successful Bolivian coup on behalf of a drug cartel in the early 80's. In Chile a colony of ex nazis would run a torture center and helped the new Pinochet regime make an exact replica of a concentration camp to put Allende supporters in.
    That story is fairly well known at least the scientist part. What is less well known at least in America is the story of operation Gladio. America created a stay behind army of fascists both behind the iron curtain where they engaged in a destabilization campaign and in western Europe. The ones in western Europe would be exposed in an Italian scandal when it was discovered they had been carrying out a terror campaign that was blamed on the left. These included massive bombings killing hundreds as well as the kidnapping and murder of major politicians. This was known as the strategy of tension. Yesterday a conversation secretly taped by Ukrainian intelligence emerged revealing that the protestors were killed by snipers employed by the opposition which also was responsible for shooting police. Somethings never change. Actually these sorts of incidents are common in color revolutions.   In Belgium it emerged that this Gladio network was responsible for a  series of seemingly random attacks at grocery stores. Most shocking of all was this the shift by NATO to gladio B inspired by the success of the mujahideen in Afganistan and the balkans. Gladio B to simplify is none other then Al Qaeda as revealed by former FBI translator Sibel Edmonds. Most of it's attacks have traditionally been in Russia China and central Asia. It has also been used in Bosnia, Chechnya, Kosovo, Iraq, Libya and Syria. It has already made it's appearance in the maidan protests in Ukraine and is no doubt already operating among the Crimean tartars.
    One little remembered CIA partnership was with the world anti-communist league, although founded by right wing dictatorships in south Korea and Taiwan by the 70's many of it's european branches had been taken over by former Nazis and fascists and in America it was run by white supremacists. This organization was involved in major drug dealing, weapons smuggling and terrorism. It was allied with some of the worst dictators in latin America. It helped in the creation of death squads.
    Like the use of islamic extremists America's relationship with Fascists did not end with the Cold war. Especially relevant is what happened in Yugoslavia. Although seldom discussed in the Western Media where we were told that the Serbs were the new Nazi's in reality it was the people the west brought to power in Croatia that best fit that title. During world war 2 the Nazi's created a Croatian state. It was run by the Fascist Usatshe party. It slaughtered thousands of Serbs as well as the usual Nazi enemies Jews, leftists, and Gypsies. It's policy towards the serbs was kill a third convert a third, expel a third. In 1990 Franjo Trudjman became president of Croatia he adopted the old Ustashe flag and many former Ustashe members smuggled to the west in operation paperclip returned home in triumph. Like today the western media refused to say a word about any of this. Nor did they say anything when the Croatians ethnically cleansed the country of Serbs with the assistance of the CIA and MPRI a mercenary firm. For more On  the complex wars in Yugoslavia read Diana Johnstone's "Fools Crusade." It will become increasingly relevant in the weeks ahead.
  Thankfully in this Internet age these things are harder to cover up and forced by alt-media reports and Russian state Television the BBC recently did a story on Nazi's in Ukraine. As revealed by William Engdahl  Nato intelligence and the CIA have been supporting these Nazis since at least the 90's. Given CIA involvement with these groups in the 40's and 50's it's tempting to believe that America may have been supporting Fascists in Ukraine for over 70 Years. No doubt calling them freedom fighters all along. If you haven't heard about the Nazi's this article sums up recent events and has a link to the BBC video. For everything else just do a search on paperclip or gladio they are open secrets.


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